Stella Cameron Books In Order

Abby & Nick Books In Publication Order

  1. No Stranger (1987)
  2. Second to None (1988)

Alex Duggins Books In Publication Order

  1. Folly / Cold (2013)
  2. Out Comes the Evil (2015)
  3. Melody of Murder (2016)
  4. Lies That Bind (2017)
  5. Whisper the Dead (2018)
  6. Trap Lane (2019)
  7. The Playing Fields (2021)

Bayou Books In Publication Order

  1. French Quarter (1998)
  2. Cold Day in July / Dead End (2002)
  3. Kiss Them Goodbye (2003)
  4. Now You See Him (2004)
  5. A Grave Mistake (2005)
  6. Body of Evidence (2006)
  7. A Marked Man (2006)
  8. Target (2007)
  9. A Cold Day in Hell (2007)
  10. Cypress Nights (2008)

Chimney Rock Books In Publication Order

  1. Darkness Bound (2012)
  2. Darkness Bred (2013)

Court Of Angels Books In Publication Order

  1. Out of Body (2010)
  2. Out of Mind (2010)
  3. Out of Sight (2010)

Elliot Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. A Useful Affair (2004)
  2. Testing Miss Toogood (2005)

Mayfair Square Books In Publication Order

  1. More and More (1999)
  2. All Smiles (2000)
  3. 7B (2001)
  4. The Orphan (2002)
  5. About Adam (2003)

McGrath Books In Publication Order

  1. Faces of a Clown (1985)
  2. Choices (1986)
  3. Yes is Forever (1987)

Navy SEALs Books In Publication Order

  1. Sheer Pleasures (1995)
  2. True Bliss (1996)
  3. Guilty Pleasures (1997)
  4. We Do! (in Married in Spring) (2001)

New Orleans PD Books In Publication Order

  1. Key West (1999)
  2. Glass Houses (2000)

Rossmara Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Fascination (1993)
  2. Charmed (1995)
  3. Bride (1995)
  4. Beloved (1996)
  5. The Wish Club (1998)

Touch Books In Publication Order

  1. Only by Your Touch (1992)
  2. His Magic Touch (1993)

Undercurrents Books In Publication Order

  1. Undercurrents (1991)
  2. Snow Angels (2001)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Love Beyond Question (As: Alicia Brandon) (1985)
  2. Moontide (1985)
  3. Full Circle (As: Alicia Brandon) (1986)
  4. Shadows (1986)
  5. All That Sparkles (1986)
  6. Some Die Telling (1988)
  7. A Party of Two (1988)
  8. Once and for Always / The Road Home (1988)
  9. A Death in the House (1989)
  10. Friends (1989)
  11. The Late Gentleman (1989)
  12. Risks (1990)
  13. Mirror, Mirror (1991)
  14. An Angel in Time / One Magical Christmas (1991)
  15. Mad About the Man (1992)
  16. Breathless (1994)
  17. Pure Delights (1995)
  18. Dear Stranger (1997)
  19. Wait for Me (1997)
  20. The Best Revenge (1998)
  21. Finding Ian (2001)
  22. Tell Me Why (2001)
  23. Love is Where You Find It (2014)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Bargain Bride (1993)
  2. The Greatest Gift (2011)

Calendar Of Romance Books In Publication Order

  1. Happy New Year, Darling (By:Margaret St. George) (1991)
  2. Under His Spell (By:Linda Randall Wisdom) (1992)
  3. Valentine’s Hearts And Flowers (By:Muriel Jensen) (1992)
  4. A Man for Easter (1992)
  5. Home Free (By:Cathy Gillen Thacker) (1992)
  6. Opposing Camps (By:Judith Arnold) (1992)
  7. A Christmas Marriage (By:Dallas Schulze) (1992)

Safe Haven Books In Publication Order

  1. The Message (1988)
  2. Come Gentle the Dawn (By:Lindsay McKenna) (1989)
  3. The Amnesiac Bride (By:Marie Ferrarella) (1997)
  4. Memories of Megan (By:Rita Herron) (2002)

SBC Fighters Books In Publication Order

  1. Causing Havoc (By:Lori Foster) (2007)
  2. Simon Says (By:Lori Foster) (2007)
  3. Hard To Handle (By:Lori Foster) (2007)
  4. My Man, Michael (By:Lori Foster) (2009)
  5. Back in Black (By:Lori Foster) (2009)
  6. Tails of Love (With: Lori Foster,Dianne Castell,Sarah McCarty,Donna MacMeans,Marcia James) (2009)
  7. Double the Heat (By:Christie Ridgway) (2009)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women (1992)
  2. A Christmas Collection (1992)
  3. To Love and to Honor (1993)
  4. Summer Love (1997)
  5. Legacies of Love Collection (1999)
  6. Slow Heat (2001)

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Stella Cameron Books Overview

French Quarter

When New Orleans businessman Errol Petrie hires Celina Payne to represent ‘Dreams’ a company that caters to the whims of the wealthy and uses the profits to fund the wishes of dying children her newfound happiness is soon shattered by Petrie’s untimely death.

