Sandra Marton Books In Order

By Dreams Books In Order

  1. By Dreams Betrayed (1990)
  2. Lost in a Dream (1991)

Landon’s Legacy Books In Order

  1. An Indecent Proposal (1995)
  2. Guardian Groom (1995)
  3. Hollywood Wedding (1996)
  4. Spring Bride (1996)

Wedding of the Year Books In Order

  1. The Bride Said Never! (1997)
  2. The Divorcee Said Yes! (1997)
  3. The Groom Said Maybe! (1998)
  4. The Tycoon’s Bought Fiancee (2016)
  5. The Greek’s Unwilling Bride (2016)

Romanos Books In Order

  1. The Sexiest Man Alive (1998)
  2. Romano’s Revenge (2000)

Valentin Books In Order

  1. The Sexiest Man Alive (1998)
  2. The Bedroom Business (2000)

Barons Books In Order

  1. Marriage on the Edge (1999)
  2. More Than a Mistress (1999)
  3. Slade Baron’s Bride (1999)
  4. The Taming of Tyler Kincaid (2000)
  5. Mistress of the Sheikh (2000)
  6. The Alvares Bride (2001)
  7. The Pregnant Mistress (2002)
  8. Raising the Stakes (2002)

O’Connells Books In Order

  1. Keir O’Connell’s Mistress (2003)
  2. The Sicilian Surrender (2003)
  3. Claiming His Love-Child (2004)
  4. The Sheikh’s Convenient Bride (2004)
  5. The One-Night Wife (2004)
  6. The Sicilian Marriage (2005)

Knight Brothers Books In Order

  1. The Desert Virgin (2006)
  2. Captive in His Bed (2006)
  3. Naked in His Arms (2006)

Billionaires’ Brides Books In Order

  1. The Italian Prince’s Pregnant Bride (2007)
  2. The Greek Prince’s Chosen Wife (2006)
  3. The Spanish Prince’s Virgin Bride (2006)

Christmas Treatment Books In Order

  1. The Sicilian’s Christmas Bride (2006)

Sheikh Tycoons Books In Order

  1. The Sheikh’s Defiant Bride (2007)
  2. The Sheikh’s Wayward Wife (2008)
  3. The Sheikh’s Rebellious Mistress (2008)

Orsini Brothers / Orsini Brides Books In Order

  1. Raffaele (2009)
  2. Dante (2009)
  3. Falco (2010)
  4. Nicolo (2010)
  5. The Ice Prince (2011)
  6. The Real Rio D’Aquila (2011)
  7. The Orsini Brides (2014)

Wilde Brothers Books In Order

  1. The Dangerous Jacob Wilde (2012)
  2. The Ruthless Caleb Wilde (2012)
  3. The Merciless Travis Wilde (2013)

Wilde Sisters Books In Order

  1. Emily: Sex and Sensibility (2013)
  2. Jaimie: Fire and Ice (2013)
  3. Lissa: Sugar & Spice (2014)

In Wilde Country Books In Order

  1. Pride (2014)
  2. Passion (2015)
  3. On the Wilde Side (2014)
  4. In Wilde Country: Wilde By Choice / On The Wilde Side (2015)

Special Tactical Units Division Books In Order

  1. Power (2015)
  2. Privilege (2016)
  3. Renegade (2016)


  1. Rapture in the Sands (1985)
  2. From This Day Forward (1985)
  3. A Game of Deceit (1986)
  4. Out of the Shadows (1986)
  5. Intimate Strangers (1987)
  6. Lovescenes (1987)
  7. Heart of the Hawk (1988)
  8. A Flood of Sweet Fire (1988)
  9. Deal with the Devil (1988)
  10. Cherish the Flame (1988)
  11. Eye of the Storm (1989)
  12. Fly Like an Eagle (1989)
  13. Nightfires (1990)
  14. Consenting Adults (1990)
  15. Garden of Eden (1990)
  16. That Long-ago Summer (1991)
  17. Roarke’s Kingdom (1991)
  18. The Corsican Gambit (1991)
  19. No Need for Love (1993)
  20. Hostage of the Hawk (1994)
  21. Master of El Corazon (1994)
  22. Emerald Fire (1995)
  23. Til Tomorrow (1996)
  24. The Second Mrs. Adams (1996)
  25. Until You (1997)
  26. Malone’s Vow (2001)
  27. The Borghese Bride (2003)
  28. For Love or Money (2003)
  29. Not For Sale (2011)
  30. Sheikh Without a Heart (2012)
  31. The Prince of Pleasure (2012)
  32. The Haunting (2016)
  33. Blackmailed into Her Boss’s Bed (2016)
  34. His Blackmailed Bride (2016)
  35. Hot Summer Bride (2016)
  36. A Miracle On Christmas Eve (2016)
  37. The Playboy’s Unexpected Bride (2016)
  38. Reunited with the Billionaire (2016)
  39. The Ruthless Billionaire’s Redemption (2016)
  40. The Millionaire’s Snowbound Seduction (2016)
  41. The F-Word (2017)
  42. Desert Prince’s Forbidden Desire (2020)


