Sheila O’Flanagan Books In Order

Crystal Run Books In Publication Order

  1. The Crystal Run (2017)
  2. Shield of Lies (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Suddenly Single (1999)
  2. Isobel’s Wedding (2000)
  3. Far from Over (2000)
  4. My Favourite Goodbye (2001)
  5. He’s Got to Go (2002)
  6. Caroline’s Sister (2002)
  7. Dreaming of a Stranger (2003)
  8. Too Good to be True (2003)
  9. Anyone but Him (2004)
  10. How Will I Know? (2005)
  11. Yours, Faithfully (2006)
  12. Bad Behaviour (2007)
  13. Someone Special (2008)
  14. The Perfect Man (2009)
  15. Stand by Me (2010)
  16. All for You (2011)
  17. Better Together (2012)
  18. Things We Never Say (2013)
  19. If You Were Me (2014)
  20. My Mother’s Secret (2015)
  21. The Missing Wife (2016)
  22. What Happened That Night (2018)
  23. The Hideaway (2018)
  24. Her Husband’s Mistake (2020)
  25. The Season of Change (2020)
  26. The Women Who Ran Away (2020)
  27. Three Weddings and a Proposal (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Maggie’s Story (1999)
  2. Three’s a Crowd (2008)
  3. Follow Me (2011)

Collections In Publication Order

  1. Destinations (2003)
  2. Connections (2006)
  3. A Season to Remember (2010)
  4. Christmas With You (2018)
  5. The Moment We Meet (2019)

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Sheila O’Flanagan Books Overview

Suddenly Single

What do you do when you find yourself Suddenly Single? When you are brought down to earth with a bump do you go suddenly suicidal? Suddenly sex crazed? Or simply slump into self pity? Alix Callaghan, who thought she was in control of her busy life, feels like doing all three when her long term boyfriend insists on settling down to a sensible existence complete with children, proper meals and early nights but without her. Little by little, though, she begins to think there might be more to the single life than the first shock of rejection suggests…
Sheila O’Flanagan pursued a very successful career in banking, foreign exchange dealing and treasury management before becoming a full time writer based in Dublin. She also writes a weekly column for the Irish Times and in her spare time plays badminton at competition level.

He’s Got to Go

It’s a miracle they’re related

Apart from being sisters and living in Dublin, Nessa, Cate, and Bree Driscoll couldn’t be more different. Nessa’s the happy homemaker, tending to her doting husband Adam and little girl Jill and boasting of marital bliss. Cate, a career go getter with a knock out wardrobe, lives with her drop dead gorgeous boyfriend, Finn a famous radio host who’s about to break into TV and never wants kids. Youngest sis Bree a mechanic who’s happier riding her motorcycle than chasing guys is the free spirit of the family, the one who’ll never settle down. No wonder they bicker all the time.

In one way they’re the same.

When Nessa begins to suspect that Adam isn’t the faithful man he seems, all three sisters are shocked. But with the perfect sheen of Nessa’s life finally chipped, Cate might just allow herself to admit that things with Finn aren’t exactly wonderful either. And, as her two older siblings debate loving and leaving and kicking their men to the curb, Bree dares to embark upon a relationship of her own. Soon all three sisters face unexpected revelations that will show them that they can all stand on their own two feet if they have to…
and that they’ve got each other to lean on no matter what.

Dreaming of a Stranger

Dreams don’t come true. Do they? Jane O’Sullivan is a dreamer. She dreams of white sands, blue skies and one true love, the man who will turn all her dreams into reality. Then Jane gets married. And she finds that real life isn’t like any of her other dreams. That sometimes real life can be a nightmare. So Jane has to take control of her own destiny. And she does. Because sometimes life can be more satisfying than any dream. And dreams don’t come true. Do they? Sheila O’Flanagan pursued a very successful career in banking, foreign exchange dealing and treasury management before becoming a full time writer based in Dublin. She also writes a weekly column for the Irish Times and in her spare time plays badminton at competition level.

Too Good to be True

It was love at first flight.

Air traffic controller Carey Browne is seeing nothing but blue skies. She’s leaving on a jet plane…
for a much needed vacation! Destination: New York City. Travel time: Six hours. Seating arrangement: Next to a man who’s much too attractive to be single. Not that Carey’s looking. She’s taking time off from dating, too. Most of the men she meets are a lot like airplane food: nicely packaged, well preserved, and profoundly unsatisfying. When she begins chatting with Ben Russell, though, it’s as if Carey has known him all her life. He’s quick witted, kind, and makes her laugh even at herself. Ha!

Then it was time for take off.

One stopover later, Carey and Ben are married in Las Vegas, and their transatlantic announcement is causing sudden turbulence back home. How can two strangers claim to be each other’s soul mate? Ben’s sister is adamantly opposed to Carey; she thinks he’s having a mid life, no wife crisis. As for Carey’s folks, well, they know the marriage will never last. Right? Rumors are running amok, as are past lovers. Why is everyone trying to ground the newlyweds and convince them that they’ve made a huge mistake? And why is Carey starting to worry that maybe they’re right?

Maggie’s Story

Maggie is forty three years old and looking for romance. She loves her husband, Dan, but his idea of romance is a couple of drinks at the local and an early night at home. Her children think she’s too old to care. And she’s beginning to wonder if life has passed her by. But a chance meeting changes all that, and now Maggie faces tough decisions. Can she put the spark back into her marriage, or would she be better off calling it a day? And who is more important? Her husband? Her children, Or herself?

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