Cold Day in July / Dead End

Toussaint, Louisiana, is a sleepy bayou town where people know their neighbours and everyone feels safe until the shattered body of a young woman is found at the base of St. Cecil’s belfry stairs. But is she the victim of a tragic accident or something more sinister? Marc Girard doesn’t believe in accidents. What he does believe is that the dead woman may be his missing sister. Now, he’s coming home to Toussaint, where his wealthy family still casts a powerful shadow, in order to find the truth, no matter where it leads him.. or to whom. Medical examiner Reb O’Brien remembers the day Marc left her behind, just as she remembers the mysterious murders of two other young women a year earlier crimes with eerier echoes of this one. With no one to trust but each other, Marc and Reb find themselves slipping down deep into the shadows of the Big Easy, where a town’s darkest secrets lie waiting, and a killer is ready to strike another deadly blow…

Now You See Him

Two years ago Ellie Byron was the only witness to the brutal murder of a young woman. Charles Penn, a hard eyed man with a history of violence, was convicted of the crime. Now he’s escaped and another woman is dead. Ellie fears she may be next and turns to the only person she trusts; attorney Joe Gable. Joe would give his life to protect Ellie, but neither of them knows just how deadly an enemy they face or how close he is. Then the police discover that both crimes mirror events in a bestselling mystery series. And when the third book in the series is released, Joe and Ellie realize that time has run out. Because in this book the killer eliminates the only threat to his freedom. The last death is the death of the witness.

A Grave Mistake

The First Mistake Dead: an ordinary man in a pressed suit and tie. Just the latest in a string of losers in the wrong place at the most disastrous time. Not the kind of case to yank New Orleans homicide detective Guy Gautreaux away from his leave of absence in Toussaint, Louisiana, the only home to offer him a sense of purpose after a tragedy that nearly destroyed his life. The Second Mistake But there’s someone in Toussaint Guy will do anything even open up a dead cold case to shelter. Jilly Gable is desperate to find the love of the family who abandoned her as a child. And when the wife of a powerful New Orleans antiques dealer and loan shark and twisted degenerate sweeps into town claiming to be her mother, Jilly is all too willing to love and forget. The Final Reckoning Slowly and methodically, an evil envelops Jilly, and Guy must bare the truth to snatch her back from the edge. Connecting the dots between the Big Easy and Toussaint all but cinches his case, but Jilly and Guy are drawn deeper into corruption, and they have only each other for protection. Will that be enough?

Body of Evidence

Emma Lachance is taken by surprise when she runs into her old flame, Finn Duhon, at a construction site in Pointe Judah, Louisiana. But the last thing she expects to find is the corpse of her friend, a local journalist whose relentlessly scathing articles have enraged every lawmaker and opportunist in town, including the mayor Emma’s husband. When more bodies are found, Emma and Finn wonder if the link is Secrets, an eclectic support group for women in which all the murder victims were members. A groups that has helped Emma find the strength to divorce her abusive, unfaithful husband. Could an innocent women’s club drive a furious husband or boyfriend to murder, or are the killings only made to look as if that’s the connection? Emma and Finn intend to find out before Emma becomes the next Body of Evidence

A Marked Man

Once Accused When Max Savage opens his practice in a remote, seductively beautiful bayou town, he hopes it’s the start of a new life. He’s got his reputation as a skilled surgeon, his two brothers by his side and a fresh chance here in the sultry heat of Toussaint. But soon Max discovers he can’t escape a past riddled with accusations of murder…
or the faces of two dead women. Especially since another woman is missing, and he was the last to see her alive. Always Suspected Annie Duhon knows all about nightmares that shatter life’s dreams and the need to escape the past. But her fascination with Max grows, even when disturbing rumors start to surfance and her darkest visions seem to play out in living color. Can she trust Max with her secrets and her deepest desires? Or is he the specter she sees when she sleeps a killer stalking women with his cleansing fire? Is she about to become his next victim? Marked for Death The object of obsessive hatred, Max is A Marked Man who has unwittingly attracted danger to anyone he’s cared about. Now he loves Annie, and knows with chilling certainty that he faces one last chance to unmask a killer before there’s nothing left to fight for.


