Sara Rosett Books In Order

High Society Lady Detective Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder at Archly Manor (2018)
  2. Murder at Blackburn Hall (2019)
  3. The Egyptian Antiquities Murder (2019)
  4. Murder in Black Tie (2019)
  5. An Old Money Murder in Mayfair (2020)
  6. Murder on a Midnight Clear (2020)
  7. Murder at the Mansions (2022)

On the Run Books In Publication Order

  1. Elusive (2012)
  2. Secretive (2013)
  3. Deceptive (2013)
  4. Suspicious (2014)
  5. Devious (2015)
  6. Treacherous (2017)
  7. Duplicity (2020)

Murder on Location Books In Publication Order

  1. Death in the English Countryside (2014)
  2. Death in an English Cottage (2014)
  3. Death in a Stately Home (2016)
  4. Death in an Elegant City (2016)
  5. Menace at the Christmas Market (2016)
  6. Death in an English Garden (2019)
  7. Death at an English Wedding (2019)

Ellie Avery Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Moving is Murder (2006)
  2. Staying Home is a Killer (2007)
  3. Getting Away is Deadly (2008)
  4. Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder (2009)
  5. Mint Juleps, Mayhem, and Murder (2010)
  6. Mimosas, Mischief, and Murder (2011)
  7. Mistletoe, Merriment, and Murder (2012)
  8. Milkshakes, Mermaids, and Murder (2013)
  9. Marriage, Monsters-In-Law, and Murder (2016)
  10. Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder (2017)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Efficient Writer (2015)
  2. How to Outline a Cozy Mystery (2016)
  3. How to Write a Series (2020)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Happy Homicides 1 (2015)

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Sara Rosett Books Overview

Moving is Murder

Air Force wife and new mom Ellie Avery has moving down to a science. But even a professional organizer can make a few tiny mistakes. Ellie is an ace at moving. A professional organizer, she plans ahead, packs efficiently, and even color codes the boxes. Moving four times in five years has honed her considerable skills. But unpacking with a newborn daughter, record breaking heat wave, and the realization that their dream neighborhood is known as Base Housing East is enough to make her turn to chocolate for comfort. But then Ellie’s well ordered life spins even deeper into chaos when she suspects a friend s death wasn t an accident, but murder.

Staying Home is a Killer

Air Force wife Ellie Avery is so good at organizing she’s turned professional. Her tips on cleaning can send the worst case of clutter packing, dust balls fleeing, and nooks and crannies preening. But when a fellow military wife turns up dead, Ellie tackles a different type of case murder…
Diaper bag over her shoulder and an adorable toddler wriggling in her arms, Ellie Avery balances motherhood, marriage, and her own business Everything in Its Own Place with breezy aplomb. A maestro of organization, she sees her life as an easy checklist that does not include the untimely death of Penny Follette. Unlike the police, Ellie isn’t convinced the death of Penny Follette was suicide. But when a shocking message on her answering machine confirms her suspicions, it’s an uphill battle getting the officials to take her seriously. Then another spouse is strangled, and someone tries to poison an outspoken female pilot who believes sexism is alive and well in the Air Force. Poking about in closets and peeking through drawers, Ellie hopes to find the common thread typing the crimes together not more dead bodies. And with her husband Mitch about to be deployed in the ‘sandbox’ that’s the Mideast for us civvies, she wants some quality time with her significant other. As the schedule tightens and the mystery heightens, Ellie’s out to prove home is not for killers!

Getting Away is Deadly

With swollen feet and swelling belly, pregnant Ellie bravely joins the nation’s tourists in seeing the sights in Washington, D.C. But a fatal incident at the Metro station convinces Ellie that something is rotten in the capital city. Should she do the safe thing and pack her bags? Not likely when too many people are telling lies, hiding secrets, and acting suspiciously. Luckily, Ellie Avery is just the right woman to clean up the most mysterious cases of murder even if she has to brave the most dangerous byways in the corridors of power.

Magnolias, Moonlight, and Murder

Settling her family Air Force pilot Mitch, baby Nathan, and daughter Livvy into their new home in Georgia, Ellie Avery is busier than ever. With two children under four, a party to plan for Mitch’s promotion, and new contacts to develop for her organizing business, Ellie’s eager to relax by taking Rex, the family Rottweiler, for a peaceful stroll. But what they find is anything but tranquil. As evening’s shadows fall, Ellie stumbles into an abandoned graveyard disturbed by flooding from a recent storm. It’s a chilling enough setting without the shocking spectre of two dead bodies…
unearthed from the same grave. The skeleton that belongs in the washed out gravesite is that of a young casualty of World War I. The probable identity of the fresher corpse leads Ellie into a missing person case centred around Jodi Lockworth, a vibrant young woman who once lived in the house the Averys are now renting. Although Jodi was a beloved member of the community, her part time gig as a newspaper reporter may have put her on the wrong side of a few prominent citizens. When Ellie discovers a vital clue in her very own home, she becomes the next target of a sinister schemer who’ll stop at nothing to protect a deadly secret. Now, with a double mystery brewing and dozens of guests about to arrive in her back yard, Ellie’s agenda is once again packed. The only thing she hasn’t pencilled in is one killer of a party crasher who intends to make this celebration Ellie’s last.

Mint Juleps, Mayhem, and Murder

For military wife and professional organizer Ellie Avery, the hardest thing about hosting her husband Mitch’s rambunctious Southern family reunion is remembering everyone’s name. But this summer, her backyard bash is shadowed by menace after a killer shows up without an invitation…
Before the last slice of peach pie is served, the family festivities are cut short by news that Mitch’s squadron commander has been strangled and the prime suspect is his wife Denise, Ellie’s close friend and fellow knitting enthusiast. That same day, Ellie and the rest of the sleepy little town of North Dawkins, Georgia, are shocked to learn that one of Mitch’s cousins a fitness fanatic who’s in town for the party narrowly missed being shot when he collapsed during his daily workout. Everyone agrees that the bullet was a stray from hunters nearby…
but to Ellie the close call is as suspicious as a possum in a persimmon tree. As the humidity rises, so does the danger. Ellie uncovers strange clues that point to a sinister and deadly plan…
and the possibility that someone wants to ground her pilot husband, Mitch permanently. In between outdoor walks with the Mom Stroller Brigade, drumming up clients for her organizing business, and trying out new recipes for Southern style barbecue, Ellie must unravel a mystery that grows more perplexing every day. Because if she doesn’t, Mitch’s afternoon jog just may turn out to be a run for his life.

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