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The Letters of Charles Dickens: The Pilgrim Edition Volume 6: 1850-1852

ISBN13: 9780198126171
ISBN: 0198126174
List Price: $299.0
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Edition Pilgrim ed

From reviews of volume five: 'The appearance of a volume of the Pilgrim Edition of Dickens's letters is an event of great moment in the world of English literary scholarship.... Indispensable to the scholar and of absorbing interest to the general reader.' English Studies. 'Any true admirer of Dickens ought to be left both stunned and delighted by the wealth of material in this fifth volume of the monumental Pilgrim Letters.' The Dickensian. 'Generous in scope, diverse in subject matter, rich in annotation, the work is a central resource not simply for devotees of Dickens but for students of virtually every aspect of 19th century civilization.' Nineteenth Century Fiction. The sixth volume features 1,592 letters 668 of them previously unpublished covering 1850 to 1852, years of great creativity in which Dickens finished David Copperfield, and began work on Bleak House.