Will Henry/ Clay Fisher Books In Order

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Nine Lives West (As: Clay Fisher) (1978)
  2. Will Henry’s West (1984)
  3. Tumbleweeds (1999)
  4. Ghost Wolf of Thunder Mountain (2000)
  5. The Scout (2005)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Red Blizzard (As: Clay Fisher) (1952)
  2. Medicine Road (1952)
  3. Santa Fe Passage (As:Clay Fisher) (1952)
  4. Warbonnet (As:Clay Fisher) (1952)
  5. The Tall Men (As:Clay Fisher) (1954)
  6. Yellow Hair (As:Clay Fisher) (1954)
  7. The Big Pasture (As: Clay Fisher) (1955)
  8. Brass Command (As: Clay Fisher) (1955)
  9. Who Rides with Wyatt (1955)
  10. The Blue Mustang (As:Clay Fisher) (1956)
  11. Yellowstone Kelly (As: Clay Fisher) (1956)
  12. Seven Men at Mimbres Springs (1958)
  13. From Where the Sun Now Stands (1960)
  14. Journey to Shiloh (1960)
  15. Nino (As:Clay Fisher) (1961)
  16. Return of the Tall Man (As:Clay Fisher) (1961)
  17. The Gates of the Mountains (1963)
  18. valley of the bear (As: Clay Fisher) (1964)
  19. In the Land of the Mandans (1965)
  20. The Pitchfork Patrol (As:Clay Fisher) (1965)
  21. Custer’s Last Stand (1966)
  22. Maheo’s children / The Squaw Killers (1968)
  23. The North Star, (1969)
  24. Red Brother and White (1970)
  25. Chiricahua (1972)
  26. Outcasts of Canyon Creek (As:Clay Fisher) (1972)
  27. The Bear Paw Horses (1973)
  28. The Apache Kid (As: Clay Fisher) (1974)
  29. Apache Ransom (As:Clay Fisher) (1974)
  30. I, Tom Horn (1975)
  31. No Survivors (1978)
  32. Summer of the Gun (1978)
  33. Crossing (As:Clay Fisher) (1980)
  34. Fourth Horseman (1981)
  35. Last Warpath (1982)
  36. Black Apache (As: Clay Fisher) (1982)
  37. Seven Legends West (As: Clay Fisher) (1983)
  38. The Day Fort Larking Fell (1985)
  39. Reckoning At Yankee Flat (1989)
  40. The Feleen Brand (1989)
  41. Mackenna’s Gold (1994)
  42. San Juan Hill (1996)
  43. Death Of A Legend / The Raiders (1996)
  44. The Hunting of Tom Horn (1999)
  45. Custer (1999)
  46. Legend of Sotoju Mountain (2002)
  47. The Legend of the Mountain (2002)
  48. Winter Shadows (2003)
  49. The Hunkpapa Scout (2004)
  50. Blind Canon (2005)
  51. To Follow a Flag / Pillars of the Sky (2006)
  52. Frontier Fury (2007)
  53. One More River to Cross (2009)
  54. Alias Butch Cassidy (2010)
  55. The Texas Rangers (2020)

Sons of the Western Frontier Books In Publication Order

  1. Sons Of The Western Frontier (1968)
  2. Outlaws and Legends (1970)

Clay Fisher Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Nine Lives West (1978)

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Will Henry/ Clay Fisher Books Overview

Red Blizzard (As: Clay Fisher)

This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.

Medicine Road

A Spur Award winning author ‘Orphans of the North,’ in Will Henry’s words, is a story in which ‘you will meet no purely instinctive, so called dumb animals, but only those sensitive wilderness folk who are able, in their mysterious unknown ways, to think and to feel and to communicate with one another, very much as you and I.’ ‘Medicine Road‘ is a story from the time of the mountain men. Jesse Callahan was raised by the Miniconjou Sioux. He now works for Jim Bridger who has a string of trading posts in southern Wyoming Territory. Brigham Young, leader of the Mormons, has sworn to wipe out Bridger’s trading posts, and he has chosen Watonga, Black Coyote, of the Arapahoes to lead the onslaught. Jesse falls in love with Lacey O’Mara, a married mother of two children. The guns and ammunition that Jesse is transporting to the trading fort at Green River are what Watonga wants most. This is a tense story of calculating courage, intense and dramatic action, and grim realism told with a native feel for the characters and the wilderness in which they play out their fates. Henry Wilson Allen wrote under both the Clay Fisher and Will Henry bylines.

