T.J. MacGregor Books In Order

Aline Scott Books In Publication Order

  1. Tango Key (1988)
  2. Fevered (1988)
  3. Black Moon (1989)
  4. Lagoon (1990)
  5. High Strangeness (1992)
  6. The Other Extreme (2001)

Hungry Ghosts Books In Publication Order

  1. Esperanza (2010)
  2. Ghost Key (2012)
  3. Apparition (2013)

Men of Rogue’s Hollow Books In Publication Order

  1. Jingle Bell Rock (2003)
  2. Bad Boys Next Exit (By:Shannon McKenna,Donna Kauffman) (2004)

Nora McKee & Alex Kincaid Books In Publication Order

  1. Kill Time (2007)
  2. Running Time (2008)

Quin St. James and Mike McCleary Books In Publication Order

  1. Dark Fields (1986)
  2. Kill Flash (1987)
  3. Death Sweet (1988)
  4. On Ice (1989)
  5. Kin Dread (1990)
  6. Death Flats (1991)
  7. Spree (1992)
  8. Storm Surge (1993)
  9. Blue Pearl (1994)
  10. Mistress of the Bones (1995)

Tango Key Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. The Hanged Man (1998)
  2. Black Water (2003)
  3. Total Silence (2004)
  4. Category Five (2005)
  5. Cold As Death (2006)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. In Shadow (1985)
  2. Hidden Lake (1987)
  3. The Seventh Sense (1999)
  4. Vanished (2001)
  5. Out of Sight (2002)
  6. U R miNe (2016)
  7. Skin Shifters (2018)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Sisters in Crime 2 (1990)
  2. Miami Noir (2020)

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T.J. MacGregor Books Overview

High Strangeness

Aline Scott’s investigation into two murders at an exclusive psychiatric clinic on Florida’s Tango Key leads her to a hard core UFO encounter group and its charismatic leader.

Jingle Bell Rock

With this fifth contemporary erotic anthology from Brava, fans of these bestselling anthologies will be able to unwrap a few Bad Boys of their own just in time for the holidays. They’re big, they’re bad, and they’re everywhere Brava’s national bestselling anthologies continue to delight devoted fans across the country, and the franchise that began with All Through the Night now brings a whole new meaning to the idea of Christmas ecstasy. Featuring a six pack of top notch, bestselling romance writers, Jingle Bell Rock, will be the next best thing to eggnog to celebrate Christmas cheer. Skip the mistletoe you won’t need it after you indulge in these six tempting tales of romance filled with the sort of naughty but oh so nice men who make the season so bright it’s downright hot…

Bad Boys Next Exit (By:Shannon McKenna,Donna Kauffman)

Take Everything by Shannon McKennaAll Jane Duvall wants is to bag another big account for her headhunting firm, even if it means stealing a key employee from sexy hotel CEO Michael ‘Mac’ MacNamara. But once Mac gets a good look at the luscious, elusive Jane, he’s more than willing to let her take everything…
body, heart and soul. Exposed by Donna KauffmanChristmas Eve and two strangers on a train stranded in a blizzard well, Austin Morgan and Delilah Hudson couldn’t have picked a less likely place to experience passion and love. Pure Ginger by E. C. SheedyGinger Cameron has wasted too much time on the hey baby, great sex, see ya kind of guy sand her PR business is suffering. From now on, she’s a beige woman, a serious woman, and a woman who sleeps alone. Enter Cal Beaumann who wants to hire Ginger. But when his male radar kicks in, he bets himself there’s more to Ginger than coiled hair, orthopedic shoes and industrial strength underwear.

Kill Time

Nowhere To Run…
Nora McKee has never forgotten the terrible day her mother was abducted by government agents and ‘disappeared.’ Now, it’s happening again. In a crowded cafe on an ordinary street, they’ve come for her husband, Jake, a man who knows too much. And the last thing he says to Nora before he vanishes is a chilling warning…
Run, Nora, run…
Nowhere To Hide…
Alone and hunted by a shadow organization that will stop at nothing to find her, Nora is in a fight for survival far more important than she knows. For she is a link to a discovery beyond all human imagining…
a brilliant experiment that has suddenly crossed the line into uncontrollable nightmare…

Dark Fields

Quin St. James thought she knew her lover, thought nothing about Grant’s life could surprise her. But in his death she finds herself confronted by a series of shocks…
and questions. Helping her to answer them is police detective Mike McCleary, whose other primary case involves a search for a serial killer a woman with a knife, who picks up her victims in singles’ bars. As St. James and McCleary join forces, the murderer circles closer and closer, hovering just beyond their vision in the dark field.

