Tamar Myers Books In Order

Amanda Brown Books In Publication Order

  1. The Witch Doctor’s Wife (2009)
  2. The Headhunter’s Daughter (2011)
  3. The Boy Who Stole the Leopard’s Spots (2012)
  4. The Girl Who Married an Eagle (2013)

Den of Antiquity Books In Publication Order

  1. Larceny and Old Lace (1996)
  2. Gilt by Association (1996)
  3. The Ming and I (1997)
  4. So Faux, So Good (1998)
  5. Baroque and Desperate (1999)
  6. Estate of Mind (1999)
  7. A Penny Urned (2000)
  8. Nightmare in Shining Armor (2001)
  9. Splendor in the Glass (2002)
  10. Tiles and Tribulations (2003)
  11. Statue of Limitations (2004)
  12. Monet Talks (2005)
  13. The Cane Mutiny (2006)
  14. Death of a Rug Lord (2008)
  15. Poison Ivory (2009)
  16. The Glass is Always Greener (2011)

Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth (1993)
  2. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Crime (1995)
  3. No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk (1996)
  4. Just Plain Pickled to Death (1997)
  5. Between a Wok and a Hard Place (1998)
  6. Eat, Drink and Be Wary (1998)
  7. Play It Again, Spam (1999)
  8. The Hand That Rocks the Ladle (2000)
  9. The Crepes of Wrath (2001)
  10. Gruel and Unusual Punishment (2002)
  11. Custard’s Last Stand (2003)
  12. Thou Shalt Not Grill (2004)
  13. Assault and Pepper (2005)
  14. Grape Expectations (2006)
  15. Hell Hath No Curry (2007)
  16. As the World Churns (2008)
  17. Batter Off Dead (2009)
  18. Butter Safe Than Sorry (2010)
  19. The Death of Pie (2014)
  20. Tea with Jam and Dread (2016)
  21. Puddin’ on the Blitz (2019)
  22. Mean and Shellfish (2021)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Dark Side of Heaven (2006)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Angels, Angels Everywhere (2004)

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Tamar Myers Books Overview

The Witch Doctor’s Wife

From beloved mystery writer Tamar Myers comes an enthralling tale of duty, greed, danger, and miracles in equatorial Africa.

The Congo beckons to young Amanda Brown in 1958, as she follows her missionary calling to the mysterious ‘dark continent’ far from her South Carolina home. But her enthusiasm cannot cushion her from the shock of a very foreign culture-where competing missionaries are as plentiful as flies, and oppressive European overlords are busy stripping the land of its most valuable resource: diamonds.

Little by little, Amanda is drawn into the lives of the villagers in tiny Belle Vue-and she is touched by the plight of the local witch doctor, a man known as Their Death, who has been forced to take a second job as a yardman to support his two wives. But when First Wife stumbles upon an impossibly enormous uncut gem, events are set in motion that threaten to devastate the lives of these people Amanda has come to admire and love-events that could lead to nothing less than murder.

The Headhunter’s Daughter

From Tamar Myers, author of The Witch Doctor’s Wife, comes a spellbinding tale of equatorial Africa and a child torn dangerously between two worlds. In 1945, an infant left inadvertently to die in the jungles of the Belgian Congo is discovered by a young Bashilele tribesman on a mission to claim the head of an enemy. Recognized as human despite her pale white skin and strange blue eyes the baby is brought into the tribe and raised as its own. Thirteen years later, the girl now called ‘Ugly Eyes’ will find herself at the center of a controversy that will rock two separate societies. Young missionary Amanda Brown hears the incredible stories of a white girl living among the Bashilele headhunters. In the company of the local police chief, Captain Pierre Jardin, and with the witch doctor’s wife, the quick witted Cripple, along as translator, Amanda heads into the wild hoping to bring the lost girl back to ‘civilization.’ But Ugly Eyes no longer belongs in their world and the secrets surrounding her birth and disappearance are placing them all in far graver peril than anyone ever imagined.

