Sharon Sala Books In Order

Blessings, Georgia Books In Publication Order

  1. The Curl Up and Dye / You and Only You (2014)
  2. Count Your Blessings (2015)
  3. I’ll Stand by You (2015)
  4. Saving Jake (2016)
  5. A Piece of My Heart (2017)
  6. The Color of Love (2018)
  7. Come Back to Me (2018)
  8. Forever My Hero (2019)
  9. A Rainbow Above Us (2019)
  10. The Way Back to You (2019)
  11. Once in a Blue Moon (2020)
  12. Somebody to Love (2021)
  13. The Christmas Wish (2021)
  14. The Best of Me (2022)

Brownfield Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Always a Lady (1993)
  2. Gentle Persuasion (1993)

Cat Dupree Books In Publication Order

  1. Nine Lives (2006)
  2. Cut Throat (2007)
  3. Bad Penny (2008)

Death Comes To Eden Books In Publication Order

  1. Family Sins (2016)

Forces Of Nature Books In Publication Order

  1. Going Once (2013)
  2. Going Twice (2014)
  3. Going Gone (2014)

Gambler’s Daughters Books In Publication Order

  1. Diamond (1994)
  2. Queen (1994)
  3. Lucky (1995)

Hatfield Books In Publication Order

  1. The Miracle Man (1995)
  2. When You Call My Name (1995)

Jigsaw Files Books In Publication Order

  1. The Missing Piece (2019)
  2. Second Sight (2020)
  3. Blind Faith (2020)
  4. The Last Straw (2021)

Justice Way Books In Publication Order

  1. Ryder’s Wife (1997)
  2. Roman’s Heart (1998)
  3. Royal’s Child (1999)

Letty & Eulis Books In Publication Order

  1. Whippoorwill (2003)
  2. The Amen Trail (2004)
  3. The Hen House (2007)

Lunatic Life Books In Publication Order

  1. My Lunatic Life (2011)
  2. Lunatic Detective (2011)
  3. Lunatic Revenge (2012)
  4. Lunatic Times Two (2013)

Prophecy Books In Publication Order

  1. Windwalker (2012)
  2. The Dove (2014)
  3. The Gathering (2015)

Rebel Ridge Books In Publication Order

  1. Next of Kin (2012)
  2. Don’t Cry for Me (2012)
  3. ‘Til Death (2013)

Searchers Books In Publication Order

  1. Blood Stains (2011)
  2. Blood Ties (2011)
  3. Blood Trails (2011)

Secrets & Lies Books In Publication Order

  1. Wild Hearts (2015)
  2. Cold Hearts (2015)
  3. Dark Hearts (2016)

Storm Front Books In Publication Order

  1. Blown Away (2010)
  2. Torn Apart (2010)
  3. Swept Aside (2010)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Sara’s Angel (1991)
  2. King’s Ransom (1992)
  3. Honor’s Promise (1992)
  4. Chance McCall (1993)
  5. Annie and the Outlaw (1994)
  6. Dreamcatcher (As: Dinah McCall) (1995)
  7. Deep in the Heart (1995)
  8. Jackson Rule (As: Dinah McCall) (1996)
  9. Second Chances (1996)
  10. Finders Keepers (1997)
  11. Tallchief (As: Dinah McCall) (1997)
  12. Chase the Moon (As: Dinah McCall) (1997)
  13. Sweet Baby (1998)
  14. Legend (As: Dinah McCall) (1998)
  15. Remember Me (1999)
  16. Reunion (1999)
  17. Touchstone (As: Dinah McCall) (1999)
  18. Amber by Night (1999)
  19. Butterfly (2000)
  20. The Return (As: Dinah McCall) (2000)
  21. Snowfall (2001)
  22. Storm Warning (As:Dinah McCall) (2001)
  23. Dark Water (2002)
  24. White Mountain (As:Dinah McCall) (2002)
  25. The Way to Yesterday (2002)
  26. Out of the Dark (2003)
  27. The Perfect Lie (As:Dinah McCall) (2003)
  28. Missing (2004)
  29. Mimosa Grove (As:Dinah McCall) (2004)
  30. Bloodlines (As:Dinah McCall) (2005)
  31. Rider on Fire (2005)
  32. The Chosen (2005)
  33. The Survivors (As:Dinah McCall) (2006)
  34. The Healer (2008)
  35. The Warrior (2009)
  36. A Field of Poppies (2012)
  37. The Boarding House (2012)
  38. A Thousand Lies (2013)
  39. Race Against Time (2017)
  40. Betrayed (2017)
  41. Life of Lies (2017)
  42. In Shadows (2018)
  43. Dark Water Rising (2019)
  44. I, Gracie (2020)
  45. To Protect His Own (2021)
  46. Broke-Ass Women’s Club (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Sudden Danger (2002)
  2. Sympathy Pains (2002)
  3. It Happened One Night (2002)
  4. Penance (2008)
  5. The Promise (2009)
  6. The Fiercest Heart (2010)
  7. Capsized (2015)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Dark Awakenings (2009)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Steering From The Backseat (2018)

Im Extra Books In Publication Order

  1. Shades of a Desperado (1997)

Men In Blue Books In Publication Order

  1. A Place to Call Home (2000)

Year Of Loving Dangerously Books In Publication Order

  1. Night of No Return (2000)
  2. Mission: Irresistible (2000)
  3. Strangers When We Married (2000)
  4. Familiar Stranger (2001)

Mossy Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Mossy Creek (2001)
  2. Reunion at Mossy Creek (2002)
  3. Summer in Mossy Creek (2003)
  4. Blessings of Mossy Creek (2004)
  5. A Day in Mossy Creek (2006)
  6. At Home in Mossy Creek (2007)
  7. Gone But Not Forgotten (2008)
  8. Critters of Mossy Creek (2009)
  9. Closer Than They Appear (2014)

