Terri Reed Books In Order

Alaskan Bride Rush Books In Publication Order

  1. Treasure Creek Dad (2010)
  2. Klondike Hero (By:Jillian Hart) (2010)
  3. Yukon Cowboy (By:Debra Clopton) (2010)
  4. The Lawman’s Christmas Wish (By:Linda Goodnight) (2010)
  5. The Lawman’s Christmas Wish (By:Linda Goodnight) (2010)

Alaska K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Alaskan Rescue (2021)
  2. Wilderness Defender (By:Maggie K. Black) (2021)
  3. Undercover Mission (By:) (2021)
  4. Tracking Stolen Secrets (By:Laura Scott) (2021)
  5. Deadly Cargo (By:Jodie Bailey) (2021)
  6. Arctic Witness (By:Heather Woodhaven) (2021)
  7. Yukon Justice (By:Dana Mentink) (2021)
  8. Blizzard Showdown (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2021)
  9. Christmas K-9 Protectors (By:Lenora Worth,Maggie K. Black) (2021)

Capitol K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Protection Detail (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2015)
  2. Dangerous Justice (2015)
  3. Duty Bound Guardian (2015)
  4. Trail of Evidence (By:Lynette Eason) (2015)
  5. Security Breach (By:Margaret Daley) (2015)
  6. Detecting Danger (By:Valerie Hansen) (2015)
  7. Proof of Innocence (By:Lenora Worth) (2015)
  8. Capitol K-9 Unit Christmas (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2015)

The Chase Books In Publication Order

  1. Chasing Shadows (2009)
  2. Covert Pursuit (2010)

Classified K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Agent-in-Training (2017)
  2. Guardian (2017)
  3. Sheriff (By:Laura Scott) (2017)
  4. Special Agent (By:Valerie Hansen) (2017)
  5. Bounty Hunter (By:Lynette Eason) (2017)
  6. Tracker (By:Lenora Worth) (2017)

Emerald Coast 911 Books In Publication Order

  1. Holiday Havoc (2010)

Faith At The Crossroads Books In Publication Order

  1. The Danger Within (By:Valerie Hansen) (2006)
  2. In the Enemy’s Sights (By:Marta Perry) (2006)
  3. Strictly Confidential (2006)
  4. Hearts on the Line (By:Margaret Daley) (2006)

Fitzgerald Bay Books In Publication Order

  1. The Widow’s Protector (By:) (2012)
  2. The Rookie’s Assignment (By:Valerie Hansen) (2012)
  3. The Lawman’s Legacy (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2012)
  4. The Deputy’s Duty (2012)

McClains Books In Publication Order

  1. Double Deception (2007)
  2. Double Jeopardy (2008)
  3. Double Cross (2008)
  4. Double Threat Christmas (2009)

Military K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Tracking Danger (2018)
  2. Mission to Protect (2018)
  3. Bound by Duty (By:Valerie Hansen) (2018)
  4. Top Secret Target (By:Dana Mentink) (2018)
  5. Standing Fast (By:Maggie K. Black) (2018)
  6. Rescue Operation (By:Lenora Worth) (2018)
  7. Explosive Force (By:Lynette Eason) (2018)
  8. Battle Tested (By:Laura Scott) (2018)
  9. Valiant Defender (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2018)
  10. Military K-9 Unit Christmas: Christmas EscapeYuletide Target (By:Valerie Hansen,Laura Scott) (2018)

Montana Born Homecoming Books In Publication Order

  1. The Long Way Home (By:Kathleen O’Brien) (2014)
  2. Home for Good (2014)

Northern Border Patrol Books In Publication Order

  1. Danger at the Border (2014)
  2. Joint Investigation (2015)
  3. Murder Under the Mistletoe (2015)
  4. Identity Unknown (2016)
  5. Ransom (2016)

Protection Specialists Books In Publication Order

  1. The Innocent Witness (2011)
  2. The Secret Heiress (2012)
  3. The Doctor’s Defender (2012)
  4. The Cowboy Target (2013)