Nearly two decades ago a charismatic man called Colin controlled an isolated community hidden in foothills north of San Francisco in what was supposed to be a life free of materialism. Instead, Colin turned The Refuge into a mass grave as he completed a sinister plan to exterminate his followers all except three children, who slipped through his fingers and escaped with his secrets.

Today, Nick Board and the two beautiful sisters, Sarah and Aurelie, who escaped with him, are living quietly under the radar in the little bayou town of Point Judah, Louisiana. But when the bodies at The Refuge are uncovered, the nightmare of the past forces the friends out into the open. To survive, they must stay one step ahead of the man who has been waiting for them to surface. Driven by greed and anger, he intends them to take his secrets to their graves.

A Cold Day in Hell

‘Tis the season to be wary…
Christmas is coming and all is far from calm in Pointe Judah, Louisiana. Newcomer Christian DeAngelo Angel to his friends is at his wit’s end trying to manage Sonny, the hotheaded nineteen year old everyone believes is his nephew. In fact, Sonny is the orphaned son of a notorious mob boss, a protected witness…
and Angel’s responsibility. Angel has been commiserating with Eileen Moggeridge, whose lonely son Aaron has latched on to Sonny and gotten into deeper trouble than ever. But nothing could prepare Angel and Eileen for the boys’ latest crisis: as they are horsing around in the swamp one afternoon, a shot rings out. Aaron is hit, but was the bullet meant for Sonny? Suddenly, a goodwill toward men is in short supply and Angel doesn’t know who’s more dangerous: the hoodoo mystic with an eerie hold over the boys, the hit man roaming the bayou or Eileen’s volatile ex husband, Chuck.

Cypress Nights

Roche Savage is a dedicated, talented psychiatrist with a life shattering secret: his sexuality isn’t just vibrant, it’s over the top. He’s always avoided gentle, reserved women because he knows that if he lets himself get out of control he could frighten them or worse. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to stop thinking about Bleu Labeau, a reticent teacher who has come to Toussaint to start a new school in St. Cecil’s parish. Bleu suffers the psychological consequences of being the widow of a man who taught her that sex was dirty, wrong and best performed in the dark.

Father Cyrus Payne, the priest at St. Cecil’s, is busy with his new school project, but still can’t keep his assistant Madge Pollard off his mind. He has decided to push her into dating other men. The results only deepen Father Cyrus’s struggle to choose between the church and the woman he loves.

The new school project has also brought to Toussaint an evil, violent presence. When a man is killed in St. Cecil’s church, panic spreads. More murders follow, and the victims are all significant contributors to the church’s new school. With little help from the FBI, the local sheriffand the townspeople are left to fend for themselves.

Taking the lead, Roche Savage and Bleu Labeau race to unravel the mystery before another person is forced to have the school pamphlet as their last meal. But when it is revealed that all the victims are former patients of Roche, Bleu and the rest of the town realize that they may not be looking for a stranger but one of their very own.

Out of Body

Born of an ancient family of clairvoyants, Marley Millet finds that her psychic gift is both unsettling and incredibly dangerous. She never wants to ‘travel’ again but the choice is not hers to make. After glimpsing the fates of two missing New Orleans jazz singers, Marley knows she has no choice and must speak up before more women disappear. Flinty cop turned writer Gray Fisher, who interviewed both chanteuses before they vanished, takes a special interest in Marley’s incredible story and in Marley. Scouring the wild clubs of the French Quarter, Marley and Gray make an unlikely and uneasy team. But their determination is matched only by the heat between them and the evil they have uncovered.

Out of Mind

Willow Millet longs to deny her family’s exceptional gifts paranormal talents known to few, shared by even fewer. Benedict Fortune is one such a connection that should have strengthened the undeniable bond between him and Willow. But her self doubt has driven them apart. Married instead to her business, Willow’s concierge we can do anything service is thriving until it is hit by a string of bizarre and fatal accidents every victim a client. Now her livelihood depends on two enigmatic socialites and their notoriously decadent parties. In this anything goes atmosphere, Willow and Ben are thrown together again and their need for each other is as strong as ever, but they are challenged at every turn . For dark forces are stalking Willow coveting her gift as a means of cheating death and ruling New Orleans forever.