Larceny and Old Lace

For Whom The Bell Pulls Tolls As owner of the Den of Antiquity, recently divorcedbut never bitter! Abigail Timberlake is accustomed to delving into the past, searching for losttreasures, and navigating the cutthroat world of rival dealers at flea marketsand auctions. Still, she never thought she’d be putting her expertise in mayhemand detection to other use until crotchety ‘junque’ dealer, Abby’s aunt Eulonia Wiggins, was found murdered! Although Abigail is puzzled by the instrument of death an exquisite antiquebell pull that Aunt Eulonia never would have had the taste to aquire she’s willing to let the authorities find the culprit. But now, Auntie’s priceless lace is missing,and somebody’s threatened Abby’s most priceless possession: her son, Charlie. It’s up to Abby to put the murderer ‘on the block.’

Gilt by Association

Petite, indomitable North Carolinian Abigail Timberlake rose gloriously up from the ashes of divorce parlaying her savvy about exquisite old things into a thriving antiques enterprise: the Den of Antiquity. Now she’s a force to be reckoned with in Charlotte’s close knit world of mavens, eccentrics and cuttthroat dealers. But a superb, gilt edged 18th century French armoire she purchased for a song at estate auction has just arrived along with something she didn’t pay for: a dead body. Suddenly her shop is a crime scene and closed to the public during the busiest shopping season of the year so Abigail is determined to speed the lumbering police investigation along. But amateur sleuthing is leading the feisty antiques expert into a murderous mess of dysfunctional family secrets. And the next cadaver found stuffed into fine old furniture could wind up being Abigail’s own.

The Ming and I

Rattling Old Family Skeletons North Carolina native Abigail Timberlake, owner of the Den of Antiquity, is quick to dismiss the seller of a hideous old vase until the poor lady comes hurtling back through the shop window minutes later, the victim f a fatal hit and run. Tall, dark, and handsome Homicide Investigator Greg Washburn who just happens to be Abby’s boyfriend is frustrated by conflicting accounts from eyewitnesses. And he’s just short of furious with his ever loving, when he learns it was a valuable Ming vase, and Abby let it vanish from the crime scene. Abby decides she had better find out for herself what happened to the treasure and to the lady who was dying to get rid of it. It turns out the victim had a lineage that would make a Daughter of the Confederacy green with envy, and her connection with the historic old Roselawn Plantation makes that a good place to start sleuthing. Thanks to her own mama’s impeccable southern credentials, Abby is granted an appointment with the board members but no one gives her permission to snoop. And digging into the long festering secrets of a proud family of the Old South turns out to be a breach of good manners that could land Abby six feet under in the family plot. Rattling Old Family Skeletons North Carolina native Abigail Timberlake, owner of the Den of Antiquity, is quick to dismiss the seller of a hideous old vase until the poor lady comes hurtling back through the shop window minutes later, the victim f a fatal hit and run. Tall, dark, and handsome Homicide Investigator Greg Washburn who just happens to be Abbys boyfriend is frustrated by conflicting accounts from eyewitnesses. And hes just short of furious with his ever lovin, when he learns it was a valuable Ming vase, and Abby let it vanish from the crime scene. Abby decides she had better find out for herself what happened to the treasure and to the lady who was dying to get rid of it. It turns out the victim had a lineage that would make a Daughter of the Confederacy green with envy, and her connection with the historic old Roselawn Plantation makes that a good place to start sleuthing. Thanks to her own mamas impeccable southern credentials, Abby is granted an appointment with the board members but no one gives her permission to snoop. And digging into the long festering secrets of a proud family of the Old South turns out to be a breach of good manners that could land Abby six feet under in the family plot.

