Vicki Delany Books In Order

Constable Molly Smith Books In Publication Order

  1. In the Shadow of the Glacier (2007)
  2. Valley of the Lost (2009)
  3. Winter of Secrets (2009)
  4. Negative Image (2010)
  5. Among the Departed (2011)
  6. A Cold White Sun (2013)
  7. Under Cold Stone (2014)
  8. Unreasonable Doubt (2016)

Ashley Grant Books In Publication Order

  1. White Sand Blues (2017)
  2. Blue Water Hues (2018)
  3. Coral Reef Views (2020)

Catskill Summer Resort Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Deadly Summer Nights (2021)
  2. Deadly Director’s Cut (2022)

Klondike Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Gold Digger (2009)
  2. Gold Fever (2010)
  3. Gold Mountain (2012)
  4. Gold Web (2013)

Lighthouse Library Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. By Book or By Crook (As:Eva Gates) (2015)
  2. Booked for Trouble (As:Eva Gates) (2015)
  3. Reading Up a Storm (As:Eva Gates) (2016)
  4. The Spook in the Stacks (As:Eva Gates) (2018)
  5. Something Read, Something Dead (As:Eva Gates) (2019)
  6. Read and Buried (As:Eva Gates) (2019)
  7. A Death Long Overdue (2020)
  8. Deadly Ever After (2021)

Ray Robertson Books In Publication Order

  1. Juba Good (2014)
  2. Haitian Graves (2015)
  3. Blood and Belonging (2017)

Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen Books In Publication Order

  1. Whiteout (2000)
  2. Scare the Light Away (2005)
  3. Burden of Memory (2006)
  4. Murder at Lost Dog Lake (2011)
  5. More Than Sorrow (2012)

Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Elementary, She Read (2017)
  2. Body on Baker Street (2017)
  3. The Cat of the Baskervilles (2018)
  4. A Scandal in Scarlet (2018)
  5. There’s a Murder Afoot (2020)
  6. A Curious Incident (2021)
  7. A Three Book Problem (2022)

Tea by the Sea Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Tea & Treachery (2020)
  2. Murder in a Teacup (2021)

Year-Round Christmas Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen (2015)
  2. We Wish You a Murderous Christmas (2016)
  3. Hark the Herald Angels Slay (2017)
  4. Silent Night, Deadly Night (2019)
  5. Dying in a Winter Wonderland (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. A Winter Kill (2012)

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Vicki Delany Books Overview

In the Shadow of the Glacier

In the Shadow of the Glacier introduces a new traditional mystery series set in a bucolic mountain town in British Columbia and featuring young constable Molly Smith. Trouble is brewing in the small town of Trafalgar. Constable Molly Smith almost literally stumbles over a body, the victim of a murder. The deceased was a highly unpopular newcomer who had big plans for developing a luxury resort outside of town. Smith throws herself into solving the case, in part to build her career on the force and to win the approval of her parents. She is also hoping to impress her new supervisor, Sergeant John Winters, newly arrived from the city of Vancouver, who has brought along his own set of personal problems.

Valley of the Lost

In the bucolic mountain town of Trafalgar, British Columbia, a young woman is found dead of a hero*in overdose, her baby lying at her side. While this should be an open and shut drug case, restraint marks on the victim suggest that the death might not have been completely accidental. As the investigation into the young womanas death and life grows, the case becomes increasingly personal for Probationary Constable Molly Smith and Sergeant John Winters. Only two things are known about the dead woman: her first name is Ashley, and she has a three month old baby boy. Who was she? And was this is just a drug deal gone wrong, or is there something more sinister at play? Smithas mother, Lucky, has taken in the orphaned baby: does he hold the key to solving his motheras murder? Meanwhile, Wintersa wife, Eliza, is considering accepting a modeling contract with the same resort development that seems to be ripping the close knit community apart. Has the controversial project pushed a member of this quiet community to murder?Valley of the Lost is the sequel to In the Shadow of the Glacier.

Winter of Secrets

Siblings Wendy and Jason Wyatt-Yarmouth and their friends are in the peaceful mountain town of Trafalgar, B.C. enjoying a two-week vacation. Tragedy strikes the group of privileged students when two them crash through the ice into the frozen river. It’s Christmas Eve and the snowstorm of the decade has settled over the peaceful mountain town of Trafalgar, B.C. Constables Smith and Evans have a busy shift, attending fender-benders, tumbling pedestrians, and Christmas tree fires. At the stroke of midnight, they arrive at the scene of a car accident: a vehicle has gone off the snowy road into the icy river. An accident. But when the autopsy reveals a shocking secret, Constable Molly Smith and Sergeant John Winters are plunged into the world of sexual predators, recreational drugs, privilege, and high-living. Meanwhile Charlie Bassing is out of jail and looking for revenge, a handsome Mountie is giving Molly the eye, and her mother, Lucky, is cheerfully interfering in the investigation.

Negative Image

As the mountain town of Trafalgar, British Columbia, shakes off a long hard winter, famous photographer Rudolph Steiner arrives to do a feature on mountain tourism. Steiner is accompanied by his assistant and sexy young wife, but he has another reason for the visit: to reconnect with the woman who left him twenty-five years ago to marry another man. Twenty-five years ago she was young, beautiful, naive, and an internationally known supermodel. Today Eliza Winters is no longer young, and definitely not naive, but still beautiful and married to Trafalgar City Police Sergeant John Winters. When Steiner is found dead in his luxury hotel room, shot once in the back of the head, suspicion falls upon Eliza. John Winters is forced into the most difficult decision of his life: loyalty to his job or to his wife. As the RCMP dig into the secrets of both Steiner and Eliza, John Winters slowly comes to realize that he doesn’t know the woman to whom he has been married for twenty-five years as well as he thought he did. Unable to help the Sergeant, Constable Molly Smith has her own troubles: a series of B&Es has the peaceful town in an uproar, her overprotective Mountie boyfriend is fighting with her colleagues, and a vengeful stalker is watching her every move. When tragedy strikes at the heart of her own family, Molly can’t even turn to her mother, Lucky, for help.

