Wend Petzler Books In Order

Blood Keep Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood Keep (2007)

Borne Vampires Books In Publication Order

  1. Fate Untold (2018)
  2. Undead My Heart (2018)
  3. Mine (2018)
  4. Bite Me (2018)

Thieves of Honor Books In Publication Order

  1. Shadows and Thieves (2014)

Vampire Wars Books In Publication Order

  1. My Soul to Keep (2014)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Lady Thief (2008)
  2. Whisper to Me (2020)

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Wend Petzler Books Overview

Lady Thief

Forced to hide her identity when her parents are murdered, Eiry Savoy dons the hood of a thief. When her enemies come too close, she realizes she needs a nobleman to deter the Sheriff of Derbyshire. Her godfather suggests the Butcher of Acre. Lucian Martine returns from the Crusades a much changed man, haunted by what he had committed in the service of Richard the Lionheart. When William Pembroke offers him a new life, he accepts, wishing to retire from war. What he doesn’t expect is to find the child living in a rundown castle with a comely maid and a defiant stable boy. Or the peasants seeking his aid against a tyrant. Can Lucian find the strength to be the hero Eiry sees him to be? Will the Butcher have his heart stolen by Lady Thief or will he betray her to keep his honor?

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