Tina Leonard Books In Order

Accidental Dads Books In Publication Order

  1. Mommy Heiress (By:Linda Randall Wisdom) (1995)
  2. Daddy Christmas (By:Cathy Gillen Thacker) (1995)
  3. Cowboy Cootchie Coo (1998)
  4. She’s Having His Baby (By:Linda Randall Wisdom) (1998)
  5. Baby Romeo (By:Jule McBride) (2012)
  6. Baby Romeo: P.I. (By:Jule McBride) (2012)

Bridesmaids Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. The Rebel Cowboy’s Quadruplets (2014)
  2. The SEAL’s Holiday Babies (2014)
  3. The Twins’ Rodeo Rider (2015)
  4. The Cowboy SEAL’s Triplets (2015)

Callahan Cowboys Books In Publication Order

  1. Holiday in a Stetson (With: Marie Ferrarella) (2011)
  2. The Cowboy’s Triplets (2011)
  3. The Cowboy’s Bonus Baby (2011)
  4. The Bull Rider’s Twins (2011)
  5. Cowboy Sam’s Quadruplets (2012)
  6. His Valentine Triplets (2012)
  7. A Callahan Wedding (2012)
  8. The Cowboy Soldier’s Sons (2012)
  9. His Callahan Bride’s Baby (2013)
  10. A Callahan Outlaw’s Twins (2013)
  11. The Cowboy’s Bonus Baby & The Bull Rider’s Twins (2013)
  12. Branded by a Callahan (2013)
  13. Callahan Cowboy Triplets (2013)
  14. A Callahan Christmas Miracle (2013)
  15. Her Callahan Family Man (2014)
  16. More Than Expected (2014)
  17. Sweet Callahan Homecoming (2014)

Cowboys by the Dozen Books In Publication Order

  1. Frisco Joe’s Fiancee (2003)
  2. Laredo’s Sassy Sweetheart (2003)
  3. Ranger’s Wild Woman (2003)
  4. Tex Times Ten (2003)
  5. Fannin’s Flame (2004)
  6. Navarro or Not (2004)
  7. Catching Calhoun (2004)
  8. Archer’s Angels (2005)
  9. Belonging to Bandera (2005)
  10. Crockett’s Seduction (2005)
  11. Christmas, Texas Style (2005)
  12. Mason’s Marriage (2006)
  13. Last’s Temptation (2006)

Deep in the Heart Books In Publication Order

  1. It Takes Two (1996)
  2. Never Say Never (1997)
  3. Desperado (1998)

Happily Wedded After Books In Publication Order

  1. Special Order Groom (2000)

Hell’s Outlaws Books In Publication Order

  1. Last of the Red-Hot Cowboys (2014)
  2. Last of the Red-Hot Riders (2015)
  3. Last of the Red-Hot Heroes (2015)

Maitland Maternity: Prodigal Children Books In Publication Order

  1. A Very Special Delivery (By:Myrna Mackenzie) (2001)
  2. Maitland Maternity Christmas (By:Muriel Jensen) (2001)
  3. Triplet Secret Babies (By:Judy Christenberry) (2001)
  4. Quadruplets on the Doorstep (2002)

The Morgan Men Books In Publication Order

  1. Texas Lullaby (2007)
  2. The Triplets’ Rodeo Man (2009)
  3. The Secret Agent’s Surprises (2009)
  4. The Renegade Cowboy Returns / Texas Lullaby (2012)
  5. The Texas Ranger’s Twins (2012)

New Arrivals Books In Publication Order

  1. Who’s the Daddy? (By:Judy Christenberry) (1995)
  2. Baby By Chance (By:Elda Minger) (1995)
  3. Angel’s Baby (By:) (1995)
  4. Angel’s Baby (By:) (1995)
  5. The Bounty Hunter’s Baby (By:Jule McBride) (1996)
  6. Make Room for Baby (By:Cathy Gillen Thacker) (1998)
  7. And Babies Make Ten (By:Lisa Bingham) (1999)
  8. Cowboy Be Mine (2000)

