Richard A Knaak Books In Order

Dragonrealm Books In Order

  1. Firedrake (1989)
  2. Ice Dragon (1989)
  3. Wolfhelm (1990)
  4. Shadow Steed (1990)
  5. The Crystal Dragon (1993)
  6. The Dragon Crown (1994)
  7. The Horse King (1997)

Dragonrealm : Origin of Dragonrealm Books In Order

  1. The Shrouded Realm (1991)
  2. Children of the Drake (1991)
  3. Dragon Tome (1992)

City of Shadows Trilogy Books In Order

  1. King of the Grey (1993)
  2. Frostwing (1995)
  3. Dutchman (1996)

Legends of the Dragonrealm Books In Order

  1. Shade (2012)
  2. Cut from the Same Shadow and Other Tales (2017)
  3. Knights of the Frost (2018)
  4. Sword of Ghosts (2021)

Knight in Shadow trilogy Books In Order

  1. Dragon Mound (2011)

Dragonrealm: The Turning War Books In Order

  1. Dragon Masters (2013)
  2. The Gryphon Mage (2014)
  3. The Horned Blade (2015)

Called to Battle Books In Order

  1. Face Value (2015)

Black City Books In Order

  1. Black City Saint (2016)
  2. Black City Demon (2017)
  3. Black City Dragon (2019)

Rex Draconis Books In Order

  1. Under the Dragon Moon (2017)
  2. Lords of the Dragon Moon (2018)
  3. Shadows of the Dragon Moon (2019)

Rex Draconis: Of Dragon’s Blood Books In Order

  1. Rex Draconis: Of Dragon’s Blood (2020)

Dragon Throne: Sword of Ghosts Books In Order

  1. The Dragon Throne: Sword of Ghosts Pt. III (2021)
  2. The Dragon Throne: Sword of Ghosts Pt. IV (2021)

Rogues Gallery Books In Order

  1. Rogues Gallery (2021)
  2. Rogues Gallary Pt. II (2021)
  3. ROGUES GALLERY Pt. III (2021)

World of Warcraft: Shadow Wing Books In Order

  1. The Dragons of Outland (2022)


  1. The Janus Mask (1995)
  2. Beastmaster: Myth (2009)
  3. The Flash: Climate Changeling (2018)

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Richard A Knaak Books Overview


The New York Times bestselling fantasy author Richard A. Knaak brings to print an epic realm of magic and intrigue! In a land ruled by the shape lifting Dragon Kings, Cabe Bedlam is hunted for both the legacy he represents and the future he may bring. Yet, dragons may be the least of the dangers, for in a land drenched with sorcery, Cabe’s very legacy may be what destroys him!

Ice Dragon

The dragon emperor has fallen and the remaining drake lords now vie for control. Yet, when Duke Toma, the emperor’s son, turns to one for aid in revenge against the wizard Cabe Bedlam and his companions, the drake little understands what he unleashes. Unknown to all, the Ice Dragon has other plans for the land…
cold, bitter plans that may spell the end for both drake and man.


Shipwrecked long ago on the Dragonrealm, the half human Gryphon rose to free part of the land from the tyranny of the drake lords,yet his own past remained a forgotten mystery. Now, haunted by the dark words of an old foe, he crosses the sea, journeying to the domain of the ebony armored wolf raiders. However, in discovering his origins, the Gryphon will awaken the powers of an empire…
and risk the wrath of its savage god.

Shadow Steed

Betrothed to the mysterious, disfigured monarch of the mountain kingdom of Talak, Princess Erini’s greatest fears revolve around her own burgeoning and undesired megical powers. However, she soon discovers that King Melicard’s obsession with revenge against the Dragon Kings has led him to initiate a sinister spell, one with which Melicard hopes to summon a demon to do his bidding. Unfortunately for both, Erini and the rest of the Dragonrealm, Melicard summons back not a demon, but rather the shadow creature Darkhorse…
and worse, the mad sorcerer Shade.

