Shannon McKenna Books In Order

The Hellbound Brotherhood Books In Publication Order

  1. Hellion (2020)
  2. Headlong (2020)
  3. Hellbent (2020)
  4. Heedless (2020)
  5. Havoc (2021)

McClouds & Friends Books In Publication Order

  1. Behind Closed Doors (2002)
  2. Standing in the Shadows (2003)
  3. Out Of Control (2005)
  4. Edge of Midnight (2007)
  5. Extreme Danger (2008)
  6. Ultimate Weapon (2008)
  7. Fade To Midnight (2010)
  8. Blood and Fire (2011)
  9. One Wrong Move (2012)
  10. Fatal Strike (2013)
  11. In For the Kill (2015)

Men of Maddox Hill Books In Publication Order

  1. His Perfect Fake Engagement (2021)
  2. Corner Office Secrets (2021)
  3. Tall, Dark and Off Limits (2021)

Men of Rogue’s Hollow Books In Publication Order

  1. Jingle Bell Rock (By:T.J. MacGregor) (2003)
  2. Bad Boys Next Exit (With: Donna Kauffman) (2004)

The Obsidian Files Books In Publication Order

  1. Right Through Me (2016)
  2. My Next Breath (2017)
  3. In My Skin (2018)
  4. Light Me Up (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Return To Me (2004)
  2. Hot Night (2006)
  3. Tasting Fear (2009)

Brava Girlfriends Books In Publication Order

  1. All Through The Night (2001)
  2. I Love Bad Boys (By:Janelle Denison) (2002)
  3. I Brake For Bad Boys (2002)
  4. Kiss Me Again (By:Lori Foster) (2005)
  5. Truth or Dare (By:Lori Foster) (2005)

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Shannon McKenna Books Overview

Behind Closed Doors

Surveillance expert Seth is convinced that Victor Lazar had his half brother murdered, but his secret investigation and his life are on the line. When he learns that Lazar’s next victim may be the beautiful Raine, Seth is pushed beyond all emotional limits and beyond fear itself.

Standing in the Shadows

From the national bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors comes a compelling new erotic thriller. In Behind Closed Doors, which Lori Foster called ‘an erotic thriller you cannot miss, ‘ Shannon McKenna penned a dazzling tale of obsession and desire. Now, the first author to introduce romantic suspense to the Brava line is back with her highly anticipated new novel, Standing in the Shadows. This is the sequel to Behind Closed Doors and picks up where that book left off same villain, new hero. Ex undercover FBI agent Connor McCloud has been marked by betrayal, scarred in body and soul. He was betrayed by Ed Riggs, trusted colleague and friend, losing his partner and almost his life in the process. It cost him everything he had to flush out the traitor and bring him to justice, along with the vicious madman Kurt Novak who corrupted and blackmailed Ed. Now fate has betrayed Connor too. Riggs’s shy, lovely, dark haired daughter Erin is the woman that Connor has been seeing in his dreams for years. The storm of violence that ensued from fulfilling his duty has put her beyond his reach, but it hasn’t abated the dull ache of wanting that torments and depresses him. Things go from bad to worse when Novak’s fabulous wealth and underworld connections spring him from his cage, for both Erin and Connor have been marked for revenge. Connor will protect her with everything he has left, whether she wants it or not, whether she hates him or not but he can’t hide the fire she kindles inside him, no matter how desperately he tries.

