Steve Hamilton Books In Order

Alex McKnight Books In Publication Order

  1. A Cold Day in Paradise (1998)
  2. Winter of the Wolf Moon (2000)
  3. The Hunting Wind (2001)
  4. North of Nowhere (2002)
  5. Blood is the Sky (2003)
  6. Ice Run (2004)
  7. A Stolen Season (2006)
  8. Beneath the Book Tower (Short Story) (2011)
  9. Misery Bay (2011)
  10. Die a Stranger (2012)
  11. Let it Burn (2013)
  12. Dead Man Running (2018)
  13. Riddle Island (Short Story) (2020)

Nick Mason Books In Publication Order

  1. The Second Life of Nick Mason (2016)
  2. Exit Strategy (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Night Work (2007)
  2. The Lock Artist (2009)

Kate O’Hare & Nicolas Fox Books In Publication Order

  1. Pros and Cons (By:Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2013)
  2. The Heist (By:Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2013)
  3. The Chase (By:Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2014)
  4. The Shell Game (By:Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2014)
  5. The Job (By:Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2014)
  6. The Scam (By:Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2015)
  7. The Pursuit (By:Janet Evanovich,Lee Goldberg) (2016)
  8. The Big Kahuna (By:Janet Evanovich,Peter Evanovich) (2019)
  9. The Bounty (With: Janet Evanovich) (2021)

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Steve Hamilton Books Overview

A Cold Day in Paradise

Other than the bullet lodged less than a centimeter from his heart, former Detroit police officer Alex McKnight thought he had put the nightmare of his partner’s death and his own near fatal injury behind him after all, Maximillian Rose, convicted of the crimes, has been locked in the state penitentiary for thirteen years. But in the small town of Paradise, Michigan, where McKnight has traded his badge for a cozy cabin in the woods, a murderer with the unmistakable trademark of Maximillian Rose appears to be back to his killing ways. With Rose locked away, McKnight can’t understand who else would know the intimate details of the old murders, described in the threatening notes and phone calls he receives not to mention the signature blood red rose left on his doorstep. And it seems like it’ll be a frozen day in hell before McKnight can unravel the cold truth from a deadly deception in a town that’s anything but Paradise. AUTHORBIO: STEVE HAMILTON, born and raised in Michigan, now works for IBM is upstate New York, where he lives with his wife and son.A Cold Day in Paradise is the winner of the 1997 St. Martin’s Press/Private Eye Writers of America Best First P.I. Novel contest. Hamilton is now at work on his next Alex McKnight mystery.

Winter of the Wolf Moon

Snow doesn t just fall on cedars on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula: it coats everything, mobile and inanimate, in a treacherously quick, dangerously thick blanket of white. As Alex McKnight observes, gazing out the window of his cabin in Paradise, ‘It looked like about six inches of new snow. Around here, that qualifies as scattered flurries.’ Given this climate, the urge to hibernate is perfectly understandable batten down the hatches, throw another log on the fire, and wait until the spring thaw. For Alex, the denning impulse is as much psychological as it is physical. Haunted by memories of his deadly failures as a cop, a private investigator, and a lover, Alex wants nothing more than to plow his driveway, be cordial to the snowmobilers who rent his cabins, and lower his core emotional temperature to the forgetting point. Unfortunately, he s got friends who get in the way of his seasonal plans. When Vinnie LeBlanc, an Ojibwa Indian, convinces Alex to fill in as goalie for his hockey team, slap shots and hard checks are soon the least of his worries. Instead, he becomes embroiled in a tangle of conflicting allegiances; one of his opponents, Lonnie Bruckman, a bigot and a psychotic, is terrorizing the Ojibwa reservation in ways both personal and professional: he abuses his girlfriend, Dorothy Parrish, and sells ‘wild cat,’ a methamphetamine derivative, to members of the reservation. Dorothy desperate to escape her Ojibwa heritage but reluctantly acknowledging its force turns up on Alex s front door with a mysterious canvas bag and a plea for shelter: ‘ The wolf moon means it s time to protect the people around you because there are wolves outside your door. ‘ But the next day, she s gone. As Alex, devastated by his inability to protect Dorothy, tries to find her, he must confront Bruckman for whom a snowmobile is less a recreational vehicle than an instrument of torture; a mysterious Russian named Molinov; the combined forces of the local police and the DEA; and, it seems, even those he has always considered friends. Luckily for Alex, Leon Prudell, ‘a two hundred forty pound whirlwind of flannel and snowboots,’ who really, really wants to be a private investigator, is right there to lend a hand. Leon adds a welcome note of comic relief to the novel as does, to be sure, Alex s own dryly sardonic wit, but the book s tone is largely elegiac: ‘It was the middle of the day, but with the sun hidden behind the clouds and the weight of snow in the air, there was an oddly muted light, dim yet persistent, as each snowflake seemed to glow with its own energy. I stopped for a moment…
hypnotized by the sight of it and by the sound of my own breathing.’ Surviving winter takes many kinds of courage, and the reader will be enthralled by Alex s efforts to disprove Molinov s ominous warning, ‘ Once you freeze all the way through to your soul, you will never feel warm again. You ll see. ‘ Steve Hamilton won the 1999 Edgar Award for his first Alex McKnight mystery, A Cold Day in Paradise, and Winter of the Wolf Moon will reassure readers that neither beginner s luck nor sophomore jinx troubles this author. Kelly Flynn

