Tom Palmer Books In Order

Foul Play Books In Order

  1. Foul Play (2008)
  2. Dead Ball (2009)
  3. Off Side (2010)
  4. Killer Pass (2010)
  5. Own Goal (2011)
  6. The Danger Academy (2017)

Football Academy Books In Order

  1. Boys United (2009)
  2. Striking Out (2009)
  3. The Real Thing (2009)
  4. Reading the Game (2009)
  5. Free Kick (2009)
  6. Captain Fantastic (2010)

Squad Books In Order

  1. Black Op (2012)
  2. White Fear (2012)

Rugby Academy Books In Order

  1. Combat Zone (2014)
  2. Deadlocked (2015)
  3. Surface to Air (2015)
  4. Rugby Academy (2019)

Wings Books In Order

  1. Flyboy (2016)
  2. Spitfire (2016)
  3. Typhoon (2016)

Defenders Books In Order

  1. Dark Arena (2017)
  2. Killing Ground (2017)
  3. Pitch Invasion (2017)

Roy of the Rovers Books In Order

  1. Scouted (2018)
  2. Play-offs (2019)
  3. Roy of the Rovers: Teamwork (2019)
  4. On Tour (2019)
  5. From the Ashes (2020)
  6. Rocky (2020)
  7. Sudden Death (2021)
  8. Game Changer (2022)


  1. Shaking Hands with Michael Rooney (2006)
  2. The Secret Football Club (2010)
  3. Scrum! (2011)
  4. Ghost Stadium (2013)
  5. Over the Line (2014)
  6. Secret FC (2017)
  7. Armistice Runner (2018)
  8. D-Day Dog (2019)
  9. Arctic Star (2021)


  1. Four Fathers (2006)


  1. Haka Boy – a rugby league story (2013)
  2. After the War (2020)

Chapter Books

  1. Gus The Famous Football Cat (2018)

Anthologies edited

  1. The Book of Leeds: A City in Short Fiction (2006)

Non fiction

  1. If You’re Proud to Be a Leeds Fan (2002)

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Tom Palmer Books Overview

Captain Fantastic

It is an exciting football series, following the adventures of United’s under twelves side. Since Ryan Flynn got into trouble for bullying, he’s been determined to pull his socks up and be the best captain United’s ever had. So when team mate Craig causes problems on and off the pitch, Ryan knows he must get to the bottom of it or he’ll lose a talented player. But Craig’s worries are much bigger than Ryan realized can he help Craig and stop him from being shown the red card?

Four Fathers

When four writers took to the road on a reading tour to talk about their relationship with their fathers they were unprepared for the level of emotional engagement that poured from the audience. Telling stories about fathers unlocked a deep seam of hidden feelings and forgotten memories, proving that there is perhaps no man with more significance in our life than our own father. Here, four sons reveal the complex bonds that exist between themselves and their very different fathers also considering their own roles as fathers and father figures. These tender and heart warming tales mix fact with fiction and provide a perfect backdrop to reflect on this most important relationship.

The Book of Leeds: A City in Short Fiction

The thoughtful stories featured in this collection capture the soul of the city of Leeds by tracing the unique contours of 50 years of social and economic change. In one story the Millgarth Police Station reverberates with the early adrenaline rush of a case they won t close for years. Another tells of a teenage boy who trails the city center bars of the 1980s in thrall to his hero, a Leeds United football hooligan. Despite being products of their time, these stories remain distinct from the larger events and wider currents that have shaped the cultural landscape of today’s Leeds, a modern city with both problems and promise. Featured authors include Tony Harrison, Jeremy Dyson, Shamshad Khan, Ian Duhig, David Peace, Susan Everett, M. Y. Alam, Andrea Semple, Martyn Bedford, and Tom Palmer.

If You’re Proud to Be a Leeds Fan

Leeds United Football Club have one of the worst reputations in the country. In this title, Tom Palmer tries to explain why he claps; why he feels bad when he has to miss a home game for work; and why, whatever day of the week Leeds are playing, he gets a sick feeling in his stomach until he’s in one of the bars near the station calming his nerves. Set in the 2001 02 Premiership season, the author follows David O’Leary’s young Leeds United team at stadiums home and away; in bars watching satellite; listening to Radio Leeds; and watching the pages of Ceefax. He also focuses as much on the fans as on the action, and tries to establish if Leeds fans are really so bad. The book examines the highs and lows of the club’s recent history from the Paris riots in 1975 to relegation in 1982, and the glory of the 1992 League win. Palmer discusses the Bowyer Woodgate trial, the board’s plans to take Leeds United away from Elland Road, and the club’s persistent hooliganism problems.

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