Sam Eastland Books In Order

Inspector Pekkala Books In Order

  1. Eye of the Red Tsar (2010)
  2. The Red Coffin (2011)
  3. Siberian Red (2012)
  4. The Red Moth (2013)
  5. The Beast in the Red Forest (2013)
  6. Red Icon (2015)
  7. Berlin Red (2016)


  1. The Elegant Lie (2019)

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Sam Eastland Books Overview

Eye of the Red Tsar

This riveting suspense debut introduces both a stellar new voice and a remarkable detective, an outsider who must use his extraordinary talents to solve the one case that may redeem him. Shortly after midnight on July 17, 1918, the imprisoned family of Tsar Nicholas Romanov was awakened and led down to the baseme*nt of the Ipatiev house. There they were summarily executed. Their bodies were hidden away, the location a secret of the Soviet state.A decade later, one man lives in purgatory, banished to a forest on the outskirts of humanity. Pekkala was once the most trusted secret agent of the Romanovs, the right hand man of the Tsar himself. Now he is Prisoner 4745 P, living a harsh existence in which even the strongest vanish into the merciless Soviet winter. But the state needs Pekkala one last time. The man who knew the Romanovs best is given a final mission: catch their killers, locate the royal child rumored to be alive, and give Stalin the international coup he craves. Find the bodies, Pekkala is told, and you will find your freedom. Find the survivor of that bloody night and you will change history. In a land of uneasy alliances and deadly treachery, pursuing clues that have eluded everyone, Pekkala is thrust into the past where he once reigned. There he will meet the man who betrayed him and the woman he loved and lost in the fires of rebellion and uncover a secret so shocking that it will shake to its core the land he loves. With stunning period detail and crackling suspense, Eye of the Red Tsar introduces a complex and compelling investigator in a fiercely intelligent thriller perfect for readers of Gorky Park, Child 44, and City of Thieves. From the Hardcover edition.

The Red Coffin

Pekkala: He was the Romanovs most trusted investigator. Now he’s Stalin s greatest fear. He operates in the shadows of one of history s most notorious regimes. He seeks the truth in a nation where finding it can mean death or worse. His name his Inspector Pekkala, and this time he s taking on a case with implications far deadlier than anything he can imagine: a shattering revelation that was never meant to be unearthed. Its official name is T 34, and this massive and mysterious new weapon is being developed in total secrecy in the Russian countryside, a thirty ton killing machine. Its inventor, Colonel Rolan Nagorski, is a rogue genius whose macabre death is considered an accident only by the innocent. And Josef Stalin is no innocent. Suspecting assassins everywhere, he brings in his best if least obedient detective to solve a murder that s tantamount to treason. Answerable to no one, Pekkala has the dictator s permission to go anywhere and interrogate anyone. But in Soviet Russia that s easily a death sentence. The closer Pekkala gets to the answers, the more questions he uncovers first and foremost, why is the state s most dreaded female operative, Commissar Major Lysenkova, investigating the case when she s only assigned to internal affairs?Pekkala is on a collision course not only with the Soviet secret police but the USSR s deepest military secrets. For what he is about to learn could put Stalin and his Communist state under for good and bury Pekkala with them. Brilliantly researched and rivetingly plotted, Shadow Pass is a superb story of suspense in a series growing only richer and with a detective getting only better.

Siberian Red

Stalin’s most trusted secret agent, the legendary Inspector Pekkala, is on his deadliest mission one that could save his country…
or plunge it into the abyss. It is 1939. Russia teeters on the verge of war with Germany. It is also on the brink of bankruptcy. To preserve his regime, Stalin orders a search for the legendary missing gold of Tsar Nicholas II. For this task, he chooses Pekkala, the former investigator for the Tsar. To accomplish his mission, Pekkala will go undercover, returning to Siberia and the nightmare of his own past, where he was once a prisoner in the notorious Gulag known as Borodok. Pekkala must infiltrate a gang of convicts still loyal to the Tsar who, it is rumored, know the whereabouts of the precious gold. He soon learns that the best kept secrets are those that no one even knows exist. In the brutal frozen fortress where his survival once made him a myth, he begins to unravel the true identity of a murdered inmate, whose own mission to Siberia has lain buried for years deep within the mysterious Archive 17, where long lost files obscure a shocking conspiracy that could decide the future of the Soviet Union itself. As more people die around him, Pekkala must decide where his true loyalties lie, or else take his place among the dead. With the superb research and stunning suspense that are his trademarks, Sam Eastland delivers his most powerful Pekkala novel yet the best in a mystery series riveting readers and reviewers alike.

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