So Faux, So Good

EVERY SHROUD HAS A SILVER LINING Abigail Timberlake, owner of the Den of Antiquity, has never been happier. She is about to marry the man of her dreams AND has just outbid all other Charlotte, North Carolina, antique dealers for an exquisite English tea service. Then Mama who is running off to be a nun stops by to deliver an early wedding present, and it rains on Abby’s parade. The one of a kind tea service Abby paid big bucks for has a twin. A frazzled Abby finds more trouble on her doorstep literally when a local auctioneer mysteriously collapses outside her shop and a press clipping of her engagement announcement turns up in the wallet of a dead man. Obviously she won’t be getting a wedding present from him. Tracing the deceased to a small town in the Pennsylvania Dutch country, Abby heads above the Mason Dixon Line to search for clues to the origins of faux tea services. Accompanied by a trio of eccentric dealers and her beloved but stressed out cat, she longs for her Southern homeland as she confronts a menagerie of dubious characters. Digging for answers, Abby realizes that she might just be digging her own grave in horrors! Yankeeland.

Baroque and Desperate

In a Treasure Laden Mansion

Unflappable and resourceful, Abigail Timberlake, antique dealer and owner of Charlotte, North Carolina’s Den of Antiquity, relies on her knowledge and savvy to authenitcate the facts from the fakes when it comes to either curios or people. Her expertise makes Abby invaluable to exceptionally handsome Tradd Maxwell Burton, wealthy scion of the renowned Latham family. He needs her to determine the most priceless item in the Latham mansion and then split the proceeds of it with her. A treasure hunt in an antique filled manor? All Abby can say is ‘let the games begin.’

It’s Tough to Keep Help

Accompanied by her best girlfriend, C.J., Abby arrives at the estate and is met with cool reserve, if no downright rudeness, from the members of the Latham clan. Trying to carry out Tradd’s request, Abby finds that she could cut the household tension with a knife. But someone has beaten her to it by stabbing a maid to death with an ancient kris. Suddenly all eyes are on C.J., whose fingerprints happen to be all over the murder weapon. it’s up to Abby to use her knack for detecting forgeries to expose the fake alibi of the genuine killer.

Estate of Mind

A Faux Van Gogh When North Carolina antique dealer Abigail Timberlake makes a bid of $150. 99 on a truly awful copy of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night, she’s just trying to win Mama’s approval by supporting the church auction. Hopefully, she’ll make her money back on the beautiful gold antique frame. Little does she expect she’s bought herself a fortune…
and a lot of trouble. A masterpiece to kill for When her ex boyfriend shows up and offers ten bucks for the ugly Starry Night, Abby pops the frame and is stunned to discover hidden behind the faux Van Gogh canvas a multi million dollar lost art treasure. Suddenly she’s a popular lady in her old hometown, and her first visit is from Gilbert Sweeney, her schoolyard sweetheart according to him, who claims the family’s painting was donated by mistake. But social calls quickly turn from nice to nasty as it’s revealed that the mysterious masterpiece conceals a dark and deadly past and some modern day misconduct that threatens to rock the Rock Hill social structure to its core. Someone apparently thinks the art is worth killing for, and Abby knows she better get to the bottom of the secret scandal and multiple murders before she ends up buried six feet under a starry night.

A Penny Urned

Then Potted All that remains of Lula Mae Wiggins who drowned in a bathtub of cheap champagne on New Year’s Eve now sits in an alleged Etruscan urn in Savannah, Georgia. Further north, at the Den of Antiquity antique shop in Charlotte, North Carolina, plucky proprietor Abigail Timberlake is astonished to learn that she is the sole inheitor of the Wiggins estate. Late Aunt Lula Mae was, after all, as distant a relative as kin can get. Arriving in picturesque Savannah, Abby makes a couple of startling discoveries. First, that Lula Mae’s final resting pot is more American cheap than Italian antique. And second, that there was a very valuable 1793 one cent piece taped to the inside lid. Perhaps a coin collection worth millions is hidden among the deceased’s worldly possessions making Lula’s passoing more suspicious than orginally surmised. With the strange appearance of a voodoo preistess coupled with the disturbing disappearance of a loved one and with nasty family skeletons tumbling from the trees like acorns Abby needs to find her penny auntie’s killer p.d.q…
or she’ll be up to her ashes in serious trouble!