Rookie K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Protect and Serve (2016)
  2. Seek and Find (By:Dana Mentink) (2016)
  3. Honor and Defend (By:Lynette Eason) (2016)
  4. Secrets and Lies (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2016)
  5. Search and Rescue (By:Valerie Hansen) (2016)
  6. Rookie K-9 Unit Christmas: Surviving Christmas & Holiday High Alert (By:Lenora Worth,Valerie Hansen) (2016)

The Secrets of Stoneley Books In Publication Order

  1. Little Girl Lost (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2007)
  2. Beloved Enemy (2007)
  3. The Sound of Secrets (By:) (2007)
  4. Deadly Payoff (By:Valerie Hansen) (2007)

Texas K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Scent of Danger (2013)
  2. Detection Mission (By:Margaret Daley) (2013)
  3. Tracking Justice (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2013)
  4. Texas K-9 Unit Christmas (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2013)
  5. Explosive Secrets (By:Valerie Hansen) (2013)

Texas Ranger Justice Books In Publication Order

  1. Daughter of Texas (2010)
  2. Face of Danger (By:Valerie Hansen) (2011)
  3. Trail of Lies (By:Margaret Daley) (2011)
  4. Out of Time (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2011)

Tiny Blessings Books In Publication Order

  1. For the Twins’ Sake (By:Jillian Hart) (2005)
  2. The Cinderella Plan (By:Margaret Daley) (2005)
  3. A Very Special Delivery (By:Linda Goodnight) (2006)
  4. Giving Thanks for Baby (2007)
  5. A Holiday to Remember (By:Jillian Hart) (2007)

True Blue K-9 Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Shield of Protection (By:Dana Mentink) (2019)
  2. Justice Mission (By:Lynette Eason) (2019)
  3. Act of Valor (By:Dana Mentink) (2019)
  4. Blind Trust (By:Laura Scott) (2019)
  5. Deep Undercover (By:Lenora Worth) (2019)
  6. Seeking the Truth (2019)
  7. Trail of Danger (By:Valerie Hansen) (2019)
  8. Courage Under Fire (By:) (2019)
  9. Sworn to Protect (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2019)
  10. True Blue K-9 Unit Christmas (By:Maggie K. Black,Laura Scott) (2019)
  11. Brooklyn Christmas (By:Maggie K. Black,Laura Scott) (2020)

True Blue K-9 Unit: Brooklyn Books In Publication Order

  1. Copycat Killer (By:Laura Scott) (2020)
  2. Chasing Secrets (By:Heather Woodhaven) (2020)
  3. Deadly Connection (By:Lenora Worth) (2020)
  4. Explosive Situation (2020)
  5. Tracking a Kidnapper (By:Valerie Hansen) (2020)
  6. Tracking a Kidnapper (By:Valerie Hansen) (2020)
  7. Scene of the Crime (By:) (2020)
  8. Cold Case Pursuit (By:Dana Mentink) (2020)
  9. Delayed Justice (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2020)

Without A Trace Books In Publication Order

  1. What Sarah Saw (By:Margaret Daley) (2008)
  2. Framed! (By:Robin Caroll) (2009)
  3. Cold Case Murder (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2009)
  4. A Cloud of Suspicion (By:Patricia Davids) (2009)
  5. Deadly Competition (By:Roxanne Rustand) (2009)
  6. Her Last Chance (2009)

Witness Protection Books In Publication Order

  1. Safe by the Marshal’s Side (By:Shirlee McCoy) (2013)
  2. The Baby Rescue (By:Margaret Daley) (2013)
  3. Stolen Memories (By:Liz Johnson) (2013)
  4. Undercover Marriage (2014)
  5. Family in Hiding (By:Valerie Hansen) (2014)
  6. Family in Hiding (By:Valerie Hansen) (2014)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Treacherous Slopes (1970)
  2. Love Comes Home (2004)
  3. A Sheltering Love (2005)
  4. A Sheltering Heart (2006)
  5. A Time of Hope (2006)
  6. Her Christmas Protector (2007)
  7. A Family Under the Christmas Tree (2016)
  8. Buried Mountain Secrets (2019)
  9. Secret Mountain Hideout (2020)
  10. Hearts of Courage (2020)
  11. Christmas Protection Detail (2020)
  12. Secret Sabotage (2022)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Writing the Bestseller II: Romance and Commercial Fiction (With: Lenora Worth,Mallory Kane,Jane Porter,Joanne Rock,Dani Collins,Megan Crane,C.J. Carmichael) (2015)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Romance on the Rails (2001)