  1. Sole Paternity (1999)
  2. Desert Heat (1999)
  3. Amnesia (2000)
  4. Father and Child (2000)
  5. Married in Spring (2001)
  6. Nine to Five (2001)
  7. Seduced by a Sultan (2004)
  8. His Boardroom Mistress (2005)
  9. Raising the Stakes / The Runaway Mistress (2005)
  10. Outback Reunion / Disobedient Virgin (2005)
  11. Uncut Bundle (2006)
  12. The Ramirez Brides Bundle (2007)
  13. One-Click Buy: October Harlequin Presents (2007)
  14. Seduced by Christmas (2007)
  15. Mothers Wanted (2008)
  16. Hot City Nights (2008)
  17. One-Click Buy: November Harlequin Presents (2008)
  18. One-Click Buy: July 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009)
  19. His Contract Bride (2009)
  20. One-Click Buy: November 2009 Harlequin Presents (2009)
  21. Merry Christmas Love Mills and Boons (2009)
  22. One-Click Buy: May 2010 Harlequin Presents (2010)
  23. Mistresses: Bought with Emeralds (2010)
  24. The Princes’ Brides (2010)
  25. Mistress of the Sheikh / One-Night Wife (2010)
  26. Latin Lovers Untamed (2012)
  27. Say it with Diamonds…This Christmas (2012)
  28. The Scandalous Orsinis (2013)
  29. Sandra’s Classics (2013)
  30. Desert Hearts (2014)
  31. The Price Of Desire (2016)
  32. The Price of Success / The Cost of Her Innocence / Not For Sale (2016)
  33. Brazilian Night (2016)
  34. The Wildes (2016)
  35. Brazilian Escape (2017)
  36. A Bride For The Playboy Prince (2018)
  37. Mistresses: Seduction In The Boardroom (2020)
  38. Mistresses And Midwives On Call Collection (2020)
  39. Hot Heroes: Undercover Temptation (2021)
  40. Scandalous Secrets: Secrets And Lies (2021)
  41. Hot Heroes Collection (2021)


  1. Desert Destiny (1994)
  2. High Society Grooms (2002)
  3. Mistresses Collection (2010)


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Sandra Marton Books Overview

The Bedroom Business

Jake McBride is a self made millionaire, brilliant at business, talented in bed and cynical about women. Emily Taylor is his personal assistant, terrific in the office…
and an innocent when it comes to the opposite sex!But when Jake teaches Emily how to transform herself from shy secretary into sexy siren, he loses his grip on his legendary cool. If she’s going to lose her virginity, it has to be to him!

Marriage on the Edge

Gage Baron has made it on his own. He’s wealthy, and his marriage seems successful, too until Natalie leaves him. Then Gage receives an invitation to his father’s Texas estate; Jonas obviously has more on his mind than just his eighty fifth birthday celebration. But the possibility he might inherit Espada is less important to Gage than the opportunity to win back Natalie. Jonas will expect to see her, so Gage must ensure that his wife is back by his side, still married to him for convenience’s sake…

More Than a Mistress

Travis Baron is handsome and immensely successful. The corporate lawyer is also the possible heir to the Barons’ sprawling ranch and he’s up for grabs at the charity auction. But when Alexandra Thorpe wins Travis for the weekend, she doesn’t claim her prize.

Slade Baron’s Bride

Slade Baron and Lara Stevens were both facing an overnight delay to their flight, and before he knew it, Slade was suggesting they spend their time together. No man had ever made Lara feel this way, but he wanted her, and she wanted a baby!

Mistress of the Sheikh

Harlequin II offers three popular romance titles in each shipment perfect for libraries that want more Harlequin titles or libraries that want Harlequins, but need a smaller standing order plan. Titles in this new Harlequin II Romance Series are not duplicated in our original Harlequin I Romance Series. Sheikh Nicholas al Rashid: hailed in his homeland as the Lion of the Desert, portrayed by the press as an elegant savage…
Amanda Benning: beautiful stepdaughter of Jonas Baron and interior designer, commissioned to refurbish Nick al Rashid’s already luxurious Manhattan apartment…
Just why does Nick become intent on making Amanda his mistress does he really want her for herself, or to have his revenge?

Keir O’Connell’s Mistress

Keir O’Connell knew it was time to leave Las Vegas when he fell for dancer Cassie. The heat of the Nevada desert must have addled his brain. So Keir headed east and set himself up in business and found Cassie had somehow got herself employed as his new restaurant manager. Keir’s rule had always been never to mix business with pleasure, but now he just had to take a gamble…
he’d keep Cassie on as his manager and make her his mistress!

