Robert Whitlow Books In Order

Alexia Lindale Books In Publication Order

  1. Life Support (2003)
  2. Life Everlasting (2004)

Chosen People Books In Publication Order

  1. Chosen People (2018)
  2. Promised Land (2020)

Tides Of Truth Books In Publication Order

  1. Deeper Water (2008)
  2. Higher Hope (2009)
  3. Greater Love (2010)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The List (2000)
  2. The Sacrifice (2001)
  3. The Trial (2001)
  4. Jimmy (2004)
  5. Mountain Top (2006)
  6. Water’s Edge (2011)
  7. The Choice (2012)
  8. The Living Room (2013)
  9. The Confession (2014)
  10. A House Divided (2015)
  11. The Witnesses (2016)
  12. A Time to Stand (2017)
  13. Trial and Error (2021)
  14. Relative Justice (2022)

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Robert Whitlow Books Overview

Life Support

How can Attorney Alexia Lindale support the wishes of her client when the goal is a near certain death? Baxter Richardson epitomizes the American dream: good looking, wealthy, married to a beautiful woman. But when Baxter plunges off a cliff onto the rocks below, his life and the lives of those around him are forever changed. Bright young attorney Alexia Lindale never knew Baxter. But she knows the law. And she’s used to winning. As a prominent local divorce lawyer, she’s used to the men of Santee, South Carolina cringing when their soon to be ex wives hire her. But then her firm assigns her to Rena Richardson and Alexia’s life turns upside down. Rena doesn’t want a divorce from Baxter. She wants to unplug her husband from Life Support, claiming it’s what Baxter would have wanted. But his father is threatening to legally override Rena. Everyone involved has ulterior motives. Yet God has higher plans. Filled with legal twists, deep questions about life and death, and truly memorable characters, this fast paced, two part series delivers a story that will stay with you long after the last page.

Life Everlasting

With her client’s husband somewhere between this world and the next, attorney Alexia Lindale makes an everlasting choice. The youngest son of a family consumed by greed, Baxter Richardson lingers on this earth in a coma. His wife wants him dead to protect her secrets. His brother wants him dead to gain control of the family empire. And though Baxter’s father fights to keep him alive, even he has ulterior motives. But Baster has a surprising ally. A classically trained painist, Ted Morgan believes music can be used as prayer. And Ted’s divinely inspired playing has been slowly pulling Baxter back from the brink of death. Attorney Alexia Lindale represents Baxter’s wife, Rena, but has no idea that she and her client are being played in a game that has higher stakes than a single legal case. As Baxter grows stronger, the more endangered he becomes. As Alexia navigates her responsibilities to her client, her relationship with the gifted musician, and her new relationship with God, she must discern the truth as it pertains to life, death, and Life Everlasting.

Deeper Water

The Tides of Truth novels follow one lawyer’s passionate pursuit of truth in matters of life and the law. In the murky waters of Savannah’s shoreline, a young law student is under fire as she tries her first case at a prominent and established law firm. A complex mix of betrayal and deception quickly weaves its way through the case and her life, as she uncovers dark and confusing secrets about the man she’s defending and the senior partners of the firm. How deep will the conspiracy run? Will she have to abandon her true self to fulfill a higher calling? And how far will she have to go to discover the truth behind a tragic cold case?

Higher Hope

The Tides of Truth series follows one lawyer’s passionate pursuit of truth in matters of life and the law. Competition is tough at the Savannah law firm where Tami Taylor serves as a law clerk. But Tami’s work sets her apart and the firm’s partners see something special in her. So they assign her to a libel case against an abrasive, outspoken preacher who is either a prophet or a lunatic. On the surface it appears to be an open and shut case; the preacher seems fully outside the bounds of law. And Tami’s strict religious upbringing could be the firm’s ace in the hole. But as the investigation continues, Tami is troubled by the preacher’s uncanny prophetic abilities. And their client seems to be hiding something. Tami returns to her hometown, struggling with several critical choices as two very different men from the firm vie for her heart. Just when the challenges seem insurmountable, hope for Tami arrives from a surprising place. And it’s a Higher Hope than she’s ever imagined.

Greater Love

The Tides of Truth series follows one lawyer’s passionate pursuit of truth in matters of life and the law. As the storm clouds gather, Tami does her best to weather the growing turbulence in every area of her life. She’s just accepted a job with a law firm but now wonders if she made the right decision. She has two strong men vying for her heart and is about to lose them both if she can’t determine which one is right for her. And Tami’s new case is anything but simple. When she first meets her prospective client, she immediately knows the rough young teen is lying, guilty…
and utterly terrified of something beyond the charges she’s facing. What she doesn’t realize is just how far reaching the effects of the case will go. Or how close to home the deadly results will hit. For by the time the storm breaks, someone close to Tami will have paid the ultimate price. Through it all, Tami will experience greater sacrifice, greater friendship, and Greater Love than she’s ever known.

