Shirley Isherwood Books In Order

Robert and Grimmond Books In Order

  1. Robert and Grimmond (1988)
  2. Further Adventures of Robert and Grimmond (1990)

Riddlers Books In Order

  1. Birthday Card (1989)
  2. Marjorie’s Ring (1989)
  3. Tiddler Gets Lost (1989)
  4. Tiddlers Sewing Box (1989)
  5. Day On the River (1990)
  6. Little Riddling Tree (1990)
  7. Mossop’s Garden (1990)
  8. Tiddler’s Beads (1990)


  1. A Special Place for Edward James (1988)
  2. Emily and Mr. Prendergast (1989)
  3. The Stealing of Queen Victoria (1993)
  4. Eva (2001)


  1. Is That You, Mrs.pinkerton-trunks? (1984)
  2. A Surprise for Mrs. Pinkerton-trunks (1985)
  3. The First Story Book Collection (1995)
  4. Miracles, Whales and Wonderful Tales (2002)

Picture Books

  1. Something New for a Bear to Do (1986)
  2. William’s Problems (1988)
  3. Alice Alone (1988)
  4. The Brollys (1990)
  5. Something for James (1995)
  6. The Band Over the Hill (1997)
  7. Flora the Frog (2000)
  8. Run, Little Mouse, Run! (2008)

Chapter Books

  1. Tim’s Knight (1987)
  2. Silas Marner (2008)

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Shirley Isherwood Books Overview

Miracles, Whales and Wonderful Tales

Lovingly retold by acclaimed children’s author, Shirley Isherwood, the wonder of ten of the best stories from the Bible are married with striking contemporary illustrations in this sumptuous collection. The immediacy of the text allows the reader an ‘I was there’ experience as events unfold in a narrative that is variously moving, dramatic and gently humorous. With illustrations from artists such as Reg Cartwright, Allison Reed and Liz Pyle, this is a unique and very beautiful collection for any child. Stories featured include Adan and Eve, Noah and the flood, Jonah and the whale, and the Good Samaritan.

Flora the Frog

A humorous and heartwarming story of how a young child’s disappointment gets turned around in a surprising way. Flora is asked to be a frog in the class play, but she is dismayed. Frogs are green and fat, and she is afraid that everyone will laugh at her. When her mother and Aunt Jo make a frog costume for her, Flora promptly throws it up into a tree. To make matters worse later that day she lies to her mother that all her friends liked the costume. Flora is troubled by her own behavior and so angrily throws her ball over the backyard fence. When she goes to retrieve it, she makes a remarkable discovery. The ball has landed next to a pond where three frogs sit, sparkling from water drops. She watches the frogs, and loves how they sparkle and leap. Slowly she realizes that being a frog in the play may not be so bad after all. Shirley Isherwood shows young readers that a little imagination can make anything even a fat, green frog special and fun. Illustrator Anna Leplar’s joyous watercolors bring the characters to life.

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