Pecan Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Hotter than Texas (2013)

Star Canyon Books In Publication Order

  1. Burned by a Kiss (2016)
  2. Branded by Fire (2018)
  3. Wish Upon a Star (2019)

The State of Parenthood Books In Publication Order

  1. A Daddy For Christmas (By:Laura Marie Altom) (2007)
  2. Texas Lullaby (2007)
  3. Smoky Mountain Reunion (By:Lynnette Kent) (2007)
  4. Cowboy Dad (By:Cathy McDavid) (2008)
  5. A Dad for Her Twins (By:) (2008)
  6. Cowboy Dad (By:Cathy McDavid) (2008)
  7. Holding the Baby (By:Margot Early) (2008)

Texas Sheiks Books In Publication Order

  1. His Arranged Marriage (2001)
  2. His Innocent Temptress (By:Kasey Michaels) (2001)
  3. In the Enemy’s Embrace (By:Mindy Neff) (2002)

The Tulips Saloon Books In Publication Order

  1. My Baby, My Bride (2006)
  2. The Christmas Twins (2006)
  3. Her Secret Sons (2007)

Trueblood, Texas Books In Publication Order

  1. Someone’s Baby (By:Dani Sinclair) (2001)
  2. The Cowboy Wants a Baby (By:Jo Leigh) (2001)
  3. A Father’s Vow (2001)
  4. Daddy Wanted (By:Kate Hoffmann) (2001)
  5. The Cowboy’s Secret Son (By:Gayle Wilson) (2001)
  6. The Rancher’s Bride (By:Tara Taylor Quinn) (2002)
  7. Dylan’s Destiny (By:Kimberly Raye) (2002)
  8. The Best Man in Texas (By:Kelsey Roberts) (2002)
  9. The Sheriff Gets His Lady (By:Dani Sinclair) (2002)
  10. Truly, Madly, Deeply (By:Vicki Lewis Thompson) (2002)
  11. Hero for Hire (By:Jill Shalvis) (2004)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Secret Sins (1997)
  2. A Match Made in Texas (1999)
  3. The Most Eligible… Daddy (1999)
  4. A Man of Honor (2000)
  5. The Cowboy from Christmas Past (2009)
  6. A Cowboy’s Instant Twins (With: Sasha Summers) (2019)
  7. The Texan’s Christmas Bounty (With: Cathy Gillen Thacker) (2019)
  8. The Bull Rider’s Unexpected Family (With: Amanda Renee) (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The February Wife (2007)

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Tina Leonard Books Overview

Cowboy Cootchie Coo

ACCIDENTAL DADSFairhaven, Texas Population 384 385 386The townsfolk were buzzing at the Yellowjacket Cafe. Out on the Double D Ranch, there was a downright population explosion!Seems when the hard lovin’ but commitment shy cowboy Brant Durning left town on a cattle buying trip three months ago, he’d decided sweet Grace Barclay was everything he could want in a wife. If only he’d been the marrying kind. Brant got a shocker when he came back to the Double D and found out he was gonna be an uncle . But just wait till he finds out he’s gonna be a daddy!

Belonging to Bandera

‘That Bride On The Run Is Just Begging To Be Slowed Down.’ Bandera JeffersonWhen Holly Henshaw, wedding planner extraordinaire, left her no good fianc at the altar, she decided then and there: no more true love. Adventure, excitement, freedom that’s what she wanted. She’d change her business, change her life…
and if she was lucky, she’d kiss a cowboy along the way. That’s when she flagged down Bandera Jefferson, a long, tall Texan offering her a ride into the sunset…
and much, much more. Ornery, possessive and sexy as the dickens, he was making wild at heart Holly think she just might like Belonging to Bandera.

