Richard Marcinko Books In Order

Rogue Warrior Books In Publication Order

  1. Rogue Warrior (1992)
  2. Red Cell (1994)
  3. Green Team (1995)
  4. Task Force Blue (1996)
  5. Designation Gold (1997)
  6. Seal Force Alpha (1998)
  7. Option Delta (1998)
  8. Echo Platoon (2000)
  9. Detachment Bravo (2001)
  10. Violence of Action (2002)
  11. Vengeance (2005)
  12. Holy Terror (2006)
  13. Dictator’s Ransom (2008)
  14. Seize the Day (2009)
  15. Domino Theory (2011)
  16. Blood Lies (2012)
  17. Curse of the Infidel (2014)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior (1996)
  2. The Rogue Warriors Strategy for Success (1997)
  3. The Real Team (1999)

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Richard Marcinko Books Overview

Rogue Warrior

Richard Marcinko was the U.S. Navy’s most unconventional warrior and its most deadly. A master practitioner of the ‘Let’s Do It to Them Before They Do It to Us’ school of survival, he was often as feared by his own high command as by the enemy. This brilliant, tough as nails military virtuoso of violence ambushes, booby, traps, exotic weaponry, high altitude parachute drops, underwater infiltrations, face to face killing rose through Navy ranks to create and command one of this country’s most elite and secretive counterterrorist units, SEAL TEAM SIX. Now, in his own colorful voice, this thirty year veteran recounts the story of the secret missions and Special Warfare madness that make up his harrowing worldwide military career. Here, too, he opens doors that have long been locked: the riveting truth about the mystery shrouded Navy SEALS; what went on behind the scenes during the infamous Desert One hostage rescue attempt in Iran; and the stunning inside realities of the Granada invasion. Born on Thanksgiving Day, 1940, Dick Marcinko was raised in mining towns, housing projects, blue collar bars, and on the streets. He quit school at seventeen and enlisted in a new life of thrill seeking. He joined the Navy’s Underwater Demolition Teams, which he calls ‘a masochist’s dream.’ Then he attended over eighteen special training schools, where he excelled in the lethal, survival and leadership skills that would gain him entrance into the upper strata of military warfare: the SEALS. Marcinko was almost in humanly tough, and proved it on hair raising missions across Vietnam and a war torn world: blowing up supply junks, charging through minefields, jumping at 19,000 feet with a chute that wouldn’t open, fighting hand to hand in a hellhole jungle, and experiencing the tragedy of watching a buddy die in his arms. He was such a threatening force on the killing fields of Vietnam that the enemy posted a reward for his death. For the Pentagon, Marcinko organized the Navy’s first counterterrorist unit, the legendary SEAL TEAM SIX. One of the most feared weapons against terrorism in the world, the Team went on classified missions from Central America to the Middle East, the North Sea, Africa and beyond. Out of this success, Marcinko was tapped to create the explosive unit know as Red Cell, a dirty dozen team of the military’s most accomplished and decorated counterterrorists. Their unbelievable job was to become terrorists themselves to test the defense of the Navy’s most secure facilities and installations. The Navy was actually going to pay go for broke Marcinko to wreak havoc. The result was predictable: all hell broke loose. In Rogue Warrior, Marcinko recounts his searing adventures in the special branches of the military reserved for a handpicked few. Here is the hard working hero…
the killer who saw beyond the blood to ultimate justice…
and the decorated warrior who became such a maverick that the Navy brass wanted his head on a pole, and for a time, got it. This, and more, is Marcinko, a man made for war.

