Trudi Canavan Books In Order

Age of the Five Books In Publication Order

  1. Priestess of the White (2005)
  2. Last of the Wilds (2006)
  3. Voice of the Gods (2007)

Millennium’s Rule Books In Publication Order

  1. Thief’s Magic (2014)
  2. Angel of Storms (2015)
  3. Successor’s Promise (2017)
  4. Maker’s Curse (2020)

The Black Magician Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Magicians’ Guild (2001)
  2. The Novice (2002)
  3. The High Lord (2002)
  4. The Magician’s Apprentice (2009)

The Traitor Spy Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Ambassador’s Mission (2010)
  2. The Rogue (2011)
  3. The Traitor Queen (2011)

Doctor Who: Time Trips Books In Publication Order

  1. The Death Pit (2013)
  2. Into the Nowhere (2014)
  3. Keeping Up with the Joneses (2014)
  4. Salt of the Earth (2014)
  5. A Handful of Stardust (2014)
  6. The Bog Warrior (2014)
  7. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller (2014)
  8. The Anti-Hero (2014)

The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror Books In Publication Order

  1. The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2010 (2011)
  2. The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2010 (2011)
  3. The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2011 (2012)
  4. The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy & Horror 2011 (2012)
  5. The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2012 (2013)
  6. The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2013 (2014)
  7. The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2014 (2015)
  8. The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror 2015 (2017)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Legends of Australian Fantasy (2010)
  2. Doctor Who: Time Trips (2014)

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Trudi Canavan Books Overview

Priestess of the White

In a land on the brink of peace watched jealously by a ruthless cult from across the sea and beset by hidden enemies five extraordinary humans must serve as sword and shield of the Gods. Auraya is one. Her heroism saved a village from destruction; now Auraya has been named Priestess of the White. The limits of her unique talents must be tested in order to prove her worthy of the honor and grave responsibility awarded to her. But a perilous road lies ahead, fraught with pitfalls that will challenge the newest servant of the gods. An enduring friendship with a Dreamweaver a member of an ancient outcast sect of sorcerer healers could destroy Auraya’s future. And her destiny has set her in conflict with a powerful and mysterious, black clad sorcerer with but a single purpose: the total annihilation of the White. And he is not alone…

Last of the Wilds

After pitched battle, The White the avatars of the Five Gods have briefly turned back the vicious invaders. And now, the priestess Auraya is sent on an urgent mission to reconcile with the powerful, outcast Dreamweavers, for their magical healing abilities may be the key to saving the land. But as a deadly plague devastates their allies and old adversaries resurface, a dreadful surprise may ruin the chance for peace. For Auraya’s terrible discovery will force her into a desperate choice one whose consequences will change the world forever.

Voice of the Gods

Unable to avoid being drawn into the terrible conflict, Auraya, now protector of the Siyee, fears she will be unable to meet the conditions of the all powerful gods she once served. And an offer from a mysterious woman may be impossible for Auraya to refuse, but, if revealed, would brand her an enemy of the gods. Now, the immortal Wilds will not be deterred in their quest for powerful, long buried secrets. But they have deadly adversaries who also seek the world shattering truth…
and it may appear in a form that no one anticipates.

The Magicians’ Guild

‘We should expect this young woman to be more powerful than our average novice, possibly even more powerful than the average magician.’ This year, like every other, the magicians of Imardin gather to purge the city of undesirables. Cloaked in the protection of their sorcery, they move with no fear of the vagrants and miscreants who despise them and their work until one enraged girl, barely more than a child, hurls a stone at the hated invaders…
and effortlessly penetrates their magical shield. What The Magicians’ Guild has long dreaded has finally come to pass. There is someone outside their ranks who possesses a raw power beyond imagining, an untrained mage who must be found and schooled before she destroys herself and her city with a force she cannot yet control.

The Novice

‘Even if a magician’s powers surface of their own accord, he will soon be dead if he does not gain the knowledge of how to control them.’

Alone among all The Novices in the Magicians’ Guild, only Sonea comes from lowly beginnings. Yet she has won powerful allies including Lord Dannyl, newly promoted to Guild Ambassador. But Dannyl must now depart for the Elyne court, leaving Sonea at the mercy of the lies and malicious rumors her enemies are busy spreading…
until the High Lord Akkarin steps in. The price of Akkarin’s support is dear, however, because Sonea, in turn, must protect his mysteries and a secret that could lead a young novice mage deep into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Dannyl’s first order to resume High Lord Akkarin’s long abandoned research into ancient magical knowledge is setting him on an extraordinary journey fraught with unanticipated peril as he moves ever closer to a future both wondrous…
and terrible.

The High Lord

‘You want to know the truth.’ Sonea has learned much since she was but a penniless urchin possessing an awesome untapped ability. She has earned the grudging respect of her fellow novices and a place in the Magicians’ Guild. But there is much she wishes she had never learned what she witnessed, for example, in the underground chamber of the mysterious High Lord Akkarin…
and the knowledge that the Guild is being observed closely by an ancient fearsome enemy. Still, she dares not ignore the terrifying truths The High Lord would share with her, even though she fears it may be base trickery, a scheme to use her astonishing powers to accomplish his dark aims. For Sonea knows her future is in his hands and that only in the shadows will she achieve true greatness…
if she survives.

The Magician’s Apprentice

Set hundreds of years before the events of The Magicians’ Guild, The Magician’s Apprentice is the new novel set in the world of Trudi Canavan’s Black Magician Trilogy.

In the remote village of Mandryn, Tessia serves as assistant to her father, the village Healer. Her mother would rather she found a husband. But her life is about to take a very unexpected turn.

When the advances of a visiting Sachakan mage get violent, Tessia unconsciously taps unknown reserves of magic to defend herself. Lord Dakon, the local magician, takes Tessia under his wing as an apprentice.

The long hours of study and self discipline also offer more opportunities than she had ever hoped for, and an exciting new world opens up to her. There are fine clothes and servants and, to Tessia’s delight regular trips to the great city of Imardin.

But along with the excitement and privilege, Tessia is about to discover that her magical gifts bring with them a great deal of responsibility. For great danger looms on the horizon for Tessia and her world.

The Ambassador’s Mission

Sonea, a Black Magician of Kyralia, is horrified when her son, Lorkin, volunteers to assist the new Guild Ambassador to Sachaka. When word comes that Lorkin has gone missing, Sonea is desperate to find him, but if she leaves the city she will be exiled forever. And besides, an old friend is in need of her help. Most of her friend’s family has been murdered the latest in a long line of assassinations to plague the leading Thieves of the city. There has always been rivalry, but now the Thieves are waging a deadly underworld war, and it appears they have been doing so with magical assistance. With over one million copies in print, Trudi Canavan has taken the fantasy world by storm. If you haven’t done so already, The Ambassador’s Missionis the perfect opportunity to discover the magic of Trudi Canavan.

The Rogue

Discover the magic of Trudi Canavan with her brand new novel in the Traitor Spy Trilogy…
Living among the Sachakan rebels, Lorkin does his best to learn about their unique magic. But the Traitors are reluctant to trade their secrets for the Healing they so desperately want. Meanwhile, Sonea searches for The Rogue, knowing that Cery cannot avoid assassination forever. The Rogue‘s influence over the city’s underworld, however, is far greater than she feared. And in the University, two female novices are about to remind the Guild that sometimes their greatest enemy is found within…
The Traitor Spy Trilogy, which began with The Ambassador’s Mission, is the new series set in the world of the international bestselling Black Magician Trilogy.

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