Nightmare in Shining Armor

The Corpse Is In The Mail Den of Antiquity proprietress Abigail Timberlake’s Halloween costume party is a roaring success until an unexpected fire sends the panicked guests fleeing from Abby’s emporium. One exiting reveler she is only too happy to see the back of is Tweetie ‘Little Bo Peep’ Timberlake unfaithful wife of Abby’s faithless ex, Buford. But not long after the conflagration is brought under control, the former Mrs. T. discovers an unfamiliar suit of armor in her house. And stuffed inside is the heavily siliconed, no longer living body of the current Mrs. T. Certainly some enraged collector of medieval chain mail has sent Abby this deadly delivery. But diving into their eccentric ranks could prove a lethal proposition for the plucky antiques dealer/amateur sleuth. And even a metal suit may not be enough to protect Abby from the vicious and vindictive attentions of a crazed killer.

Splendor in the Glass

Antiques dealer Abby Timberlake Washburn is thrilled when the Mrs. Amelia Shadbark doyenne of Charleston society invites her to broker a pricey collection of Lalique glass sculpture. These treasures will certainly boost business at the Den of Antiquity, and maybe hoist Abby into the upper crust which would please her class conscious mom, Mozella, no end. Alas, Abby’s fragile dream is soon shattered when Mrs. Shadbark meets a foul, untimely end. And as the last known visitor to the victim’s palatial abode, Abby’s being pegged by the local law as suspect Numero Uno. Of course there are other possible killers including several dysfunctional offspring and a handyman who may have been doing more for the late Mrs. S than fixing her leaky faucets. But Abby’s the one who’ll have to piece the shards of this deadly puzzle together or else face a fate far worse than a mere seven years of bad luck!

Tiles and Tribulations

Abigail Timberlake Washburn would rather be anywhere else on a muggy Charleston summer evening even putting in extra hours at her antiques shop than at a’s ance. But her best friend, ‘Calamity Jane,’ thinks a spirit or ‘Apparition American,’ as ectoplasmically correct Abby puts it lurks in the eighteenth century Georgian mansion, complete with priceless, seventeenth century Portuguese kitchen tiles, that C.J. just bought as a fixer upper. Luckily, Abby’s mama located a psychic in the yellow pages a certain Madame Woo Woo and, together with a motley group of feisty retirees known as the ‘Heavenly Hustlers,’ they all get down to give an unwanted spook the heave ho. But, for all her extrasensory abilities, the Madame didn’t foresee that she, herself, would be forced over to the other side prematurely. Suddenly Abby fears there’s more than a specter haunting C.J. And they d better exorcise a flesh and blood killer fast before the recently departed Woo Woo gets company.

Statue of Limitations

Abigail Timberlake Washburn, petite but feisty proprietor of Charleston’s Den of Antiquity antiques shop, stopped speaking to best friend and temporary decorating partner Wynnell Crawford a month ago after questioning her choice of a cheap, three foot high replica of Michaelangelo’s David to adorn the garden of a local bed and breakfast. But now Wynnell has broken the silence with one phone call…
from prison! It seems the b&b owner has been fatally beaned allegedly by the same tacky statue and Wynnell’s been fingered by the cops for the bashing. But Abby suspects there’s more to this well sculpted slaying than initially meets the eye, and she wants to take a closer look at the not so bereaved widower and the two very odd couples presently guesting at the hostelry. Because if bad taste was a capital crime, Wynnell would be guilty as sin but she’s certainly no killer!