Red Cell

In the smash bestselling autobiography ‘Rogue Warrior,’ Richard Marcinko chronicled his controversial thirty year career in the U.S. Navy’s elite maritime commandos, the SEAL teams. Marcinko rose through the ranks to create and command the Navy’s legendary counterterrorist unit, SEAL TEAM SIX, scoring vitories against enemies all over the globe. Pleased with his success, the chief of Naval Operations ordered him to create Red Cell a dirty dozen team of SEALs whose mission was to infiltrate the Navy’s most secure installations. Marcinko did his job too well. No Navy base was safe no commander’s billet secure. His reward was a year in a federal penitentiary. During that year, Marcinko and John Weisman wrote ‘RogueWarrior.’ But, bound by government restrictions on classified information, Marcinko was only able to tell a fraction of his incredible story. The tales he could not tell, the secrets he could not reveal, now explode on the page as the Rogue Warrior returns in the blockbuster suspense novel of the year a novelwith him as the hero! He is the enemy’s worst nightmare, living by the untimate commandment of unconventional warfare win, by any means. He is brash, brazen, and possessed equally of a killer charm and the capacity to become a stone cold killer. As ‘ROGUE WARRIOR II: Red Cell‘ begins, Dick Marcinko is a freelance security consultant, playing terrorist at Tokyo’s Narita Airport. Easily penetratingthe facility’s defenses, he engages in a deadly firefight with North Korean operatives and makes a discovery that plunges him into a secret war for America’s national security. Financed by traitorous Americans, smugglers are transferring nuclear materials toNorth Korea through Japan. Former Secretary of Defense Grant Griffith, a behind the scenes power in the Pentagon, believes that only the Rogue Warrior can stop the operation; he convinces the Navy to recall Marcinko involuntarily to command Red Cell. Marcinko is a legent to the SEALs of Red Cell, and they’re willing to follow him into hell to go anywhere and do anything to crush those who would betray America for a price. From infiltrating Washington’s Navy Yard offices and the Navy’s top secret nuclear weapons depot in Seal Beach, California, to raiding a North Korean Navy base in the most heavily guarded harbor in Asia, to a final assault on a target far out in the Pacific, the Rogue Warrior and his marauding SEALs fight incredible odds and increasingly dangerous enemies. And, as time runs out, ‘ROGUE WARRIOR II: Red Cell‘ races to its electrifying climax.

Green Team

Richard Marcinko’s revelations in his explosive 1 bestselling autobiography, Rogue Warrior, reverberated through the highest levels of the U.S. government. But, bound by government restrictions, he was forbidden to tell the whole story. The answer was fiction. First came Rogue Warrior: Red Cell, the take no prisoners bestseller with Marcinko as hero. Now the Rogue Warrior’s back and he’s hotter than ever, in a knockout novel of courage and nonstop action. In Portsmouth, England, an aircraft carrier has been sabotaged, killing the American Chief of Naval Operations, one of the few friends the Rogue Warrior had left in the Navy. Marcinko discovers a holy war is brewing a violent religious movement, encircling the globe and zeroing in on the West. Defeating that menace will be the supreme test of Marcinko’s Green Team, a top secret unit operating outside the U.S. military’s chain of command. But in Washington, the political wolves select Dick Marcinko as their sacrificial lamb. For the Rogue Warrior it’s time to declare a holy war of his own. The enemy may have the ultimate weapon, but Green Team has Marcinko’s Tenth Commandment of SpecWar: There Are No Rules Thou Shalt Win at All Cost!

Task Force Blue

AS A U.S. NAVY SEAL, RICHARD MARCINKO KNEW NO LIMITS AS THE ROGUE WARRIOR, HE OBEYS NO RULES! SpecWar: deep cover commando operations conducted with absolute secrecy and total ruthlessness by the world’s most deadly counterterrorist units. No one knows SpecWar better than Richard Marcinko, and he’s proven it time and again. The revelations in his 1 New York Times bestselling autobiography, ‘Rogue Warrior’, brought real life SpecWar combat out in the open. But, bound by government restrictions on classified information, there was only one way to tell the whole story: fiction. After two more explosive New York Times bestsellers ‘Rogue Warrior: Red Cell’ and ‘Rogue Warrior: Green Team’ the Rogue Warrior returns in a raw, authentic novel of terrorism striking at the heart of the American government and military…
Moving slowly, steadily across the tarmac through the driving Florida rain, the Rogue Warrior and his team of SEALs have been called into action. Mission: storm a hijacked 727 sitting on a Key West airstrip and rescue the Secretary of the Navy. In a flash of high tech explosives and automatic gunfire, a hostage is killed and Marcinko will be the one to pay. Facing a court martial and permanent removal from the Navy, the Rogue Warrior has one more call to answer, from an ultrasecret operative inside the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA. America’s worst nightmare has become a reality. The hijackers’ roots run deep in U.S. soil: Americans willing to kill Americans to create a government in their own fanatical image. The Pentagon’s security has been breached: the arsenal of democracy raided. The DIA needs someone to eradicate the terrorist infrastructure, circumventing the Navy and the FBI. They need Marcinko and his elite SEAL contingent, Task Force Blue. Inspired and funded by a politically motivated independent billionaire, the enemy has become a force of right wing militias and extremists, radical drug gangs, and fundamentalist terrorists but they have yet to face an adversary like the Rogue Warrior. Accused of murder and pursued by the FBI, operating underground to maneuver through a political, military, and bureaucratic minefield, the Rogue Warrior is right where he wants to be. And, faithful to his ultimate Commandment of SpecWar, there are no rules Marcinko will win at all costs.

