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Les Guerilleres

ISBN13: 9780252074820
ISBN: 0252074823
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $21.0
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Published Date:
Pages: 144
Average Goodreads rating: 3.87/5 (89 ratings)

One of the most widely read feminist texts of the twentieth century, and Monique Wittig’s most popular novel, Les Guérillères imagines the attack on the language and bodies of men by a tribe of warrior women. Among the women’s most powerful weapons in their assault is laughter, but they also threaten literary and linguistic customs of the patriarchal order with bullets. In this breathtakingly rapid novel first published in 1969, Wittig animates a lesbian society that invites all women to join their fight, their circle, and their community. A path-breaking novel about creating and sustaining freedom, the book derives much of its energy from its vaunting of the female body as a resource for literary invention.