Among the Departed

Fifteen years ago a young girl by the name of Moonlight Smith went to her best friend Nicky Nowak’s house for a sleepover. Moonlight joined the family for breakfast the following morning and was then picked up by her mother. Shortly after, Mr. Nowak went for a walk. He was never seen again. Autumn has arrived on the mountains above Trafalgar, B.C., and the promise of winter is in the air. Constable Molly Smith is cuddled by the fireplace with Adam Tocek of the RCMP when Tocek and his dog Norman are called to a wilderness camping ground to join the search for a little boy who snuck away from his family looking for bears. The child is found, dirty, terrified, weeping, but unharmed. Then the inquisitive Norman digs up something else: human bones. The ID isn t positive, but it is enough to have Sergeant John Winters of the Trafalgar City Police pulling old boxes from the baseme*nt to re open the Brian Nowak investigation. He finds a family shattered beyond recognition by the disappearance of their husband and father. Mrs. Nowak is an empty shell of a woman, dressed in pajamas, never leaving the house. Her son Kyle haunts the streets of Trafalgar at night and spends his days creating beautiful, but highly troubling, art. Nicky Nowak lives in Vancouver and has grown up to be gorgeous, charming, elegant. Yet behind that facade lies a woman whose heart has closed so tightly against human relationships she comes to Trafalgar trailing in her wake a terrifying threat to another innocent family. As the investigation into the life and disappearance of Brian Nowak grows, old secrets are brought to light and new ones struggle to remain hidden.

Gold Digger

It’s the spring of 1898 and Dawson, Yukon Territory, is the most exciting town in North America. The great Klondike Gold Rush is in full swing, and Fiona MacGillivray has crawled over the Chilkoot Pass, determined to make her fortune as the owner of the Savoy dance hall. But Fiona has many obstacles to overcome, including her 12 year old son, who is growing up much too fast for her liking. As well, she must cope with a former Glasgow street fighter who is now her business partner; a stern, handsome North West Mounted Police constable named Richard Sterling; and a wild assortment of headstrong dancers, croupiers, gamblers, madams without hearts of gold, bar hangers on, and sourdoughs. Not to mention Fiona’s own nimble fingered past, which just might get to her first. And then there’s the dead body on center stage. Gold Digger is a light hearted historical mystery, peopled with an array of intrepid characters, the kind of characters who flooded into the Klondike to make Dawson, in its very short heyday, the most exciting town in the world. At the center of the hullabaloo is Fiona MacGillivray: resourceful, unscrupulous, ambitious, and as she says herself the most beautiful woman in Dawson. Gold Digger is the first in a new series featuring Fiona MacGillivray, her son Angus, NWMP Constable Richard Sterling, and the town at the heart of the Last Great Gold Rush, Dawson, Yukon Territory.

Gold Fever

It’s the spring of 1898, and thousands of people are flooding into the Yukon Territory in the pursuit of gold and the town of Dawson welcomes them all. The beautiful Fiona MacGillivray, owner of the Savoy dance hall, is happy to make as much money as possible, in as short a time as possible. When her twelve year old son Angus saves the life of a Native woman intent on suicide, he inadvertently sets off a chain of events that offers his mother s arch enemy the opportunity to destroy her dance hall. Meanwhile, an exotic cast of characters from the previous novel are busy with their own lives. All the while percentage girls and drunks, croupiers and gamblers, prostitutes and sourdoughs, and the infrequent respectable businessman walk, or fall, through the doors of the Savoy. Then a killer strikes and the Mounties are determined to get their man…
or woman.

Scare the Light Away

Recently widowed Rebecca McKenzie, a successful Vancouver businesswoman, returns to small town Hope River after an absence of 30 years to attend her mother’s funeral. Estranged from her father and two older siblings, she’s left a brutal childhood and a psychopathic grandfather behind. She expects her visit home to be short. but then she discovers the diaries written by her mother, a British war bride with a young baby who came to Canada to join a husband she scarcely knew. Rebecca and the reader find her heart wrung by her mother’s story.

Meanwhile, a young girl has gone missing, and the suspicions of the townspeople fall on Rebecca’s handsome, charming brother Jimmy. Before long, violence threatens and Rebecca must put aside some long held grievances to protect Jimmy and find the real killer.

This debut novel will appeal to readers of Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs and Pip Granger’s Not All Tarts Are Apple and its sequels, evoking admiration, respect, and sympathy for members of The Greatest Generation, both English and Canadian.

Burden of Memory

Elaine Benson, a successful novelist who let love in the person of an unreliable screenwriter jettison her career, is now divorced, broke, and come to a ‘primitive, untamed northern forest’ on Lake Muskoka to interview for a job. Elderly Miss Moira Madison of the fabulously rich Canadian family wishes to write her memoirs.

Miss Madison isn’t interested in a bestseller. She wants to leave a record of her life and most specifically of her years with the Canadian Army Nursing Sisters of World War II. Her service in the British and then European theater was filled with triumphs and bitter losses and forever shaped her life. Can Elaine tell her story working with decades of old documents?

Settling into the family ‘cottage’ and what remains of a lifestyle long gone, Elaine reconnects with her love of researching the past. But somehow her project she soon discovers the first writer hired oddly drowned in the Lake stirs someone to murder…

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