The Sicilian Surrender

When it comes to women, Stefano Lucchesi has known them all: the vamps, the fortune hunters, the downright desperate…
all of them attracted by his riches and power. Except Fallon O’Connell. Beautiful and wealthy in her own right, supermodel Fallon appears to need no one least of all Stefano. He’s determined to have her, body and soul…
And Fallon’s determined to resist! Until an accident threatens her beauty and ends her career. Now she needs Stefano’s help, even if that means surrender. Because only the Sicilian’s passion can heal her body and restore her soul…

The Sheikh’s Convenient Bride

Despite his attraction to her, Sheikh Qasim is trying not to take Megan O’Connell to his wealthy but tradition bound kingdom; women have no status in his homeland. Yet, as no one else has Megan’s financial expertise, he is given no choice. Once in Suliyam, Megan finds her life threatened by tribal leaders who think she’s a woman of loose morals. The only way Qasim can save Megan and her reputation is to marry her!

The One-Night Wife

The bride to be…
Penniless Savannah knows that to help her sick little sister she has to win big at the casino. The groom…
But Sean O’Connell always plays to win…
The indecent proposal…
Virgin Savannah is no match for Sean and soon she’s lost everything! Sean offers her one last gamble: he’ll settle her debts if she becomes his wife…
for just one night!

The Sicilian Marriage

Book 8 in the award winning, best selling series, THE O’CONNELLS! You can enjoy this book on its own, or as the concluding novel in this exciting series.

The Desert Virgin

The first book in Sandra Marton’s new, exciting trilogy for Presents UnCut!

Captive in His Bed

Captive in His Bed is the story of Matthew Knight. Ex Special Forces, ex covert agent, Matt’s about to face the most dangerous mission of his life. It starts simply enough when he sets out to find Mia Palmieri and bring her back to her lover. But nothing is as it seems, especially what he’s been told about Mia. Matthew and Mia’s story is one of passion, deceit and destiny. Don’t miss sharing it!

Naked in His Arms

Passion explodes between a man who doesn’t believe in love and a woman running from it when they’re forced to spend time alone on his private island off the coast of Florida.

The Italian Prince’s Pregnant Bride

It was payday for Prince Nicolo Barbieri. The Italian aristocrat’s negotiations to take over Manhattan’s SCB bank were about to bear fruit. But he wasn’t expecting Aimee Black, granddaughter of the bank’s current owner who was pregnant with Nicolo’s baby! Nicolo felt duty bound to marry Aimee and give his child his name. But Aimee had other ideas about surrendering herself to this arrogant foreigner, who surely didn’t love her!

The Greek Prince’s Chosen Wife

Ivy Madison claims she’s pregnant with Prince Damian Aristedes’ baby, but he’s never even met her! Is she just another gold digger, exploiting his wish for a son and heir?

But Ivy is expecting Damian’s child as a surrogate mother! The arrogant Greek is furious, but he’s not about to let Ivy go. After all, he missed the pleasure of bedding her to conceive his baby…

The Spanish Prince’s Virgin Bride

‘I cannot imagine a virgin would return a kiss with such fervor.’ Prince Lucas Reyes is angry. His grandfather is forcing him into marriage with penniless Alyssa McDonough who’s pretending she’s untouched by any man. But the intense sexual chemistry between them tells him otherwise…
Lucas’s fiery royal blood is roused! He’ll force Lyssa to go to Spain with him, where he can get their marriage annulled. Because he’d swear that she’s pure, uninhibited mistress material, and never a virgin bride!

The Sicilian’s Christmas Bride

Dante Russo, a self made Sicilian tycoon, is powerful, wealthy, gorgeous…
and incredibly arrogant. There’s no mercy in his heart for Tally Sommers, the lover who walked out of his life three years ago. Dante’s certain he’s over his anger at Tally…
until one night when all the memories of her come rushing back. Dante decides there’s only one way to purge himself of those memories. Revenge. He’ll find Tally, blackmail her into his bed and then he’ll be the one who walks out. But it isn’t going to be that simple. Tally has a daughter now and ruthless as Dante is, he can’t ignore the sweet face of her little girl. He can’t ignore what’s happening in his heart, either. After all, this is Christmas. It’s a time of miracles and magic. If Dante can only open his heart, who knows what might happen?

The Sheikh’s Defiant Bride

Tariq, Crown Prince of Dubaac, had to produce an heir and duty demanded he choose a wife who would obey him day and night.

Then, by an extraordinary twist of fate, Madison Whitney became pregnant with Tariq’s child. But outspoken career girl Madison certainly wasn’t obedient! Tariq had to claim his defiant bride and their baby through seduction and even kidnapping .