Out Of Control

Davy McCloud is a disillusioned private investigator who has had to learn the hard way that, when it comes to women, it’s usually not a good idea to follow blind impulses. Much better to play it safe and keep things simple, calm, and free of any messy complications. But when the luscious, mysterious new exercise instructor Margot Vetter shows up at the gym next door, with her endless curves on eye popping display in neon coloured spandex, Davy is sorely tempted to make an exception just this once. Problem is, the background check that he runs on Margot reveals that she’s hiding a few secrets secrets of the dark and deadly kind. Margot is at the end of her rope. As if it weren’t enough to be broke, desperate, and on the run after being framed for a murder, she’s now being terrorized bya malevolent stalker. She can’t go to the police, of course. But she has to talk to someone or go crazy. So she turns to the buff, impossibly gorgeous investigator and kung fu expert Davy McCloud. After all, he looks like nothing on earth could possibly intimidate him. And anyway, she’s been looking for an excuse to get a good look at him, up close and personal. Food for fantasy because the nights are awfully long when a girl is scared to go to sleep. What Margot doesn’t count on is Davy’s relentless intensity not to mention his irresistible magnetism. What Davy doesn’t count on is the possessive hunger Margot sparks in his soul, a hunger that instantly sweeps away all of his hard earned professional cool. As Margot’s past threatens to catch up with her, Davy feels himself being dragged into a storm of danger. If they are to survive, the two must come together, face their fears, and finally discover what it really means to love and trust another person.

Edge of Midnight

On the very day an arsonist burns down Liv Endicott’s bookstore in a small town in the Washington mountains, she finds fate has another shock in store for her. Amid the smoke, rubble, and tears, Sean McLoud appears, calling her name. He’s every inch the man he always was the man she kept on wanting. But wanting is not the same as trusting, and she doesn’t dare let him get too close. Yet a ruthless killer is gunning for Liv, and she’ll die unless they join forces to unearth a chilling truth and come together in a blaze of searing passion.

Extreme Danger

Enter the seductive world of Shannon McKenna, where passion and suspense are intertwined, and love is the riskiest venture of all…
On The Edge Nobody’s home at the millionaire’s estate on remote Frakes Island. And nobody seems to be watching. Becca Cantrell dives in for an illicit midnight skinnydip and gets hauled out by a towering, hard muscled guy with burning dark eyes. He seems to be in charge. Good. The man is the embodiment of her most intense fantasies. And she’s up for risky thrills…
Nick Ward can’t tell her that he’s spying on a vicious Russian crime boss. Becca could be his worst enemy: an assassin sent to kill him, a call girl sent to distract him, or the worst scenario of all a clueless innocent. Anyway he looks at it, she’s trouble: beautiful, bare, dripping wet trouble. The kind he can’t resist. She’s not scared. After one taste of his hot mouth, Becca soon discovers just how fearless she can be. She’ll need it, too because things are about to explode on Frakes Island, launching Becca and Nick into danger they could never have imagined and a passion that could destroy them both…
Praise for Shannon McKenna and her novels…
‘Highly creative…
erotic sex and constant danger.’ Romantic Times on Hot Night 4 starred review and a Top Pick’Super sexy suspense! Shannon McKenna does it again.’ Cherry Adair ‘A scorcher…
romantic suspense at its best!’ Romantic Times 4 starred review

Ultimate Weapon

Covert operations are what Val Janos is all about. The man is mysterious and sinister, and lethally hot. Only Tamara can understand the strange intensity that drives him to win at all costs and only she can match it. Val has one weak spot: Imre, the frail old man who befriended him when he was a scared, hungry kid abandoned on the streets of Budapest. But Daddy Novak knows about Imre, and Imre’s head is on the block if Val doesn’t deliver Tam up to Novak’s tender mercies…
A white hot passion explodes when Tam and Val get too close. They both have too much to be afraid of, too much to hide. And now, for the first time, too much to lose…

Fade To Midnight

When the McCloud brothers discover that Kev is still alive, they won’t rest until they find him…
Beaten and tortured, Kev Larsen was found eighteen years earlier in a warehouse alley. He survived his brutal ordeal, but his memories before that night were completely erased. When he nearly dies saving someone from drowning, the brain surgery he has to save his life triggers fragmented, terrifying images. With only these fractured scenes to guide him, Kev is determined to unlock the secrets to his past. Edie Parrish has always been good at not letting anyone get too close to her. If the wrong person were to learn of her unusual gift, her life would be immediately jeopardized. But when Kev Larsen discovers who she really is, Edie’s only choice is to trust him. And soon, Edie can’t resist her consuming desire for him even though she knows she’ll have to pay a price for it.