Designation Gold

The Rogue Warrior is in Moscow with murder and mayhem on his mind. The reason: his old friend, Paul Mahon, Washington’s defense attache in Russia, has been assassinated. Marcinko knows who killed him Andrei Yudin, a godfather in the Russian mafia and he just wants to know why. But Yudin’s not talking. In fact, he’s been silenced forever. The Rogue Warrior can’t raise the dead, but he can uncover a cabal of Russian politicians in bed with the mob. The revelation buys him a one way ticket to Washington, courtesy of the Russian Ministry of the Interior…
and his own State Department. Back in the Pentagon, Marcinko finds that the chain of command has turned into a noose around his neck. He’s asking questions some powerful people don’t want answered, and he’s drawing heavy fire. Orders come down from the top to disband his elite group of Navy SEALs and to put the Rogue Warrior out to pasture. But this is one stud who’s not ready to go down to the farm. He is ready, however, to prowl and growl, to cut and slash his way to the real story behind Mahon’s death a search that takes him to Paris and into the heart of a black market network peddling terrorism and mass murder. Marcinko connects Paul’s murder to break ins at the dozen NATO installations throughout Europe, to the infiltration of the American Embassy in Paris, and to a series of sinister and mysterious shipments to the Middle East. Masterminded by an international financier in the employ of the CIA, a devil of a deal is in the works, and it’s America’s safety that’s for sale. It’s time to play truth or consequences. The Rogue Warrior will uncover the truth and his enemies will have hell to pay.

Seal Force Alpha

AS A U.S. NAVY SEAL, RICHARD MARCINKO KNEW NO LIMITS AS THE ROGUE WARRIOR, HE OBEYS NO RULES!SpecWar master Richard Marcinko has revealed classified, kill or be killed operations in a series of New York Times bestsellers: Rogue Warrior, his 1 blockbuster autobiography, and four scorching Rogue Warrior novels. Now in an electrifying new adventure, the Rogue Warrior battles an ultra secret, ultra lethal military plot. The Rogue Warrior’s taking a flying leap a high altitude jump over the South China Sea. His mission: scuttle a Chinese freighter’s cargo of nuclear hardware and its crack crew of naval commandos. It’s a leave no tracks, take no prisoners operation, and business as usual for Marcinko. But on board he makes a chilling discovery: a cache of state of the art command and control equipment, all made in the U.S.A. and primed for America’s destruction! Marcinko takes his findings back to Washington, where he runs into a wall of doublespeak and double deals. Tapping into his own intelligence sources, he discovers the ugly truth some of the U.S. military’s most sophisticated technology has been given to our most dangerous potential adversary: the Chinese. Their long range objective: turning the United States into a third world country and a fifth rate power. Worse, the Rogue Warrior discovers that Washington has signed off on the deal. But not everyone wants to see America go down the drain. General Tom Crocker, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, unleashes the SEALs of war Marcinko and a Pentagon based unit, Seal Force Alpha to neutralize a global maze of political deceit that begins all too close to home. The Chinese sense victory. They have a mole in the White House, and five thousand years of military strategy on their side. But neither the traitor nor all the wisdom of Sun Tzu are prepared for Marcinko and his men. They, after all, live by the Rogue Warrior’s Tenth Commandment of SpecWar: ‘There Are No Rules Thou Shalt Win At All Cost.’

