Toby Forward Books In Order

Wyvern Quartet Books In Order

  1. Wyvern Winter (1992)
  2. Wyvern Spring (1993)
  3. Wyvern Summer (1994)
  4. Wyvern Fall (1994)

Flaxfield Quartet Books In Order

  1. Dragonborn (2011)
  2. Fireborn (2011)
  3. Doubleborn (2012)
  4. Starborn (2013)


  1. Dead Young (1988)
  2. Pictures (1989)
  3. Neverland (1989)
  4. The Book of Lies (1991)
  5. The Toad Lady (1991)
  6. Travelling Backwards (1992)
  7. Feminine Parts (1992)
  8. The Weekly Ghost (1995)
  9. Pie Magic (1995)
  10. Magic Take-off (1997)


  1. The Fourth Story Book Collection (1995)

Picture Books

  1. Storm Magic (1991)
  2. The Birthday Phone (1992)
  3. The Christmas Mouse (1996)
  4. Ben’s Christmas Carol (1996)
  5. Making Faces (1997)
  6. Once Upon an Everyday (2000)
  7. The First Day of School (2004)
  8. What Did You Do Today? (2004)
  9. Shakespeare’s Globe (2005)
  10. The Wolf’s Story (2005)
  11. Gladiators (2009)
  12. The Quayside Cat (2013)

Non fiction

  1. The Spiritual Quest of Francis Wagstaffe (1994)
  2. Tracey Emin (2007)

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Toby Forward Books Overview

Wyvern Winter

The first fantasy novel of a quartet by the author of ‘Dead Young’, ‘Down the Road Worlds Away’, ‘Neverland’, ‘The Book of Lies’, ‘The Toad Lady’ and ‘Travelling Backwards’.


When Flaxfield the great wizard dies, his apprentice Sam is left without a master. Sam has great power but he doesn’t know it yet. All he knows is that he needs a new master if he wants to finish his education in magic. With his dragon Starback at his side, Sam sets out alone on his quest. But there are those who want Sam’s power for themselves, dangerous forces who are waiting for his first mistake so they can attack. When Sam is tricked into making a mortal error, only Starback can save him, thanks to a bond between them that is deeper than either of them know. With a strong sense of adventure and a lyrical writing style, Toby Forward has created a page turning, accessible fantasy with the literary quality of a classic.

Travelling Backwards

Lizzie is upset. Her grandfather is very ill and she realizes that he will soon die. She begs her friend Mrs. May to give her something to make him better. Mrs. May gives her a potion with the warning that Grandfather must not drink too much. The effect is startling. Grandfather becomes much younger and more vigorous with each sip. Of course, he pays no heed to Mrs. May’s warning until the process of getting younger becomes a little too extreme! He and Lizzie are faced with the dilemma: is this really how life should end?

Pie Magic

Bertie George is the fattest boy at school and the loneliest. But he loves his job as delivery boy for a pie shop. A mysterious customer gives Bertie a magic form ula for losing weight, but can the answer to his problems be as easy as pie? ‘

Once Upon an Everyday

‘I have never gone to sea in a pirate ship, or joined the circus, or fought with a dragon’. This picture book about the power of one small boy’s imagination is a mix of fantasy and reality.

What Did You Do Today?

There’s a lot to do on the first day of school: meet new friends, practice writing, eat lunch, and run around. But it s not only children who do these things parents do, too. This charming story follows the day of a young boy and his working mother. Even though they re in different places, the soft, lively illustrations show that they re never far from each other s thoughts. And when it s time to go home, they ll both be ready for a hug and eager to ask, What Did You Do Today??

Shakespeare’s Globe

Come actors, playwrights, and groundlings to Shakespeare’s Globe to brush up on history and perform some famous scenes from the Bard’s greatest plays. Break a leg!

Welcome to the Globe, the greatest theater in the world! The year is 1612, and leading Shakespearean actor Richard Burbage is conducting a backstage tour of everything from the pit below the stage to the grand ceiling painted to resemble the heavens. Take a peek inside this marvelous miniature theater to find:

A 3 D pop up model of the Globe Theatre

A book of fascinating inside facts on the theater’s history, design, and legendary performances

10 sheets containing a total of 20 press out, standup characters

Two booklets one for you and one for a friend featuring popular scenes from 12 Shakespearean plays, including A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, ROMEO AND JULIET, TWELFTH NIGHT, AS YOU LIKE IT, and more

In Shakespeare’s Globe approved by the Globe Theatre itself you’ll find everything you need to stage your own performances of the most memorable scenes in theater history.

The Wolf’s Story

Little readers will love second guessing this funny, fractured fairy tale that replays the story of Little Red Riding Hood from the poor maligned wolf’s point of view. No, please. Look at me. Would I LIE to you? It was the old woman who started it. Everyone knows there are at least two sides to every story, and if you believe in the big eared, sharp toothed villain of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, there’s a logical explanation for everything. As our antihero tells it, it all starts with the helpful wolf doing odd jobs for Grandma are you sure you don’t want to sit a little closer?. How was he to know that he spoiled Little Red would come along and ruin a good working relationship? Zooming in dramatically from strategic angles, the amusing illustrations offer visual clues that this is a story to be taken with a grain of salt and a lot of giggling.


Reimagine ancient feats of courage and strength and relive Gladiators triumph and despair with this extraordinary set. Unfold a spectacular model of the world’s most awe inspiring amphitheater the Colosseum and enter an ancient world where, for three hundred years, Gladiators pitted their strength and skill against one another. This exciting set includes: A sophisticated pop up scale model of the Colosseum A forty page book describing a day at the games for both a Roman citizen and a slave Eight gladiator cards identifying weapons and fighting styles A map of the streets and buildings of ancient Rome A diagram of the Colosseum and its underground tunnels Game pieces and rules for playing the ancient Roman game of tabula

Tracey Emin

This catalogue accompanies Tracey Emin‘s exhibition at the British Pavilion as part of the 2007 Venice Biennale of Art.

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