Robert Sheckley Books In Order

Stephen Dain Books In Order

  1. Dead Run (1961)
  2. White Death (1963)

Victim Books In Order

  1. The 10th Victim (1965)
  2. Victim Prime (1987)
  3. Hunter/Victim (1988)

Millenial Contest Books In Order

  1. Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming (1991)
  2. If at Faust You Don’t Succeed (1993)
  3. A Farce to Be Reckoned With (1995)

Hob Draconian Books In Order

  1. The Alternative Detective (1993)
  2. Draconian New York (1996)
  3. Soma Blues (1997)


  1. Immortality Inc (1958)
  2. The Status Civilization (1960)
  3. Journey Beyond Tomorrow (1962)
  4. The Man in the Water (1962)
  5. The Game of X (1965)
  6. Mindswap (1966)
  7. Dimension of Miracles (1968)
  8. Options (1975)
  9. The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton (1978)
  10. Dramocles (1983)
  11. Watchbird (1990)
  12. Godshome (1998)


  1. The Robert Sheckley Omnibus (1973)
  2. Alien StarSwarm / Human’s Burden (2010)


  1. Untouched by Human Hands (1954)
  2. Citizen in Space (1955)
  3. Pilgrimage to Earth (1957)
  4. The People Trap (1968)
  5. Can You Feel Anything When I Do This? (1971)
  6. The Robot Who Looked Like Me (1978)
  7. The Wonderful World of Robert Sheckley (1979)
  8. Is THAT What People Do? (1984)
  9. Feast of Sheckley (1989)
  10. Dimensions of Sheckley (2002)
  11. Uncanny Tales (2003)
  12. The Masque Of Manana (2005)
  13. Science Fiction Gems, Volume 9 (2015)
  14. Fantastic Stories Presents: Science Fiction Super Pack 2 (2018)
  15. The Fantasy Super Pack 2 (2018)


  1. Xolotl (1993)


  1. Cost of Living (1952)
  2. Beside Still Waters (1953)
  3. The Hour of Battle (1953)
  4. Keep Your Shape (1953)
  5. Warm (1953)
  6. Bad Medicine (1956)

Anthologies edited

  1. After the Fall (1980)
  2. Thrillers (1994)

Non fiction

  1. Futuropolis (1979)

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Robert Sheckley Books Overview

Bring Me the Head of Prince Charming

A riotous new fantasy series that will challenge the funniest the field has to offer from the creator of the bestselling Amber series and one of the genre’s legendary humorists. Azzy Elbub, demon, has his sights set on the Millenial Evil Deeds Award, given to the being whose acts do the most toward reshaping the world. But his evil plans go far astray…

If at Faust You Don’t Succeed

The last Millennial contest between the forces of Good and Evil for control of the universe didn’t work out quite so well for Evil and its rooters. But it’s time for the next round, and this time the demon Mephistopheles is carrying the ball for the forces of Darkness. But all is not as it seems. The harried archdemon mistakenly signs up a medieval cutpurse names Mack the Club, thinking him the learned Dr. Faust. The demon Azzie, still stinging from the Evil’s last defeat and not being chosen to head the current effort, takes events into his own claws. And the pious angel Michael well, let’s just say some of his tactics in the titanic struggle to come are not quite cricket…

A Farce to Be Reckoned With

On a devilish sabbatical in Europe, Azzie discovers that morality plays are all the rage. He decides to strike back by producing an ‘immorality play’, in which seven nondescript human pilgrims will be allowed by magic to attain their hearts’ desires. But the forces of Good are determined to close the play before it opens. New characters suddenly start roaming the stage, such as a Grateful Dead listening Cyclops, and Azzie’s own protagonists begin changing their hearts’ desires on the slightest whim. This is one theatrical production that could do without an angel and there’s even worse news waiting in the wings…

Draconian New York

The second Hob Draconian novel finds the smart but lazy detective in a race for his life. The laziest PI in the world takes a job that should be like shooting fish in a barrel except he ends up being the fish! ‘Mr. Sheckley…
has an engagingly madcap manner all his own’. ‘The Wall Street Journal’.