The List

As a struggling young attorney fresh out of law school, Renny Jacobson pines for the day he can afford the luxuries of the partners in his Charlotte firm. With news of his father’s death and a secret inheritance, Renny’s life will surely change forever. But the clandestine society that provides the inheritance soon threatens to change him in more ways than one. Renny’s life, and the life of the woman he loves, depend on supernatural deliverance from the curse of The List.

The Sacrifice

Attorney Scott Ellis has returned home to Catawba, North Carolina. When Lester Garrison, a teenage racist with a shaved head and lightning bolt tattoos, is charged in a local shooting, Scott agrees to defend him. Determined to make his mark in the unpopular case, Scott throws himself totally into building a defense. While fighting for Lester’s freedom, Scott volunteers as the advisor for a mock trial team at Catawba High School. To his surprise, the team sponsor is a teacher with a familiar face Kay Wilson, the girl of Scott s high school dreams. Should he pursue a relationship with Kay or forget his rekindled feelings? The darkness in Lester Garrison s eyes is not the only evil Scott faces. Frank Jesup, a student on the mock trial team, has his own problems threatening to explode. What Frank needs seems beyond Scott s capacity, but what will be the cost if no one reaches out to the brilliant young man? Ultimately, the stakes are much higher than Scott Ellis imagines, and the survival of many lives hinges on an unexpected sacrifice.

The Trial

A lawyer ready to die takes one final case…
The Trial of his life. Attorney Kent ‘Mac’ MacClain has nothing left to live for. Nine years after the horrific accident that claimed the life of his wife and two sons, he’s finally given up. His empty house is a mirror for his empty soul, it seems suicide is his only escape. And then the phone rings. Angela Hightower, the beautiful heiress and daughter of the most powerful man in Dennison Springs, has been found dead at the bottom of a ravine. The accused killer, Peter Thomason, needs a lawyer. But Mac has come up against the Hightowers and their ruthless, high powered lawyers before an encounter that left his practice and reputation reeling. The evidence pointing to Thoomason’s guilt seems insurmountable. Is Mac definding an ingenious psychopath, or has Thomason been framed possibly by a member of the victim’s family? It comes down to one last trial. For Thomason, the opponent is the electric chair. For Mac, it is his own tormented past a foe that will prove every bit as deadly.


Once you look at the world through Jimmy‘s eyes, you’ll never see it the same again. Jimmy‘s world is a place where a boy can grow to be a man, even if he’s ‘special.’ Where angels hover, mostly unseen. Where danger can happen, and hearts can falter but love is never wasted. From best selling author Robert Whitlow…
a poignant tale of innocence and courage in the tradition of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill A Mockingbird.

Mountain Top

Can he trust his client’s dreams and visions even when they threaten to destroy his future?Supernatural visions filled with images of keys, hatchets, hammers, and fires. An eccentric old man in jail accused of robbing a church and knowing things he has no right to know. A lawyer turned pastor suddenly summoned to a stranger’s cell by a dream. How much will one man risk to defend another, when the truth lands him in prison…
and the only evidence proving his innocence comes by a dream?New from Practicing Attorney Robert Whitlow The Master of Southern Legal Thrillers with a Supernatural Twist.

Water’s Edge

Sometimes small towns hold the biggest secrets. Ambitious young attorney Tom Crane is about to become a partner in a high profile Atlanta law firm. But first he must clear one final matter from his docket the closing of his deceased father’s law practice in his hometown of Bethel, Georgia. Killed in a mysterious boating accident, John Crane didn’t appear to leave his son anything except the hassle of wrapping up loose ends. But instead of celebrating his promotion, Tom finds himself packing up his office, having suddenly been ‘consolidated.’ To add insult to injury, that same night his girlfriend breaks up with him…
by letter. Returning to Bethel with no sense of his future and no faith to fall back on, Tom just wants to settle his father’s final affairs and get back to Atlanta. But then he runs into an unexpected roadblock two million dollars of unclaimed money stashed in a secret bank account. And evidence that his father’s death may not have been accidental. Worse still, a trail of data suggests his father played a role in an international fraud operation. Tom follows the money into a tangled web of lies, theft, and betrayal. Along the way, he meets a woman who is as beguiling as she is beautiful. And her interest in the outcome of the case is just as high as his. She challenges Tom’s assumptions…
and his faith. Now he has to decide who he can trust and how far a father’s love can reach.

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