Robin Moore Books In Order

Pulsar Books In Order

  1. The London Switch (1974)
  2. The Italian Connection (1975)


  1. The Green Berets (1965)
  2. The Country Team (1970)
  3. Court Martial (1972)
  4. The Khaki Mafia (1972)
  5. The Fifth Estate (1973)
  6. The Family Man (1974)
  7. Phase of Darkness (1974)
  8. Valency Girl (1976)
  9. The Establishment (1976)
  10. The Chinese Ultimatum (1976)
  11. Dubai (1976)
  12. The Pearl Harbor Cover-Up (1976)
  13. Combat Pay (1976)
  14. The Season (1976)
  15. The Terminal Connection (1976)
  16. The Washington Connection (1977)
  17. Our Missile’s Missing (1977)
  18. Diamond Spitfire (1978)
  19. The Big Paddle (1978)
  20. Death Never Forgets (1978)
  21. The Red Falcons (1978)
  22. The Cobra Team (1978)
  23. The Black Sea Caper (1978)
  24. Search and Destroy (1978)
  25. The Treasure Hunter (1979)
  26. Only the Hyenas Laughed (1980)
  27. Compulsion (1981)
  28. The Tales of Green Beret (1985)
  29. Force Nine (1986)
  30. The White Tribe (1991)
  31. The Moscow Connection (1994)
  32. The Sparrowhook Curse (1996)
  33. Encounter on the Moon (1996)
  34. Area 51 (1997)
  35. Hercules: Hero of the Night Sky (1997)
  36. The Accidental Pope (2000)
  37. React : CIA Black Ops (2004)
  38. The Singleton: Target Cuba (2004)

Non fiction

  1. The Devil To Pay (1966)
  2. The French Connection (1970)
  3. The Set Up (1975)
  4. Mafia Wife (1977)
  5. Diamonds and Blood (1978)
  6. L.B.J. and the J.F.K. Conspiracy (1979)
  7. Task Force Dagger (2003)
  8. Hunting Down Saddam (2004)

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Robin Moore Books Overview

The Green Berets

In 1965, writer Robin Moore wanted to understand more about a little known U.S. military unit called The Green Berets. With presidential approval by John F. Kennedy, Moore went to a place called Vietnam and was never the same again. This monumental, bestselling work the inspiration for the classic movie starring John Wayne and one of the first wake up calls given to the American public about Vietnam plunges us into the chaos that was our nation’s first experience with unconventional warfare. From fighting the Viet Cong to fighting along side Montenard tribesmen, The Green Berets captures the terror of firefights and ambushes, the constant confusion between friend and foe, and the amazing can do spirit of U.S. Special Forces ‘advisors’ who changed the shape of the war even as it changed them. Filled with unforgettable characters a woman spy, a daredevil pilot, and heroic soldiers on both sides of the battle and updated to include a chapter comparing today’s special forces to those from the Vietnam era, The Green Berets is an action packed, unforgettable chronicle of a secret war and the extraordinary men who fought it.

The Khaki Mafia

The Khaki Mafia: Sex, Dirty Dealing, Scandal, the Shocker! by Robin Moore, June Collins. Published by Avon Books in 1972. Second Edition. Paperback. 352 Pages. Special Limited Edition. ISBN 0791683176. EAN 9780791683170. LCCN 79168317. MPN 38000142150.

Hercules: Hero of the Night Sky

A chapter book introduction to the famous mythical figure finds Hercules struggling with his temper while performing his twelve labors and making his pledge to the goddess Athena. Simultaneous.’

The Accidental Pope

The former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican and the bestselling author of The French Connection join forces to write an unforgettable novel about a humble fisherman who is elected pope.

React : CIA Black Ops

An executive order signed by the President of the United States has deemed the assassination of America’s enemies illegal for twenty years. Shortly after the order was signed, however, a CIA operation to assassinate a religious leader killed over one hundred people in a Beirut mosque. CIA director William Casey’s ‘direct action’ was undertaken in strict secrecy even from the highest levels of government as retaliation for the bombing of the U.S. embassy in Beirut. News of these direct actions has sporadically filtered out of the Middle East for many years, but the intelligence agencies of all the biggest players have always had plausible deniability and a veil of secrecy. Now for the first time, authors Robin Moore and Chuck Lightfoot have pieced together years of painstaking research and interviews to create a thriller that may be based more on fact than on fiction. In React: CIA Black Ops, a composite character named ‘Nimrod’ relates his training in a mysterious section of the CIA’s stand alone Covert Action section that was directed by ‘the Council,’ a Star Chamber organization that ignores the president’s executive orders and has no congressional oversight. The Council gives Nimrod a target folder, an objective, and an order: to assassinate those whom the Council deems to be America’s worst enemies. In chapter after exciting chapter, Nimrod describes the perilous operations undertaken to preemptively rub out members of terrorist cells, and gives a plausible explanation of how the terrorists who planned the Lockerbie disaster and the Beirut Marine Barracks bombing may have met their fate.

