Trevor Scott Books In Order

Jake Adams Books In Publication Order

  1. Fatal Network (1998)
  2. Extreme Faction (1999)
  3. The Dolomite Solution (2000)
  4. Vital Force (2003)
  5. Rise of the Order (2007)
  6. The Cold Edge (2008)
  7. Without Options (2012)
  8. The Stone of Archimedes (2012)
  9. Lethal Force (2013)
  10. Rising Tiger (2014)
  11. Counter Caliphate (2015)
  12. Gates of Dawn (2016)
  13. Counter Terror (2016)
  14. Covert Network (2017)
  15. Shadow Warrior (2017)
  16. Sedition (2018)
  17. Choke Points (2019)
  18. Deadly Cabal (2020)
  19. Cold Enemies (2021)

Karl Adams Espionage Thriller Books In Publication Order

  1. The Man from Murmansk (2017)
  2. Siberian Protocol (2017)
  3. The Spy Within (2018)
  4. Double Impact (2020)
  5. Ratchet Up (2020)
  6. Into the Darkness (2021)

Ben Adler Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Cantina Valley (2016)

Chad Hunter / Hypershot Books In Publication Order

  1. Hypershot (2001)
  2. Global Shot (2007)
  3. Cyber Shot (2013)

Galactic Space Opera Thriller Books In Publication Order

  1. Quantum Trigger (2019)
  2. Reaper Corps (2019)
  3. Fatal Accord (2019)
  4. Honor’s End (2019)

Keenan Fitzpatrick Books In Publication Order

  1. Isolated (2013)
  2. Burning Down the House (2014)
  3. Witness to Murder (2015)

Max Kane Books In Publication Order

  1. Truth or Justice (2018)
  2. Stolen Honor (2018)
  3. Relative Impact (2018)
  4. Without Virtue (2019)
  5. Sweet Home Betrayal (2019)
  6. Powder Keg (2020)
  7. No Retreat (2021)

Tony Caruso Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Boom Town (2006)
  2. Burst of Sound (2008)
  3. Running Game (2015)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Company of Thieves (1994)
  2. Strong Conviction (2002)
  3. The Dawn of Midnight (2003)
  4. Drifting Back (2010)
  5. The Tenacious Spy (2010)
  6. Shadows of Berlin (2011)
  7. Way of the Sword (2012)
  8. Discernment (2012)
  9. The Nature of Man (2012)
  10. Edge of Delirium (2015)
  11. Embrace the Great Nothing (2019)
  12. Liberty Lost (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Fractured State (2012)
  2. The Hobgoblin of the Redwoods (2012)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Duluthians (2011)

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Trevor Scott Books Overview

Fatal Network

When a tech rep in charge of an avionics outfit at a U.S. Air Base in Germany comes up missing, Jake Adams, former Air Force intelligence and CIA officer is hired to find him. Was the man selling vital technology for the new Joint Strike Fighter? Back in a changed Europe, Adams struggles to survive in a world where profits are more important than past ideologies. Conspiracy, murder, espionage and mystery lead Jake Adams from an aircraft carrier off the coast of Italy, to the chilly banks of the Rhine. Can Adams keep the technology away from the ruthless German and Hungarian agents? First he must save the woman he loves, and then stop the Fatal Network.

Extreme Faction

Jake Adams, former CIA officer and Air Force Intelligence captain, is back with a new thrilling adventure. This second installment pits Jake against some of the most idealistic terrorists ever to strap on a suicide bomb. Jake is hired by a Portland, Oregon company as a private security agent during an international agriculture conference in Odessa, Ukraine. When a world renowned bio chemist is murdered, Jake seeks his killer. The scientist had been the foremost authority on chemical and biological weapons, developing the most deadly agents for the former Soviet Union. But now he was supposed to be a staunch opponent of those weapons. Was he still secretly developing those deadly weapons? Across the world, a small group of terrorists poison the entire Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System facility on the tiny North Pacific island killing scores of people, and then steal a cluster bomb with over a hundred nerve gas bomblets. Jake battles a deadly group of terrorists who will stop at nothing for their cause. Extreme Faction brings all the old agents from the U.S., England, Israel and Russia back together again. The names might have changed, but the games remain the same. Jake travels to the Kurdistan mountain region, where he encounters some of the most deadly, idealistic terrorists on earth. He finds a plot so diabolical, so insidious, that only the most astute would understand it. And those who would normally despise such actions, have actually embraced it this time. Only one man can stop the deadly plan…
Jake Adams!