Monet Talks

Charleston antiques dealer Abigail Timberlake Washburn is thrilled by her recent estate auction purchase of a spectacular bejeweled birdcage from India, but not so much by its occupant, a mouthy mynah named Monet. Still, her customers at the Den of Antiquity seem charmed by the insufferable birdbrain, so Abby figures she’s stuck with him. That is, until she finds a stuffed starling resting on his usual perch with a ransom note demanding a real Monet the painted variety in exchange for her purloined pet. Since she doesn’t happen to have a priceless masterpiece on hand and since a mynahless existence isn’t all that distasteful a prospect Abby figures she’ll let the thief keep the annoying avian. But when her mama Mozella is abducted by the craven birdnapper, Abby must leap into the fray to rescue mater and mynah alike…
before the feathers really start to fly!

The Cane Mutiny

Raising Cane Abigail Timberlake Washburn understands the antiques game is a gamble so she doesn’t know what to expect when she wins the bidding for the contents of an old locker that has been sealed up for years. It’s a delightful surprise when she discovers inside a collection of exquisite old walking sticks and a not so delightful one when she pulls out a decrepit gym bag containing…
a human skull! The last thing the diminutive South Carolina antiques dealer needs is to be suspected of foul play. So she grabs her chatty assistant and future sister in law, C.J., and heads out to search for a killer they can stick it to. But this cane case will be no walk in the park with its arcane clues hinting at poaching, counterfeiting, smuggling…
and homicide, of course. And when a fresh corpse turns up, things are about to get really sticky for Abby and her staff of one.

Death of a Rug Lord

Business isn’t booming for antiques dealer Abigail Timberlake Washburn. A local rug store is luring away her customers with its rock bottom prices. Eager to check out the competition, Abby is delighted to find a priceless Persian amid the cut rate carpets and shocked when Gwendolyn Spears, the store’s beleaguered owner, begs her to take it home! Abby feels more than a little guilty about getting such a great deal…
especially when Gwendolyn is found dead the next morning.

Investigating the brutal murder, Abby soon discovers that the prized Orientals of Charleston’s society dames are nothing more than cheap fakes…
and that a dangerous thief will do anything to pull the rug out from under her.

Poison Ivory

All antiques dealer Abigail Timberlake Washburn wanted was to find a perfect gift for her darling if not altogether together mama Mozella’s birthday. She never expected her online purchase of an exquisite, seventeenth century rosewood linen chest to place her in federal custody, accused of trafficking in illegal ivory! Then insult is heaped on her injury when she’s forced to turn to her lawyer snake ex, Buford, to spring her since ex cop /current hubby Greg’s good ol’ boy contacts don’t happen to include any feds. Abby may be small in stature, but she’s a force to be reckoned with when riled and she’s determined to root out the real smugglers who she blames for her recent indignities. But in her zeal to stick it to the elephant eliminators who have invaded her beloved Charleston, Abby might just land herself and mama alike up to their pearly whites in lethally hot water!

The Glass is Always Greener

Memorials are murder!

All antiques and no play make Abby a dull girl. So Abigail Timberlake Washburn takes a hiatus from her Charleston shop and accompanies best male friend, Rob, to the ‘wake’ of his loco Aunt Jerry-who, as it happens, is nowhere near deceased, but will be soon according to her trusted psychic. Watching the crazy, caustic old gal gleefully disowning assembled relatives left and right is a hoot and a half…
until Aunt Jerry turns up truly dead in the deep freeze with a priceless emerald ring missing from her lifeless finger. And wouldn’t you know, Abby’s the prime suspect!

Spunky Ms. Timberlake’s not about to let herself be railroaded into prison. And neither are her loyal family and friends, including dear, ditzy mother Mozella, ex-sister-in-law C.J., and best female friend, Wynnell. But they may be more hindrance than help in Abby’s desperate hunt for a lost stone and a stone-cold killer among an increasingly vicious family circle.

