Tui T. Sutherland Books In Order

Avatars Books In Publication Order

  1. So This is How it Ends (2006)
  2. Shadow Falling (2007)
  3. Kingdom of Twilight (2008)

Menagerie Books In Publication Order

  1. The Menagerie (2013)
  2. Dragon on Trial (2014)
  3. Krakens and Lies (2015)

Pet Trouble Books In Publication Order

  1. Runaway Retriever (2009)
  2. Loudest Beagle on the Block (2009)
  3. Mud-Puddle Poodle (2009)
  4. Bulldog Won’t Budge (2009)
  5. Oh No, Newf! (2010)
  6. Smarty-Pants Sheltie (2010)
  7. Bad To The Bone Boxer (2010)
  8. Dachshund Disaster (2010)

Spirit Animals Books In Publication Order

  1. Hunted (By:Maggie Stiefvater) (2014)
  2. Fire and Ice (By:Shannon Hale) (2014)
  3. Against the Tide (2014)
  4. Rise and Fall (By:Eliot Schrefer) (2014)
  5. The Evertree (By:Marie Lu) (2015)

Wings of Fire Books In Publication Order

  1. The Dragonet Prophecy (2012)
  2. The Lost Heir (2013)
  3. The Hidden Kingdom (2013)
  4. The Dark Secret (2013)
  5. The Brightest Night (2014)
  6. Moon Rising (2015)
  7. Winter Turning (2015)
  8. Escaping Peril (2016)
  9. Talons of Power (2016)
  10. Darkness of Dragons (2017)
  11. The Lost Continent (2018)
  12. The Hive Queen (2018)
  13. The Poison Jungle (2019)
  14. The Dangerous Gift (2020)
  15. The Flames of Hope (2022)

Wings of Fire: Legends Books In Publication Order

  1. Darkstalker (2016)
  2. Dragonslayer (2020)

Wings of Fire: Winglets Books In Publication Order

  1. Prisoners (2015)
  2. Assassin (2015)
  3. Deserter (2016)
  4. Runaway (2016)

Wings of Fire Graphic Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Dragonet Prophecy (2018)
  2. The Lost Heir (2019)
  3. The Hidden Kingdom (2019)
  4. The Dark Secret (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. This Must Be Love (2004)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Who Was Harry Houdini? (2002)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. Jewel Sticker Stories (2000)
  2. Funny Bunnies (2001)
  3. Meet Mo and Ella (2001)
  4. Hide and Go Peep! (2001)
  5. Fun with Mo and Ella (2002)

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Tui T. Sutherland Books Overview

So This is How it Ends

Something was different. She stepped hesitantly out of the subway car, her boots sounding even louder now. What was it? The graffiti. Had that been there before? Emblazoned across the far wall in huge silver letters: The end has come. In New York, Kali wakes to an empty subway car, and an even emptier city. Venus and Gus survive an earthquake in Los Angeles and realize they have to deal with more than just the aftershocks. In Chile, Tigre finds himself in an unfamiliar jungle, and strangely not alone. And Amon, in Egypt, can see his path but is blind to the full picture. They are suddenly trapped in a deserted world, five teenagers with no hope of escape. Why have they survived? What force& 8212or intelligence& 8212connects them? Drawn inexorably toward one another, they only know their future involves an experience outside anything they could have imagined. Fantasy newcomer Tui T. Sutherland creates a future in which teens have the power to complete the destruction of Earth& 8212or to save it.

Shadow Falling

I was born in a world ruled by gods. This worked out well for me, as I am a god. For centuries we were the rulers of our worlds. But things changed. Now, the stakes are high. Let the games begin…
. Caught in an ancient rivalry not of their making, on an earth devoid of all other humans, a group of teens learns they are avatars of immortal gods, put on earth in a form that’s only too mortal. Now they are bound to fight one another and only one of them can survive. Do they resist the forces controlling them and unite to save themselves and perhaps even return to their own time? Or can one of them win this battle and seize immortality and the life of a god? Tui T. Sutherland ups the ante in this second volume of her witty and absorbing fantasy trilogy about life, immortality, and what it means to live among the gods and to do their dirty work.

Kingdom of Twilight

‘Don’t die,’ Gus whispered. He reached out and touched her hand. Were there superpowers that could bring her back? Would there be gods in Africa that could help them save her? ‘I stayed alive when you ordered me to. Now you return the favor, okay? Just…
whatever you do, don’t die.’ Ruthlessly stabbed by a fellow avatar, Diana suddenly finds herself hopelessly wandering through the underworlds, fighting her way past everything and anything vile, struggling to find a way back to life. Up above, her fellow avatars Gus, Kali, and Tigre have set sail to Africa, hoping to find refuge and a healer to bring Diana back from death. Time is racing against the avatars, because once Diana reaches the Greek underworld, Hades, she is gone. Forever. But that problem pales in comparison to the larger issue at hand only one avatar can take back the power of the gods and live forever. Beautifully weaving together myth and realism, Tui T. Sutherland delivers the breath taking conclusion to a trilogy that places the fate of the world in the outcome of a battle between power hungry pantheons of gods and four teen avatars.

Runaway Retriever

An exciting new series about those adorable pets that just won’t behave it’s Marley & Me for middle grade readers!Parker hadn’t considered getting a dog, but when playful Merlin, the golden retriever, comes into his life, Parker is thrilled. The two are inseparable from day one because whenever Parker tries to leave, Merlin escapes his fence or cage and follows him! Can anything make this loveable dog sit and STAY?