36 Hours Books In Publication Order

  1. Strange Bedfellows (By:Kasey Michaels) (1997)
  2. Ooh Baby, Baby (By:) (1997)
  3. For Her Eyes Only (1997)
  4. Cinderella Story (By:Elizabeth August) (1997)
  5. Father and Child Reunion (By:Christine Flynn) (1997)
  6. The Rancher and the Runaway Bride (By:Susan Mallery) (1997)
  7. Partners In Crime (By:Lisa Gardner) (1998)
  8. Nine Months (By:Beverly Barton) (1998)
  9. Parent Plan (By:Paula Detmer Riggs) (1998)
  10. You Must Remember This (By:Marilyn Pappano) (1998)
  11. Marriage By Contract (By:Sandra Steffen) (1998)
  12. Cinderella for a Night (By:Susan Mallery) (2000)
  13. The Christmas That Changed Everything (By:Marilyn Pappano,Christine Flynn) (2000)
  14. A Thanksgiving To Remember (By:) (2000)
  15. Very… Pregnant New Year’s (By:Doreen Roberts) (2000)
  16. My Secret Valentine (By:Marilyn Pappano) (2001)
  17. Partners in Crime Part 1 (By:Alicia Scott) (2014)
  18. Partners in Crime Part 2 (By:Alicia Scott) (2014)
  19. Partners in Crime Part 3 (By:Alicia Scott) (2014)
  20. Ooh Baby, Baby Part 1 (By:) (2014)
  21. Ooh Baby, Baby Part 2 (By:) (2014)
  22. Ooh Baby, Baby Part 3 (By:) (2014)
  23. For Her Eyes Only Part 1 (2014)
  24. For Her Eyes Only Part 2 (2014)
  25. For Her Eyes Only Part 3 (2014)
  26. Strange Bedfellows Part 1 (By:Kasey Michaels) (2014)
  27. Strange Bedfellows Part 2 (By:Kasey Michaels) (2014)
  28. Strange Bedfellows Part 3 (By:Kasey Michaels) (2014)
  29. Lightning Strikes Part 1 (By:) (2014)
  30. Lightning Strikes Part 2 (By:) (2014)
  31. Lightning Strikes Part 3 (By:) (2014)
  32. Cinderella Story Part 1 (By:Elizabeth August) (2014)
  33. Cinderella Story Part 2 (By:Elizabeth August) (2014)
  34. Cinderella Story Part 3 (By:Elizabeth August) (2014)
  35. The Rancher and the Runaway Bride Part 1 (By:Susan Mallery) (2014)
  36. The Rancher and the Runaway Bride Part 2 (By:Susan Mallery) (2014)
  37. The Rancher and the Runaway Bride Part 3 (By:Susan Mallery) (2014)
  38. Marriage by Contract Part 1 (By:Sandra Steffen) (2014)
  39. Marriage by Contract Part 2 (By:Sandra Steffen) (2014)
  40. Marriage by Contract Part 3 (By:Sandra Steffen) (2014)
  41. Father and Child Reunion Part 1 (By:Christine Flynn) (2014)
  42. Father and Child Reunion Part 2 (By:Christine Flynn) (2014)
  43. Father and Child Reunion Part 3 (By:Christine Flynn) (2014)
  44. Nine Months Part 1 (By:Alicia Scott) (2014)
  45. Nine Months Part 2 (By:Alicia Scott) (2014)
  46. Nine Months Part 3 (By:Alicia Scott) (2014)
  47. The Parent Plan Part 1 (By:Paula Detmer Riggs) (2014)
  48. The Parent Plan Part 2 (By:Paula Detmer Riggs) (2014)
  49. The Parent Plan Part 3 (By:Paula Detmer Riggs) (2014)
  50. You Must Remember This Part 1 (By:Marilyn Pappano) (2014)
  51. You Must Remember This Part 2 (By:Marilyn Pappano) (2014)
  52. You Must Remember This Part 3 (By:Marilyn Pappano) (2014)
  53. Lightning Strikes (By:) (2014)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. On the Edge (2003)
  2. More Than Words, Volume 2 (2005)

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Sharon Sala Books Overview

Nine Lives

They say cats have Nine Lives. Lucky for Cat Dupress, she’s got seven left. Bounty hunter Cat Dupress first cheated death when she was thirteen. The second time left her orphaned and scarred. And the only thing that will diminsh her lust for revenge is finding the man who left her for dead as she watched him murder her father. Every job she takes is an opportunity to invade the criminal world that hides the tattoed man who ruined her life. And she hopes to hunt him down on her current mission into the rugged deserts of Mexico, where there is no law to watch her back. Without her knowledge, bondsman Wilson McKay is on the same job, and trailing Cat is the fastest way to find his man. He’s willing to share resources and the reward especially if that means getting to know the lonely woman beneath Cat’s tough, take no prisoners exterior. Life’s taught Cat that the surest way to land on her feet is to work alone, but Wilson might be the man to change her mind when they’re not competing for jobs or ready to kill each other.

Cut Throat

He killed her once?Throat slashed and left for dead next to her murdered father, a thirteen year old girl vows to hunt down the man who did this to them Solomon Tutuola. Now grown, bounty hunter Cat Dupree lets nothing or no one stand in the way of that deadly promise. Not even her lover, Wilson McKay. Their sexually charged encounters leave McKay wanting more, but Cat is determined to keep her distance. She doesn’t need a man making emotional demands, not now, when revenge is near. Suspecting that Tutuola is still alive, despite witnessing the horrific explosion that should have killed him, Cat follows a dangerous money trail to Mexico, swearing not to return until she’s certain Tutuola is dead even if it means destroying her very soul?.

Bad Penny

Cat Dupree would love nothing more than to settle down and build a life with fellow bounty hunter Wilson McKay. But Soloman Tutuola the man who murdered her father and slashed her throat when she was thirteen haunts her even from the grave. An investigator from Mexico is tracking down the person who is responsible for Tutuola’s death and the trail leads directly to Cat. To add to her bad luck, a junkie with a vendetta is stalking Wilson and is willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of his revenge. Desperate to start their future together, Cat and Wilson turn the manhunt around vowing to do whatever it takes to find freedom from the past and the scars that have damaged them both.