A Useful Affair

The Marquis of Granville’s deadly efficiency makes him invaluable to the Crown. But his latest mission has nothing to do with his work for England and everything to do with avenging the murder of two members of his family. Killing would be too good for Bernard Leggit, the wealthy and corrupt merchant responsible for their deaths. Granville has a better plan: Seduce the old man’s young wife, Hattie, then let society know about their affair. For Leggit, living with shame will be worse than death. Hattie Leggit married her odious husband in a devil’s bargain to save her parents from debtors’ prison. She has a scheme for freeing herself from this private misery, but foiling Leggit is taking too long. The opportune arrival of the dashing Marquis of Granville inspires a daring new plan: Pretend to engage in a very discreet affair with Granville and make her freedom the price for not flaunting their liaison in society. When Hattie responds to him, Granville smells his revenge, but nothing goes as he had planned. Hattie drives him wild with need, until he finds himself forgetting his purpose. Although desire is new to Hattie, she manages to resist surrender until love and yearning conquer all doubts. But will they join forces in time to outwit a vicious enemy with more murder in mind?

More and More

Finch More, 29, is considered a shy spinster. But when her brother is mysteriously abducted, the world sees the real Finch More, a woman of action, a woman who has tasted the power of passion and likes it a woman who scorns defeat. But when Finch meets the dangerous Viscount Kilrood, she may have met her match. She needs his help to find her brother; he is willing but for a price. A price that Finch may surprise herself by paying.

About Adam

In the names of justice, fun and, most of all, love, the residents of Mayfair Square are about to challenge fate…
yet again. Return with New York Times bestselling author Stella Cameron to fabulous 7 Mayfair Square, where the outrageous is commonplace. Adam Chillworth is a hard man. The mysterious and talented portrait artist of 7C Mayfair Square is passionately in love with Princess Desiree, though he has consistently refused her ardent adoration, convinced that he’s too old and too worldly for her. And he is, after all, only a commoner. But Desiree returning after months away nursing a broken heart has a plan. She’ll show him that she has matured, that she’s no longer given to childish infatuations. She’ll treat him as an old friend. How unfortunate that each time she’s with him she imagines passionate encounters. But while audacious Desiree is pursuing the Plan, ruthless enemies from Adam’s secret past are closing in on him, placing them both in desperate peril. As he fights with cool and deadly skill, Desiree discovers that Adam Chillworth is a dangerous man. Dangerous to hate and to love.

Yes is Forever

A New York Times Bestselling Author

Donna McGrath had been in love with family friend Bruce Fenton since she was a girl. Now she had one summer to convince him to marry her. So she concocted a plan to involve Bruce in searching for her natural father, a man she knew he would never find. When Donna walked into Bruce’s law office, he was instantly attracted to the woman she’d become. He agreed to help her – never suspecting Donna’s real motive for seeking him out.

Sheer Pleasures

When Wilhelmina Phoenix sets out in search of her best friend, who disappeared from a club in the Cascade Mountains, she meets sexy Roman Wilde, an ex Navy SEAL working undercover. The ignited desire between them is both explosive and dangerous.

True Bliss

Fifteen years after rivalry and accusation shatter the romance of privileged Bliss Winters and rebel Sebastian Plato, a now rich and ruthless Sebastian returns to restore his reputation and claim the woman he loves. Tour.

Guilty Pleasures

Cameron manages the neat trick of delving into sordid troubles and twisted minds while delivering a rock solid romance. ‘Publishers Weekly’ Everybody has a past, but TV personality Polly Crow has one she must hide at all costs. Every man has his breaking point, but ex Navy SEAL Nasty Ferrito is about to discover how far he’ll go to protect what he believes in. When the two meet, sparks ignite, but it’ll take a woman’s trust and a man’s courage to fight the shadowy menace stalking Polly.


Lady Justine Girvin, the Duke of Franchot’s elegant spinster sister, decided to grab one last chance for happiness by doing something incredibly scandalous. Defying convention, she traveled alone to a Scottish castle to find the mysterious Straun, her brother’s friend, and to ask him to teach her all about love.