Option Delta

As A U.S. Navy Seal, Richard Marcinko knew no limits as the Rogue Warrior, he obeys no rules. In six spectacular New York Times bestsellers Rogue Warrior, his 1 blockbuster autobiography, and five explosive Rogue Warrior novels covert combat master Richard Marcinko has blown the lid off the classified world of SpecWar ops. Now, the commando’s redo ‘kill or be killed’ is pushed to the brink in a shattering new conflict with the fate of America at stake. The Rogue Warrior is invading Germany with a blitzkrieg of bravado. His secret assignment: recover a pair of U.S. ADM’s Atomic Demolition Munitions lost in the Rhine Valley. Yet, what begins as a simple SEAL mission explodes in his face when terrorists visit the cache site. With scandals at home and fresh hotbeds of political and military tensions igniting all over the world, America’s diplomatic priorities are everywhere but eastern Europe and the Rogue Warrior and his SEALs must take matters into their own hands. But not even Marcinko is aware that a cabal of ultranational extremists led by Lothar Beck, a billionaire defense contractor is ready to take advantage of the U.S.’s global distractions. Beck and his subversive cadre believe the time is ripe for their great notion to emerge as Europe’s first superpower a true Fourth Reich. They have the money and influence to make it happen. And thanks to Cold War stockpiling of nuclear and conventional weapons on German soil, they have the arms. Fortunately Marcinko has some firepower of his own, and the manpower to deliver it the way the God of war intended: with maximum prejudice and extreme efficiency. He and his elite SEALs will have to wade through tango cells of skinheads, neo Nazis, Russian mobsters, and Middle Eastern terrorists before they get the scent of the real powerbrokers. But once they do, it’s time to go hunting with no bag limit.

Echo Platoon

AS A U.S. NAVY SEAL, RICHARD MARCINKO KNEW NO LIMITS AS THE ROGUE WARRIOR, HE OBEYS NO RULES Through seven blockbuster New York Times bestsellers in the Rogue Warrior series, Richard Marcinko and John Weisman have given their readers untold thrills and their villains no mercy. Now the Rogue Warrior writes a whole new set of rules for the shadowy world of Black Ops as he embarks on his most explosive adventure yet a volatile tale of double dealing and international intrigue that blows the lid off today’s geopolitical scene. ROUGE WARRIOR : Echo Platoon Dangerous times require dangerous men. And there isn’t a man alive more deadly than the Rogue Warrior. Called once more to his country’s service, Captain Richard ‘NMN’ Marcinko must undertake a critical mission: uncover the hidden motives and players behind the recent attempts at the destabilization of Azerbaijan, the tiny former Soviet republic that holds the key to the oil rich Caspian Sea. An overland pipeline to the West has been planned, and both Russia and Iran want to control the flow. But others have their own interests in the region, including bilious billionaire Steve Sarkesian, one of the world’s richest and most influential men. The Rogue knows the man is involved, but just how he ties in with the Russkies and Arabs isn’t clear. And just who else stands to benefit from toppling the Azerbaijani government? The answer is out there somewhere, and Marcinko is going to find it. Pulling together a platoon of his best SEALs, the Rogue Warrior races to the heart of the Middle East, revealing festering layers of treachery and greed that threaten to choke off the black gold that is America’s lifeblood. Confronted by well trained terrorists and false faced bureaucrats, the Rogue does what he does best breaking rules and cracking heads until the only thing left standing is justice.