Death Flats

A research psychiatrist specializing in near death experiences, Jack Bishop has just experienced his own very final death at the hands of an unknown murderer. His wife, Kate, was Quin St. James’s best friend in college. Now, she’s the prime suspect in her husband’s murder. But turning to Quin and McCleary for help brings them all nearer to death. Quin knows that Kate is innocent, and she and McCleary dig deep to prove it. But all they find is shocking evidence that Jack Bishop was leading a secret life of drugs, orgies, and something far more deadly. As Quin and McCleary close in, the killer begins to cover his bloody tracks the way he knows best: with corpses…
.’MacGregor whips up a great lather of suspense.’ The New York Times Book Review


When Quin St. James and Mike McCleary moved, it looked as if they might forget about solving murders for a while. But then McCleary’s sister becomes the latest victim of a collegetown Spree killer, the duo are drawn in again, pursuing yet avoiding the madman who intends to finish his bloody job…

Storm Surge

The first of three mysteries featuring the husband and wife detective team of Mike McCleary and Quin St. James, based in south Florida. The hardcover debut of a writer established as a best selling paperback original author.

Blue Pearl

The husband and wife detective team track down the murderer of the wife of a mysterious South American faith healer, whose popularity among the wealthy residents of Palm Beach, Florida, has made him a target of criminals.

Mistress of the Bones

In the latest installment of the critically acclaimed series, the husband and wife detective team of Quin St. James and Mike McCleary find themselves chasing the ghosts of slaves in Tango Key, in an effort to stop a killer.

The Hanged Man

In a quiet home in the Fort Lauderdale suburbs, a woman psychically witnesses a murder. In a posh estate, a few miles away, a man lies dead. The only clues are a collection of Tarot cards sent to the victim’s home and a nuisance call from a Fort Lauderdale woman who claims to have had a vision of the killing. For Detective Wayne Sheppard, the killing of famous criminologist Andrew Steele and the disappearance of his beautiful wife is about to test everything he has ever believed and everything he knows about logic, police work, and scientific truth.

Cold As Death

He’s waited years for this moment: a perfect hideout, a screaming boy no one can hear, and a woman who will finally know the pain of losing what matters most…
Mira Morales knows the burning house on the hill belongs to actress Suki Nichols, but who is the ghostly woman running down the driveway on fire? And the car careening wildly away, a boy’s face pressed against the window, his mouth a silent scream. Just like that, the vision the fire, the woman, the boy gone. And so is Suki Nichols’s son. A boy’s life hangs in the balance. Mira’s visions become stronger and more terrifying. For with each one, she is playing a dangerous game, opening a connection to a madman who will do anything to find her.

The Seventh Sense

For FBI veteran Charlie Calloway, the search for the enraged man who killed her husband and unborn child in a hit and run assault becomes a race against time.

Out of Sight

Ambitious scientist George Nash and Luis Manteles, an Ecuadoran shaman, have finally created the technology to make humans and objects invisible, but their project gets out of hand when an experiment with Tyler and Logan Griffin, their first ever human test subjects, goes awry. Three years later, Logan, who escaped shortly after becoming invisible, sneaks into Nash’s Florida compound to free her husband, whom Nash has confined in a glass house. With the help of her visible roommate, Logan shuts down the computer system at the same time that the Townsends, a family of three, wander into the test site. Consequently, the Townsends, along with a super intelligent Labrador retriever, turn invisible. Now targets of an effort by the National Security Bureau NSB to capture them, family and dog are forced on the run. After numerous close calls, a killing and a miraculous healing, all characters converge in a heady conclusion that hinges on Nash. Will he end the project or hand the Griffins, the Townsends and his life s work over to the NSB?

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