Last’s Temptation

He may be a grown man, but daredevil Last Jefferson is running away from home. Yet in escaping his own family, he runs right smack into another! Esme Hastings casts a spell under the big top as sexy magician Poppy Peabody but being mom to her orphaned niece and nephew is her most important job. Unfortunately, convincing a judge she can provide a stable home will take more than a wave of her magic wand. Before Last takes off halfway around the world, he brings Esme and the kids back to the Malfunction Junction ranch in Texas. There’s room to spare and they need to settle down, but Last can’t stay. Sure, he and Esme have fun together, but it could never work. Besides, this cowboy isn’t ready to be a family man. Right?

Triplet Secret Babies (By:Judy Christenberry)

UNWED HEIRESS EXPECTING TRIPLETS!Austin, TexasBut the identity of the father is hush hush. Although expectant mother Briana McCallum has fiercely guarded her secret, rumor has it that she had met someone on a trip out of town almost eight months ago. Could the undisclosed daddy be Maitland Maternity newcomer Hunter Callaghan? Folks report that when the handsome new doctor ‘met’ his pregnant new co worker, there was an undeniably familiar gleam in his eyes and Hunter has been seen showing fatherly and husbandly concern for the unborn babies and their lovely mother…

Texas Lullaby

Gabriel Morgan has been lured home to Union Junction, Texas, by a father who claims he’s not trying to match his ornery son with a ready made family. Gabriel has his commitment radar up so when he lays eyes on the widow Laura Adams and her sweet children, he’s not prepared for visions of baby booties dancing in his head! Laura finds it absolutely irresistible that Gabriel has fallen for her little girl and baby boy. But his ‘proposal’ to marry her and take care of them all for one year smells too much like convenience and not enough like the love she’s looking for. Does being a good mother mean putting her children first?What Laura doesn’t know yet is that her kids aren’t the only ones Gabriel’s falling for.

The Triplets’ Rodeo Man

Jack Morgan came home to the Morgans’ Texas ranch on urgent family business not to get roped into marriage. But he’s finding it impossible to steer clear of his attraction to angelic Cricket Jasper. Now the virtuous deacon is pregnant…
with triplets!

The sexy rodeo rider has always been in Cricket’s secret prayers. But she never dreamed she’d be having Jack’s babies! She knows the firstborn Morgan son came home to make things right with his estranged father. Now he’s about to become a father.

What will it take to make a family man out of this wandering rover? Because if three babies and the love of a good woman aren’t enough to settle down this lonesome cowboy, nothing will be!

The Secret Agent’s Surprises

The blackest sheep of the Morgan clan came home to Texas to collect his inheritance…
not start a family. But there’s a family already waiting for him! Four orphaned quadruplets in need of a loving home are pretty hard to resist. The hitch? To adopt them, Pete needs a wife. And Priscilla Perkins could be the ideal candidate…

She may be wildly attracted to the globe hopping secret agent, but Priscilla isn’t going to be lassoed into marriage by Pete or his matchmaking father. Even if it is just a temporary engagement. And even if the tiny babies are calling to something deep inside her.

Priscilla may not think Pete is husband material, but he knows she’d make a super mom. With five angels stealing his heart, it’s a scenario no man can resist!

The Texas Ranger’s Twins

Texas Ranger Dane Morgan wasn’t planning to get married any time soon, but he’s been lured home by his father’s ultimatum: become a family man or forfeit his inheritance. Suddenly, sticking around the family ranch is looking better and better to this roving cowboy…
especially when he meets the new live in housekeeper.

Suzy Winterstone will do anything to give her twin toddler daughters a name except marry Dane Morgan! He wants to play house for a year to appease his father, who longs for grandbabies to spoil in his golden years. But Suzy yearns for the real thing. True Love.

While the sassy single mother is as tempting as she is sweet, no Ranger worth his salt can be forced into marriage by a meddling matchmaker!

Can he?

Cowboy Be Mine

The boy next door has sure grown up to be one good looking man. And suddenly all Bailey Dixon could dream of was having Michael Wade see her for the woman she’d become. And then it happened…
Passion took command as the rugged rancher happliy made Bailey his…
in every way. Though she knew the object of her affection was a natural born loner, perfectly content with their no strings relationship, Bailey couldn’t help but want more. Somewhere, locked deep inside Michael’s heart, lay the answer to her every desire. And with two little surprises on their way, Bailey knew it was time to tame her cowboy!