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Terri Reed Books Overview

Klondike Hero (By:Jillian Hart)

A tiny town full of churchgoing, marriage-minded men? For Karenna Digby, freshly abandoned at the altar, Treasure Creek sounds like a dream come true. Until she’s stranded at the ranch of the one bachelor not looking for love. With his past, search-and-rescue tour guide Gage Parker can barely open his heart to the baby nephew he’s caring for, let alone his young and pretty new nanny. Until Karenna leads her Klondike hero on the greatest adventure of all: love.

Yukon Cowboy (By:Debra Clopton)

Hometown girl Bethany Marlow moves back to Treasure Creek to open a wedding planning shop for all the new brides. But when her former boss asks her to help lead a wilderness tour before she sets up shop, she can’t refuse. When she finds out the lead guide is Nate McMann, the man who broke her heart, she’s thrown into a tailspin. Nate’s now a gruff rancher, hiding his heart and a secret. Guiding lovey dovey newlyweds and a sweet family have Bethany and her Yukon cowboy questioning everything they thought was true. Except their love.

The Lawman’s Christmas Wish (By:Linda Goodnight)

Widow Amy James can’t get through grocery shopping in Treasure Creek, Alaska, without a marriage proposal. And she’s hardly flattered. Most of her ‘suitors’ are after the treasure her great grandfather had buried on her property. But only one man promised her late husband he’d take care of her and the boys: police chief Reed Truscott. True, Reed is handsome and honest and makes her feel safe. But his honorable marriage proposal is about obligation not love. Unless he can convince her that his Christmas wish is to join her family forever.

The Lawman’s Christmas Wish (By:Linda Goodnight)

Widow Amy James can’t get through grocery shopping in Treasure Creek, Alaska, without a marriage proposal. And she’s hardly flattered. Most of her ‘suitors’ are after the treasure her great grandfather had buried on her property. But only one man promised her late husband he’d take care of her and the boys: police chief Reed Truscott. True, Reed is handsome and honest and makes her feel safe. But his honorable marriage proposal is about obligation not love. Unless he can convince her that his Christmas wish is to join her family forever.

Chasing Shadows

When senior citizens start mysteriously disappearing from a Boston retirement home, heiress Kristina Worthington is suspicious. Especially since she fears her beloved grandmother is next. Without solid evidence, she’s forced to turn to the one police officer who might listen her former love, Gabe Burke. Now a seasoned cop, Gabe still sees her as the rich girl whose family thought he wasn’t good enough. And though he takes on the case, Gabe seems convinced he’s Chasing Shadows. Until they start dodging threats, bullets…
and their own rekindled feelings.

Holiday Havoc

Mayhem and mistletoe share the holiday in these two suspenseful storiesYuletide Sanctuary by Terri ReedA cry for help shatters youth counselor Sean Matthews’s quiet Christmas night. He saves Lauren Curtis from her attacker for now. But the vengeful man on her trail won’t be held at bay for long . Christmas Target by Stephanie NewtonShe hadn’t wanted the contest ‘prize’ in the first place. But when police officer Maria Fuentes arrives for the holiday vacation she won, she finds much more than expected. Her ‘date’ handsome weatherman Ben Storm is in danger, and Maria is the only protector he’ll trust.

The Danger Within (By:Valerie Hansen)

TO: AL_CRANE@CSSENTINEL. ORGFROM: COLLEEN_MONTGOMERY@CSSENTINEL. ORGBoss, My reporter’s nose smells a story brewing at the Double V Ranch. Word is that rancher Michael Vance has already lost several cows to a mystery ailment. This isn’t the first odd thing to happen there, either Michael’s old foreman disappeared out of the blue, and his new one, Hector Delgato, is cagey. He bears watching. Meanwhile, Michael hired newcomer Layla Dixon as the housekeeper/vet while his injured housekeeper recovers, and the bohemian beauty is nothing like meat and potatoes Michael. I think romance might be in the air, but there is also something sinister starting up in Colorado Springs…

In the Enemy’s Sights (By:Marta Perry)