The Dolomite Solution

Murder, suspense, and intrigue propel this third Jake Adams mystery thriller from the Dolomite mountains of northern Italy, to the winding back streets of Innsbruck, Austria, and across the Atlantic to Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay area. Two scientists have discovered the DNA link to heart disease in a remote Italian mountain village, and a way to synthesize it and begin selling it to the general public. They re up for the Nobel Prize and set to make millions after teaming up with an Austrian biotechnology company. But there are factions who make a good living off the number one killer in America, and other companies that would like the solution for themselves. When someone kills one scientist and tries for the second, trying to steal this new cure, only one man can bring The Dolomite Solution to the public…
Jake Adams!

Vital Force

Jake Adams is back with his fourth thrilling adventure. When an old Cold Warrior from Russia asks Jake to observe the launch of their newest ICBM, Jake finds himself in the taiga of the Russian Far East. But something goes terribly wrong with the missile, and the Russians discover an American plane has shot down the missile with their new Airborne Laser system. This event sets into motion a chain of events that span from the U.S. capitol, California, the Pacific Northwest, a remote Aleutian Island, and across the Pacific to China and South Korea. Jake is recruited back into Network service undercover in China, where he battles with double agents, the Chinese Army, and even the elements, as he struggles to discover his enemies. Everyone wants this new laser system, but Jake must ensure it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. In a harrowing finale, only one man can keep the laser system away from the other factions…
Jake Adams!

Rise of the Order

Follow Jake Adams on his fifth thrilling adventure in this international thriller series. Jake is back in Europe, trying his best to stay out of trouble. But that’s never easy for him. What seems like a standard murder investigation turns into a complex conspiracy that will rock the institutions of Europe, and thrust Jake into an insidious plot that pits the old world of the Teutonic Order against new nanotechnology. Come along for a ride that will get the heart pumping, your own eyes looking over your shoulder, and have you wishing you were armed like Jake.

The Cold Edge

America’s new master of the international thriller is back with his next riveting Jake Adams thriller. When Jake’s girlfriend Anna, an Interpol officer, has the two of them vacationing in Oslo, Norway, he has no idea he will get called back into the Network by his old Air Force commander and former CIA officer. Jake is asked to travel to Spitsbergen Island in Norway’s Arctic Svalbard Archipelago, to retrieve the remains of a former officer killed there almost 20 years ago. Together Jake and Anna team up with a Norwegian Intelligence officer, who is both beautiful and deadly. What they find in the frozen permafrost leads them through Sweden and back to Norway’s boreal forests, where they must confront a Cold War nemesis from the KGB, who is up to old tricks.


In a time when the U.S. military is shrinking, our leaders are turning to high technology as a force equalizer. America has not had a new hand held rifle since the M16 was introduced in the 1960s. Now there’s a new gun ready to take its position as the NATO standard. A gun so sophisticated, so fast, so unbelievably accurate, it will turn the average shooter into an expert marksman almost instantly. The problem is, it was developed by a German company with no U.S. production contract. That s where Warfield Arms, a Denver gun company, enters the action. Warfield hires Chad Hunter, a private weapons designer who had worked for the German company, to go to Germany to convince the company that Warfield is the perfect partner. To sweeten the deal, Hunter must first convince Frank Baldwin, a struggling optics engineer from Wyoming, who has developed the most advanced rifle scope ever conceived, that his scope would be the perfect match for this new German rifle. With the scope as bait, the Germans would surely deal. What Hunter and Baldwin find in Germany during the middle of the Oktoberfest celebration, could just get them both killed. Other countries and private factions would like this new weapon, and some in Germany want it only for that country. There s murder, kidnapping, extortion, and shoot outs…
. Who said the end of the Cold War wouldn’t be any fun?