A Daddy For Christmas (By:Laura Marie Altom)

When six feet of tall, lean cowboy rides up kicking dust, Jess Cummings thinks a holiday miracle has arrived. Not only does he help with an injured colt, Gage Moore hires on to work her ranch. The handsome, trustworthy Texan is everything Jess could want in an employee. But is the ex-rodeo star too good to be true?

Gage came to Oklahoma haunted by a saddle load of grief. He’ll help Jess get the ranch in shape by Christmas, then be on his way. After all, the job was always meant to be temporary. But how can he leave now that the hardworking single mom has given him a reason to stay? And if he does, can he be the husband and father Jess and her daughters need?

Smoky Mountain Reunion (By:Lynnette Kent)

Some things never change Like the fact that Mason Reed is as irresistible as the day eighteen year old Nola Shannon first fell in love with him. But some things do. Twelve years later the handsome teacher is now the widowed father of a ten year old boy who’s suddenly making Nola yearn to be part of a family.

The last time Mason saw Nola was at her high school graduation. Having her back in their North Carolina town is rekindling feelings that have only grown stronger with time. He and his son need someone special in their lives.

Could lovely, caring Nola the woman Mason has never been able to forget be that special someone?

Cowboy Dad (By:Cathy McDavid)

Welcome Home, CowboyAs head of guest services at Bear Creek Ranch, it’s Natalie Forrester’s job to make everyone feel welcome. But from the moment they meet, it’s former rodeo champion Aaron Reyes who makes her feel special. The widowed cowboy may be kicking up some dust with his former in laws, but he’s all warmth and tenderness when it comes to Natalie and her infant daughter. Aaron wasn’t expecting the folks at Bear Creek to roll out the welcome mat for him. And he certainly didn’t intend to fall for the caring single mother and her irresistible baby. He’d planned to skip town as soon as he took care of family business. But how can he leave with Natalie making him feel this is where he belongs that he’s finally come home?

A Dad for Her Twins (By:)

When Kenzie Green relocates to Atlanta, she isn’t looking for a man to complete her family. Then she meets her enigmatic new neighbor across the hall. Jonathan Trelauney seems to know just how to handle Kenzie’s domestic handful. And her kids are already falling in love with the widowed artist.

Kenzie’s twin son and daughter are shattering his peace and JT loves every minute of it! They’re slowly but surely bringing him out of his reclusive shell. Now he’d like to do the same for their independent single mom. Can JT make Kenzie see that he’s a man she can count on? That he can be the husband and father her family needs?

Cowboy Dad (By:Cathy McDavid)

Welcome Home, CowboyAs head of guest services at Bear Creek Ranch, it’s Natalie Forrester’s job to make everyone feel welcome. But from the moment they meet, it’s former rodeo champion Aaron Reyes who makes her feel special. The widowed cowboy may be kicking up some dust with his former in laws, but he’s all warmth and tenderness when it comes to Natalie and her infant daughter. Aaron wasn’t expecting the folks at Bear Creek to roll out the welcome mat for him. And he certainly didn’t intend to fall for the caring single mother and her irresistible baby. He’d planned to skip town as soon as he took care of family business. But how can he leave with Natalie making him feel this is where he belongs that he’s finally come home?

Holding the Baby (By:Margot Early)

When Leah Williams agrees to have a child for her younger sister, Ellen, she isn’t prepared when Ellen turns up pregnant! Leah, already a single mom to four year old Mary Grace, is left holding the baby. For Leah, there is no other choice. She’s not only having the baby, she’s going to raise the child herself.

But the biological father has something to say about that.

Mark Logan wants to be more than just a sperm donor.

A single parent himself, he knows how hard it is to bring up a child alone. That’s why the rugged backcountry guide intends to be there every step of the way. His growing attraction to the pregnant midwife is a complication neither expected. But who better to lose his heart to than the mother of his child?

