Ron Nessen Books In Order

Knight & Day mystery Books In Order

  1. Knight & Day (1995)
  2. Press Corpse (1996)
  3. Death with Honors (1998)


  1. The First Lady (1976)
  2. The Hour (1984)

Non fiction

  1. It Sure Looks Different From The Inside (1978)

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Ron Nessen Books Overview

Knight & Day

Written by President Ford’s press secretary and a White House correspondent for USA Today, this mystery novel features a liberal female reporter and a conservative radio talk show host who investigate the murder of a prominent environmentalist.

Press Corpse

Why do certain professional athletes achieve immortality and others don’t? Higgins suggests some answers as he tells us about baseball and the ever trying Boston Red Sox, about family and continuity and the passage of the seasons, weaving them all together with his observations.

Death with Honors

Female Pulitzer prize winner Edith Wharton, renowned as a keen observer and chronicler of society, recounts her journey through a strangely medieval land that at the time 1917 still carried the fragrance of its romantic past. See the country of the Crusades, Saladin and the Caliphate of Baghdad through her eyes.

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