Robert Bloch Books In Order

Psycho Books In Order

  1. Psycho (1959)
  2. Psycho II (1982)
  3. Psycho House (1990)


  1. The Scarf (1947)
  2. The Kidnapper (1954)
  3. This Crowded Earth (1958)
  4. Firebug (1961)
  5. Night-World (1972)
  6. American Gothic (1974)
  7. The Cunning (1979)
  8. The Night of the Ripper (1984)
  9. Lori (1989)
  10. The Jekyll Legacy (1990)


  1. Screams (1989)
  2. Shooting Star / Spiderweb (2008)
  3. This Crowded Earth / Reign of the Telepuppets (2012)


  1. The Opener of the Way (1945)
  2. Pleasant Dreams / Nightmares (1959)
  3. The House of the Hatchet (1960)
  4. Pleasant Dreams (1960)
  5. Atoms and Evil (1962)
  6. More Nightmares (1962)
  7. The Skull of the Marquis de Sade (1965)
  8. Tales in a Jugular Vein (1965)
  9. Chamber of Horrors (1966)
  10. The Living Demons (1967)
  11. Dragons and Nightmares (1969)
  12. Fever Dream and Other Fantasies (1970)
  13. The Best of Robert Bloch (1977)
  14. Cold Chills (1977)
  15. The King of Terrors (1977)
  16. The Early Fears (1978)
  17. Strange Eons (1978)
  18. Fear and Trembling (1979)
  19. Such Stuff as Screams Are Made of (1979)
  20. Out of the Mouths of Graves (1979)
  21. Out of My Head (1981)
  22. Mysteries of the Worm (1981)
  23. Final Reckonings (1987)
  24. Lost in Time and Space with Lefty Feep (1987)
  25. Midnight Pleasures (1987)
  26. The Selected Stories of Robert Bloch (1987)
  27. Flowers from the Moon (1998)
  28. The Devil with You! (1999)
  29. Hell On Earth (2000)
  30. Fear Planet and Other Unusual Destinations (2004)
  31. Skeleton in the Closet (2008)

Graphic Novels

  1. Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper (2010)


  1. The Crowded Earth (2008)
  2. That Hellbound Train (2011)

Anthologies edited

  1. Twilight Zone the Movie (1983)
  2. Psycho-paths (1991)
  3. Monsters in Our Midst (1993)
  4. Robert Bloch’s Psychos (1997)

Non fiction

  1. Once Around the Bloch (1993)
  2. The Eighth Stage of Fandom (2001)

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Robert Bloch Books Overview


Robert Bloch’s Psycho captivated a nation when it appeared in 1959. The story was all too real-indeed this classic was inspired by the real-life story of Ed Gein, a Psychotic murderer who led a dual life. Alfred Hitchcock too was captivated, and turned the book into one of the most-loved classic films of all time the year after it was released.

Norman Bates loves his Mother. She has been dead for the past twenty years, or so people think. Norman knows better though. He has lived with Mother ever since leaving the hospital in the old house up on the hill above the Bates motel. One night Norman spies on a beautiful woman that checks into the hotel as she undresses. Norman can’t help but spy on her. Mother is there though. She is there to protect Norman from his filthy thoughts. She is there to protect him with her butcher knife.

Psycho II

You remember Norman Bates the shy motel manager with the fatal mother fixation. Now, years after his bout of butchery that horrified the world, Norman is at large again, breaking free from the psycho ward, cutting a shocking swath of blood all the way to Hollywood where, so it happens, they are making a movie about Norman’s life and crimes. A movie that suddenly and terrifyingly becomes a lot like real life…

Psycho House

The new Bates Motel is a tourist attraction, a recreation of the murder site, and the developers are already counting their profits. But now there’s a new exhibit, one nobody expected: the bloody corpse of a teenage girl crumpled in the front hall, stabbed to death. Among the avalanche of press and publicity is reporter Amelia Haines, true crime book writer. She’s studying the original Psycho killings and to Amy, the new murders are a golden opportunity if she can be part of the investigation, perhaps track down the killer herself, then her fame, and her fortune, will be assured. But catching the madman won’t be easy…
the town is full of suspects, and Amy’s best informants keep turning up murdered. If she isn’t careful, Amelia Haines may be the next permanent guest at the Bates Motel…

This Crowded Earth

This Crowded Earth is a taut and compelling story about an all too possible future. Earth is overcrowded and its resources are being taxed to the limit. The government has a desperate plan, but will it work and at what price? By the author of Psycho and Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper


Robert Bloch, the creator of Psycho, takes you into the inner recesses of the mind of a madman. A man bent on revenge that comes out of the night, grabbing its victims by the throat and giving no quarter . From the moment Karen Raymond entered the sanitarium, she knew something was terribly wrong. The doctors had been brutally murdered; the patients had escaped. Was she to be the next victim?

American Gothic

The Castle: it looms over the streets of modern Chicago. Its stone walls conceal a maze of secret passageways and hidden rooms, private laboratories and concealed trapdoors. The Castle is home to G. Gordon Gregg, physician murderer. His victims are young, beautiful women. His methods are swift, scientific and painless, his crime perfect. Until a newspaper reporter becomes suspicious. Investigating Dr Gregg, Crystal finds herself falling in love with the charismatic surgeon, despite the danger. It id that love that seals her doom for what G. Gordon Gregg loves, he kills…


After graduating from college, Lori returns home only to lose her parents in a fire. In the wake of this tragedy, unusual events begin to unfold, starting with the discovery of a girl named Priscilla Fairmount in an old high school yearbook who looks just like Lori. But the yearbook is from before Lori was born! Now, suspected by the police for being involved in the fire, Lori begins a descent into madness, convinced that her ‘twin,’ Priscilla, is attempting to take over her mind…
unaware of the brutal role she herself may be playing in the events which now shape her fate. From Robert Bloch, the master of American horror, Lori is a cerebral and terrifying read.