The Wish Club

1998 Warner Books BCE. 409 pages. Stella Cameron’s novels are a little bit wicked, deliciously daring and irresistibly intriquing. Now she has penned a sweeping, sensual historical novel of a passionate woman and the high born gentleman she is forbidden to love. As children, Max Rossmana, the son of a viscount, and Kirsty Mercer, a tenant farmer’s daughter, were unlikely yet inseparable friends. Innocent to the demands of convention, they formed a club for wishing. And each had only one wish: to be together forever. But Max’s family pressured him to live in another world and leave Kirsty behind. Now, changed from a gentle boy into a bitter man, he returns to his Scottish estate, swearing to make his childhood wish come true. And when he calls Kirsty to the castle to work as his assistant an unprecedented position for a woman she warily goes to his side. How familiar it feels…
and how soon pleasure becomes peril when they risk everything to wish again for a world that will let them love.


Two years ago, Greer had lost everything that mattered in her life. Now it’s time to go back to England and make peace with he past. A past that includes Dr. Andrew Monthaven the man she could never forget. Andrew had offered her kindness when she needed it most. But she had rejected him. For Andrew, Greer’s return is a miracle. It had broken his heart to let her go. Now fate has brought them back together and he won’t lose her again.

An Angel in Time / One Magical Christmas

A very special delivery…
Hannah Bradshaw arrives home to find an elderly gentleman with a snowy beard waiting on her steps. He hands her a worn and battered envelope. But before Hannah can find out who he is, he vanishes…
Hannah opens the envelope to find a long lost letter from her hometown sweetheart Roman Frazer. Seven years ago they’d planned to marry until another woman claimed to be carrying Roman’s child. Distraught, Hannah fled. This letter states the baby wasn’t Roman’s. Could Hannah have been wrong to run away from the one man she’d always loved…
and still loved? It’s time for Hannah to find out the truth…

Mad About the Man

New York TImes Bestselling Author. Jacques Ledan, the legendary mulitmillionaire who made his fortune in candy, is determined to revitalize the sleepy town of Goldstrike, California. As he sees it, it’s the least he can do to help the little people. Their homespun charm, combined with his business acumen, is a match made in heaven. He’s pretty sure that once he unveils his ‘Go for the Gold in Goldstrike’ campaign, the locals will want to erect a statue in his honor. How could anyone be so clueless? Gaby MacGregor thinks her hometown is perfect as it is. The last thing she wants is to raise her daughter in some tacky theme park nightmare. In Gaby’s opinion, Jacques Ledan is the most arrogant, overbearing, insufferable man she’s ever met. Unfortunately, he’s also the most attractive. Gaby’s not about to let a little thing like lust get in the way of her campaign to save the town. But she hadn’t counted on love…

Wait for Me

Gray Falconer returns to Scotland, bowed yet unbroken by the treachery that made him a prisoner for three long years. His one consolation is that he will soon see his beloved Minerva, his sweet Min. Min herself would willingly leap into his arms, if she were not furious at being left at the altar, three years before. But they soon have more to worry about than their fiery passion. Because danger is closing on them.

The Best Revenge

Fleeing from her home, young Rae Faith Maddy ran from town to town, covering her tracks, until the trail was cold. Then she settled in tiny Decline, Georgia, where no one knew her past, or her terrible secret. As the years passed, she built a life that was safe, peaceful, and secure. But that all ended the day an arrogant stranger came to town, with a revelation that devastated Rae’s world. Now, with nothing left to lose, Rae is following Dallas Calhoun to sultry Glory, Georgia, determined to teach the sexy millionaire a lesson as bitter as the one he taught her. Full page, full color ‘Romantic Times’ ad. .

The Message

When Page Linstrom first set eyes on Ian Faber, it was 2:00 a.m. and she was delivering an order of truffles and champagne to his San Francisco town house. Ian was intrigued. Page kept her distance. But he didn’t get The Message. The overworked owner of Pedal Pushers, Page was committed to her courier business and didn’t have time for a social life. She had no experience with high society or with men like him. None of that fazed Ian. However, her riding a bike alone at night did. Ian wanted Page to stop before something happenedwhich was a premonition she should have listened to, before she found herself accused of a crime she didn’t commit!

The Amnesiac Bride (By:Marie Ferrarella)

It was every woman’s dream come true, waking up in an opulent bridal suite, a wedding ring on her finger and a magnificent male by her side. But for Whitney Bradshaw it was more like a nightmare. She couldn’t remember the wedding, or her new husband or even her own name…

Causing Havoc (By:Lori Foster)

Orphaned and torn from his sisters as a boy, sexy extreme wrestler Dean ‘Havoc’ Conor gets a letter revealing how much his siblings want him back in Harmony, Kentucky. To stop his sister from marrying a sleazeball, Dean finds himself teaming up with her pretty but smart mouthed friend Eve who’s heard of Havoc’s reputation and doesn’t need some hunk trampling on her heart. Now all Dean has to do is protect his sisters, win Eve over, and expose a devious criminal. And he thought winning the heavyweight belt was hard.