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth

Unique insights into Mennonite customs and authentic Mennonite recipes mark a unique mystery involving Magdalena Yoder’s Mennonite Inn, setting for a series of mysterious poisonings involving a congressman, his socialite wife, and a group of animal rights activists.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Crime

Featuring authentic Pennsylvania Dutch recipes, the second novel in the mystery series featuring Amish innkeeper and amateur sleuth Magdalena Yoder finds Yoder a prime suspect in the murder of a film director. LJ. K.

No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk

Pennsylvania Dutch inn owner/amateur sleuth Magdalena Yoder finds out that her second cousin twice removed is truly lactose intolerant when he’s discovered dead in a tank of milk. But when she heads to Ohio for the funeral, she lands smack in the middle of a war between powerful cheesemakers not to mention gallons of trouble and murder!

Just Plain Pickled to Death

It’s another case of meals, mayhem and murder in Pennsylvania’s Dutch country! Magdalena Yoder’s finally getting married, but this special affair is quickly spoiling. The cook preparing the wedding feast has found a corpse in a barrel of sauerkraut the cousin of Magdalena’s bridegroom, a woman reported missing for two decades. And when Magdalena takes it upon herself to find the killer, she soon discovers that one of the key suspects is none other than her beloved! .

Between a Wok and a Hard Place

Ever since her new husband flew the coop, Pennsylvania Dutch inn owner Magdalena Yoder has had plenty of time to kill. But the suspicious death of an Asian tourist proves that time is not the only thing around here that’s getting murdered! Magdalena follows the trail to the local Amish community where a dangerous secret is being concealed, and a killer who’s really using his noodle awaits! .

Eat, Drink and Be Wary

When Magdalena Yoder, proprietor of the PennDutch Inn, reluctantly agreed to her cook’s request to host the East Coast Delacacies Bake Off, she never thought it would turn into a recipe for murder. When the sponsor of the contest is found with a paring knife in his back, and the Inn’s cook is named the number one suspect, it’s up to Magdalena to solve the crime before the killer stops her first!.

Play It Again, Spam

The newly rebuilt Penn Dutch Inn hosts a gathering of World War II buddies who served in the Afrika Corps. In reality, though, the veterans are looking for their old commander, rumored to have slipped into the U.S. after the war, and to have taken the identity of an Amish man. Also staying over are a world famous concert pianist and her historian husband, who has a mission of his own in mind. When a dead body turns up, it looks like an old vendetta has been carried out, and it’s up to Magdalena to stir the killer to the surface.

The Hand That Rocks the Ladle

The PennDutch inn has seen its fair share of murder. But when triplets turn out to be twins, innkeeper Magdalena Yoder must sift out a cradle robber…

The Crepes of Wrath

Tamar Myers’ novels featuring Magdalena Yoder have delighted legions of fans. Now, in The Crepes of Wrath, the first hardcover of the series, the mystery surrounds a local cook who is found poisoned to death by a bad batch of crepes. Fast paced and relentlessly funny, The Crepes of Wrath is testament to Tamar Myers’ growing appeal. 9th in the Penn Dutch mystery series and the first hardcover

Gruel and Unusual Punishment

Pennsylvania Dutch Inn owner Magdalena Yoder returns in the tenth book in the mouthwatering series…
When an imprisoned con man meets his Maker after sampling a bowl of gruel laced with arsenic, it’s cruel and unusual punishment indeed. And since Magdalena provided the last supper, she’s convinced that one of his many visitors must have added the sinister secret ingredient. With the reputation of her establishment at stake, Magdalena puts on her detective bonnet to discover who in Hernia poisoned the porridge

Custard’s Last Stand

When Colonel George Custard decides to build a glitzy new hotel in Hernia, outraged residents protest the project. Soon after, the colonel is found shot to death at the PennDutch Inn. Now Magdalena Yoder must find out who caused Custard’s Last Stand and save her beloved town…

Thou Shalt Not Grill

A sizzling new mystery in the national bestselling series

Over a half million copies of her books in print

In this latest Pennsylvania Dutch mystery, innkeeper Magdalena Yoder takes her cooking and detection skills outdoors to celebrate the bicentennial of Hernia, Pennsylvania. But the festivities are cut short when her guest, Buzzy Porter, is murdered. Soon Magdalena has her hands full trying to keep community spirits high, grill the likely suspects and smoke out the killer.