Blood and Fire

Restless and impulsive, Bruno Ranieri has the temperament to fit right in with the McClouds. And just like the McCloud brothers, Bruno has a dangerous past to contend with one that’s about to come crashing back into his life…
Bruno Ranieri has always lived at a chaotic pace, and that goes double lately. Since his uncle’s untimely demise, Bruno is working himself to the bone, trying to keep his nose clean and save the family business. Not easy when the nightmares that plagued his childhood are hi jacking what little rest he gets. So when exotically beautiful Lily Parr sashays into his all night restaurant, claiming to be on the run from mysterious assassins, Bruno starts to wonder if sleep deprivation is finally getting to him. Especially when Lily implies that Bruno is involved. But the violence that accompanies her arrival is no illusion. Nor is the blisteringly hot, completely inconvenient desire that explodes between them. Lily Parr has been a fugitive ever since her father’s death a month ago in a mental hospital. Officials claimed it was suicide, but Lily’s gut and the savage murder attempt she barely escaped afterwards say different. Snippets of information led Lily to Bruno’s door…
and his magnetic charisma compelled her right into his bed. But there are cold blooded killers on her heels, with resources as limitless as their cruelty.

Jingle Bell Rock (By:T.J. MacGregor)

With this fifth contemporary erotic anthology from Brava, fans of these bestselling anthologies will be able to unwrap a few Bad Boys of their own just in time for the holidays. They’re big, they’re bad, and they’re everywhere Brava’s national bestselling anthologies continue to delight devoted fans across the country, and the franchise that began with All Through the Night now brings a whole new meaning to the idea of Christmas ecstasy. Featuring a six pack of top notch, bestselling romance writers, Jingle Bell Rock, will be the next best thing to eggnog to celebrate Christmas cheer. Skip the mistletoe you won’t need it after you indulge in these six tempting tales of romance filled with the sort of naughty but oh so nice men who make the season so bright it’s downright hot…

Bad Boys Next Exit (With: Donna Kauffman)

Take Everything by Shannon McKennaAll Jane Duvall wants is to bag another big account for her headhunting firm, even if it means stealing a key employee from sexy hotel CEO Michael ‘Mac’ MacNamara. But once Mac gets a good look at the luscious, elusive Jane, he’s more than willing to let her take everything…
body, heart and soul. Exposed by Donna KauffmanChristmas Eve and two strangers on a train stranded in a blizzard well, Austin Morgan and Delilah Hudson couldn’t have picked a less likely place to experience passion and love. Pure Ginger by E. C. SheedyGinger Cameron has wasted too much time on the hey baby, great sex, see ya kind of guy sand her PR business is suffering. From now on, she’s a beige woman, a serious woman, and a woman who sleeps alone. Enter Cal Beaumann who wants to hire Ginger. But when his male radar kicks in, he bets himself there’s more to Ginger than coiled hair, orthopedic shoes and industrial strength underwear.

Return To Me

Seventeen years after bad boy Simon Riley sped out of town Ellen Kent has finally got her life together. She’s very busy running her successful bed and breakfast in Oregon’s LaRue River Valley. And she’s engaged to a man who doesn’t exactly make her knees weak with lust, but so much the better. It’s time for a quiet home with a family, dog hair on the sofa, all the trappings, even if she has to retool her emotional wiring to a much lower wattage to get it. After all, passion of the pants at the ankles, lips in serious lock, hands roaming frantically on the way down the hall well, it’s just an unrealistic fantasy…
like the man pulling up to her door on his motorcycle…
Simon swore he’d never come back to this backwater town where trouble followed at his heels. The only good thing about the place had been El Kent, who had been his friend despite his rep. Now, he’s back to investigate his uncle’s sudden death and face the demons of his past. But he hadn’t counted on El’s lush, sensual beauty, the innocent seductiveness of her every gesture. She has no business marrying that lacklustre clown of a fiance. What she needs is a serious wake up call, the kind that starts at the mouth and leads down to complete abandonment and total ecstasy. He never expects his strategy to backfire and leave him so hungry for more…
But Simon has done more than stir El’s passions and his own. His very presence has brought danger into her life, and they will have to learn to trust each other if they want to survive…

