Warren Ellis Books In Order


  1. Crooked Little Vein (2007)
  2. Gun Machine (2013)
  3. Normal (2016)


  1. Haunted Futures (2017)

Graphic Novels


  1. Dead Pig Collector (2013)

Non fiction

  1. From the Desk of Warren Ellis (2000)
  2. Come in Alone (2001)

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Warren Ellis Books Overview

Crooked Little Vein

Michael McGill is a burned out private detective who suddenly becomes enlisted by an army of presidential goons to retrieve the Constitution of the United States, but not the one we all know about. This would be the real Constitution the one with invisible amendments created by some of the Founding Fathers as a fallback for their great experiment. Along the way, McGill gains a polyamorous sidekick named Trix, gets scared to death by what men do with warm salty water, and descends into a world where crime, sex, and madness all seem to be the same thing. Full of mind bending style and packed with a wild cast of characters, Crooked Little Vein infuses Robert B. Parker with Kurt Vonnegut and the madness of the graphic novel world. A surprisingly surreal treat, it will appeal to hardcore comic fans, mystery aficionados, and anybody looking for a riotous adventure.

From the Desk of Warren Ellis

Peer into the twisted brain of the madman by seeing what arrived From the Desk of Warren Ellis! A collection of essays, columns, journals, lectures, travelogues, and fragments written for an internet audience by the creator and author of Transmetropolitan and Planetary. This volume contains writing from 1995 to 1998 on a variety of subjects, including the eating of sheep faces, Sin City, the ugliness of comics, the parallel world where comics legend Stan Lee dies in a horrific plumbing accident, how to write for comics, and why Michael Moorcock scares the hell out of him!

Come in Alone

‘They want me to entertain you bast*ards,’ Warren Ellis began his series of columns for the comic book Internet destinatioin website Comic Book Resources. Part social commentary, part sitting-at-the-feet-of-Socrates, part kick in the ass, Come in Alone was the column that would zig when you thought it would zag. This collection of all fifty-two columns includes Ellis’ unique take on the comic book industry, features first-class interviews with top-flight comic book professionals, and even includes the lebgendary Old Bast*ard’s Manifesto. Wrap all this up with an evocative and spooky cover by Brian Wood, and you’ve got a collection of commentary that midwifed the birth of the comic book industry into the 21st Century.

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