William Dietrich Books In Order

Ethan Gage Books In Publication Order

  1. Napoleon’s Pyramids (2007)
  2. The Rosetta Key (2008)
  3. The Dakota Cipher (2009)
  4. The Barbary Pirates (2010)
  5. The Emerald Storm (2012)
  6. The Barbed Crown (2013)
  7. The Three Emperors (2014)
  8. The Trojan Icon (2016)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Ice Reich (1998)
  2. Getting Back (2000)
  3. Dark Winter (2001)
  4. Hadrian’s Wall (2004)
  5. The Scourge of God (2005)
  6. Blood of the Reich (2011)
  7. The Murder of Adam and Eve (2014)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Final Forest (1992)
  2. Northwest Passage (1995)
  3. Natural Grace (2003)
  4. The North Cascades: Finding Beauty and Renewal in the Wild Nearby (2014)
  5. Napoleon’s Rules (2015)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Hotel Angeline (2011)

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William Dietrich Books Overview

Napoleon’s Pyramids

What mystical secrets lie beneath the Great Pyramids? Traveling with Napoleon’s ambitious expedition, American adventurer Ethan Gage solves a five thousand year old riddle with the help of a mysterious medallion. William Dietrich’s books have been hailed for their vivid imagery, evocative atmospheres, impeccable historical accuracy, and ambitious plots. Now, in the breakout novel of his career, he delivers an enthralling story of intrigue, greed, and danger. Ethan Gage, assistant to Ben Franklin and expatriate American in post revolutionary France, wins an ancient and possibly cursed medallion in a card game one night. It turns out that the medallion, covered in seemingly indecipherable symbols, may be linked to a Masonic mystery. That same night, however, Ethan is framed for a prostitute’s murder and barely escapes France with his life. Faced with either prison or death, Gage is offered a third choice: to accompany the new emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, as France sails to conquer Egypt with Lord Nelson’s fleet following close behind. Once Gage arrives, he encounters incredible surprises: one in the form of a beautiful Macedonian slave and another in the dawning knowledge that the medallion may solve one of the greatest riddles of history who built the Great Pyramids, and why. What is revealed to Gage is more shocking than anyone could ever have imagined. Moving from the lascivious salons of post revolutionary Paris to the Mediterranean’s high seas to the treacherous sands of Egypt, Napoleon’s Pyramids is a riveting, action packed thriller that will captivate readers and introduce them to this supremely talented author.

The Rosetta Key

The Rosetta Key‘ continues the story of our hero, Ethan Gage, and his quest for the magical ‘Book of Thoth.’ This scroll of wisdom may have been stolen from the Great Pyramid by Moses and carried by the Jews to their new kingdom of Israel some three thousand years ago. Whoever holds it will have the power to dominate the world. The novel also continues the story of Napoleon Bonaparte, retracing his 1799 invasion of Syria from his base in Cairo, his defeat at the Siege of Acre, and his eventual abandonment of his army in Egypt. It follows the general’s return to France, where he seized power in a coup in November of 1799. In the story, Napoleon’s henchmen seize the Book of Thoth from Gage in Syria. Once back in France, the conqueror uses a hurried translation of key passages to bewitch the French Assembly into approving his accession to power. The Book, it seems, has become Napoleon’s magic key, his grail. Ever the furtive thief, Gage manages to wrest the book back and finally kills the central villain, Alessandro Silano before Bonaparte can use its powers to assure his conquest of the world. It’s then off to America for Gage, who sees his home country as the best hiding place.

The Dakota Cipher

William Dietrich is back with another fast paced new adventure one that brings together Norse mythology, the American wilderness, and a swashbuckling explorer in an irresistible page turner.

Ethan Gage, the hero of Napoleon’s Pyramids and The Rosetta Key, just wants to enjoy the fruits of victory after helping Napoleon win the Battle of Marengo and end an undeclared naval war with the United States.

But a foolish tryst with Bonaparte’s married sister and the improbable schemes of a grizzled Norwegian named Magnus Bloodhammer soon send Ethan on a new treasure hunt on America’s frontier that will have him dodging scheming aristocrats and hostile Indians.

In 1801 newly elected president Thomas Jefferson, taking office in the burgeoning capital of Washington, D.C., convinces Ethan and Magnus to go on a scouting expedition one that precedes that of Lewis and Clark to investigate reports of woolly mammoths and blue eyed Indians.

The pair have their own motive, however, which they neglect to share with the president: a search for the mythical hammer of the Norse god Thor, allegedly brought by fugitive Norseme*n to the center of North America 150 years before Columbus. Can the hammer control thunder and lightning? Is there a core of truth to this myth?

Ethan’s journey takes him across the Great Lakes to country no white man has seen, but not before he becomes entangled with a British temptress, a comely captive, a French voyageur, and a landscape as breathtaking as it is perilous.