Simon Says (By:Lori Foster)

Sexy ex fighter Simon Evans has the perfect life until he catches his girlfriend cheating. To work off his rage, he goes back into the ring full force. But a gutsy and gorgeous P.I. is about to send him reeling with a secret about his family and one about her heart.

Hard To Handle (By:Lori Foster)

Sometimes Fate delivers a left hook. After Fate deals Supreme Battle Challenge SBC fighter Harley Handleman a sucker punch, his uncle secretly hires a pretty lifecoach to get Harley back in the ring of life. Anastasia Kelley has actually known Harley for years, but never as well as she’s going to now. Hot for his fighter’s form, she has trouble keeping it professional, especially since Harley doesn’t know she was hired. And when Anastasia turns the tables on him, it’s as if he’s been hit below the belt. But that’s also where is uncontrollable lust for her burns.

My Man, Michael (By:Lori Foster)

Knocked out in one world, he ll take on another. On the verge of a title shot match, fighter Michael Mallet Manchester is injured in a car accident. And just as quickly as his career was taking off, it’s over. Then Kaylie Raine appears, offering him a second chance at becoming whole. Even though Mallet thinks it s the pain medication talking, he accepts her challenge. And on an extraordinary journey with Kaylie, he ll get a chance to fight again to save the woman who has saved him.

Back in Black (By:Lori Foster)

Never before published from the New York Times bestselling author Gillian is a PR expert hired to smooth out the rough edges on hot headed sports club president Drew Black. He’s rough, raw and ready for any challenge Gillian throws his way. But which one’s going to end up on top?

Tails of Love (With: Lori Foster,Dianne Castell,Sarah McCarty,Donna MacMeans,Marcia James)

Ten all new stories that celebrate our animal friends, by bestselling and award winning authors.

From Seeing Eye dogs to the cat who cuddles in your lap, animals are there for us in more ways than we can count. Helping us get through the day with a wag of the tail and a tilt of the head, they let us know that someone is on our side no matter what. They also have an amazing ability to break down barriers between people; bringing families and loved ones closer, and giving strangers an excuse to strike up a conversation. In Tails of Love, each writer draws from her own unique perspective on our loyal friends exploring the many mysterious ways they bring love into our lives.

Double the Heat (By:Christie Ridgway)

Sizzling all new stories, including a brand new Winston novella from New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster. New York Times bestselling sensations Lori Foster and Deirdre Martin and USA Today bestselling authors Elizabeth Bevarly and Christie Ridgway join together for this enticing anthology. With authors like this, readers get double the pleasure and double the heat. In these four sexy stories of mixed up couples and mistaken identities, it’s not about winning, but how much you like to play. With a brand new novella featuring Hart Winston, whose switch with his identically hot twin brother has landed him in some serious foul play, it’s a safe bet that in the game of love no one is going to follow the rules.

Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women

In Dangerous Men and Adventurous Women, Jayne Ann Krentz and the contributors to this volume all best selling romance writers explode myths and biases that haunt both the writers and readers of romances. In this seamless, ultimately fascinating, and controversial book, the authors dispute some of the notions that plague their profession, including the time worn theory that the romance genre contains only one single, monolithic story, which is cranked out over and over again. The authors discuss positive life affirming values inherent in all romances: the celebration of female power, courage, intelligence, and gentleness; the inversion of the power structure of a patriarchal society; and the integration of male and female. Several of the essays also discuss the issue of reader identification with the characters, a relationship that is far more complex than most critics realize.

A Christmas Collection

A collection of romance stories features the tale of a Cornish maid who finds love with the help of a kindly nanny; a gallant gentleman begins anew with the woman who spurned him years before; and others.

To Love and to Honor

A collection of four short stories from contemporary romance writers features contributions from Stella Cameron, Judith E. French, Linda Lael Miller, and Anne Stuart.

Summer Love

A quartet of Summer Love stories by four best selling authors features Janelle Taylor’s ”Straight from the Heart,” ”Summer Fantasy” by Jill Marie Landis, ”Early in the Morning” by Stella Cameron, and Anne Stuart’s ”Sultry.”’

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