HOMETOWN HERO RETURNS by Colleen Montgomery staff reporterU.S. Air Force captain Kenneth Vance is back in Colorado Springs on medical leave, and currently working for his old friend Quinn Montgomery’s vandalism plagued construction comp

Hearts on the Line (By:Margaret Daley)

TO: AL_CRANE@CSSENTINEL. ORGFROM: COLLEEN_MONTGOMERY@CSSENTINEL. ORGBoss,I’m finishing up all my articles before Alessandro and I get married later this month. He’s thrilled his uncle Max is out of the hospital and can attend the wed

The Rookie’s Assignment (By:Valerie Hansen)

Law enforcement in Fitzgerald Bay is full of Fitzgeralds, from the chief of police to brand new detective Keira Fitzgerald. Are they tampering with a murder investigation to protect one of their own? Internal affairs detective Nick Delfino is sent undercover to investigate the powerful clan. Yet the deeper he digs, the more Nick comes to admire the Fitzgeralds especially his rookie partner, Keira. When a killer targets Nick, can he maintain his cover, catch his attacker and protect Keira while the looming danger closes in?

The Lawman’s Legacy (By:Shirlee McCoy)

After a nanny is killed in Fitzgerald Bay, police captain Douglas Fitzgerald’s brother becomes the prime suspect. ‘Faith and family’ is the Fitzgerald motto Douglas won’t let his own go down for a crime he didn’t commit. Yet when Douglas questions the single mother who found the victim, he notices Merry O’Leary is nervous. Secretive. Deeply scared of someone. The nanny’s killer or someone else? When the truth comes to light, it will take all of Douglas’s faith and his love for this little family to keep a killer at bay.

Double Deception

Her faith had always been strong enough to see her through tragedy until Kate Wheeler’s world turned deadly. Her husband had been murdered, and the discovery of his double life sent her on the run…
into the protective custody of Sheriff Brody McClain. Brody vowed to help Kate uncover the truth about her husband’s death. As Kate and Brody tried to outwit her enemies on a cross country chase, the couple found themselves drawn to each other by more than mere circumstance. But the unmasking of the criminal mastermind might just be the thing that destroys Kate’s trust and faith forever.

Double Jeopardy

Witness to a brutal murder, Anne Jones bravely agrees to testify. She is given a new name, a new history and is advised not to get too close to anyone. But she does and with good reason. Somehow, her identity has been compromised. Someone knows who and where she is. Anne’s handsome boss, Patrick McClain, is himself witness to the scare tactics being used against her and vows to keep her safe. Yet she will have to disappear all over again, lest she put both their lives in jeopardy…

Double Cross

The struggling orchid farm on the lush island of Maui is Kiki Brill’s pride and joy. And she’s not about to lose it, no matter how much money Ryan McClain is offering for her family’s land. But it’s becoming clear that the ‘accidents’ threatening her peaceful life are really acts of sabotage. The wealthy, handsome businessman, once the prime suspect, is beginning to seem like her last hope. Now, if only she can bring herself to trust him with her home, her heritage and her heart.

Double Threat Christmas

According to police, Megan McClain had the motive, means and opportunity to commit a double murder. Unless she can prove her innocence, she’ll spend Christmas in jail. Is someone trying to frame her? Who? She starts nosing around and uncovers not one, but two unlikely suspects. The detective working the case doesn’t appreciate Megan doing his job for him. And the more Paul Wallace investigates, the guiltier Megan looks. That’s because she is hiding something. Something that scares her even more than her feelings for the handsome cop.

The Secret Heiress

Finding out she is heir to a fortune shocks Caroline Tully to her core. And to ‘qualify’ for the inheritance, she just has to visit her newfound grandfather’s Mississippi home from Christmas to New Year’s. Adopted as a baby, Caroline knows nothing about her mother’s family and doesn’t realize they can’t be trusted. When attempts are made on her life, there’s only one man who can protect her. Donovan Cavanaugh a man who made her lonely heart want to love again. Posing as her fianc , Don promises to find the would be killer. But will his protection and his love be enough to keep her safe?