The French Connection

With a new introduction by the author. The true, absorbing and sometimes frightening documentary of the world’s most successful narcotics investigation, The French Connection is one of the most fascinating crime accounts of our time. When New York City detectives Eddie ‘Popeye’ Egan and his partner Sonny Grosso routinely tail Pasquale ‘Patsy’ Fuca, after observing some wild spending at the Copacabana, they quickly realize that they are on to something really big. Patsy is not only the nephew of a mob boss on the lam but also a key negotiator in an impending delivery of narcotics from abroad. His incongruous connections are with several distinguished Frenchmen, including Jean Jehan, the director of the world’s largest hero*in network, and Jacques Angelvin, a star of French television. For many suspense filled months, through opulent Manhattan nightclubs, dark tenements in Brooklyn and the Bronx, tree lined streets of the genteel Upper East Side, and in Paris, Marseilles, and Palermo, the duel is on the prize 112 pounds of pure hero*in, worth ninety million on the streets. Over three hundred investigators from local, state, federal, and international agencies are ultimately involved in the hours of weary surveillance, the skilled intuition, the luck both good and bad and the danger.

The Set Up

With a new introduction by Robin Moore, The Set Up is a true crime thriller, lightly fictionalized to protect the innocent, that follows the trail of the hero*in seized by the New York City police as documented in The French Connection and subsequently stolen from the police vault.

Task Force Dagger

As the al Qaida terrorists charged one wall, three Green Berets leaned over the parapets, oblivious to the enemy small arms fire that was cracking by their heads and shoulders. Focus, squeeze, focus, squeeze, they recited quietly…
. Each time…
the lifeless body of an al Qaida terrorist would snap back through the desert air and drop onto the sandy courtyard. The war in Afghanistan was the most secret conflict since the CIA’s covert war in Laos; thousands of journalists covered it, yet, ironically, little is known about how it was waged or what really happened until now. The Hunt for bin Laden plunges the reader into America s War on Terror, from the first top secret meetings of Task Force Dagger in Tampa on the afternoon of September 11, 2001, through the liberation of Kabul sixty two days later and the tragedies of OPERATION ANACONDA. The book takes the reader into the heat of battle as seen through the eyes of the Green Berets on the ground. This is the story of how only a few hundred men, operating from a secret Special Forces base, changed the course of history in Central Asia and destroyed a hundred thousand man terrorist army in less than ninety days. Action packed and controversial, The Hunt for bin Laden is teeming with revelations and inside information: the truth about John Walker Lindh and Mike Spann; the failure of the conventional generals; the courage of the Northern Alliance; the wounding and murder of journalists; and the flaws and frustrations of the hunt for bin Laden himself. In mid December 2001, Robin Moore arrived in Afghanistan, where he joined his old friends, whom he had celebrated thirty five years earlier in his book The Green Berets and who were now calling in airstrikes and fighting alongside the armies of the Northern Alliance against the terrorist al Qaida and Taliban. In less than three winter months, about a hundred Green Berets accounted for the deaths of perhaps as many as forty thousand terrorists and the winning of a war in Afghanistan where the Soviets had found fighting a war all but impossible.

Hunting Down Saddam

his authoritative and insightful account plunges the American public into the real and personal story of the United States Special Forces on the ground in Iraq, and their efforts to date in the hunt for Saddam Hussein. Robin Moore has captured the friendship and admiration of the Special Forces and has carefully nurtured that relationship over the decades since his 1 bestseller, The Green Berets. With approval from the upper branches of the Army, he has interviewed returning troops from Iraq, as well as Special Forces still there. As he traveled to Afghanistan to interview troops on the front line for his earlier book, now Robin Moore is spending time in Iraq interviewing Special Forces. Hunting Down Saddam contains up to the minute material into 2004, and provides never before heard accounts of the triumphs and frustrations, strategies and attacks, of those who have put their lives at risk to track down one of the most vicious leaders in the world: The secret entry into Iraq of the 10th Special Forces Group Ft. Carson, Colorado on March 21st, the first day of declared war Special Forces and Florida National Guard raise the first United States flag on foreign soil in Iraq Special Forces 3rd Group flies into Masul, in Kurdish territory to reinforce the 10th Group Behind the scenes look at the funeral of a chief Kurdish political officer’s son, who was killed by friendly fire from United States fighter plane. In attendance are the commanding officer and Sgt. Major of the 10th Special Forces group. Action packed and controversial, Hunting Down Saddam is teeming with inside information as Moore gets the real story out of these fighting men.

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