Steven Banks Books In Order

Middle School Bites Books In Order

  1. Middle School Bites (2020)
  2. Tom Bites Back (2020)
  3. Out for Blood (2021)


  1. King of the Creeps (2006)


  1. Looking At Christmas (2019)

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Steven Banks Books Overview

King of the Creeps

Tom is an undersized nerd with an oversized nose. He’s got frizzy hair and glas*ses. He s the flag monitor. He knows it he s a creep. What girl will ever like him?The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind. Tom may not look like a movie star, but he does look an awful lot like that new folksinger everyone is wild for. So he heads for Greenwich Village, and is soon the proud owner of a cheap guitar. What follows is an increasingly outrageous sequence of events where Tom fools the girl, learns a song, plays in a coffee house, gets tapped for the Ed Sullivan Show, loses his nerve, loses the girl, and wrestles with his conscience. But he discovers that sometimes, if you pretend to be brave hard enough, you can even fool yourself. And that given the right circumstances, even a creep can change the world. From the Hardcover edition.

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