Little Girl Lost (By:Shirlee McCoy)

Boy, is Mick Campbell infuriating! The police detective is only doing his job, looking into the death of the private investigator my sister had hired to find our presumed dead mother it’s been a very eventful month!, but does he really believe a member of my family is a killer? I’ve been planning to spend time with Mick to keep tabs on the investigation, but lately I’ve been wondering, am I drawn to him because he’s a single dad or because his faith is strong under fire?

Beloved Enemy

FROM THE DESK OF JULIET BLANCHARD I thought working in our family if rm would if nally make my father show some interest in me. he’s always been distant toward me possibly because I might not be his child? I found an incriminating photo of my long presumed dead mother with a man I resemble. Then I found he gave Brandon De Witte my job! I know this handsome newcomer is keeping secrets hopefully not dangerous ones. Because not only is my faith shaken right now, but someone seems to want me out of the picture, permanently.

The Sound of Secrets (By:)

A note from Nerissa Blanchard: Now that my twin has found love, she wants me to be as happy as she is. She doesn’t know how blue coming home to this empty house makes me. And our poor mother I found her in the library, murdered. I’m thankful that Drew Lancaster was one of the first officers on the scene. He’s encouraging and supportive and he’s handsome, too!. Lately, I’ve been hearing strange things around the house, and I worry that Mother’s killer or maybe someone else is trying to push me over the edge of madness.

Deadly Payoff (By:Valerie Hansen)

A NOTE FROM DELIA BLANCHARDSo many things have been happening here at our family’s mansion, I can’t go home to Hawaii: I’ve met my long lost grandparents; learned the woman shot to death in the library was my aunt, not my mother; and been threatened by a blackmailing loan shark! And Shaun Murphy is back in my life he was hired to repair the damage after the shooting. He’s been rather distant with me, but I think, with God’s help, I can convince him to help me track down my missing mother and perhaps give our love another chance, too.

For the Twins’ Sake (By:Jillian Hart)

Meg Talbot and her husband Eddie adopted a baby boy two years ago from Tiny Blessings. But Eddie’s constant womanizing and infidelity ends the marriage and Meg becomes a single mother, balancing being a mother to Luke and an advertising executive. She used to be a woman of strong faith, but her husband’s cheating year after year broke her spirit. She’d prayed so hard to make her marriage work and yet God had not heard her. She has turned her back on Him. Jared Kierney’s wife, Vanessa, died from a brain anneurysm soon after they adopted baby Chance two years ago from Tiny Blessings. His faith in God got him through the tragedy and has made him a loving father. When Jared and Meg meet at Tiny Blessings’ 35th Anniversary party, they make a shocking discovery. Not only has it been two years since they last saw each other at their ten year high school reunion, and their mutual attraction/dislike for each other hasn’t diminished, but their sons are identical! Really identical! It becomes painfully obvious that the boys were twins separated at birth. Neither Jared nor Meg wants to give up their child, so they agree to marry so that the twins can grow up as the brothers, in one household. But can they learn to move beyond their pasts and regain their faith in God and love?

A Very Special Delivery (By:Linda Goodnight)

It was the surprise of a lifetime for recluse Molly McCreight when single dad Ethan Hunter entrusted her with his infant daughter while he delivered medicine to an elderly man during an ice storm. Past experience had taught Molly how fragile life could be, but she was touched by this stranger’s faith in her abilities. Once the storm had passed, though, and her guests returned home, normalcy eluded Molly. The Hunters’ presence had brought much needed joy to her quiet world, but their absence threatened to crush her forever. Still, was she ready to admit that this tiny family held the key to the future she’d always secretly craved?

Giving Thanks for Baby

To: Ross
From: Trista
Re: Soul mates
You and Kelly share something special. I’d like to find my soul mate, too. Starting over in Chestnut Grove with an infant was such a major life change. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to move on, but it was time to stop dwelling on the past, so I took Kelly’s advice and registered with a singles’ website. I met the nicest e mail buddy, but I also like your new assistant pastor, Scott Crosby. So, big brother, maybe this Thanksgiving we can all give thanks for our blessings large and small.

A Holiday to Remember (By:Jillian Hart)

To: Uncle Ben From: Mia Re: Thanks to you, we have a whole new family!Moving to Chestnut Grove was the best thing to happen to Mom and me. It’s so neat that a few months ago Mom didn’t know she had a half brother you! And I can tell she likes Jonah Fraser, this really cool carpenter. I always tell Mom she’s got to believe in the power of prayer. But now I have my own special prayer that mom and Jonah get together to make this the best Christmas ever!