The Lady and The Ledgend

Two dreams could come true for Diamond Houston when her idol, Jesse Eagle, walks into the rundown roadhouse where she is singing for tips. Tall and temptingly handsome, Jesse just might be Diamond‘s ticket to Nashville. And Jesse does something special to her when their eyes meet — lighting passionate fires inside Diamond with the unspoken promise of nights to remember…
and the one thing she desires most of all: true love.

The voice of an angel brought Jesse back to this small I town in middle-of-nowhere Tennessee. And now that he’s met Diamond Houston, he is enchanted by much more than her remarkable talent. But proud and beautiful Diamond is nobody’s one-night stand; if he wants her, he’ll have to change his rambling ways. And everything may be what Jesse has to risk if he wants this rare jewel to sparkle for him alone.

When You Call My Name

She had given him the most precious gift of all the gift of life. But something more than a mere blood transfusion linked Wyatt Hatfield to the stranger who had saved him. Something that allowed her to call out to him for help in the stillness of the night without ever speaking a word…
. And now it was his turn to give. For the connection that linked Wyatt to Glory Dixon was the only hope he had of saving her from danger. And he had to try because without ever trying, Glory had become more precious to him than his own life.


DREAMERS ARE BORN NOT MADE Sleeping with men for money was not something Leticia Murphy had planned on doing when she grew up, but then, neither had she planned on being orphaned at twelve, or winding up in a godforsaken place in the Kansas Territories like Lizard Flats. But here she was, like most of the other lost souls who d come West, looking for something better, and in her case, wishing for a second chance. She knew the odds were against her, but it didn t stop her from yearning. There was a ritual from her childhood that she performed each evening as the sun was going down. She would step out onto the balcony off her bedroom above the saloon, lift her face to the heavens to search for the Evening Star, then stand quietly in the growing shadows and listen for the call of the Whippoorwill. It came from a memory of her mother who had died when she was ten. Always, she was sitting in her mother’s lap outside their clapboard house watching night fall across the land. They would sit on the front step with their bare feet planted firmly in the still warm dirt while enjoying the first cool breezes of evening. As they sat, they would search for the first star and wait for the call of the Whippoorwill. Her mother had told her the bird was searching for its mate, but Letty had yet to meet a man who was worth the call. However, the memory was one of the few good ones she had left. Two years after her mother s untimely death, her father was killed by a Comanche hunting party. Letty survived by hiding in a hollowed out badger hole. That was the last time fate showed her any kindness. At twenty seven, she was well past the marrying age and nearly too used up to care. Yet she didn t stop wishing, and she didn t stop dreaming about a different sort of life. Then one day, something happened in Lizard Flats that had never happened before. Word began to spread throughout the area that a real preacher from back East was coming to perform a wedding. The news set off a whole series of unforeseen events. Caught up in the excitement of the occasion, Letty couldn t help but think that a change was coming for her, too. A gunshot sounded just outside Letty s window. It wasn t the first time she d heard that sound in Lizard Flats and she would bet her next year s wages it wouldn t be the last. When the sound of an argument followed, she didn t even bother to get up and look out to see what was going on. Chances were she d see both of the stupid louts who d started the fuss before the night was out. Men were always the same. Drink. Fight. Then celebrate their victories or losses by paying for her pleasures. And since her friend, Truly Fine s exit months earlier, Letty was the only woman still working at the White Dove Saloon, which meant she got more than her share of fools in her bed. Refusing to think about the boredom of her life, she pushed the coal oil lamp a little closer to the mirror and then leaned forward, giving herself a final check before going downstairs. Her eyes were still blue. Her hair was still brown, but there were fine lines at the corners of her eyes that hadn t been there last year. She pouted her lips to check her lip rouge then gave a stray curl a final tuck. It didn t do to dwell on the inevitable. She was getting older. The day was going to come when she would no longer be able to get a dollar for each man that she laid. The strange thing was, she had never been able to see beyond that fear. What happened to old who*res, she wondered? Did they just dry up and blow away like the earth in Lizard Flats, or was there something worse? Something more sinister than even she could imagine? She made a face at herself just as Will the Bartender banged on her door. ‘Letty! You come on downstairs now. I got customers wanting a little female attention.’ ‘I m coming! I m coming!’ she yelled. Just before she left her room, she blew out the lamp and then walked to the open door leading out onto her small balcony overlooking main street. There was a faint breeze blowing, shifting the thin lace panels over her windows in an effort to get inside. She ran her fingers over the lace. Hanging the curtains had been a feeble attempt to give elegance to her life, but they also gave her a sense of satisfaction to know she d paid for them herself. Her momma would have loved the fine lace, she thought, as she walked out onto the balcony, although she would have heartily disapproved of how Letty had come by the money to pay for them. Once outside, she looked up. The sky was clear without a cloud in sight the Evening Star already evident. The air smelled of dust and gunpowder. The thin slice of moon hanging just above the horizon would not cast many shadows upon the darkening land. For Letty, it was a night like so many others, yet she still listened, waiting to hear that call. Just as she was about to give up and go inside, she heard the haunting, mournful coo of a lone Whippoorwill. Even though it was what she d been waiting to hear, it brought shivers to her skin. Somewhere beyond the lights of the town, a small brown bird was calling to its mate. The sound was a reminder of who she d been and not what she d become, and it gave her enough solace to face the oncoming night. Satisfied, she walked back into her room and closed the door. It was time to get to work.

The Amen Trail

Can a prostitute and a town drunk escape their past to find happiness and redemption? Ex prostitute, Leticia Murphy is hell bent on redemption, even if it kills her. However, Eulis is not averse to turning over a new leaf, as well. If they pretend to be a preacher and a ‘sister’, will it be enough for salvation? Come with Letty and Eulis as New York Times bestselling author, Sharon Sala continues her wacky and sometimes touching escapades begun in Whippoorwill. Set in 1860’s Kansas territory their journey takes them to Colorado where they overcome nature, hardship and collapsing outhouses in an adventure that proves the best things in life are the unexpected on ‘The Amen Trail.’