Ancient Norse runes will lead him to his most fantastic discovery yet and to wonder, danger, mystery, and sorrow that will test every ounce of wit and skill Gage can muster. The Dakota Cipher is another exciting adventure by a writer who has quickly become one of America’s most beloved and inventive thriller masterminds.

The Barbary Pirates

As dazzling and action packed as the best novels of James Rollins, George MacDonald Fraser, and Steve Berry, The Barbary Pirates will have readers cheering for William Dietrich and his dashing hero, Ethan Gage! Swashbuckling American explorer and ladies’ man Ethan Gage has seen his fair share of danger, having braved the sands of Egypt, the perils of the Atlantic Ocean, and the harsh wilderness of early America. Once more, he finds himself in a desperate race this time with The Barbary Pirates, a powerful band of Muslim outlaws from North Africa. Also after Ethan is his nemesis and former lover Aurora Somerset, member of a dangerous sect called the Egyptian Rite. The prize is the Mirror of Archimedes, an ancient superweapon that, according to legend, once burned a Roman fleet with its power. In 1802, this death ray could tip the balance of power in the Mediterranean, and Ethan must stop the pirates from using it against the American, English, and French fleets. From the salons and brothels of the Palais Royal of Paris, where the quest for information about his lost love Astiza involves real life scientists and engineers including inventor Robert Fulton Ethan must travel at Napoleon’s behest to the canals of Venice, the caves of Santorini, the dungeons of Tripoli, and finally to treachery on the high seas in the Mediterranean. Can Ethan rescue Astiza without betraying the cause of his own United States? Can he save the two year old son he only recently discovered he had without allowing the Egyptian Rite to finally dominate the world? And when the sun rises on the Mirror of Archimedes, will everything Ethan cares about be set afire? Delivering the fast paced adventure, uncanny wit, and page turning historical excitement that readers have come to expect from the masterful William Dietrich, The Barbary Pirates is Ethan Gage at his winningest, most hilarious, and most death defying.

The Emerald Storm

In the fifth installment of master storyteller William Dietrich’s bestselling adventure series, the swashbuckling, battle scarred hero Ethan Gage must race from the slopes of the Alps to the sultry tropics of the Caribbean to pursue a mysterious Spanish treasure as the fate of England and of the world s first successful slave revolt hang desperately in the balance. The Emerald Storm is the action packed historical masterpiece that Ethan Gage fans have long awaited. Fans of the Indiana Jones adventures, the Sharpe s Rifles series, and the thrilling works of James Rollins, who himself calls Dietrich s writing adventure at its grandest, will find The Emerald Storm a satisfying, sword in hand romp through history and new readers will discover it as the perfect introduction to the breathtaking Ethan Gage Adventures.

Ice Reich

In 1938, Bush pilot Owen Hart is recruited by Germany’s fanatical new government to play a crucial role in a top secret expedition to Antarctica. But, beneath the ice, a deadly discovery awaits and the fate of the world hangs in balance.

Getting Back

The world’s population has doubled. Wilderness exists only in old movies. Every region on Earth has been explored, organized, and tamed, while modern gear makes climbing Everest a walk in the park. But in this brave new age one secret organization promises the most forbidden pleasure of all: a true outdoor adventure. The price is a year’s salary. The destination is a continent that disease and destruction have put off limits. And the catch is that on this expedition, once you go, you may not ever return…
Getting Back. In the belly of a shimmering twenty first century pyramid, Daniel Dyson occupies Cubicle 17 and fantasizes about love and escape. By day he pursues petty ways to subvert his overly programmed life. By night he flirts with a shadowy group that dares him to rebel and reclaim his autonomy. Then he stumbles onto Outback Adventure.

Outback doesn’t advertise and keeps its Internet site heavily encrypted. Yet Daniel, partly to inject some deeper meaning into his life, partly to find a woman who doesn’t want to be found, soon finds himself taking a perilous trek across the forbidden continent of Australia. There, Outback has promised he will find out what it means to be truly alive, to test his limits, and to understand real survival. What he and his two dozen fellow adventurers don’t know is that all their high tech gear and all their plans haven’t prepared them for what lies ahead. Because this journey will not only plunge them into a stark desert and through a gauntlet of natural dangers, but force them to outfight the most dangerous creatures on earth: their fellow human beings.

Getting Back is a novel of survival and a search for meaning in a world where both have become extinct a thriller that asks us whether Getting Back is the object of the game, or the punishment for losing…

Dark Winter

Twenty six rugged adventurers wave goodbye to the last plane of the winter and unknowingly isolate themselves with a psychopath in the Antarctic wilderness. While the murderer gradually eliminates the group and communication with the outside world is lost, fear and suspicion overwhelm them. As the body count rises and the thermometer drops, the group must overcome the hysteria and dissent expertly sown by the killer to stop him before their chance of survival disappears into the arctic darkness.