Soma Blues

The owner of The Alternative Detective Agency, Hob Draconian returns in a case that takes him to Paris, London, and the island paradise of Ibiza in search of a powerful new narcotic, a quest that leads to a deadly confrontation with kidnappers and would be killers.

The Status Civilization

Will Barrent had no memory of his crime…
but he found himself shipped across space to a brutal prison planet. On Omega, his only chance to advance himself and stay alive is to commit an endless series of violent crimes. The average inmate’s life expectancy from time of arrival is three years. Can Barrett survive, escape, and return to Earth to clear his name? ‘Yes sir. Well, there are three men outside trying to kill me…
.’ ‘Quite right,’ Mr. Frendlyer said. ‘And today is Landing Day. You came off the ship that landed today, and have been classified a peon…
. I’m happy to say that everything is in order. The Landing Day Hunt ends at sundown. You can leave here with the knowledge that everything is correct and that your rights have not been violated.’ ‘Leave here? After sundown, you mean.’ Mr. Frendlyer shook his head and smiled sadly. ‘I’m afraid not. According to the law you must leave here at once.’ ‘But they’ll kill me!’ ‘That’s very true. Unfortunately it can’t be helped. A victim by definition is one who is to be killed…
. We protect rights, not victims.’

The Man in the Water

Two men struggle for possession of a small boat alone on the wasteland of the Sargasso Sea. High adventure!


In the future, interstellar travel to alien worlds will be too expensive for most ordinary people. It certainly is for Marvin, a college student who wants to take a really good vacation. And so he signs up for what he can afford, a Mindswap, in which your consciousness is swapped into the body of an alien lifeform. But Marvin is unlucky, and finds himself in the body of an interstellar criminal, a body that he has to vacate fast. But that criminal consciousness has stolen Marvin’s earthly body, and Marvin has to find a body on the black market. Travel from world to world with Marvin, each one crazier than the last, as he keeps finding far from ideal bodies in awful situations, just to stay alive.


With his acclaimed novels Darwin’s Children and Vitals, award winning author Greg Bear turned intriguing speculation about human evolution and immortality into tales of unrelenting suspense. Now he ventures into decidedly more frightening territory in a haunting thriller that blends modern technology and old fashioned terror, as it charts one man s inexorable descent into a world of mounting supernatural dread.

For the last two years, Peter Russell has mourned the death of one of his twin daughters who was just ten when she was murdered. Recent news of his best friend s fatal heart attack has now come as another devastating blow. Divorced, despondent, and going nowhere in his career, Peter fears his life is circling the drain. Then Trans comes along. The brainchild of an upstart telecom company, Trans is as its name suggests a transcendent marvel: a sleek, handheld interpersonal communication device capable of flawless operation anywhere in the world, at any time. A cell phone, but not transmitting with crystal clarity across a newly discovered, never utilized bandwidth…
and poised to spark a new technology revolution. When its creators offer Peter a position on their team, it should be a golden opportunity for him. If only he wasn t seemingly going mad.

Everywhere Peter turns, inexplicable apparitions are walking before him or reaching out in torment. After a chilling encounter with his own lost child he begins to grasp the terrifying truth: Trans is a Pandora s box that has tapped into a frequency not of this world…
but of the next. And now, via this open channel to oblivion, the dead have gained access to the living. For Peter, and for humankind, a long, shadowy night of the soul has descended, bringing with it the stuff of a horrifying nightmare from which they may never awaken.

By turns spine tingling, provocative, and heart wrenching, Dead Lines marks a major turning point in the consistently dazzling storytelling career of Greg Bear. Alongside its hero, Dead Lines peers into the darkest place we can imagine and wonders fearfully what might be peering back.

From the Hardcover edition.

Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?

Science Fiction/Essays. A very nice vintage collector’s item. Number UQ1106 99. Original price 95 cents.

Dimensions of Sheckley

A collection of five novels: Immortality, Inc.; Minotaur Maze, Journey Beyond Tomorrow, Mindswap, and Dimension of Miracles.

The Masque Of Manana

This volume contains the major short science fiction of Robert Sheckley.

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