Shooting Star / Spiderweb

A one-eyed detective and a blackmailer find themselves neck-deep in murder and deception when they explore the seamy underbelly of Hollywood. Two complete novels – both published for the first time in 50+ years!

Cold Chills

A powerful, emotion packed novel about two disabled Vietnam veterans both Mississippians, one white, the other black this is not just a book about Vietnam. It is a book about how war lays waste and how love renews.

Mysteries of the Worm

H.P. Lovecraft like his creation, Cthulhu never truly died. He and his influence live on, in the work of so many of us who were his friends and acolytes. Today we have reason for rejoycing in the widespread revival of his canon…
. If a volume such as this has any justification for its existence, it’s because Lovecraft s readers continue to search out stories which reflect his contribution to the field of fantasy…
. The tales in this book represent a lifelong homage to HPL…
I hope you ll accept them for what they were and are a labor of love. Robert Bloch

Final Reckonings

Best known as the author of ‘Psycho’, Robert Bloch is world renowned for his stories of horror, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction. Many of the 25 stories in this first volume of ‘The Complete Stories of Robert Bloch’ have been unavailable for decades. The stories are in his classic style of gripping suspense, science fiction and fantasy. As Bloch writes, ‘These stories in this collection have a common theme; they deal with monsters. Some of the monsters are human, some are not but all of them embody, in one way or another, the fears common to us in our dreams. We call these monsters by many names ghosts, vampires, extraterrestrials, changelings. But we recognize them for what they are; manifestations of the secret dreads and desires which lurk beneath the surface of consciousness.’ ‘Bloch has become a virtual fixture on the popular culture landscape.’ Publishers Weekly ‘If you’re not familiar with Bloch’s short fiction, find someone to borrow this from; if you already are familiar, you know that you want to own these volumes.’ Locus

Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper

Robert Bloch’s ground breaking novel Psycho introduced the world and renowned director Alfred Hitchcock to Norman Bates, a killer who haunted a generation of readers hungry for psychological thrills. But Bates was not the only serial slayer to inhabit the shadows cast by Bloch’s pen. Witness Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper, a collection of tales that bring to life the darkest criminal legend of them all. From the murky hell of London’s East End to the far reaches of space, Bloch charts the wicked path carved by the Ripper’s blade. Saucy Jack stalks the streets of 1940s Chicago in the title tale, while ‘A Toy for Juliette’ from Harlan Ellison’s groundbreaking Dangerous Visions anthology sends the Ripper through the gates of time to a cold and distant future. The decks of the Starship Enterprise become Red Jack s hunting ground in Bloch’s original Star Trek script, ‘Wolf in the Fold.’ Plus, Bloch reveals the history of the Ripper’s heinous crimes and explores the controversial theories concerning the Whitechapel murderer’s true identity in a pair of essays and an original novel The Night of the Ripper, all included herein. Close your windows to the encroaching fog. Lock your doors and turn up the gaslights. Robert Bloch awaits you…
and so does Jack the Ripper.

The Crowded Earth


Harry Collins is an ad executive in a future Chicago on an Earth whose population has exploded beyond imagining.

Crazed by the pressures of overcrowding, he seeks escape with a suicidal leap from a skyscraper. Stopped, he is hustled off for psychiatric treatment in a odd encampment where he meets an falls in love with an accommodating nurse named Sue.

But who is the strange Dr. Leffingwell, performing experiments on the premises?

Harry’s horrific discoveries in the secret lab cause him to flee into the outside world flee into the forces that would help change and shape this tortured world.

But then, years later, when his assassin’s rifle is trained on Dr. Leffingwell himself, he is halted by the mutant product of that fateful lab.

His own son.

Here is an exciting work of science fiction by an acknowledged master of suspense and horror, Robert Bloch.

Monsters in Our Midst

The author of Psycho has collected new stories of sad*ists and psychopaths from seventeen authors, including Ray Bradbury, Lisa W. Cantrell, Ramsey Campbell, John Coyne, Lawrence Block, Jonathan Carroll, Ed Gorman, and Charles L. Grant.

Robert Bloch’s Psychos

Featuring a never before published short story from Stephen King and edited by the world renowned and award winning author of ‘Psycho’, Robert Bloch, this collection includes 22 masterworks harvested by the Horror Writers Association. Stephen King toe tags a stiff who’s still very much alive, and going under the knife, in ‘Autopsy Room Four’. Richard Christian Matheson clocks the final minutes of a man at the mercy of monsters in ‘Please Help Me’. Charles Grant shadows a lost soul looking for a place to rest in ‘Haunted’. Ads in ‘Fangoria’. Online promo.

Once Around the Bloch

The author of Psycho presents an entertaining glimpse of his writing career, from his correspondence with H. P. Lovecraft to his screenwriting triumphs, offering anecdotes about such talents as Ray Bradbury and Boris Karloff along the way.

The Eighth Stage of Fandom

Assembled here are Robert Bloch’s best essays from fan produced magazines, including such classics as ‘The Seven Ages of Fan,’ ‘Through a Picture Tube, Darkly,’ ‘The Demolished Fan,’ ‘Poe and Me,’ ‘In Memoriam: Weird Tales,’ and ‘The Incredible Head Shrinking Man.’ Bloch’s blend of wry humor, insight, awful puns, and verbal play make the 46 essays and 3 poems in The Eighth Stage of Fandom some of the most interesting and remarkable work in a career filled with the interesting and remarkable.

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