Thomas A Easton Books In Order

Organic Future Books In Order

  1. Sparrowhawk (1990)
  2. Greenhouse (1991)
  3. Woodsman (1992)
  4. Tower of the Gods (1993)
  5. Seeds of Destiny (1994)


  1. Bioscope (1979)
  2. Silicon Karma (1996)
  3. Alien Resonance (2000)
  4. Stones of Memory (2000)
  5. Unto the Last Generation (2000)
  6. The Great Flying Saucer Conspiracy (2002)
  7. Firefight (2003)


  1. Thomas A. Easton’s GMO Future MEGAPACK (2016)
  2. Thomas A. Easton’s Love Songs and UFOs MEGAPACK (2016)


  1. The Electric Gene Machine (2000)

Anthologies edited

  1. Gedanken Fictions (1985)
  2. Bigfoot Stalks the Coast of Maine (2000)
  3. Deco Punk (2015)
  4. Conspiracy! (2016)

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Thomas A Easton Books Overview


First volume of the ‘Organic Future’ series. The genetic engineers aren’t about to stop with genetically modified food. It won’t be long before they’re playing with houses and vehicles too, and someone is trying to kill gengineer Emily Gilman! The Chickadee at the bird feeder is the size of a Piper Cub, a Sparrow airliner is gobbling Buggies on the highway, a Mack truck is lunging across the sidewalk, and detective Bernie Fischer is flying his modified Sparrowhawk to the rescue.


Third volume of the ‘Organic Future’ series. Freddy the Pig is now human, but the Luddite ‘Engineers’ are determined to destroy him and all his genetically modified friends. If they can survive the concentration camps, there’s a starship waiting. A prophetic foreshadowing of the current anti genetic engineering fervor.

Tower of the Gods

Fourth volume of the ‘Organic Future’ series. The gengineers have created a new intelligent species on the world of First Stop, Tau Ceti IV. But before they can leave the Racs to their own destiny, Pearl Angelica, their plant human hybrid emissary, must survive one last contact with Earth and its Luddite ‘Engineers.’

Seeds of Destiny

Fifth volume of the ‘Organic Future’ series. Centuries after the gengineers left First Stop to their creations, the Racs, Earth’s anti gengineering fanatics are on their way to hunt down the gengineers and destroy all their works. Fortunately the Racs are on the verge of space travel. They have a fighting chance, if they can just stop fighting over whether tailed or tailless Racs were the first creations of their gods and learn to use the heritage the gengineers left behind.

Silicon Karma

Is it heaven or is it hell? It’s Silicon Karma, a virtual reality world where a person can live forever. When Rose Pillock moves into the machine, she is once more in the arms of her late husband and in a world peopled by familiar faces. Can she stop a conniving enemy before the world of Silicon Karma is in ruins?.

Stones of Memory

Four generations ago, the world collapsed in an eco catastrophe a collapse brought on by overpopulation, famine, plague, and war…
. Now Felix Webb and his family are struggling to rebuild the poisoned world they have inherited. Little do they know of the ancient evils that lurk just over their horizon, or of the wisdom of the dead awaiting their discovery in the local cemetery. The memories of the dead are the key to mankind’s tenuous existence and tentative recovery. Embodied in living headstones that contain the recollections of those who died before the eco holocaust. But even the wisdom of the ancients’ lore may not be enough to save them.

Unto the Last Generation

Three generations ago, the world collapsed in an eco catastrophe a collapse brought on by overpopulation and violence. The survivors descendants inherited a poisoned world. Those few who eke out an existence have no memory of the glory days, no knowledge of a world rich in people, technology, and wildlife. But the dead remember…
Before the collapse, people were downloading their minds into solar powered gravestones. Most of them endure. Some are even sane. And in a world where darkness and ignorance have enveloped everything and everyone, these sentient tombstones may be mankind’s only hope for survival…

. non stop adventure mixed with dire ‘if this goes on…
‘ extrapolations given a chilling verisimilitude…
. Bruce Canwell, Tomorrowsf

The Great Flying Saucer Conspiracy

WHAT DO HUMANS AND SPACE ALIENS HAVE IN COMMON? AND WHY DOES THE FATE OF GALACTIC CIVILIZATION DEPEND UPON THE ANSWER? It is a vast conspiracy and you hold THE TRUTH in your hand. Read it if you dare! ‘Well, hot damn! Tom Easton has made science fiction fun again! Every science fiction writer has one story like this buried deep within him. Tom’s just tiptoed out, and we all ought to be thankful for it.’ ?


‘Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.’ Barry Goldwater Do you agree? Or does it bother you to think of anti abortionists murdering doctors in the name of life? Or of religious extremists slaughtering innocents in the name of peace? Just wait till environmentalists absorb the Chernobyl lesson: A nuclear power plant burned and contaminated the environment so badly that the people left. As soon as the people were gone, the wildlife returned.

The Electric Gene Machine

The world is terrified of genetically modified foods, but Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Genetic engineering is a technological infant, barely taking its first tiny steps toward a century of pumpkin houses, flying moving vans, sports cars that run away and go to sea, and garbage disposals that want careers as singers. And that’s just the beginning of the future sketched in these stories and the five novels of Tom Easton’s ‘Organic Future.’

Gedanken Fictions

One of the main threads of science fiction has long been the dramatization of scientific and technological ideas, especially those of physics and astronomy and their effects on human lives. The purpose of this book is not to survey all of sicence fictoin, nor all of hard science fictoin, but to present a few stoires that illuminate some of the issues discussed in courses on science, technology, and society, which are currently served by nonfiction books and anthologies. This book’s title, Gedanken Fictions, refers to a basic tool of science, the gedanken or thought experiment that must be used when laboratory experiments are not practical or possible. Dr. Thomas A. Easton is Professor of Life Sciences at Thomas College in Waterville, Maine. He is also the author of Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Science, Technology and Society.

Bigfoot Stalks the Coast of Maine

Tales of the Weird from the Downeast Coast

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