Santa Fe Passage (As:Clay Fisher)

Kirby Randolph was a tough mountain man. He’d promised himself he’d get the wagon train to Santa Fe because Auelie St. CLair was in one of the wagons. She was a half breed, the most beautiful and the toughest girl he’d ever seen.

The Tall Men (As:Clay Fisher)

WesternLarge Print EditionA soldier turned outlaw, Ben Allison was ready to earn a fortune. Together with his brother Clint he was pushing three thousand longhorns through the rough country between Texas and Montana where Crazy Horse and his fierce Oglala Sioux waited to waylay them. The tribe wanted the cattle alive and the white men dead. But theyd never come across anyone like the cold eyed devil with the Comanche blood before…

Who Rides with Wyatt

Wyatt Earp becomes the sheriff of Tombstone, a town known as ”the Sodom in the Sagebrush,” and with his long barreled Colt shotgun, he cleans up the town, ridding it of stagecoach hold ups, cattle rustlers, and gunfire in the streets.’

The Blue Mustang (As:Clay Fisher)

This work is written by Clay Fisher. Young Button Starbuck and his brothers had a mighty shock when their father had been killed in his own home, but Starbuck vowed to wreak his revenge to trace Buchanan and kill him. Starbuck was a boy who had never aimed a gun in anger nor been more than a day’s ride from his home in his life. That was about to change. On his travels, Button has to learn to think for himself and he finds a friend a blue mustang with the cunning and heart of a fighter.

Yellowstone Kelly (As: Clay Fisher)

This book is written by Clay Fisher. ‘If you fail, we will kill you’. Yellowstone Kelly knew that the Indian chieftain was not making an idle threat. But Kelly was a frontier scout not a doctor. There was little chance that he could cure this unknown wounded prisoner of the Sioux. However, Kelly was totally unprepared for the shock that was waiting for him when he went to see his ‘patient’. He is strained to penetrate the darkness. Then he saw what lay beneath the wolfskin coverlet. It was a woman startlingly young and strangely beautiful!

From Where the Sun Now Stands

Five time Winner of the Spur Award Surely one of the most dramatic campaigns of the Indian wars was also one of the last Chief Joseph. Here, with the understanding and insight that only Will Henry could bring to it, is the Spur Award winning novel of those 113 days in the summer of 1877 when Chief Joseph reluctantly led his people in a rear guard action from the Nez Perce reservation in Oregon to Montana, across more than one thousand miles of trackless country. Here is a saga of loyalty and treachery, tragedy and triumph, a masterful achievement from the one and only Will Henry.

Journey to Shiloh

Wishing to obtain glory during the Civil War, Buck Burnet joins the Concho County Comanches and sets out to fight the Yankees, unaware that his greatest challenge is coming in a terrible battle with the forces of Grant and Sherman.

The Pitchfork Patrol (As:Clay Fisher)

‘Will Henry combines the best talents of a natural storyteller with an inspired poets glorious use of the English language.’ DUTY BOUND It took a tall horse to carry him, they said. He was a giant of a man, six and a half feet tall and 275 pounds. He could bend a horseshoe with his bare hands and lift a fully loaded wagon on his back. But Sergeant Honus Schlonager was getting old and tired and he was ready to quit. Still, he had his orders. He had to find the widow woman and her three kids squatting on Indian land and bring them back to the fort. The sergeant knew that only trouble could lay ahead as he rode out into Sioux territory. But he had his orders…
and he’d carry them out if it was the last thing he did.

Custer’s Last Stand

The real story of the Little Big Horn begins a thousand bitter miles southward in a drift of burning tipi ashes on the banks of the Washita. There, in November 1868, Custer and his Seventh Cavalry murdered the sleeping village of the peace chief Black Kettle, the crime for which they were brought to justice in faraway Montana.


The only individual standing between the white settlers and fierce Chiricahua Apache warriors led by Geronimo and Chatto is Pa nayo tishn The Coyote Saw Him, a man of peace who forever alters the fate of the Apache.’

The Bear Paw Horses

On the wild frontier, even an outlaw had to risk his life and his love if he wanted to be free. Con Jenkins was helping an elderly Indian and his granddaughter carry out the last orders of Crazy Horse, the most feared war chief of the Oglala Sioux and is thrown headfirst into the deadliest struggle of his life.