The Hen House

We are very pleased to announce the release of a new fiction title by New York Times bestselling author, Sharon Sala, titled ‘The Hen House‘. The last of the trilogy finds the couple in Colorado in the late 1800 s. In ‘Whippoorwill’, Letty Murphy had come to Denver City a single woman, although she d gone through more hell in her twenty nine years than she would have ever thought possible. She d nearly starved as a child and had sold herself to a man for money before she d even managed to grow breasts. But that was before she and Eulis had traveled to Denver City, survived a buffalo stampede, a smallpox epidemic, an attack from a half starved wolf, discovered gold, and gotten married in ‘The Amen Trail’. It wasn t just Letty’s last name that had changed, even though she had money more money than a person could spend in several lifetimes. It was her situation that had changed, even though she had yet to come to terms with the power and respectability that money could buy. There was still that part of her childhood self that listened each night for a whippoorwill s call, while struggling with the memories of being a fifty cent who*re and welcoming other lost souls into her home, ‘The Hen House‘.

Next of Kin

Beth Venable has seen too much. Witness to a major mob hit, she’s placed in protective custody until the trial. But after her third safe house is riddled with bullets, she goes off grid to save herself. What the FBI can’t do, her kinfolk will. The beautiful but forbidding Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky welcome Beth back, dirt roads and rustic shacks a world apart from L.A. But her homecoming even her blissful reunion with strong, silent Ryal Walker is made bittersweet by the fight she’s brought to the clan’s doorstep. Hidden in a remote cabin with the man she’s always wanted, Beth begins to dream of a new life: her old one. But after so long, with such dangers stalking her impossible. But love can distill life down to its essence: an elixir of pure hope, nerve and the will to survive.

Blood Stains

At the reading of her father’s will, Maria Slade receives shocking news as a four year old, she’d witnessed her prostitute mother’s murder and been taken into hiding by the well meaning preacher who’d raised her as his own. Maria remembers none of that. But now she’s determined to flush her mother’s killer out of hiding and discover the identity of her birth father. She heads to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she meets Detective Bodie Scott. Empathizing with this beautiful woman looking to find out who she really is, he opens the decades old case file. Their investigation leads them down a dangerous path, where no one is what they seem. Where a father does not want to be found. And a murderer has ‘like mother, like daughter’ in mind for Maria.

Blown Away

Writer Cari North thought she knew all there was to know about plot twists-until she stumbled across her ex-fiance, Lance Morgan, digging a shallow grave in the Louisiana woods. After one horrifying moment of shared recognition, Cari knew her life hinged upon whether she could outrun Lance and the hurricane-spawned tornado that was barreling down on their heels.

Just when she thinks she’s lost Lance and heads for home, the storm throws in yet another twist that will change her fate-forever.

Cari’s house, her family-her entire life-have been wiped out by the storm. Badly injured herself, and knowing Lance will come after her, she trades clothing and ID with the near-identical cousin who’d been visiting and flees to Baton Rouge. While the world mourns Cari North, she begins an agonizing recovery as her cousin Susan-until Susan’s boss calls her bluff and finds himself drawn into her incredible tale.

Hunted by a man she once loved, sheltered by a man she hardly knows, Cari chooses to become the bait…and plots the twist of a lifetime to catch a killer.

Torn Apart

The twister that touches down in Bordelaise, Louisiana, not only destroys the calm of a summer Sunday, it pierces the soul of Katie Earle, whose young son Bobby goes missing and it wasn’t the storm that took him. Katie’s first thought is that her estranged husband, J.R., saw his chance and grabbed Bobby to spite her. But the reality goes beyond that to truly horrifying, and now her nightmare is only just beginning. The real terror will begin when the tornado’s wreckage is cleared away and the kidnapper can escape with his prize. The agony of uncertainty grows with every passing hour as Katie and J.R. reunite with a single, desperate purpose: to find their son before he slips from their grasp forever.

Swept Aside

Shell-shocked after a nightmarish school shooting, Amalie Pope retreats to an aging plantation house near Bordelaise, Louisiana, to heal, physically and emotionally. She’s there barely an hour when a tornado rips through bayou country, mercifully leaving the house intact. She’s stranded, but unafraid-until a knock on the door.

Four escaped prisoners barge inside, and in an instant Amalie is a hostage again. These men are wounded, desperate and dangerous-with one exception. Undercover DEA operative Nick Aroyo is on the run with the gang he’s infiltrated. The only thing he wants more than this collar is to protect fragile, frightened Amalie, who has surrendered herself to his care, body, soul…and heart. But he’ll have to play the thug in order to keep her-and his secret-safe, because even though the storm has passed, the danger remains….

Chance McCall

Love and Shadows Rugged and strong, Chance McCall was an awakening, a mystery, a dream and Jennifer Ann Tyler loved him from the moment he hired on at the Triple T Ranch. Through the passing years he has always kept his distance, afraid that his checkered history and uncertain future destroyed any chance for happiness with the boss’s beautiful daughter. Now a tragic accident has robbed Chance of his memory and he must leave the ranch to retrieve his lost past. But Jenny knows her heart will never be full if she lets the only man she has ever wanted vanish from her life. And until he can find himself, Jenny will follow Chance McCall anywhere.

Dreamcatcher (As: Dinah McCall)

This superb and emotionally rich novel is selected as a Publisher’s Choice title to highlight author Dinah McCall, a major talent whom fans of women’s fiction will not want to miss. Unable to free herself from her husband’s obsession, beautiful Amanda Potter retreats into her own dreamworld where a comforting lover adores her. But Jefferson Dupree, a man searching for the woman he knows is his destiny, is determined to create for Amanda a reality more fulfilling than any dream.

Deep in the Heart

Samantha Carlyle knows someone is watching her someone who wants her dead. So she runs to the safety of her tiny Texas hometown, and to the sweet, haunting memories of John Thomas Knight. A dedicated small town sheriff as tender as he is tough, John Thomas was Samantha’s best friend, her first love and now he is her only chance. Fate has carried them down different roads, but the fire has never died and the passion flares white hot the moment their eyes meet again. But this time Samantha must trust the proud, strong, devastatingly handsome lawman with more than her heart she must trust him with her life. Because there is another man who wants her, and he’s waiting for the right time to strike. And the next sweet, sensuous kiss she and John Thomas share could well be Samantha’s last.

