Thea Harrison Books In Order

Elder Races Books In Publication Order

  1. Dragon Bound (2011)
  2. Storm’s Heart (2011)
  3. Serpent’s Kiss (2011)
  4. True Colors (2011)
  5. Oracle’s Moon (2012)
  6. Natural Evil (2012)
  7. Devil’s Gate (2012)
  8. Hunter’s Season (2012)
  9. Lord’s Fall (2012)
  10. The Wicked (2013)
  11. Kinked (2013)
  12. Dragos Takes A Holiday (2013)
  13. Divine Tarot (2014)
  14. Pia Saves The Day (2014)
  15. Peanut Goes to School (2014)
  16. Night’s Honor (2014)
  17. Midnight’s Kiss (2015)
  18. Dragos Goes to Washington (2015)
  19. Pia Does Hollywood (2015)
  20. Shadow’s End (2015)
  21. Liam Takes Manhattan (2015)
  22. The Chosen (2018)
  23. Planet Dragos (2018)

American Witch Books In Publication Order

  1. American Witch (2019)

Chronicles of Rhyacia Books In Publication Order

  1. The Unseen (2020)
  2. The Adversary (2021)

Game of Shadows Books In Publication Order

  1. Rising Darkness (2013)
  2. Falling Light (2014)

Moonshadow Books In Publication Order

  1. Moonshadow (2016)
  2. Spellbinder (2017)
  3. Lionheart (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Flashback (1984)
  2. Waking Up (1986)

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Thea Harrison Books Overview

Dragon Bound

Half human and half wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their dark Fae enemies. But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the ho*ard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful and passionate of the Elder races.

Storm’s Heart

Able to wield thunder and lightning, wyr sentinel Tiago Black Eagle has ruled the skies for centuries. His massive build and thunderous power make him one of the wyr’s best weapons. And he’s the one sent to protect Tricks, heir to the Dark Fae throne, when she’s almost assassinated in Chicago. Soon Tiago and Tricks will fall prey to the stormy hunger that engulfs them a passion that will shake the very foundation of all the worlds.

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