What Sarah Saw (By:Margaret Daley)

The only witness when a single mother mysteriously vanishes? Her three year old daughter. FBI agent Sam Pierce needs to question little Sarah. Yet child psychologist Jocelyn Gold will barely let him near the girl. Or herself. The tragic conclusion to a kidnapping case broke Sam and Jocelyn apart years before, and their hearts still haven’t healed. But for the child’s sake and her mother’s they must join forces to uncover just what Sarah saw.

Framed! (By:Robin Caroll)

The prime suspect in her brother’s murder: Max Pershing. He’s the man Ava Renault has secretly loved since girlhood against her controlling mother’s wishes. The wealthy Pershings have a longstanding feud with the even wealthier Renaults. Still, Ava believes that Max is innocent…
believes it strongly enough to give him her heart. But if he’s not the killer, then who set him up? Who’s the real murderer?

Cold Case Murder (By:Shirlee McCoy)

Her hometown of Loomis, Louisiana, holds no charm for Jodie Gilmore. Why be reminded of her mother’s abandonment? Then the novice FBI agent is assigned to a missing person’s case, and refusal isn’t an option. Her coworkers are counting on her. Surely the tight lipped locals will talk to one of their own. Or will they? A decades old double homicide is discovered, and Harrison Cahill, the handsome forensic anthropologist on the case, thinks Jodie knows more than she’s saying. But speaking freely can be deadly in Loomis…

A Cloud of Suspicion (By:Patricia Davids)

‘What’s he doing back in town?’With his black leather jacket, Patrick Rivers looks every inch the bad boy the townsfolk believe him to be. Ten years ago, he left Loomis, Louisiana, under a cloud of suspicion. Back to settle his stepfather’s estate, Patrick knows he isn’t welcome and can’t wait to leave. Until Shelby Mason gives him a reason to stay. Because Shelby knows a secret…
and someone in Loomis will do anything to keep her quiet.

Deadly Competition (By:Roxanne Rustand)

The single mother hasn’t been found. And all her daughter, Sarah, has is her uncle. Clueless at parenting, Clint Herald seeks a loving, responsible nanny. What he finds instead is a stranger as mysterious as his sister’s disappearance. Mandy Erick is secretive and seems scared, yet she’s so good with Sarah that Clint can’t help but trust her. In fact, he even enters Mandy in the town’s Mother of the Year contest. But attention is the last thing Mandy wants. Her time in the public eye may prove just as dangerous as she fears.

Her Last Chance

The mysterious man at her door swears he recognizes her. She’s Leah Farley. Mother, wife and suspected murderer. But her amnesia has wiped away memories of her former life. When a shower of bullets follows the man’s claims, Leah is forced to accept the truth. She’s in danger. And unless she can make herself remember, there’s no way to stay safe. With bounty hunter Roman Black’s help, she must uncover her lost memories before the killer succeeds in keeping Leah’s past and future buried forever.

Romance on the Rails

Train travel promises speed, convenience, and adventure for Americans of the nineteenth century. But four young women are carrying excess baggage on their journeys. Uprooted from secure homes and forced to reexamine their positions in life, can any of them entertain Romance on the Rails? As a devoted daughter, Glenna Moore would follow her father anywhere praying all the while for him to give up his drifting and gambling. But when he jumps train to escape the gamblers he cheated, what will become of Daddy’s Girl? Charlotte Lansing is on her own now and forced to provide for her younger brother. But as her train stop nears, her life’s destination is unclear. Can she trust the seedling of A Heart’s Dream, calling her to a change of plans? For the first time in twelve years, Mary Sherwood is going to see her father the man she believes abandoned her during the Civil War. Will those weighty feelings threaten The Tender Branch of her new love? Evelyn Giles is tired of waiting for her fiance to earn his fortune and set a wedding date. As she travels across California to see him, an act of Perfect Love may throw her plans off balance. Will the swaying of the coach and the clickety clack of the train wheels lull these young women into a dream world of false romance? Or will God show them a love as strong as the steel rails on which they ride?

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