Jackson Rule (As: Dinah McCall)

A Louisiana preacher’s daughter, Rebecca Hill was raised to believe in the basic goodness of people, that everyone deserves a second chance. But she wonders if hiring Jackson Rule was a good idea. A man with a dark, haunted past, he’s a hard worker who keeps to himself and doesn’t cause trouble. But there’s something exciting, a quiet power about him that makes Rebecca tremble, not with fear, but with a desire that is almost wanton.

Jackson wants nothing more than a simple, solitary life. This beautiful, sensual woman, however, has his emotions all tied up in knots. He knows getting entangled with Rebecca Hill would be wrong, maybe even dangerous. Still it’s getting harder and harder to fight this yearning to help her follow her passions all the way to paradise.

Second Chances

It was the kind of encounter Billie had seen only in the movies, and never dreamed could happen to her. A rugged, sexy cowboy appeared from out of nowhere to stir her passions and then, just as quickly, he was gone. For one brief moment in time, the wall Billie had built around her heart tumbled, though she believed their fiery passion would forever be no more than a bittersweet memory. But fate leads her to a sprawling Texas ranch, and he is there again Matt, her handsome, mysterious stranger, the best thing that had ever happened to her. And now a voice inside her is telling her to run fast and far away. But Matt let Billie go once he’s not going to make the same mistake again because nothing on earth will stop him from grabbing a second chance at love.

Finders Keepers

More than anything in the world, Molly Eden wants a child and then one day she finds one in her backyard! But this is no abandoned toddler. A man has followed the mischievous boy onto her property, a concerned father whose rugged good looks take Molly’s breath away, while the sadness about him tears at her heart. Joseph Rossi never expected to find his tiny son running into the arms of an unknown woman, but Joey craves a mommy and it seems he’s chosen one and Joseph approves of his choice. What chance could a single father possibly have with an enchanting free spirit as sweet and sexy as Molly Eden, who must have a hundred men clamoring for her attention? Still, he knows in his heart what Joey knows: that Molly is the one. Now he must prove it to her and show Molly a man who is more than just a daddy but also a tender and passionate lover…
and, perhaps, the perfect husband.

Tallchief (As: Dinah McCall)

Morgan Tallchief lives for the art he creates, but even that is haunted by the loss of the only woman he will ever love. When Kathleen Ryder mysteriously re enters his life, the achingly sweet hunger that bound them together in the past returns as well. A powerful new love story featuring a Native American hero, touches of mysticism and suspense, and heartrending romance.

Chase the Moon (As: Dinah McCall)

He was prepared for danger not for love.

Elijah Moon, his sons, his beautiful daughter Gracie and their families are trying to dwell simply in this modern world. Living off the land in rural Kentucky, they adhere closely to the words of the Bible. But there is more going on than either Elijah or Gracie realizes. In fact, a man has been killed for knowing too much. When the victim’s twin, Jake Baretta, arrives at the compound to learn who killed his brother, he is awed by Gracie Moon’s natural beauty and sweet temperament. Struggling not to respond to the attraction he feels, Jake tries to keep his heart to himself and his mind on the job. Everyone knows the first rule of undercover work: Never fall in love with the enemy.

Sweet Baby

Sharon Sala, the author of over 17 popular contemporary novels, brings readers the story of a woman who must come face to face with her past in order to put her fears behind her. Abandoned as a child by her mother, she is desperate to love, but afraid to trust and terrified of what she does not remember. .

Legend (As: Dinah McCall)

As teenagers, Raine Beaumont and Joseph Colorado tasted the joys of first love, until her father’s lies destroyed their fragile bond. Now, twelve years later, Raine receives news that will take her back to her hometown of Oracle, Arizona, where she will face her lost love again. Haunted by the memory of the boy she once adored, Raine was not prepared for the mysterious, seductive man before her. For deep in Joseph’s eyes lies a power that binds him to his Apache heritage, a power that promises to heal all wounds and restore long lost dreams…
and love.

Remember Me

Life is normal until Clay LeGrand’s wife, Frankie, suddenly disappears. Two years later, he returns home from work to find Frankie asleep in their bed. She has no recollection of where she’s been, but she desperately fears someone the man who will stop at nothing to get her back.


For the last few weeks, Gabriel Donner has had murder on his mind. Grisly nightmares and voices in his head have been telling him terrifying things about a serial killer nicknamed Prince Charming–things the police either haven’t made public or don’t yet know. Laura Dane, a psychic who’s worked on cases like this before, is the only one he can trust with a terrible secret that could not only get him arrested–but also get them both killed.

Touchstone (As: Dinah McCall)

A Million Miles From Home When Rachel Austin bid goodbye to her hometown of Mirage, Texas, she knew she was leaving behind disappointment, tragic loss, and painful memories. But she was also leaving Houston Bookout, the only man she could ever love. In the frightening bustle of Rachel’s new life, her intelligence, poise, and stunning half Cherokee beauty help rocket her to the top of the modeling world. But money and fame cannot soothe a broken heart or protect Rachel from danger. And only when Rachel stands to lose everything does she learn that her one hope is Houston’s love, a passion that cannot be torn apart by distance, glamour, or even a madman’s obsession.

Amber by Night

AMELIA BY DAY From nine to five, she was Amelia Beauchamp, typical small town librarian. But when the sun went down, she was miniskirt clad cocktail waitress Amber Champion. And she’d caught the eye of the town’s biggest rake, Tyler Savage. The name said it all and this was one Savage, ‘Amber’ knew, who would never be interested in her if he knew who she really was. She had to keep playing the game…
Amber by Night Or did she? Tyler, it turned out, was well aware that proper Amelia and flirtatious Amber were one and the same and he was having a fine old time playing along. And as for romantic dinners and long, moonlit nights together, really, they were all part of the game. One which he had every intention of turning into reality…


Penniless and homeless from a turn of bad luck, China Brown witnesses the murder of a journalist and almost becomes a casualty herself. While recuperating in the hospital, she becomes emotionally attached to a detective as she struggles to remember details of the crime, unaware her safety is still threatened.