The Hunting Wind

In his most stunning mystery yet, Steve Hamilton returns readers to the bitter cold of Paradise, Michigan, and the solitary world of Alex McKnight. McKnight moved to the cabins his father built on the Upper Peninsula when a bullet lodged too close to his heart ended his career as a Detroit policeman. His days are passed taking care of the cabins and stopping in at the Glasgow Inn for his nightly round of Canadian beers. According to Alex McKnight and anyone else who lives there, ‘April in Paradise is still cold enough to hurt you.’ So, on a typical chilly April night, McKnight is sitting in his usual chair at the inn drinking his Canadian beer, unaware that even then someone is traveling 2,000 miles to see him. It is Randy Wilkins, the crazy southpaw pitcher who used to keep McKnight dancing behind the plate in their minor league days. They haven’t seen each other in thirty years, but Randy is convinced that McKnight is the right man to help him on his quest. Randy has come back to Michigan to find Maria, the one true love of his life. The only problem? Randy walked away from her in 1971 and hasn’t seen or heard from her since. McKnight can’t believe what he is hearing. The whole story sounds ridiculous, but McKnight, occasionally known for being a soft touch, agrees to help Randy look for her. The search takes them to Detroit and as it deepens, McKnight begins to realize that he an unwilling player in a dangerous game. With gut wrenching twists and revelations as chilling as a winter night in Paradise, Hamilton unreels another superb mystery that will leave you wondering just how well you know your friends. AUTHORBIO: Steve Hamilton was born and raised in the Detroit area. He now lives in upstate New York with his wife and children. His first novel, A Cold Day in Paradise won the 1997 SMP/ PWA Award for Best First Private Eye Novel, the 1999 Edgar Award, and the Shamus Award.

North of Nowhere

Summer has finally arrived in Paradise, Michigan, but Alex McKnight doesn’t seem to notice the change in the weather. He’s been retreating into own his private world the past few months and now he barely leaves his cabin except to go have his meals in the nearby Glasgow Inn. The Inn’s proprietor, Jackie, is more and more concerned with Alex’s state, and the last straw comes as he watches Alex morosely counting up his ‘failures’ on the eve of his 49th birthday his marriage, his baseball career, his stint in the Detroit police. He offers his friend an ultimatum:’Either I take you to the airport and put your ass on a plane to Moosehide or you play poker with me tonight.’The other poker players are men Alex hardly knows, in a posh house near the water. In the middle of the game, masked robbers invade the premises, hold the players at gunpoint and proceed to rob the homeowner. Alex is roused to action and so is his former detective partner, Leon Prudell. Working first against one another and later together, they discover that the crime is far more complex than a simple robbery. There is murder and greed and revenge involved, and a wild chase on the waters of Lake Superior before Alex is forced to realize that there is no retreat from life. And that maybe this is a good thing. AUTHORBIO: Steve Hamilton was born and raised in the Detroit area. He now lives in upstate New York with his wife and children. His first novel, A COLD DAY IN PARADISE won the 1997 SMP/ PWA Award for Best First Private Eye Novel, the 1999 Edgar Award, and the Shamus Award.

Blood is the Sky

Winning the Edgar Award for A Cold Day in Paradise, Steve Hamilton introduced one of the most compelling characters in modern fiction: Alex McKnight, a gritty ex Detroit cop who can’t say no to a friend in need no matter the cost. Now McKnight finds himself in the forests of northern Ontario, a land of savage beauty and sudden danger, where some secrets just won’t stay buried. Alex McKnight isn’t a man with many friends, but the few he has know they’re never alone in a fix. So when Vinnie LeBlanc asks for his help in taking a trip deep into Canada in search of his missing brother, the Ojibwa Indian knows he can count on Alex. Tom LeBlanc had taken a job as hunting guide for a rough crew of Detroit ‘businessmen.’ The group was due back days ago, yet there’s been no sign of them, and there’s mounting evidence of something odd about their disappearing act. The trackless forests of northern Ontario keep many secrets, but none more shocking than the one that Alex is about to uncover. And the more closely Alex looks for answers, the more the questions become: where are the hunters…
and who is the prey?