I, Tom Horn

In I, Tom Horn, originally published in 1975, Will Henry presents a fictional autobiography of Tom Horn that answers decisively the question did Tom Horn kill fourteen year old Willie Kickell, or was he framed? Horn was a cavalry scout in Arizona Territory during the last Apache campaigns, a champion rodeo rider, a Pinkerton, and finally a stock detective in Wyoming. Known and feared as el hombre de sombra the shadow man, Horn’s lifetime 1860 1903 spans one of the most colorful and tumultuous periods of the Old West. In this novel Will Henry provides a multidimensional portrait of Tom Horn as a man capable of humor, compassion, and love, and also one who could kill without the least remorse. This figure is set against equally compelling portraits of Al Sieber, chief of scouts under General Crook, and apache leaders in the Four Families of the Chiricahuas, names now fabled in American frontier history Nana, Chato, and Geronimo.

No Survivors

Originally published in 1950, No Survivors was the first of Will Henry’s many novels based on historic incident. In it he shows what General Custer s lonely stand and final moments at the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn might have been like, militarily and emotionally. Though the history books say that only the horse Comanche escaped alive, Will Henry creates one other survivor, Colonel John Clayton and he was doomed, too. The fictional Civil War officer who once saved Custer s life, Clayton leaves a journal describing his later career on the western frontier. As a civilian scout for the U.S. Army, he tries to head off the Fetterman Massacre. He is captured by Crazy Horse and taken into the Oglala Sioux tribe. For nine years he lives as an Indian the adopted son of Crazy Horse, an intimate of Sitting Bull, and the husband of a medicine woman. He rides with the Indians against the white invaders, but by 1876 he has to make a choice about who he really is.

Crossing (As:Clay Fisher)

Jud Reeves’s upbringing on the frontier is put to the test when he joins a deadly Confederate campaign to secure the region, and he confronts murderous visionary Elkanah Cavanaugh, wild woman Star Cavanaugh, and settler hating Apache Sobre.

Last Warpath

The battle between the U.S. Cavalry and the Cheyenne raged across the Western plains for 40 years. The white man demanded peace of total war, and the Cheyenne would not pay the price of peace. Great leaders like Little Wolf and Dull Knife knew their people were meant to range with the eagle and the wolf. The might Cheyenne would fight to be free until the last warrior had gone forever upon the Last Warpath.

Reckoning At Yankee Flat

This is the story of Henry Plummer. He was a silken voiced charmer, leader of the dread ”Road Agents” an d sheriff of Virginia City who, wearing his badge of office, murdered, robbed and terrorized the whole, vast Montana Ter ritory. ‘

Mackenna’s Gold

Entrusted with the secret location of the fabled Lost Canyon of Gold by a dying Apache warrior, Glen Mackenna sets out to find the site in the vast wilderness and must fight off the hordes of fortune seeking scavengers who would beat him there.

San Juan Hill

Joining the cavalry to fight in the conflict of 1898, Fate Baylen finds himself under the command of Teddy Roosevelt, where he wonders how many of his Rough Rider companions will survive. NYT.

The Hunting of Tom Horn

An action packed and exciting collection of short masterpieces by one of the West’s greatest storytellers. Will Henry’s writing has always been distinguished by a rich variety of plot, tone, and insight into human nature as it really is. The characters in these tales be they cowboy or bounty hunter, preacher or killer are living, breathing people, people whose stories could be told only by a master like Will Henry, five time winter of the Spur Award.

Winter Shadows

Five Time Winner of the Spur Award from WWA Will Henry’s frontier stories ‘pull the reader feet first into worlds that have vanished, except from the pages of books.’ Lapwai Winter is set in northeastern Oregon in the time of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. A treaty agreement with the Indians has been violated. Winter Shadows finds a band of Mandan Indians facing the hardest winter in their tribal history and their only salvation may rest with an orphaned outcast.

To Follow a Flag / Pillars of the Sky

This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.

One More River to Cross

When the war ended, freedom was finally Ned Huddleston’s. But when Ned stood up to a gang of small-town toughs, he traded that freedom for the life of an outlaw. A wanted man, he fled west, where he found the song of the six-gun.

Alias Butch Cassidy

No one makes a more unlikely outlaw than young George LeRoy Parker, grandson of a Mormon bishop. But at 16, Parker throws in with Mike Cassidy, a shrewd old bandit who has seen something in the boy that nobody else has the courage of a cougar and the heart of a renegade. Now old Mike has taught the kid everything he knows, and when he’s done, there’ll be no outlaw more feared, hunted, or idolized than George LeRoy Parker, Alias Butch Cassidy.

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