The Return (As: Dinah McCall)

As a legacy of hatred erupts in a shattering moment of violence, a dying mother entrusts her newborn daughter to a caring stranger . Now, twenty five years later, Katherine Fane has come home to Camarune, Kentucky, to bury the woman who raised her, bringing a blood feud to its searing conclusion. At the cabin in the woods where she was born, Katherine is drawn to the ravaged town and its violent past. But her arrival has not gone unnoticed. A stranger is watching from the woods, a shattered old man is witnessing the impossible, and Sheriff Luke DePriest’s only thoughts are to keep Katherine safe from the sleeping past she has unwittingly awoken .


In her Manhattan apartment, bestselling mystery author Caitlin Bennett holds the latest of the threatening letters sent to her by a deranged ‘fan’. She hires ex cop Connor ‘Mac’ McKee as a bodyguard. With Mac’s protection, Caitlin begins to feel safe. But the city is in the grips of a massive snowstorm and a serial killer targeting women who bear a striking resemblance to Caitlin. Can Mac keep her safe from a madman’s deadly agenda?

Dark Water

Twenty years ago, a killer committed the perfect crime. Almost…

The water is dark and cold…

Two decades ago, Sarah Jane Whitman’s father disappeared with an embezzled fortune from his local bank, an act of betrayal that subjected his wife and daughter to a vicious scandal. Now a body has been pulled from its watery tomb, a body that is identified as Frank Whitman’s. This grim discovery proves Sarah’s father was innocent…
and that the real thief got away with murder.

Now Sarah’s obsession with uncovering the truth is making some people in Marmet, Maine, very nervous. Suddenly the prosperous citizens of this community are under intense scrutiny including Tony DeMarco, who grew up with Sarah. But is the concern Tony shows for Sarah’s safety genuine or is he hiding something dangerous? And can she trust him with her future as a desperate killer tries to shut the door forever on the past…

White Mountain (As:Dinah McCall)

Why do the fingerprints of a recent murder victim in New York City belong to a man who has been dead for over thirty years? To find out, FBI agent Jack Dolan heads to the victim’s last known address: a boardinghouse in Braden, Montana. Most of the guests at Abbott House are couples seeking help from the fertility clinic run by a team of dedicated doctors. So Jack’s arrival is a pleasant surprise for own Isabella Abbott, who finds herself wrestling with feelings she’s never had before. Jack, too, shares the powerful connection, and is all too aware of the danger of letting personal desires get in the way of an investigation. He suspects someone ruthless is lurking in the shadows someone with orders to kill. But what secrets are worth dying for in this peaceful place that offers miracles to desperate couples? And is Isabella part of the savage mystery that surrounds White Mountain? But the more Jack learns, the more he understands why the secrets of White Mountain must be kept hidden. At all costs.

Out of the Dark

In the darkness of her memory terror lurks

Street artist Jade remembers little of her childhood except for the time she spent under the ruthless control of a cult leader, a time marked by terrible abuse and suffering. For fifteen years since she escaped his grasp, she has survived by living on the streets and never putting down roots.

Ex cop Luke Kelly knows his friend Sam Cochrane wants nothing more to find his daughter, Jade, who was taken from him as a child. So Luke uses all his connections to make that happen, not knowing that by reuniting Jade with her father he is exposing her to a deadly peril.

In the healing embrace of her father’s home, Jade with Luke’s loving help begins to put fear behind her. But somewhere in the darkness, a man is prepared to kill rather than let Jade reveal the secrets of her childhood. And when her story makes the national news, that someone finally knows where to find her.

The Perfect Lie (As:Dinah McCall)

There’s no place to hide from the truth…

CIA agent Jonah Slade is back from deadly undercover work in the jungles of South America, battered, bloodied, but successful in putting a notorious drug czar behind bars. But, he discovers, the war has just begun.

He learns the woman he loved and lost years ago has been killed in cold blood, her fifteen year old son kidnapped. Her sister, Macie Blaine, turns to Jonah for help, and gives him no chance to refuse when she tells him the boy is his son.

Stunned and enraged by the discovery, Jonah wants to lash out. Until he makes the connection between the kidnapping and the drug lord, who is solely focused on avenging the death of his own son the man Jonah killed. It’s come down to a battle as old as time itself. An eye for an eye. A son for a son.

Yet for Jonah, it’s also much more than that. He knows what he is, a hardened and cynical man. But he also knows what he wants. Everything he’s been denied: his son and Macie Blaine’s love.


Sometimes you don’t know what you’re Missing until you find it…
He’d witnessed the ravages of war firsthand as an army special ops, but nothing could have prepared Wes Holden for the senseless death of his own wife and son or the private nightmare that followed. An empty shell of a man, he is unable to do anything but survive. Until the day he walks into Ally Monroe’s yard. Raised in the isolated mountains of West Virginia, Ally faces a bleak future spent caring for her stern widower father and two brothers. But that doesn’t stop her from dreaming that a stranger might walk into her life and transform her lonely existence. A special bond forms between Wes and Ally. But as Wes emerges from his haze of pain, his soldier’s instincts kick in. There’s danger in the mountains, a place chosen to hide a thriving illegal drug business. Far worse, the threat is closing in on Ally, and time is running out…

Mimosa Grove (As:Dinah McCall)

In a place as haunting as it is beautiful, anything can happen…
Laurel Scanlon has the gift of sight, an ability passed down to the eldest daughter of each generation. It is this gift or curse, perhaps that drove her own mother mad and has left Laurel unwilling to trust in love…
except in her dreams. Anxious for a new beginning, she decides to retreat to Mimosa Grove, an old estate outside Bayou Jean, Louisiana. Mimosa Grove belongs to Laurel now, bequeathed by her maternal grandmother. Laurel feels the history and tragedy here, and amidst primeval beauty she senses something…
unfinished. Folks here know about her grandmother’s gift and treat Laurel with the same reverence especially when she is able to help the police find a missing girl. It is then that she sees Justin Bouvier stranger, soul mate, the man who haunts her dreams. But there is danger here in Mimosa Grove, not from the restless past, but from the deadly present. Laurel must be willing to trust her gift, her love for Justin and, most of all, herself, to stop tragedy and history from repeating themselves.

