Stan Nicholls Books In Order

Nightshade Chronicles Books In Order

  1. The Book of Shadows (1996)
  2. The Shadow of a Sorcerer (1997)
  3. A Gathering of Shadows (1998)

Dark Skies Books In Order

  1. The Awakening (1997)

Orcs: First Blood Books In Order

  1. Bodyguard of Lightning (1999)
  2. The Legion of Thunder (1999)
  3. Warriors of the Tempest (1999)
  4. Orcs Tales of Maras-Dantia (2015)

Quicksilver Books In Order

  1. Quicksilver Rising (2003)
  2. Quicksilver Zenith (2004)
  3. Quicksilver Twilight (2006)

Orcs: Bad Blood Books In Order

  1. Weapons of Magical Destruction (2009)
  2. Army of Shadows (2008)
  3. Inferno (2011)
  4. Orcs (2008)


  1. Fade to Black (1997)
  2. Strange Invaders (1999)


  1. Thirteen More Tales of Horror (1994)
  2. Shake Me to Wake Me (2013)

Graphic Novels

  1. Orcs: Forged for War (2011)


  1. Anchor Point (2021)

Non fiction

  1. Ken and Me (1993)
  2. Wordsmiths of Wonder (1993)
  3. Gerry Anderson (1996)

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Stan Nicholls Books Overview

The Book of Shadows

Nightshade was once the best warrior in Delgarvo. But defeat at the hands of the evil sorcerer, Avoch Dar, left him without his sword arm. Now Avoch Dar has returned and intends to lay Delgarvo to waste. Only Nightshade can stop him. But what use is a one armed hero against such powerful sorcery?

Bodyguard of Lightning

When humans arrived on Maras Mantia, home of dwarves, elves, and all the other old races, they raped the land of its soul and magic. And, now the Orcs, whom Earthlings hunted down and slaughtered like beasts of the field, may be the chosen creatures destined to win peace for all…
‘Wall to wall action, undercurrents of dark humor…
gritty, fast paced…
‘ David Gemmell, author of the bestselling Drenai series.

The Legion of Thunder

War is throwing the land of Maras Dantia into chaos. As the armies gather and the magic leaks away from the land Stryke and his warband of orcs are on the run from everyone; from the orcs that Jennasta has sent after them and from the humans who will kill any orc on sight. Stryke’s quest for the artifacts that will secure the destiny of the orcs and, if they but knew it, all the races old and new in Maras Dantia, has never been more urgent and more difficult. As the net closes in and his troopers fall one by one to foes that even they never imagined in their worst dreams, time is running out for Stryke, for all orcs and for Maras Dantia.

Warriors of the Tempest

War is drowning Maras Dantia. Stryke and his warband have recovered the five instrumentalities but now they must work out how to use them while there is still a world to save. And in the meantime they are being hunted from every corner and the three sisters are close to forming an unholy alliance that will overturn history. Full of action, with a pace that never lets up and a tongue firmly placed in cheek Stan Nicholl’s epic trilogy nevertheless manages to hit home hard about religion, the way we treat the natural world, how we see those who are different from us. Praised by all the reviewers and by writers as diverse as David Gemmell and Tad Williams it is a major achievement in the genre.

Quicksilver Rising

In a land where magic defines the social order, the ruling tyrants alone control the most powerful sorcery…

One of the last of a massacred race of warriors an unparalleled swordsman magically afflicted by spells of blind, uncontrollable rage Reeth Caldason wanders Bhealfa seeking vengeance…
and freedom from his strange malady. Now word has come from a sorcerer’s apprentice of a mysterious Covenant in the capital city, a secretive society that may provide the escape Reeth desires. But forming an uneasy alliance with the youthful messenger could ultimately prove disastrous for the road they must travel together leads into the sordid heart of a perilous conspiracy of treachery, tyranny, necromancy, and death.

Quicksilver Zenith

Reeth Caldason’s quest for vengeance and for freedom from the twin plagues of rage and immortality has brought the able swordsman to Bhealfa, where fear, magic, and brute force are weapons employed by the authorities to control the populace. The paladin clans an order of mercenary knights are determined to crush a growing revolution while Devlor Bastorran, sad*istic heir apparent to the clan leadership, plots a gruesome retribution…
against Reeth Caldason. But Reeth has more pressing concerns, for he has been entrusted with delivering much needed gold that will help establish a rebel state on a remote island. And a powerful enemy stands in his way one who could destroy not only the Covenant but Reeth’s one chance for redemption as well.

Quicksilver Twilight

Immortality has been Reeth Caldason’s curse, for it comes with tormenting visions and a savage rage. In hope of a cure, he has traded his fighting skills for potential access to powerful ancient magic a desperate gamble that leaves him trapped on the Diamond Isle, at the mercy of the bloodthirsty pirates who plague the surrounding waters. Yet only here can Reeth discover the path that will lead him to an understanding of his true nature…
if he can survive the devastation to come. For the specter of war looms large, one that threatens to alter or destroy the world he knows.

Army of Shadows

Stryke and the Wolverines returned in 2008 in ORCS BAD BLOOD 1: WEAPONS OF MAGICAL DESTRUCTION, taking their quest to save the Orc race from both man and the sorceress Jennesta across the dimensions. Now they are back in another volume of frenetic action, nail biting adventure and black humour. Orcs warband the Wolverines are stranded in a parallel world. Their only means of escape, the mysterious instrumentalities, have been seized by their nemesis, the depraved sorceress Jennesta. But regaining the artefacts is only one of their problems. To ignite an uprising in the face of ruthless human oppressors commanding magic, Stryke and his band must reawaken the lost martial spirit of the world’s indigenous orcs. You’ll never look at an Orc again in the same way.


‘Look at me. Look at the Orc.’

‘There is fear and hatred in your eyes. To you I am a monster, a skulker in the shadows, a fiend to scare your children with. A creature to be hunted down and slaughtered like a beast in the fields.

It is time you pay heed to the beast. And see the beast in yourself. I have your fear. But I have earned your respect.

Hear my story. Feel the flow of blood and be thankful. Thankful that it was me, not you, who bore the sword. Thankful to the orcs; born to fight, destined to win peace for all.’

This book will change the way you feel about Orcs forever.

Fade to Black

Following the accidental death of reclusive Silvester Whitbourne, a collector of film memorabilia, his nephew Ben joins his obnoxious relations at Silvester’s estate, Xanadu, to learn what is to become of the collection, only to find the heirs being removed one by one.

Strange Invaders

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