Sarah A Hoyt Books In Order

Shakespearean Fantasies Books In Order

  1. Ill Met by Moonlight (2001)
  2. All Night Awake (2002)
  3. Any Man So Daring (2003)

Shifters Books In Order

  1. Draw One in the Dark (2006)
  2. Gentleman Takes a Chance (2008)
  3. Noah’s Boy (2013)
  4. Night Shifters (2014)
  5. Sweet Alice (2014)
  6. Three Matches (2021)

Magical British Empire Books In Order

  1. Heart of Light (2008)
  2. Soul of Fire (2008)
  3. Heart and Soul (2008)

Darkship Books In Order

  1. Darkship Thieves (2010)
  2. Darkship Renegades (2012)
  3. Darkship Revenge (2017)

Earth’s Revolution Books In Order

  1. A Few Good Men (2013)
  2. Through Fire (2016)

Magical Empires Books In Order

  1. Witchfinder (2014)

Vampire Musketeers Books In Order

  1. Sword And Blood (2016)

Monster Hunter International Books In Order

  1. Monster Hunter Guardian (2019)

Magis Books In Order

  1. Deep Pink (2019)

Rhodes Mysteries Books In Order

  1. Other Rhodes (2021)


  1. Wings (2008)
  2. No Will But His (2010)


  1. Crawling Between Heaven and Earth (2002)
  2. Here Be Dragons (2015)
  3. Dragon Blood (2016)
  4. So Little and So Light (2018)
  5. Divided we Fall: One Possible Future (2020)


  1. Trade Winds (2011)

Anthologies edited

  1. Something Magic This Way Comes (2008)

Non fiction

  1. May You Write Interesting Books (2012)

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Sarah A Hoyt Books Overview

Ill Met by Moonlight

‘By turns clever and charming, this delightful tale of magical intrigue is a confection filled with plot twists and surprises, impossible to put down.’ Deborah Chester, author of The Sword, the Ring, and the Chalice Scene: A world not of this world but in it where a transparent palace hangs suspended in mid air and tiny fairies twinkle here and there…
where a traitorous king holds court before elven lords and ladies…
and where fantastical tragedies and capricious romances reach out to entangle mortal souls…
Enter: William Shakespeare This enchanting fantasy debut begins with the disappearance of young Will Shakespeare’s wife and newborn daughter a mystery that draws the Bard into a realm beyond imagination…
and beyond reality. Held captive by the devious ruler of the elves and fairies, Shakespeare’s family appears lost to him forever. But an alluring elf named Quicksilver takes a fancy to Shakespeare and sees a chance to set things right. Can a mere schoolteacher win his wife back from a king? Or will Shakespeare fall prey to his own desires and the cunning schemes of the unpredictable elf?

All Night Awake

Both William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were given their creative spark in the world of the faerie, where they each loved the Lady Silver. But now Lady Silver, who loves them both still, has come to London to track down a creature of supernatural might and vaulting ambition and it is about to put both the Bard and his rival in grave danger. With the same blend of romance and magic that made Ill Met By Moonlight ‘a delightful fantastic speculation’ Booklist, Sarah Hoyt offers a new novel about the greatest playwright of all time and the passions that inspired him.

Draw One in the Dark

Every one of us has the beast inside. But for Kyrie Smith, the beast is no metaphor. Since she was 15, when she first shape shifted into a savage, black panther, Kyrie has questioned her humanity. Although she’s managed to keep her inner beast secret most of the time, the panther occasionally emerges to strike unbidden. Terrified she’ll hurt someone while in panther form, Kyrie moves from town to town, searching for a way to feel human again. Kyrie’s lonely life changes forever while waitressing at a cheap diner in Goldport, Colorado. Investigating frantic screams from the parking lot, Kyrie stumbles upon a blood spattered dragon crouching over a mangled human corpse. The dragon shape shifts back into her co worker, Tom, naked, dazed and unable to remember how he got there. Thrust into an ever changing world of shifters, where shape shifting dragons, giant cats and other beasts wage a secret war behind humanity’s back, Kyrie may find the answers she seeks with help from Tom, a mythical object called the Pearl of Heaven, and her own inner beast.

Gentleman Takes a Chance

There are those living secretly among us who have the power to change their physical form from that of a human to an animal, even animals thought to be mythical, such as dragons. Throughout out the ages, these shape shifters have come together in a loose organization to protect themselves from humans and other shape shifters. According to their code, killing another shifter is a crime, no matter if the shifter was slaughtering humans.

Kyrie Smith, a young panther shifter, must decide where she will stand: with her group or with humanity at large. And she ll have to do it while both older shifters and her boyfriend Tom Ormson a dragon shifter push her from quandary to quandary and police detective Rafiel Thrall who happens to be a lion shifter demands her help in solving mysterious murders that he suspects have been committed by a shifter. But when Tom begins getting telepathic warnings from the Great Sky Dragon that his life is in danger, the same dragon who recently almost killed him, he and Kyrie realize that much more is involved than a homicidal shape shifter.

Someone or something has been killing shifters in large numbers, and the most ancient and powerful of shifters are converging on the city to find the killer. And anyone, human or shifter, who gets in their way will be eliminated without mercy…

Heart of Light

Set in a magical Victorian British Empire that never was, this unique fantasy blends adventure, intrigue, and romance, as a newlywed couple embark on a dangerous quest and, in the process, discover their own heart’s desires.