His Arranged Marriage

Texas Sheikhs: Though their veins course with royal blood, their pride lies in the Texas land they call home!THE TWIN BROTHERCade Coleman knew that a royal arranged marriage was the only option to honor his family’s long promised alliance. He just couldn’t let his brother go through with the impending nuptials to a woman he’d never met. Yet when Cade posed as his identical twin, the carefree playboy never counted on the allure of vivacious Princess Serena. She tested his rock solid self control with her fiery kisses and her proclamations that she wanted to be his wife in every sense of the word. And though Cade was desperate to claim Serena body and soul dare he forget that she was rightfully his brother’s intended bride?

The Christmas Twins

Jessica Tomball Farnsworth has never seen a cowboy before, so is quite unprepared for her strong physical reaction to him. And when her little indiscretion results in a baby make that babies she’s more than a little overwhelmed. Zach Forrester has always been a bit of a wild one, but the ladies of the Tulips Saloon finally see their opportunity to make him settle down for good. So with some prodding from the gentle matchmakers, it looks as if the people of Tulips, Texas, might achieve their goal of growing the town one make that two babies at a time. And just in time for Christmas!

Her Secret Sons

Twins And A Baby On The Way! Pepper Forrester has been keeping a secret make that two secrets for years. When the love of her life, Luke McGarrett, took off after high school not knowing she was pregnant, she didn’t bother to track him down. he’d always wanted to shake the dust of Tulips, Texas, off his boots, and he certainly wouldn’t need an instant family tied to him. But now Pepper’s secret is out and the whole town has conspired to bring Luke back to face his responsibilities. Luke is happy to take up the mantle of fatherhood and a marriage of convenience to Pepper. But when a new job opportunity for Luke arises, he takes off again. Will he ever come back or is history repeating itself? And what about the new baby?

Dylan’s Destiny (By:Kimberly Raye)

Isabella Trueblood made history reuniting people torn apart by war and an epidemic. Now, generations later, Lily and Dylan Garrett carry on her work with their agency, Finders Keepers. Circumstances may have changed, but the goal remains the same. Lost One locket. A locket that certain people want badly enough to kill for, and Julie Cooper is the only one who can lead them to it. So far, she’s managed to stay one step ahead, but she’s tired of running. Now she’s going to take things into her own hands…
But Dylan Garrett won’t let her. Found Freedom. No way is Dylan going to lose Julie there’s nothing he won’t do to ensure the safety of her and her precious baby. He’ll crack the case or die trying because if he doesn’t, neither he nor Julie will ever be free to follow their destiny…

The Sheriff Gets His Lady (By:Dani Sinclair)

Haunted by her decision years ago to give up her baby, Skylar Diamond, now a successful fashion designer, hopes to reunite with the girl and hires Finders Keepers to locate her. Too nervous to approach her daughter, Lauren, at first, Skylar watches her from afar. When Sheriff Noah Beaufort arrests Skylar for vagrancy, things get complicated especially when she hears Lauren call the sexy sheriff ‘Daddy.’

Secret Sins

‘I won’t sleep with you.’ ‘Sleep with me/’ Steve repeated. ‘Yes.’ Kiran faced him. ‘No sex.’ He laughed. He’d keep his hands off her, if that was what she wanted, but it wouldn’t be easy.

The Cowboy from Christmas Past

Dillinger Kent is getting ready for a lonely Christmas on his Texas ranch. All that changes the night the widowed gunslinger hears an infant’s wails and is swept into a time and town definitely not his own. After ditching her fianc at the altar, Auburn McGinnis is on the run, trying to figure out how to hold on to her family’s perfume company. The rough and tumble stranger who just showed up with a baby girl in tow could be the hired gun and protector she needs. At first, all Dillinger wanted was to get back to his ranch. But with the resourceful, enchanting Auburn in his life, the twenty first century is looking better and better. Have they both found what they’re looking for? A love that transcends time?

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