Hadrian’s Wall

The Wall. When the Roman emperor Hadrian first envisioned the awesome edifice in A.D. 122, he used stone, wood, and iron to shield Roman Britannia forever from the unconquered Celtic barbarians. Stretching over seventy milesto divide the island, Hadrian’s Wall has maintained the security of the Roman Empire’s northern outpost for more than two hundred years. Now a Roman bride has come who will unleash jealousy, passion, and an epic war that will shake a tired and tottering empire to its core.

Tribune Marcus Flavius has secured command at the Wall not through battles fought or wars won, but through his arranged marriage to Valeria, a senator’s daughter. He replaces a brutal veteran, Galba Brassidias, an ambitious soldier whose skill in battle is rivaled only by his Machiavellian brilliance. But Galba will do anything it takes to regain his position and dominate the young woman who fascinates and infuriates him.

The intrigue on the Roman side of the Wall is matched by the plotting of Celtic warriors determined to rid their land of the invaders. They are led by the dynamic and mysterious barbarian chieftain Arden Caratacus, a man who seems to know as much about hated Rome as he does of his own people, and who is determined to win the young woman for himself.

Theirs is a story of swirling emotions, ancient warfare, desperate romance, and the final great clash of Roman and Celtic cultures. All will be decided on the field of battle, where the fate of an empire may rest in the strength of Hadrian’s Wall.

The Scourge of God

For fans of the movie Gladiator comes this bloody account of the clashing of civilizations, as Attila the Hun, ‘The Scourge of God,’ struggles to overthrow the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire is weakening. In 367 AD, approximately eight years after the great battle at Hadrian’s Wall, Roman garrisons begin to hear rumors of barbarian tribes massing to the north. By 449 AD, Attila, the ruler of the Huns, has become the continent’s most powerful monarch, his reputation in battle earning him the title ‘The Scourge of God.’ Anticipating an imminent attack by the Huns, Roman leaders negotiate with one of Attila’s lieutenants, convincing him to play the part of assassin. He is joined on his mission by a Roman citizen, Jonas, an ambassador dispatched to negotiate a peace treaty with the Huns. When the plot is discovered, Jonas becomes a hostage, forced to fight for his captors if he wishes to remain alive. But he soon learns that Attila intends to conquer Rome itself, and is caught between two mighty empires, both poised for one of the greatest conflicts the world has ever seen. Jonas, knowing his life could be forfeit, has the potential to tip the battle in either direction and his decision will alter the face of Western civilization. For readers of historically nuanced thrillers and adventure stories by authors like Bernard Cornwell and Colleen McCullough. For readers interested in Roman and Barbarian culture and warfare.

The Final Forest

In a riveting exploration of our connection to all that we cherish and exploit on Earth, a Pulitzer Prize winning correspondent for The Seattle Times examines the human side of the struggle that looms as the fate of our forest’s is determined.

Northwest Passage

‘Dietrich’s measures, thoughtful book views the Columbia through a successoin of different lenses as a bountiful fishery for the Indians, as a snag ridden and nearly impassable highway for the early white explorers, as a hugely powerful manufacturer of hydroelectricity, as a source of irrigation for farmers, as the town drain for the mining and nuclear weapons industries. His Columbia is really a woven braid of the many rivers of the fisherman, the farmer, the engineer, the towboat operator, the explorer, the industrialist.’ Jonathan Raban, author of Old Glory’A wonderful, disturbing and though provoking history of the Columbia River, Northwest Passage is a remarkable book, first of all in its scope and complexity. Here is a fine blend of natural history, of human history, and of political history.’ Washington Post Book World’An engaging case study of a whole bundle of environmental and social issues pollution, hydropower politics, Indian rights, resource economics that should matter to people all over the country.’ New York Times Book Review

Natural Grace

From the interactive clockwork world of geology, tides, Northwest weather, and snow, to the hidden roles of dirt, stream life, and mosses and lichens, Pulitzer Prize winning writer William Dietrich explores the natural splendors of the Pacific Northwest. His topics include alder and cedar; jellyfish, geoducks, crabs, and killer whales; mosquitoes and spiders; gulls, crows, raccoons, possums, deer, and cougars.

This informative and engaging selection of natural history essays is adapted from articles published in the Seattle Times magazine, Pacific Northwest. A native Washingtonian, Dietrich has watched the Northwest double in population during his lifetime. Our rapidly changing view of nature is an underlying theme throughout his wide ranging essays, as is the timely and essential question of how best to share and conserve the natural world that drew us to the region in the first place.

Neither a field guide nor an environmental policy book, Natural Grace is intended as a primer for people who are curious about the environment they live in and the pressures upon it. ‘We only care about what we know,’ says the author. ‘I’ve concluded that enthusiasm and commitment begin from learning just how marvelous this region is: Passion has to precede purpose.’ And there is much to marvel over. Dietrich has unearthed fascinating and unexpected facts about his subjects, and he has a gift for expressing complex information in clear and vivid language. He asks intriguing questions and makes good use of interviews with Northwest scientists and experts to convey current and historic attitudes and economic realities, and to consider where we go from here.

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