Richard Barre Books In Order

Wil Hardesty Books In Order

  1. The Innocents (1995)
  2. Bearing Secrets (1996)
  3. The Ghosts of Morning (1998)
  4. Blackheart Highway (1999)
  5. Burning Moon (2003)

Christmas novel Books In Order

  1. The Star (2002)
  2. Bethany (2003)
  3. Wind on the River (2004)


  1. Echo Bay (2004)
  2. Lost (2014)


  1. Christmas Stories (2012)

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Richard Barre Books Overview

The Innocents

P.I. Wil Hardesty is hired to solve the murders of seven little children whose skeletons are discovered in the California desert. Evidence indicates that their throats were cut, and the only available clue is a tarnished, peeling St. Christopher medal with a faded inscription.

Bearing Secrets

PI Wil Hardesty must face more than his past when the discovery of the 17 year old wreckage of a plane and its illicit cargo prompts the suicide of ’60s radical Max Pfieffer. Pfieffer’s daughter knows it wasn’t suicide. She wants Hardesty to unearth the truth, even if it means unearthing past sins better left in peace…

The Ghosts of Morning

In his Shamus Award winning first novel, The Innocents, Richard Barre introduced audiences to Wil Hardesty, a private eye with a deep, dark past and an uncertain future. In The Ghosts of Morning, Barre plunges further into Wil’s history, to a far off place where murder and friendship collide.

Burning Moon

Two brothers Vietnamese boat people who made good in America, each on a different side of the law confront Hardesty with a hierarchy of Asian gangs whose tentacles lever unimagined deceit, betrayal and murder. Facing him as well: his most challenging personal crisis yet, involving ex wife, Lisa. To survive, Hardesty must battle old demons and terrifyingly corrupt Asian gangs.

Wind on the River

Third in Richard Barre’s series of redemptive, mysterious Christmas novels from Capra Press, including Bethany 2003, The Star 2002. Dakota Territory, 1879: Played out gunman Jubal Pyne, hours from the posse that would hang him and the blizzard that would freeze and bury him, crosses the Cheyenne river into Laney Van Rensslaer’s high plains farm. From then on nothing is the same not for Jubal, not for Laney and her 5 year old daughter, not for the injured and comatose husband Laney tries to will back to life.

Echo Bay

In Echo Bay, the past is on a collision course with the present. August 1940: In driving rain, in darkness, Lake Tahoe’s fabled steamship, Constance, slips beneath the surface of Echo Bay. Present: Sean Rainey, ex-PR fixer, failed husband, once-hot Olympic ski prospect, is delivered an ultimatum. Sell the dream of raising Constance to the town he once fled u a suspect in his popular brother’s drowning deathuor lose his children. Because making no choice is his choice, Sean’s return comes under an ever-darkening cloud of murder and deceit, hate and betrayal, big money and bad blood. To survive — and to claim his children — Sean must confront not only his own violent past, but an adversary hell-bent on destroying him and those he loves.

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