Loudest Beagle on the Block

An exciting new series about those adorable pets that just won’t behave it’s Marley & Me for middle grade readers!Ten year old Ella lives for music, and with the school talent show coming up, she doesn’t have time for anything else. So when her aunt’s beagle comes to live at her house, Ella doesn’t think she has time for a dog especially when it turns out that every time the beagle hears music, she wants to sing along! And her voice is definitely NOT angelic. How is Ella supposed to win the talent show when all she can hear every time she rehearses is AAOOOWWAAAOOOOOO?

Mud-Puddle Poodle

An exciting new series about those adorable pets that just won’t behave it’s Marley & Me for middle grade readers!Rosie loves everything to be pretty and organized, so when she’s finally allowed to get her own dog, she chooses an adorable, precious little poodle. But when it turns out her princess would rather get messy than sit on a fancy pillow, will Rosie be able to handle the mischievous pup?

Bulldog Won’t Budge

Eric can’t wait to get a dog he can run around and play with, like his friend Parker’s golden retriever. But Meatball the bulldog doesn’t seem to be the run around and play type…
Even when they go for a walk, Meatball sits down on the sidewalk! Can Eric get this stubborn bulldog to get up and go?

Oh No, Newf!

Heidi always thought that she was energetic enough for any dog. She loves to play and run around and wants a big, enthusiastic dog to play with her and love her. But Yeti the Newfoundland might be a little more love than Heidi bargained for. He’s HUGE, and massively furry, and everything he does jumping, wrestling, flopping makes the whole house shake. Heidi loves Yeti, and she loves how much he loves her…
but is there really room enough for both of them?

Smarty-Pants Sheltie

Noah is new in town and nervous about making friends. So when his mom suggests taking their Shetland sheepdog, Jeopardy, to agility training, Noah is ready to give it a try and in fact, he meets a lot of other kids and dogs at class. But Jeopardy is so embarrassing! She barks, she runs away the other kids are going to think Noah and his dog are totally weird! How can he get his shouty Sheltie under control?

Bad To The Bone Boxer

Michelle’s new boxer is a handful. He’s huge, he has tons of energy, and he chews everything in sight! Worst of all, Michelle’s best friend Rosie doesn’t want Tombo playing with her poodle, Buttons. Michelle wants to prove to everyone that her new pet isn’t bad but how can she make him be good?

Dachshund Disaster

Readers voted online to choose the next PET TROUBLE dog and the dachshund was the runaway winner! But he’s still a little bit of trouble…
Charlie can’t wait to have a dog of his own, and King is just what he wished for: playful and very loyal. So loyal, in fact, that he doesn’t like anyone else Charlie’s brothers, the family’s other pets, other people…
Can Charlie find a way to make King part of the group? Or is this dachshund an un trainable tyrant?

This Must Be Love

The perfect would be Juliet in Athenwood High’s upcoming spring production. Ok, maybe her only roles thus far have been trees but this future star is ready to break out and wow the world! They wouldn’t even think about giving the part to her more obviously Juliet like best friend…
a believer in true love. She’s prepared to wait as long as it takes for her perfect soul mate. But with the limited Romeo selection at Athenwood High School, she thinks she might have to wait forever until she meets…
the new guy. He’s sultry, he’s mysterious, and he’s trying out for the lead in the school play. Helena is sure it’s fate, Hermia thinks something’s fishy, but the only one who knows the truth about him is…
Hermia’s best friend turned secret love interest. He’s smart, he’s adorable, and, like a typical guy, he’s absolutely clueless that Hermia is head over heels crushing on him! Or is he? The stage is set for mayhem, magic, and misunderstandings. It might be hilarious, it may be crazy, but in the end, it must be love!

Who Was Harry Houdini?

Every kid has heard of Harry Houdini, the famous magician who could escape from handcuffs, jail cells, and locked trunks. But do they know that the ever ambitious and adventurous Houdini was also a famous movie star and the first pilot to fly a plane in Australia? This well told biography is full of the details of Houdini’s life that kids will really want to know about and illustrated throughout with beautiful black and white line drawings.

Illustrated by John O’Brien.
Cover Illustration by Nancy Harrison.

Funny Bunnies

Leap into spring with the most adorable bunnies in these chunky, photographic, die cut board books that babies are sure to love! In Funny Bunnies, have fun with all different kinds of bouncing bunnies some with floppy ears, some with pointy ears, and some with wild and fuzzy fur! Both books are irresistibly cute and perfect for Easter.

Meet Mo and Ella

Is it possible for a mouse and an elephant to be friends? Apparently so, as Mo the mouse and Ella the elephant clearly illustrate in these two fun stories, Mo and Ella are Friends, and Mo and Ella at the Playground. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to friendship!

Hide and Go Peep!

Leap into spring with the cutest chicks in these chunky, photographic, die cut board books that babies are sure to love! In Hide and Go Peep!, join the hunt through the farm for three mischievous little chicks, encountering a host of other adorable baby animals along the way.

Fun with Mo and Ella

Best friends Mo the mouse and Ella the elephant return to First Friends with two more super simple, super fun adventures aimed at emergent readers. In the first story, Mo and Ella make each other birthday presents but will they remember to make them the right size? And in the second story, a new friend arrives…
will she replace Mo as Ella’s best friend?

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