William H Hallahan Books In Order

Charlie Brewer Books In Publication Order

  1. Catch Me, Kill Me (1978)
  2. The Trade (1982)
  3. Foxcatcher (1986)
  4. Triple Trap (1989)

William H. Hallahan Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Search for Joseph Tully (1974)
  2. The Ross Forgery (1975)
  3. Keeper of the Children (1978)
  4. The Monk (1983)
  5. The Dead of Winter (1983)

William H. Hallahan Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Misfire (1994)
  2. The Day the American Revolution Began (2000)
  3. The Day the Revolution Ended (2003)

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William H Hallahan Books Overview


Exposing the American military’s appalling failures in the arming of its infantry, an examination of the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps traces its historical obsession with accurate, slow firepower and conservative use of ammunition often at the cost of soldiers’ lives.

The Day the American Revolution Began

At four in the morning on April 19, 1975, a line of British soldiers stared across the village green of Lexington, Massachusetts, at a crowd of seventy seven Amercican militiamen. A shot rang out, and the Redcoats replied with a devastating volley.

But the day that started so well for the king’s troops would end in catastrophe: seventy three British soldiers dead, two hundred wounded, and the survivors chased back into Boston by the angry colonists. Drawing on diaries, letters, official documents, and memoirs, William H. Hallahan vividly captures the drama of those tense twenty four hours and shows how they decided the fate of two nations.

The Day the Revolution Ended

Praise for William Hallahan’s The Day the american Revolution Began ‘Hallahan has successfully evoked all the passion and drama of the birth of the American Revolution.’ Booklist ‘A page turning narrative…
in depth profiles of the actors…
adds a delightful human dimension to the story of the struggle for freedom.’ Virginian Pilot Following the success of William Hallahan s The Day the American Revolution Began, here is the dramatic conclusion to the American Revolution and the spirited beginning of a new nation. The Day the Revolution Ended vividly tells the story of America s victory through the eyes of those who lived it. Using such rich primary sources as diaries, journals, memoirs, newspapers, letters, official documents, and other eyewitness accounts, The Day the Revolution Ended traces the tense chess game of troop movements, skirmishes, and tooth and nail battles that brought the American forces, their French allies, the British troops, and the Hessian mercenary soldiers to their fateful encounter at Yorktown. Hallahan paints a sharp portrait of the events and the colorful players in the war, including Benedict Arnold s seething vengeance, Nathanael Greene s ability to turn even a retreat into a victory, Lafayette s military ardor, General Clinton s incompetent leadership, and Washington s high stakes battles, as well as the extraordinary bravery of both generals and common soldiers alike. William Hallahan s skillful and colorful narrative details the exuberance of the new nation, as news of England s surrender travels north, city by city, to Philadelphia, New York, Boston, then on to London and Paris, and our young nation takes its first steps toward fulfilling its brilliant destiny.

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