Ice Run

Alex McKnight is in love. Even though he met Natalie Reynaud, an officer from the Ontario Provincial Police, under difficult circumstances, they share a common bond of solitude, as well as the same nightmare they re both cops who buried their partners. It’s Alex s first real relationship in years, which in some ways is terrifying. But Natalie has her own fears to deal with and her own secrets. They brave a violent snowstorm to spend the night together in a historic hotel in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. There, they meet a mysterious old man who seems to know a lot about Natalie and about her family. But they won t be getting any answers from him he ll be found frozen to death in a snowbank the very next morning. From this single incident, an old blood feud will be reignited, one going back decades to an event buried in her family s past an event that even now can still drive men to kill each other. As much as Natalie doesn t want Alex to become entangled in this web of lies and hatred, there s no way he can let her face this danger alone. This is a man who has gotten beaten up, shot at, and even dragged behind a snowmobile, all because he s a sucker for a friend in need. How much further will he go for love?

A Stolen Season

On a cold, miserable night in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, a night that wouldn t feel so unusual if it wasn t the Fourth of July, an antique wooden boat runs full speed into a line of old railroad pilings in the shallow waters of Waishkey Bay. When Alex McKnight helps rescue the passengers, he finds three men. The driver is out cold, the other two are dazed but conscious. When they re all finally back on dry land and sent away in an ambulance, Alex figures he ll never see them again.
He couldn t be more wrong.
It s not enough that Natalie Reynaud, the woman who has become the center of his life, is five hundred miles away, working a dangerous undercover operation in Toronto. Now Alex has even more problems when the men from the boat get tangled up with his best friend, Vinnie. It s all Alex can do to keep Vinnie from killing them or being killed by them.
With Vinnie in danger on one side of the border, and Natalie in just as much danger on the other, what comes next will be the absolute darkest hour of Alex s life, beyond anything he s ever faced before.
Steve Hamilton surpas*ses his previous works with this suspenseful page turner that delves into the darkness and determination of the human spirit. If you thought you knew Alex McKnight and how far he ll go for the people he cares about…
think again.

Misery Bay

On a frozen January night, a young man loops one end of a long rope over the branch of a tree. The other end he ties around his neck. A snowmobiler will find him thirty six hours later, his lifeless eyes staring out at the endless cold water of Lake Superior. It happens in a lonely corner of the Upper Peninsula, in a place they call Misery Bay. Alex McKnight does not know this young man, and he won t even hear about the suicide until another cold night, two months later and 250 miles away, when the door to the Glasgow Inn opens and the last person Alex would ever expect to see comes walking in to ask for his help. What seems like a simple quest to find a few answers will turn into a nightmare of sudden violence and bloody revenge, and a race against time to catch a ruthless killer. McKnight knows all about evil, of course, having faced down a madman who killed his partner and left a bullet next to his heart. Mobsters, drug dealers, hit men he’s seen them all, and they ve taken away almost everything he s ever loved. But none of them could have ever prepared him for the darkness he s about to face.

Night Work

Award winning author of the acclaimed Alex McKnight series Steve Hamilton delivers his eagerly awaited, breakaway thriller with Night Work.
Joe Trumbull is not a man who scares easily. As a juvenile probation officer in Kingston, New York, he’s half cop, half social worker to the most high risk youth in the city. And when he s not pounding the streets, trying to keep his kids out of jail, he s pounding a heavy bag in the gym to stay in shape.
But tonight Joe Trumbull is scared to death.
It s been two years since his fianc e, Laurel, was brutally murdered. Two years of grief and loneliness. On this hot summer night, he s finally going out on a blind date, his first date since Laurel s death. He s not looking for love, just testing the waters to see if it s possible to live a normal life again. The thought of it is turning his knees to jelly.
Marlene Frost is a beautiful woman. She s warm and funny, with a smile to match. After the first awkward minutes, Joe finally starts to think this isn t such a bad idea after all. In fact, maybe this blind date will turn out to be one of the best things that ever happened to him.
He couldn t be more wrong. Because somehow, for reasons Joe can barely understand, this one evening will mark the beginning of a new nightmare. A nightmare that will lead him to the faceless man in the shadows, and to the most terrible realization of all.
For Joe Trumbull, the past is never past. And the worst is yet to come.

The Lock Artist

‘I was the Miracle Boy, once upon a time. Later on, the Milford Mute. The Golden Boy. The Young Ghost. The Kid. The Boxman. The Lock Artist. That was all me. But you can call me Mike.’ Marked by tragedy, traumatized at the age of eight, Michael, now eighteen, is no ordinary young man. Besides not uttering a single word in ten years, he discovers the one thing he can somehow do better than anyone else. Whether it’s a locked door without a key, a padlock with no combination, or even an eight hundred pound safe…
he can open them all. It’s an unforgivable talent. A talent that will make young Michael a hot commodity with the wrong people and, whether he likes it or not, push him ever close to a life of crime. Until he finally sees his chance to escape, and with one desperate gamble risks everything to come back home to the only person he ever loved, and to unlock the secret that has kept him silent for so long. Steve Hamilton steps away from his Edgar Award winning Alex McKnight series to introduce a unique new character, unlike anyone you’ve ever seen in the world of crime fiction. The Lock Artist is the winner of the 2011 Edgar Award for Best Novel.

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