Simon Spurrier Books In Order

  • Prophet Margin: Grinn (2004)
  • Bec and Kawl Books In Order

    1. Cheap Shots (2007)


    1. Fire Warrior (2003)
    2. Contract (2007)
    3. A Serpent Uncoiled (2011)


    1. The New Pulp (2013)

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  • Prophet Margin: Grinn
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    Simon Spurrier Books Overview

    Prophet Margin: Grinn

    Strontium Dog, Johnny Alpha, is on the hunt for the uber hedonist and crimelord ‘Mister Grinn’. Alpha discovers that Grinn is hiding from the law on a remote swamp world where he plans to conduct a mass suicide a la Rev Jim Jones style

    Fire Warrior

    When a powerful Ethereal, one of the secret rulers over the fledgling Tau empire, crash lands behind enemy Imperial lines, a young Fire Warrior is given the task of rescuing his leader from the Imperial Space Marines, even if he has to forfeit his life in the process.


    Michael Point doesn’t seem anything special. He dresses conservatively, is thoughtful, methodical and well spoken. He also happens to kill people for a living. It’s not about getting back at the world; for Michael it’s much simpler than that: It’s All About The Money. But things are starting to get strange: his hits are coming back to life and trying to kill him. Is he losing his mind? Or could it be that the things he sees aren’t delusions at all, but hints of a divine conflict: a heavenly war, sucking him in!?

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