Boom Town

Private Investigator Tony Caruso lives out of his rolling office, an old Ford pickup truck, with his German trained bomb sniffing dog, Panzer, a Giant Schnauzer. Tony retired after twenty years in the Navy as an aviation ordnanceman, but this training might not be enough when he is hired by an old friend to look into a murder suicide in Bend, Oregon, a resort Boom Town in the high desert east of the Cascades. Was it a murder suicide as the local sheriff thinks? Or has this idyllic community been ripped apart by not only murder but scandalous sexual deviance, lust, jealousy and the quest for the almighty dollar? Follow Tony as he wades through a cast of characters as diverse as the Oregon landscape to solve this mystery.

Burst of Sound

Still living out of the back of his Ford pickup truck in the Pacific Northwest, Tony Caruso is hired to find his old Navy buddy, missing for a week in the Puget Sound area of Washington. Tony is on the case for less than a day when someone blows up a forest service building, killing a man, and attracting the attention of FBI special agent Bob McCallum, Tony’s old nemesis, who was now in charge of the Seattle office. Curious as usual, Tony goes to the fire site with his bomb sniffing giant schnauzer, Panzer. McCallum suspects the Environmental Defense League, a radical group responsible for everything from setting fire to SUV lots to releasing animals from fur farms. But this is their first murder. When Tony suspects his Navy buddy might be involved, he is conflicted on how to proceed. As more EDL incidents occur across the Puget Sound, Tony has no choice but to ratchet up his investigation. And now his own life is in danger.

Strong Conviction

Trent Strong is back home in his northern Minnesota lake community after spending ten years working on a Chicago daily newspaper as an investigative journalist covering heinous crimes and traveling to war torn countries. Sick of all the deaths, and content with returning to a slower pace, Trent buys the local weekly newspaper. But Trent is in town for only one week when an old friend asks him to investigate the Mammoth Paper Mill, which he suspects is polluting a small trout stream beyond EPA standards. Since the mill employs over half the town, the friend hasn’t made many friends with his claim. The next day, a woman is found stabbed to death in a lakeshore motel. For personal reasons, Trent is compelled to investigate her death, as well as the paper mill. Are the two related? As Trent investigates, he runs across many people from his past. Some are potential suspects, and others make him question if his move back home was the right one. He starts a relationship with the motel manager, but even wonders if she is somehow involved with the murder. Trent must investigate around a small town sheriff and county attorney running for re election, out of state thugs who want to shut him up, and an entire town that would like the whole thing to go away. What he finds will change his life forever.

The Dawn of Midnight

In the dead of winter, a young man and woman struggle to understand their relationship in Munich’s expatriate community. Both Karl Schwarz, the former American Olympic skier, and Angelique Flaubert, the auburn haired Belgian beauty, must overcome outside influences that conspire to keep them apart. They are united by proximity as tour guides for a German company traveling in Europe, while they feed their true passion he as a floundering writer and she as an aspiring painter. When Karl is forced to fly home to Minnesota to attend his favorite uncle’s funeral, he sets into motion a cataclysmic sequence of events that compels him to question everything in his life. As Karl leaves Angelique, she returns to Brussels to confront a family that has arranged her marriage to a man she despises. Find out if they both return to Germany to find true love…

Drifting Back

Freelance journalist Sig Conrad is shot in the head while elk hunting in the Oregon mountains. He survives but now his memory only lasts one day. A second man, Sig’s old high school friend, is killed while swimming in Minnesota, the incident made to look like an accident. When Sig travels from Oregon to Minnesota for his class reunion, he finally starts to remember fleeting moments from his painful past. After another friend dies mysteriously, Sig’s memory drifts back more vividly. Through the help of a former classmate and girlfriend, Sig starts to uncover a grand conspiracy of murder and political corruption. Clues lead to a fourth man who is running for the Oregon governorship-a man whom Sig had been writing about before he was shot. Will Sig recall everything before the killer finishes the job?

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