On a luxury magic carpetship in 1889, an English couple travel to Cairo for their honeymoon. Except for a brush with a dragon, the voyage is uneventful. But for Nigel Oldhall and his beautiful Indian born bride, Emily, the holiday hides another purpose. Within hours of arriving in the teeming city, they are plunged into an extraordinary struggle among demons, murderers, and magic.

In Cairo, Nigel can no longer hide his secret from his wife: he is on a mission to rescue a ruby that will ensure Queen Victoria s hold on Africa forever. But the search has already swallowed up Nigel s older brother and now it has put his own Emily in mortal danger. But is she the innocent Nigel imagines? Soon, separately and apart, the two will set off for the heart of the continent among conspirators and traitors, all seeking the ruby and the gifts and curses it offers them and all of humankind.

Soul of Fire

Filled with adventure and danger, intrigue and romance, this thrilling new fantasy from Sarah Hoyt follows the quest for a rare treasure by a man of rare breed in a magical Victorian British Empire that never was . British gentleman and were dragon Peter Farewell has embarked on a daunting task: to recover the Soul of Fire, a magical ruby said to lie at the heart of British controlled India. But finding one stone in the heart of a land simmering on the cusp of rebellion, and rife with hostile magics, seems an impossible task until Peter saves the life of a young virgin fleeing a distasteful arranged marriage. For unknown to Sofie Warington, the flawed gem that is all that is left of her dowry is the very one Peter has been seeking. And if Peter can keep her safe from the sinister factions desperate to gain control of both Sofie and her dowry, he will find more than a jewel; he will find his heart’s destiny.

Heart and Soul

Within the magical realm of a Victorian British Empire that never was, one man embarks on a fantastic mission that dates back to the first true king of Europe and that may determine the fate of the last true emperor of China and the world.

When Nigel Oldhall hires on to pilot a magic carpetship under the name of Enoch Jones, it seems the perfect way for him to travel without attracting attention. For the English nobleman has in his possession the two most powerful jewels in the universe. His mission is to return them to their shrine in deepest Africa, restoring order to the world and to his life. But he doesn t count on being attacked by Chinese pirates or being held captive by a shape shifting beauty

Daughter of the Dragon King, sister of the new True Emperor of All Under Heaven, Red Jade is also on a mission: to reclaim the royal status stolen from her family by invaders. Since their expulsion, they have ruled only a mystical shadow realm. Now, with the jewels in her sight, Red Jade has the chance to rule all. But she soon finds herself, and Enoch, trapped in a scheme that may cause her to change loyalties and discover her heart’s true destiny.

Darkship Thieves

Athena Hera Sinistra never wanted to go to space. Never wanted see the eerie glow of the Powerpods. Never wanted to visit Circum Terra. Never had any interest in finding out the truth about the DarkShips. You always get what you don t ask for. Which must have been why she woke up in the dark of shipnight, within the greater night of space in her father’s space cruiser, knowing that there was a stranger in her room. In a short time, after taking out the stranger who turned out to be one of her father s bodyguards up to no good, she was hurtling away from the ship in a lifeboat to get help. But what she got instead would be the adventure of a lifetime if she managed to survive…


Eighteen finely crafted tales of Fantasy and Science Fiction by the author of Ill Met In Moonlight and Draw One In The Dark. Some of the outstanding stories in the collection are ‘Titan,’ a tale of young Leonardo Da Vinci finding his genuis through ancient gods; ‘What She Left Behind,’ Pedro finds he is born of the fairy, but has to choose between the mortal realm, and the enchanted land of fairy, ‘Wings,’ an artist with severed arms makes the long trip up a jagged mountain to die by the hooves of flying horses, ‘Sugarbush Soul,’ Madrastan sugar is the most powerful drug selling on Earth, but can Lindy stop the drug from being transported to Earth? These and many other entertaining stories await you from the imagination of Sarah A. Hoyt. Praise for Sarah A. Hoyt’s Work: ‘Hoyt masterfully builds a dramatic story of misplaced loyalties, dark ambitions and human desperation and love…
a literate, entertaining fantasy in which all’s well that ends well.’ — Publisher’s Weekly ‘Bright and entertaining.’ — The Denver Post ‘Hoyt has a deceptively clear and easy style…
her characters, historical and magical are deftly drawn and completely believable’ — Chronicle

No Will But His

The author who ‘masterfully builds a dramatic story’ presents another gripping novel of the women of Tudor England. As the bereft, orphaned cousin to the ill fated Anne Boleyn, Katherine Howard knows better than many the danger of being favored by the King. But she is a Howard, and therefore ambitious, so she assumes the role Henry VIII has assigned her his untouched child bride, his adored fifth wife. But her innocence is imagined, the first of many lies she will have to tell to gain the throne. And the path that she will tread to do so is one fraught with the same dangers that cost Queen Anne her head.

Something Magic This Way Comes

In the earliest days of humankind, everything in the world seemed magical. Gods and demons, spirits and sprites were considered to be responsible for everything from life and death, to the turning of the seasons, to the abundance or failure of crops. Today, much that was once attributed to magic has been explained by science, and in our technologically driven world, the question is whether there is still a place for magic. For twenty of fantasy’s finest imaginers, the answer is obviously, Yes. So welcome to visionary, modern day realms of magic where surprising things can still happen. From a Gypsy fortune teller s transforming prophecy to a troubled teen seeking a haven from his family woes to a mysterious gathering of cats at Cape Canavaral and a kid out to spook his best friend into believing that werewolves are real here are stories that will amuse you or send chills down your spine or have you looking wistfully around the next corner, hoping to find a bit of magic all your own .

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