Detachment Bravo

In ‘Echo Platoon,’ the Rogue Warrior blazed a path of vengeance across the Middle East. In ‘Option Delta,’ he took out a German super terrorist armed with stolen nukes. Now, the ‘New York Times’ bestselling SEAL commando of eight explosive thrillers must pay for his success. The price: exile inside the lethal world of Irish Republican Army terrorists the battle no one else will touch. Relegated to head up a special ops organization made up of Brits, SEALS, spies, and NSA operatives, the Rogue Warrior is on the hunt for a high tech hired army launched by two self financed, new generation terrorists. This murderous wing of the IRA is waging its own vicious little war smashing the Good Friday Peace Accord and killing a half dozen American and British CEOs. Refusing to be contained to Irish turf, their next planned assault promises to stun the world. Marcinko and his merry band are determined to stop them, but there are a few unknowns: they don’t know the target, they don’t know the date, and they don’t know where the terror is going down. From top secret diplomatic tunnels beneath London to the high seas off the Azores, ‘Detachment Bravo‘ is a fast paced, furious, in your face adventure…
just what the Rogue Warrior was made for.

Violence of Action

Bolder, brasher, and badder than ever before with an all new team, the Rogue Warrior faces his ultimate challenge. A suitcase nuke is on its way to a major American city, and there’s only one man who can stop it. Back from self imposed exile, during which he recommitted himself to the cause, and with a brand new team of operatives straining at the leash, the Rogue Warrior has entered a whole new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from domestic terrorists intent on a holy war military insiders gone bad and what’s worse, they possess suitcase sized nuclear weapons. The city of Portland, Oregon, is under the ultimate threat, but what these dangerous terrorists will find, however, is a new and improved Rogue Warrior not only has age weathered him into the ultimate fighting machine, but he’s also got an entirely new team together, a multicultural band of the toughest operatives available. The ensuing chase to avoid nuclear annihilation is ripped from the headlines stuff, and takes the Rogue Warrior to a new pitch, in which the very survival of his country is at stake. Can Demo Dick and his new band of Seals save the day, or is America heading for destruction? He’s never had a harder task…
is he up to it, or has the Rogue Warrior finally met his match?


The Rogue Warrior walks the razor’s edge of alarming reality in this blazing thriller of the war on terror. Former SEAL Team Six leader Richard Marcinko and his Red Cell II team give Homeland Security a wake up call with a series of simulated terror attacks. But there’s nothing fake about the railroad bridge wired with explosives or the dismembered corpse the team unearths while they’re busy scaring the daylights out of the American public. With the enemy on the brink of unleashing hell on U.S. soil, the Rogue Warrior launches an all out international manhunt. And when it’s clear that Marcinko himself is a moving target, Demo Dick wants more than dead terrorists he wants Vengeance

Holy Terror

Nothing and no one is sacred as the Rogue Warrior smokes out a terrorist network with plans to turn the Vatican into the world’s largest Roman candle. The former SEAL commander takes his first shots at a NATO conference in Rome, where he caps off his blistering antiterror speech with a helpful visual aid, eliminating a ‘waiter’ and playing volleyball with a live grenade. As Demo Dick and his team trail terrorist kingpin Saladin, the manhunt pulls Marcinko into tracking stolen nukes in Sicily, facing down a predator in the jungles of Thailand, and flying on a prayer aboard a hijacked jet. Marcinko’s mission is one final, explosive showdown with the bad guys and there will be hell to pay.

Dictator’s Ransom

Is Kim Jong il really a fanatical fan of Dick Marcinko, the Rogue Warrior? Has the terrifying tyrant actually read every one of Marcinko’s many New York Times bestsellers?

One thing is certain: the Rogue Warrior wants nothing to do with the brutal despot. When, in Dictator’s Ransom, ‘the loathsome dwarf’ as George W. Bush derided him invites Marcinko to the Hermit Kingdom, the Rogue Warrior instantly declines…
prompting the CIA to RSVP on his behalf. Of course, the Agency is sending Marcinko on this life threatening mission, not to sign books but as part of a clandestine special op: Marcinko is to track down four covert nuclear warheads secreted in the Supreme Leader’s palace.

More than just another thriller, however, Dictator’s Ransom is a novel of electrifying energy and wicked wit. Marcinko rightfully takes his place alongside Huck Finn as the raunchy, rambunctious American hero he truly is. Kim Jong il quickly becomes the most outrageous, most frightening, most demented nuclear psychopath in all of history and literature. Dictator’s Ransom will have you shuddering with fear and trembling…
even as it has you cracking up with laughter.