Bloodlines (As:Dinah McCall)

Twenty five years ago Olivia Sealy was kidnapped for ransom. Today she has no memory of the terrible event, yet an uneasy feeling still haunts her a fear that is realized when an infant’s skeleton is found and a connection is made to Olivia’s past. As news of the discovery makes headlines, Olivia and the people close to her sudenly become targets for a murderer bent on revenge. Still stunned by the revelation and its implications, Olivia puts her trust in Trey Bonney, the detective assigned to the case. But neither counts on a madman who may hold the answer to the twenty five year old mystery a secret someone hoped was buried for good.

Rider on Fire

’60 year old Franklin Blue Cat is dying and desperately needs a marrow transplant. But he has no family…
other than the a child he’s not even sure exists. He needs the help of Adam Two Eagles, the local medicine man and ex Army Ranger to help him find his missing child. Sonora Jordan, undercover DEA agent and tough biker chick, is laying low. After a drug bust, the Garcia brothers who Sonora helped put in jail have put out a contract on her and she’s forced to go on vacation. She’s unaware that there is yet another Garcia brother hot on her trail. Strange dreams visions really are pulling Sonora east. When Sonora meets Adam, she’ll be drawn out of her world and led by both instinct and magic to find the father she never knew she had, and the love she never knew she wanted.’

The Chosen

Respected Washington, D.C., journalist January DeLena is positive the threads of each victim’s disappearance are intertwined. But who’s behind these horrific crimes? All signs point to the man who calls himself The Sinner a disturbed homeless man trawling the streets of the nation’s capital luring victims into his fanatical world of salvation and redemption. January can’t keep her suspicions private. And soon she’s got the ear and the interest of homicide detective Benjamin North. But January has a secret. One that places her directly in the path of the twisted, self proclaimed messiah’s rage. Suddenly, getting this story has January and Benjamin headed to hell and back.

The Survivors (As:Dinah McCall)

The search for survivors becomes a race against time and a killer

When a passenger plane goes down in the Appalacians, rescue teams start looking for the survivors and discover that a five year old boy and a woman are missing. Twenty miles from the crash site, Deborah Sanborn has a vision of two survivors, cold, hurting and scared. Over the years she has learned to trust her gift, and she senses these strangers are in terrible danger. She sees a hunter, moving in for the kill.

Four generations of O’Ryan men have gathered at the crash site, ready to search for the missing boy, Johnny O’Ryan. Mike O’Ryan isn’t sure what to make of Deborah, but with the snow coming down, she’s all they’ve got to lead them through the mountains. Because not only are they racing against time and the elements…
they’re up against a killer desperate to silence his only living witness to murder.

The Healer

It is a gift that may cost him everythingAll his life, Jonah Gray Wolf has had an uncanny connection to animals and the power to heal the sick and wounded. Driven from the only home he’s ever known by those who wish to harness his gift for profit, he becomes a drifter, working in out of the way towns, never staying long. It’s a lonely life, but Jonah knows he’s still being hunted he can’t afford to get close to anyone who might learn his secret. In West Virginia he finds Luce, a tough but beautiful loner who knows all about keeping people at a distance a kindred soul with whom he might dare to make a life. But the hunters have caught Jonah’s scent again. Danger is coming to their mountain refuge a confrontation that will be decided only by a force of nature.

The Warrior

John Nightwalker is a strong, rugged Native American soldier who has seen many battles. While hunting down an old enemy, he crosses paths with Alicia Ponte. On the run from her father a powerful arms manufacturer Alicia seeks to expose her father’s traitorous crimes of selling weapons to our enemies in Iraq. But Richard Ponte will do anything to stay below the radar even if it means killing his own daughter. Drawn to the mystery that surrounds Alicia, John feels compelled to protect her. Together they travel through the beautiful yet brutal Arizona desert to uncover deadly truths and bring her father to justice. But their journey is about to take an unexpected turn one that goes deep into the past.

Dark Awakenings

This title offers more nocturne bites to sink your teeth into. ‘Penance’ by Sharon Sala Nicole Masters’ ‘penance’ for cheating death, a second sight that allows her insight into oncoming disasters, dictates that she must help others; even if it means putting herself in danger. Now she and Detective Dominic Tucci, a neighbour determined to make Nicole accept her new gift, must team up to rescue an innocent child before time runs out. ‘After the Lightning’ by Janis Reams Hudson Hailey Cameron fears she’s fried more than a few brain cells after she’s struck by lightning and begins hearing voices. Experience has made former police detective Aaron Trent more accepting of this newfound ability than Hailey is. But has fate brought them together for another reason as well? ‘Seeing Red’ by Debra Cowan A near death experience has firefighter Cass Hollister witnessing fires before they happen. But it’s proving harder to deal with Ben, the man she once walked away from, who is now investigating the blazes and has a few dark secrets of his own, than it is to handle her new talent! ‘A Kiss of Frost’ by Michele Hauf Norse god and assassin Jal Frosti’s latest assignment targets a mortal woman for termination. Yet, Kate’s kisses warm Jal’s frozen heart and he falls in love and emotion is a bane that can bring the Winter god’s death. ‘Ice Bound’ by Vivi Anna On a special mission to Japan, Dr. Darien Calder hopes to learn more about the legendary Ice Maiden, who purportedly froze lost travellers with just a touch of her icy lips. But when she rescues him from a snowdrift, will the warmth of Darien’s newfound love be enough to thaw the Ice Maiden’s heart?

