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Eye of the Needle

ISBN13: 9780060748159
ISBN: 006074815X
Binding: Paperback
List Price: $13.99
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Published Date:
Pages: 368
Average Goodreads rating: 4.19/5 (114474 ratings)

One enemy spy knows the secret to the Allies' greatest deception, a brilliant aristocrat and ruthless assassin -- code name: "The Needle" -- who holds the key to ultimate Nazi victory.

Only one person stands in his way: a lonely Englishwoman on an isolated island, who is beginning to love the killer who has mysteriously entered her life.

All will come to a terrifying conclusion in Ken Follett's unsurpassed and unforgettable masterwork of suspense, intrigue, and the dangerous machinations of the human heart.