Seize the Day

When Marcinko’s friend, the head of the CIA, asks him to spend a little quality time in Cuba, the Rogue Warrior finds there s no way to say no. Once there, Marcinko and company discover that Fidel Castro is on his deathbed. Which wouldn t be so bad, except that he s planned a catastrophic surprise for the U.S. as his going away present. The Rogue Warrior must find out the nature of that little surprise and thwart it before Castro kicks the bucket.

Domino Theory

When the Rogue Warrior travels to India to help supervise security arrangements for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, he and his team find themselves up to their skivvies in terrorists of all types Pakistanis. But it’s not just the Games that are being targeted for disruption Demo Dick and his young bucks uncover a plot to steal all seventy nuclear warheads the Indians have amassed for war against the Pakistanis. Rogue Warrior must overcome various obstacles to prevent disaster: a high tech remote controlled attack helicopter that makes the Apache look like a child s toy, an ominous chemical factory about to go boom, and tea and crumpets with the Queen. We’re just kidding about the Queen. Marcinko and DeFelice sprinkle the action with trademark Rogue Warrior humor and non PC asides in the latest installment of the best selling series. As usual, the plot mixes fact with fiction, and incorporates some of the original SEAL Team 6 skipper s recent experiences in India.

Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior

Draws on the author’s experience as a Navy commando and creator of the legendary SEAL TEAM SIX, recounts several of his personal war stories, and presents his Ten Commandments of Special Warfare.

The Rogue Warriors Strategy for Success

The former Navy commando and author of Leadership Secrets of the Rogue Warrior offers a hard hitting guide to personal success, offering dynamic, aggressive strategies and skills to help readers meet the challenges of business and everyday life. Tour.’

The Real Team

Richard Marcinko first exploded out of the clandestine world of special forces/unconventional warfare with his 1 ‘New York Times’ bestselling autobiography ‘Rogue WarriorR.’ Now, after coauthoring five consecutive ‘New York Times’ bestselling Rogue Warrior novels based on the exploits of his SEAL Teams, he calls upon the warriors who served by his side to tell their own stories. ‘The Real Team‘ tells it like it is: how highly motivated individuals come to the Teams, how they train, and how they fight in the four corners of the globe. From the sea, from the air, or from the land SEAL Teams attack the enemy from any direction, any time, with weapons ranging from a K bar knife to an AK 47. Here, for the first time the real life models for such characters as Indian Jew, ‘Doc’ Tremblay, Duckfoot Dewey, the Golddust Twins and Prince Valiant narrate their journeys from the civilian world to BUD/S training, their first experiences under fire, and how they turned from newbies to seasoned veterans, from loyal U.S. servicemen to rogue warriors whose only rule was that the warrior does not give up. Ever. Thomas Capel, the real life counterpart of Nasty Nicky Grundle, remembers the day he turned down an appointment to the Naval Academy in order to finish his BUD/S training, and his first combat experiences in Nicaragua: ‘I’m standing in waist deep water. There’s no cover or concealment. I dropped the gun down, reloaded the weapon and came up shooting. The Sandinistas are caught between fire in front of them and off to the right side. Within the first couple of seconds, I’m laying down 200 rounds of ammunition. I was cutting down trees.’ Steve Hartman, the fictionalized StevieWonder, talks about how it felt to become a member of Red Cell: ‘Being part of the Teams was like going home. After all those years in the Navy, it was fantastic. The Teams are warriors. There’s community, loyalty, dedication. And anything goes.’ ‘The Real Team‘ also reveals the Rogue Warrior’s secrets for Team selection and Team Maintenance. From setting up an ambush to making a HAHO high altitude, high opening parachute jump, from the Philippines to Desert Storm, the stories in the book are about real men and real missions, and about the SEAL mentality of teamwork, training, loyalty, and never say die aggression. For it is the spirit of The Real Teams that shaped these extraordinary individuals and positioned them for success in every battlefield and every endeavor they would face in life.

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