Mission: Irresistible

She was there to catch a traitor, and getting emotionally involved with stubborn, sexy East Kirby was not an option for Alicia. But she’d been ordered to enlist East, to change his mind in any way she could! If only she could use the adrenaline rush that surged through her veins when with East, to make her mission a success, and win East.

Mossy Creek

A delightful new collection of original Southern stories set in the charming, fictitious down home town of Mossy Creek, where there’s a friendly face on every corner and a heartfelt story behind every door…

Reunion at Mossy Creek

Return to Mossy Creek, when a class reunion stirs up more than just memories.

Summer in Mossy Creek

Treat yourself to another helping of down home charm with new stories of ‘the warm, offbeat, fun loving place that is Mossy Creek, GA’ Romantic Times.

A Day in Mossy Creek

Maybe it’s the post New Year’s boredom. maybe it’s the cold, frisky air. Whatever the cause, the citizens of Mossy Creek seem determined to get into trouble on a clear winter day in mid January. Police Chief Amos Royden and his loyal officers, Mutt and Sandy, can barely keep up with the calls. Hank and Casey Blackshear’s great aunt Irene, 93, leads a protest march of angry old folks on their electric scooters. Louise and Charlie Sawyer battle renovation pitfalls literally in their cranky house. Pearl Quinlan fights her sister, Spiva, over a plate of brownies. Patty Campbell performs a makeover on Orville Gene Simpson’s front yard, against Orville’s will. All that and more! Last, but not least, Amos and Ida finally stop fighting their secret attraction, but then the trouble really begins!

At Home in Mossy Creek

Book six in the Mossy Creek Hometown Series about life, love in a small Southern town. Mayberry meets Mitford. Humor, romance.

Critters of Mossy Creek

Springtime brings thoughts of love to people all over the world, and Creekites are no exception. Although love to Creekites isn t necessarily romantic. Take, for example, how they feel about their pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and fish take center stage as we once again see how the Southern half lives. Your favorites are back and in just as much trouble as ever. Amos and Ida are still circling each other’s wagons. Sandy Crane has a little Faith. Jayne Reynolds emerges from widowhood to take a long lingering look at Mossy Creek s Bubba Rice. Ed Bailey and his beloved dog Possum, Lil Ida Hamilton, Peggy Caldwell and others will make you laugh and cry at human and animal antics. Cat heists. Fish ponds. Bird nappings. Don t miss the fun with Critters of Mossy Creek! Welcome To Mossy Creek!The funny, heart warming Georgia mountain town whose slogan is Ain t goin nowhere, and don t want to. A few years ago, BelleBooks partners Debra Dixon, Deborah Smith, Sandra Chastain, Virginia Ellis, Donna Ball and Martha Crockett veteran authors with more than 100 romance and women s fiction books to their credit at major publishers decided to create a collective novel about a whimsical Appalachian town. Each author picked several characters to shepherd through the stories, and voila! A collaborative book was born. The series launched with MOSSY CREEK, followed by REUNION IN MOSSY CREEK, SUMMER IN MOSSY CREEK, BLESSINGS OF MESSY CREEK, A DAY IN MOSSY CREEK, AT HOME IN MOSSY CREEK, and now, in September 2009, Critters of Mossy Creek. Each book features the regulars plus a sterling group of outside authors. Mossy Creek contributors include bestselling novelists Sabrina Jeffries, Anne Bishop, Sharon Sala, Patti Callahan Henry and many more. The series has garnered glowing reviews, book club, large print and mass market sales, and a devoted fan base who eagerly await the next book. In November 2009 veteran Mossy Creek author Carolyn McSparren begins a spin off Mossy Creek mystery series: THE MERRY ABBOT CARRIAGE DRIVING SERIES, with Book One: CART BEFORE THE CORPSE.

Strange Bedfellows (By:Kasey Michaels)

Forced to take shelter together from the ravages of a dangerous storm, adversaries Sean Frame, a single father, and counselor Cassandra Mercer, who has been treating Sean’s troubled young son, discover unexpected passion in each other’s arms.’

You Must Remember This (By:Marilyn Pappano)

The true identity of amnesiac ‘Martin Smith’ and his association with mayor Olivia Stuart are discovered when he helps to solve her murder. But saving Juliet Crandall from the killer is another matter. Even if he can save her life, his feelings for her will undoubtedly get in the way of his desire to leave Grand Springs behind forever. In this last title in the ’36 Hours’ series, all is revealed.

Cinderella for a Night (By:Susan Mallery)

A masquerade ball is plunged into darkness…
A woman is poisoned…
A millionaire bachelor becomes a father…
As a blackout gripped Grand Springs, Colorado, CEO Jonathan Steele was having quite a night. First, Cynthia Morgan aka ‘Cinderella’ drank poison meant for him. Then his blackmailing half brother and sister in law were murdered, leavign Jonathan with his newborn baby nephew. In thirty six hours, Jonathan’s life had changed forever. Then grateful to be alive Cynthia offered to move into his home as a temporary nanny, a series challenge to Jonathan’s bachelorhood…

Lightning Strikes (By:)

While a blackout paralyzes Grand Springs, Colorado, Vanderbilt Memorial ER physician Noah Howell is thrown together with Dr. Amanda Jennings, the woman from whom he once walked away, as they struggle to save lives and, in the process, uncover old secrets and reignite the flames of romance.’

On the Edge

These masters of romantic suspense deliver three dangerously addictive new stories that will keep you…
On the EdgeHEATHER GRAHAM: ‘Will they make it? And if they do, how on earth will they manage? And last, but never least, will they survive together? The combination of romance and suspense is irresistible. I love the genre, and hope to give back just a percentage of the pleasure I’ve enjoyed over the years.’CARLA NEGGERS: ‘Romantic suspense has it all a great love story, interesting characters, pulse pounding action, a sense of adventure and drama and more than a dash of fun. I love to write romantic suspense, and I love to read it.’SHARON SALA: ‘Writing romantic suspense is, for me, a challenge, both creatively and emotionally. I love the freedom of developing stories that not only challenge the reader to figure out ‘who done it,’ but also, to give them characters that they will never forget.’

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