Shirley Kennett Books In Order

P. J. Gray Books In Order

  1. Gray Matter (1996)
  2. Fire Cracker (1997)
  3. Chameleon (1998)
  4. Act of Betrayal (2000)
  5. Time of Death (2005)


  1. Burning Rose (2002)

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Shirley Kennett Books Overview

Gray Matter

When a celebrated concert pianist turns up murdered, decapitated and with his head still missing, psychologist and single mother PJ Gray, creator of a crime solving, virtual reality program, joins forces with veteran homicide detective Leo Schultz to find the anonymous killer. K. PW.

Fire Cracker

PJ Gray, psychologist and expert in the groundbreaking field of forensic computer simulation, made an impressive debut in Shirley Kennett’s acclaimed first novel, ‘Gray Matter’. Now, PJ returns to track down a cunning killer who is manipulating the computer system of a busy St. Louis hospital.

Time of Death

The mutilated body on the St. Louis riverfront is just the beginning. PJ Gray, psychologist and expert in forensic virtual reality, has her hands full when the Metro Mangler claims more victims. As the case heats up, so do her feelings for her partner, Detective Leo Schultz. They’re like bolts of lightning that sizzle and hiss the closer they get, swept up in a relationship that is more force of nature than emotional state. PJ crawls into the murderer’s mind by experiencing the killings in virtual reality. Schultz relies on a cop’s instincts. Neither of them can solve the baffling deaths. If they’re all connected, then there are two types of murders: one intensely personal and bloody, the other quick and efficient. Two killers, or one killer with different motivations? It’s a profiler’s nightmare. As a wealthy family’s secrets unravel and a thirty-year-old murder comes to light, PJ is suddenly in danger of crossing the line from investigator to victim.

Shirley Kennett is a member of International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the American Crime Writers League. She lives with her husband, two sons, and several cats in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Burning Rose

Burning Rose is a thriller with high stakes, exotic locations, unforgettable characters and a splash of romance!Casey Washington is a freelance eco journalist who thinks she has the brass ring in her grasp an interview with Robert Gunner, the reclusive head of a powerful megacorporation building a controversial hydroelectric project in an unspoiled Amazon River rainforest. When the interview goes wrong, she’s mad enough to start turning over stones and seeing what crawls out. Heads of megacorporations are dying in mysterious and gruesome ways, shifting loyalties rapidly on the international scene. A secret organization is plotting to change the balance of power. And Casey finds herself admiring the man she s supposed to hate. It all comes together in a place where butterflies float over calm water and deadly creatures lurk underneath, where the natives slip like shadows of nature through lush forests, and killers pursue their human prey. Suddenly Casey s got more to worry about than missing a deadline!What others are saying about Burning Rose: Kennett writes with pace and clarity. If you re hungry for vivid characters…
your ship has come in! Kirkus Shirley Kennett has Hawaii based freelance journalist Casey Washington grappling with a mysterious troupe called The Six whose members have names like Wrongful Death and who seem to be behind a spate of CEO murders and her own lonely heart. Publishers Weekly Lots of action keeps the characters on their toes as they travel the world. The exciting conclusion in the South American jungle leaves Casey with far more than an exclusive story. Readers who enjoy a good puzzle with pieces that never quite fit will have fun with this suspenseful thriller. Booklist Burning Rose is tightly woven, intricately complex and fascinating to follow the various plots that Kennett has successfully created. The finish of this book is dramatic and wonderfully satisfying. If you enjoy thrillers, Burning Rose as the back cover says, showcases Shirley Kennett at the top of her game. Unforgettable! Book Reader s Heaven

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