Richard Corben Books In Order

Den Books In Order

  1. Neverwhere (1984)
  2. Muvovum (1984)
  3. Children of Fire (1991)
  4. Dreams (1992)
  5. Elements (1992)

Vic and Blood Books In Order

  1. Vic and Blood (1988)


  1. The Last Voyage of Sinbad (1988)
  2. Jeremy Brood (1989)
  3. Werewolf (2005)


  1. Underground (1985)
  2. Underground Three (1987)
  3. Tales of the Black Diamond (1993)

Non fiction

  1. Richard Corben’s Artbook (1991)

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Richard Corben Books Overview


World acclaimed artist Corben spent over five years creating more than 500 individual paintings for his masterpiece. This enchanting visual epic will be ranked among the great classics of fantasy.

Vic and Blood

‘World War IV broke out on American Independence Day, 4 July 1995. Then what was left belonged to anybody who wanted it; anybody with a taste for radiation and rubble. The ‘good folks’ sank their caisson cities, their sterile down unders, deep in the earth. And the snaggle toothed remnants of the aboveground were abandoned to the new masters of desolation: vicious roverpaks of parentless young boys…
and their telepathic dogs.’ From the History of the World, as Blood tells it The acclaimed series of short stories around the adventures of Vic and his telepathic dog, Blood, by Harlan Ellison is brought together as one stunning graphic novel by Richard Corben, one of today’s leading fantasy artists. This conjugation of talents forms a powerful saga of love, death, and the consequences of both in a devastated society. After winning a Nebula Award for Best Novella, ‘A Boy and His Dog’ was made into a movie starring Don Johnson and Jason Robards, which itself won a Hugo. In addition to the graphic novel adaptations of ‘A Boy and His Dog,’ ‘Eggsucker’ and ‘Run, Spot, Run,’ this volume contains the original short stories by Ellison. Features never before published sketchbook material from Richard Corben, critically acclaimed artist for Heavy Metal magazine, Hellblazer DC Comics, and The Incredible Hulk Marvel Comics. In a career spanning fifty years, Harlan Ellison has won more awards than any other living fantasist.


The legend of the lycanthrope a human turned feral by a blood curse and transformed into the most savage of predatory beasts is as old as recorded history…
and as tantalizing as it is terrifying. Internationally acclaimed artist and illustrator Richard Corben has been bringing his dark and viscerally brilliant vision to comics, graphic novels, and other art forms for more than four decades. And now, legend meets legend, as Corben turns his masterful hand and gut wrenching signature style to this bloodcurdling collection of tales devoted to the monster that walks like a man, howls like a hellhound, and hungers for the hunt.

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