Assault and Pepper

A tasty mystery with a side of killer chili

Includes six chili recipes

Magdalena Yoder and her Mennonite congregation gather for the annual chili cook off, only to have beloved Reverend Schrock fall face first into his bowl. For his widow’s sake, Magdalena begins to look into the victim’s death, soon discovering that Schrock wasn’t all that well liked by his flock.

Grape Expectations

A couple of unprincipled outsiders have bought an old farm at the edge of the Mennonite community of Hernia, Pennsylvania. They say they want to grow fruit, but their real plan is to start a vineyard and open a winery. This scheme is a serious affront to the teetotalling Mennonites, so everyone’s a suspect when the manager of the vineyard is found entombed in cement. A new and inexperienced police chief can’t solve the crime alone, and soon Magdalena Yoder finds herself on the case risking her neck with her ear to the grapevine.

Hell Hath No Curry

National bestselling author Tamar Myers turns up the spice Praise for the Pennsylvania Dutch mysteries: Includes tasty curry recipes! Three days before he’s due to tie the knot with Priscilla Livengood, eligible bachelor Cornelious Weaver suffers a massive heart attack in another woman’s bed. The scandal is about as good as television for the insular citizens of Hernia, Pennsylvania, and it gets even spicier when the coroner’s report reveals possible foul play: Cornelious’s curry was spiked with a stimulant. Innkeeper sleuth Magdalena Yoder can’t help but investigate and soon discovers that the old adage about a woman scorned is true…

As the World Churns

Magdalena Yoder may finally be married to big time Manhattan doctor Gabriel Rosen, but she’s still a small town girl at heart, and thrilled to be the emcee for the first annual Hernia Holstein Competition. As a bonus, the PennDutch and its barn are booked solid. But then someone clobbers the contest’s originator, Doc Shafor, while he’s admiring the cows, and both Gabe and his daughter Alison go missing. With the help of her best friend and the hindrance of her mother in law, Magdalena vows to track down clues until the cows and her family come home.

Batter Off Dead

New in the national bestselling series Magdalena Yoder solves a case of hotcake homicide.

During a church breakfast, Minerva J. Jay, known for her prodigious appetite, slumps over after ingesting several stacks of pancakes. Police Chief Chris Ackerman wonders if the serving of the fatal flapjacks is a case of assault and batter. Magdalena has her own bun in the oven, but that doesn t stop the chief from asking for her help with the investigation.

Before Magdalena can begin, however, she has to make a special delivery of her own and just when she thinks she’s found her number one suspect, he turns up dead, squished flatter than a pancake by a driverless cement truck. Now, to stop the killer from cooking up another crime, Magdalena has no choice but to jump from the frying pan into the fire.

Butter Safe Than Sorry

From the national bestselling author of Batter Off Dead, the newest Pennsylvania Dutch mystery! Mennonite innkeeper Magdalena Yoder is at the bank with her four year old son when three armed Amish men burst in and start shooting and more surprisingly cursing. Magdalena protects Little Jacob, and the robbers flee at the sound of police sirens. When Jacob wonders why the bandits had mustaches unlike all the other Amish men he knows Magdalena springs into action to catch the thieves. They may be armed, but they may not be Amish!

The Dark Side of Heaven

A literary novel from Tamar Myers The poignant, yet uplifting tale of a na ve Amish woman’s banishment from her community and her passage into the real world. It is the story of her struggle to come to terms with life altering decisions. It is a novel about religious conflict and hard choices.

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