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Curiosity and Enlightenment: Collectors and Collections from the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Century

ISBN13: 9780300124934
ISBN: 0300124937
Binding: Hardcover
List Price: $75.0
Publisher: Yale University Press
Published Date:
Pages: 288
Average Goodreads rating: 4.71/5 (7 ratings)

This fascinating book offers a history of museum collecting in western Europe over the course of its formative centuries, tracing its origins from the culture of collecting that emerged during the Renaissance and concluding with the great changes of the nineteenth century which would prove so influential to the museum movement of later years.

Taking into account both individual collectors and public institutions, Arthur MacGregor covers topics such as the methods by which materials from both the manmade and natural world were selected and displayed, problems of preservation and presentation, the specialization of individual areas such as fine arts, antiquities or natural history, as well as the developments of the nineteenth century that brought such collections within the reach of a much wider public. With the aid of 200 images, this book offers for the first time a wide-ranging survey of this entire process as well as the changing preoccupations of collectors.