Hot Night

Gold is the most precious of metals. And someone would kill to get at the dazzling exhibit of priceless Spanish treasure Abby Maitland just landed for the museum. It’s too bad that Zan Duncan had to show up to protect her, but someone’s waiting and watching. She’s in the crosshairs and she doesn’t have a clue. Abby is mesmerized by Zan’s untamed strength and his very sexual vibe. From the long dark hair, the thick, hard muscles, and the black leather jacket right on down to the honed fighting skills and the tattoos, Zan is everything a bad boy ought to be…
and everything Abby has sworn to avoid. Yet he’s a master of subtle seduction, pushing her buttons with tantalizing promises of night after Hot Night of secret, endless pleasure. Promises that he keeps, to the letter…
But danger stalks them both, for a lethal game of deception, greed, and murder is underway a game more sinister than Abby and Zan ever imagined. And when no one can be trusted and no place is safe, passion may be the only thing that can save them…

Tasting Fear

Nancy, Nell, Vivi…
Three sisters who know there is no force on earth greater than love…
unless it is the desire for vengeance. When their adored foster mother is murdered, the D’Onofrio women come together to hunt for her murderer and track down a family legacy gone missing: rare, priceless art from the Renaissance, a treasure worth killing for. The law can only do so much and the three sisters are on their own until three mysterious men get involved…
Startled to find a brawny stranger at her mother’s house, Nancy is even more surprised at the heat of passion that flares between them. Liam is intense and instantly protective. But is it wise to trust him with every secret? Her sister Nell has turned to Duncan, her new boss, for help. He’s an expert on the dark underworld of cyberspace, where other clues may lurk. And Duncan is so sexy it’s scary. All Nell has to do is say the hardest word of all: yes. But what about the youngest of the D’Onofrios, the wild and willful Vivi? She’s on the verge of falling in love with Jack, who’s all about fierce vigilance…
The sisters embrace the ultimate in passion as danger stalks them all. Unknown and unseen, the killer is very, very near…

All Through The Night

Contents: Stranger in Her Bed by Suzanne Forster No Mercy by Thea Devine Satisfy Me by Lori Foster Something Wild by Shannon McKenna

I Love Bad Boys (By:Janelle Denison)

The men who can’t be tamed reveal their wicked ways in this contemporary erotic romance anthology. I Love Bad Boys explores the forbidden and passionate world of the bad boys who elicit unbridled desire and the good girls who would do anything to have them.

Truth or Dare (By:Lori Foster)

When a sophisticated sex shop opens in their small town, Asia Michaels and her friends find themselves fascinated by its sensual possibilities. And now it’s time for Truth or Dare…
Asia is about to meet a man who holds the key to her fantasies and to desires she never even knew she had. Shy Becky Harte has a wild side, one she can’t wait to explore, which is how she ends up in her local sex shop buying bondage gear. She just never thought that someone she knew would see her, someone she’s secretly desired, like George Westin. Twelve years her senior, George is far more experienced than Becky, and more than intrigued at her purchases. He would love to teach the blushing Becky a thing or two about surrender. But it’s George who loses control when fantasy becomes reality, and it’s the not so innocent Becky calling the shots. Strong, assertive, and wisecracking, Erica Lee is used to having the upper hand in business and in her love life. The problem is, most men are too intimidated by her to stick around for long. When her best friends dare her to find a sex slave to fulfill her every whim, Erica sets her sights on sexy, mischievous Ian Conrad. The dominating Ian isn’t afraid of a strong woman like Erica and he’s been waiting for an opportunity to indulge in a few fantasies with her. Soon, he’s got Erica at his mercy, turning every request into request into a tantalizing match of seduction that leaves her begging for more and loving every minute of it.

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