The Sheikh’s Wayward Wife

Sheikh Khalil al Hasim is more than happy to escort feisty Layla Addison back to his desert kingdom and hand her over to her betrothed. But he’s almost as horrified as she is by the lecherous man she’s being forced to marry! With steely determination, Khalil demands she become his bride instead! Layla’s powerless to resist his wicked good looks, but he’s arrogant and overbearing. Has this rebellious bride just jumped from the frying pan into the fire?

The Sheikh’s Rebellious Mistress

For Sheikh Salim al Taj, it’s strictly business. But one night with his employee Grace Hunter and his focus is changed now he wants her exclusively!

When Salim ends their passionate affair, he can’t believe it when Grace walks out on her job, apparently taking company secrets with her. He resolves to bring his runaway rebellious mistress to heel slowly, pleasurably and mercilessly .


Raffaele Orsini doesn t want a wife But when he meets his arranged bride Raffaele feels honour bound to marry her. Though she’s not quite what he was expecting Her plain, dowdy clothes can t hide her lusciously feminine figure, nor her wildcat temperament! Chiara Cordiano will not love her husband! She tries everything to avoid her fate, but in the blink of an eye Chiara is swept away from her quaint Sicilian town to New York! She wants to hate Rafe, but seduction is in his blood. With his dark, brooding looks and tempting masculinity, she ll be purring like a kitten! The Orsini Brothers Darkly handsome proud and arrogant The perfect Sicilian husbands!


Gabriella Ramos Viera fell for Dante‘s raw masculinity and ended up pregnant and alone with no choice but to return home in shame. Tough corporate raider Dante Orsini has set his sights on a huge Brazilian ranch. However, he discovers it’s to be inherited by Gabriella, the one woman he’s never been able to forget…
. But where’s the New York career woman he once knew? And who’s the dark haired little boy who calls her Mommy?


Revered businessman Falco Orsini has left life in the special forces behind-though he uses his powerful skills occasionally, when duty calls.

But duty is always on Falco‘s terms! When his estranged father asks him to protect a young model who is being stalked, he begrudgingly agrees…only because of the vulnerability he can see in her eyes.

Elle Bissette won’t be a victim-she can take care of herself! And surely big, dark, devilish Falco is dangerous. Because one kiss from a man like him will leave her breathless….


Nicolo Orsini has better things to do than visit some ancient Tuscan vineyard! Yet, when family and business mix, he has little choice. Then he meets Alessia Antoninni a spoiled little princess, with a smart mouth and pert figure and the trip instantly becomes more interesting!Alessia’s been told that the Orsini name spells danger. But she wasn’t expecting Nick’s potent masculinity. With her heart and her business at risk, soon she is giving in to all his demands .

Not For Sale

Lucas Vieira was mad as hell.

His day had not gone well. Not gone well? Lucas almost laughed.

An understatement.

His day had been chaos. Now, it was rapidly turning into catastrophe.

It had started with a mug of burned coffee. Lucas had not even known there could be such a thing until his P.A.-his very temporary P.A.-had brewed a pot of something black, hot and oily and poured him a cup of it.

One taste, and he’d shoved the thing aside, flipped open his cell phone to check his messages and found one from the same fool of a reporter who’d been badgering him for an interview the past two weeks. How had the man gotten his number? It was private, as was the rest of Lucas’s life.

Lucas cherished his privacy.

He avoided the press. He traveled by private jet. His two-level penthouse on Fifth Avenue was accessible only via private elevator. His estate on the ocean, in the Hamptons, was walled; the Caribbean island he’d bought last year was festooned with No Trespassing signs.

Lucas Vieira, Man of Mystery, some wag had once called him. Not exactly true. There were times Lucas couldn’t avoid cameras and microphones and questions. He was a multi-billionaire, and that stirred interest.

He was also a man who had risen to the top in a profession where lineage and background had significant meaning…

And he had neither.

Or, rather, he did-but not the kind Wall Street generally preferred. Not the kind he would discuss, either. The only questions he would ever consider were those that concerned the public face of Vieira Financial. As for how Vieira Financial had come to be such a powerhouse, how Lucas had come to be such a success at thirty-three.

He had tired of being asked, so he’d finally offered a response in a recent interview.

‘Success,’ he’d said, in his somewhat husky, lightly accented voice, ‘success is when preparation meets opportunity

Hot City Nights

In New York a billionaire remembers the beautiful stranger with whom he’d shared a kiss a kiss that burned them both to the soul. Now he’s a desperate new father, and she’s suddenly the only woman who can help him!

In Sydney a woman comes face to face with the man she swore would never hurt her again. But when they agree to an intense, no strings fling, she wonders if she’s gotten in way over her head and her heart!

In Atlanta a woman lies in a hospital bed after a serious accident. But when the hospital calls her emergency contact her ex lover she’s horrified. Why doesn’t she remember him? Worse still, she might be falling for him again!

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