The Crystal Dragon

Sinister dreams haunt the wizard Cabe Bedlam, leading both him and Darkhorse to the desolate peninsula of Legar. Here a desperate band of wolf raiders, their empire in ruins, have discovered the resting place and sorcerous artifacts of the inhuman Quel. Now Cabe, Darhorse, and the Gryphon are trapped between two hellish hordes and to defeat them, Cabe must become the willing pawn of the oldest, most enigmatic drake of all…
The Crystal Dragon.

The Dragon Crown

Heir to the dragon emperor’s throne, the young, shape shifting drake Kyl is the focus of many who seek to control the realm’s destiny. Cabe Bedlam most of all hopes that this new emperor will be the signal for peace among drakes and men, but knows that he might just as well prove the spark that brings the land to war. However, first Kyl must survive and in trying to assure that, Cabe will have to confront a nightmarish foe from his distant past, one who can strike at him even from within the wizard’s own sanctum…

The Horse King

Freed of the rule of the Dragon Kings, Lanith, warlord of Zuu, has launched a mad war of conquest. Cabe Bedlam and his friends prepare to join battle against him, only too late discovering that their true foe is a creature from beyond, a sad*istic manipulator who desires to see the entire realm torn asunder. When Cabe’s son, Aurim, becomes the monster’s most powerful slave, it seems that there is no hope…
unless the shadowy Darkhorse can overcome his fear and join forces with an enigmatic sorceress whose very existence should not be.

The Shrouded Realm

The Vraad, a race of master wizards, rule Nimth with little regard even for the laws of nature, twisting their world to their whims. Their carelessness, though, at last forces them into a desperate plan of escape from ravaged Nimth to a mysterious world. Yet, even if they manage to overcome personal emnities and vendettas, the Vraad will soon learn that their new home, a place of dragons, will not so readily bend and, instead, could prove their master.

Children of the Drake

The Vraad have managed to claim a portion of their new home, but bitter feelings cause trouble between factions. As Lord Barakas attempts to bring all under his iron rule, the wizard Dru Zeree’s daughter Sharissa discovers that their adopted world has other plans in mind, plans that will forever change the Vraad in ways they cannot even fathom…
and would fear if they knew the truth.

Dragon Tome

Surviving a perilous journey, explorer Wellen Bedlam arrives on the shores of a fabled land of dragons. Such leviathans, though, prove neither the most astonishing nor dangerous aspect of this new world, for hidden within the land called Dragonrealm is an ancient citadel whose master carries a book in which have been written spells capable of giving anyone mastery over all. Now Wellen finds himself the unwitting participant in a struggle between the book’s master, the wizards known as the Lords of the Dead, and a monstrous Dragon King, all of whom see the explorer as the perfect yet expendable pawn…

King of the Grey

They are the shadows we see out of the corner of our eyes, the visions flickering past in the middle of the night. They are the elves, the fairies, and other legends of our creation. The Grey abound around us, are part of us, forever tied to our innermost thoughts. They seek to be truly real, to truly live, and for that they need a human anchor, a false king, who can give them substance. In Chicago, Jeremiah Todtmann is chosen for that unwitting role, but even as he tries to come to grips with the existence of the Grey themselves, he will soon discover that while some represent but the harmless dreams of men…
others are their most deadly nightmares.


From the best selling author of the Dragonrealm comes the shadowy fantasy concerning Grigori Nicolau, a wizard whose dreams have been haunted for centuries by the malevolent gargoyle called Frostwing. Now, in modern Chicago, Grigori not only must face the truth about Frostwing, but the sinister web spun by a sorcerer deal long ago, a web designed specifically for him.


The Scattered Ones have fled through time and space, reborn each life into a new variant of their world…
our world. Behind them, though, ever come the harbingers of destruction: the black, hungry shadows of the Darkling and the mysterious ghost shop that signals the end of all. In desperation, two of the refugees, Maia and Gilbrin, must turn to the captain of that vessel and hope that he can alter fate…
for this particular Earth may be their last hope. ‘Reminiscent of Roger Zelanzny’s & Tim Power’s best work.’ Michael Stackpole, author Once Upon A Hero

Dragon Mound

More than two centuries ago, the three kingdoms of Rundin, Wallmyre, and Tepis banded together at the urging of the wizard Paulo Centuros to combat the ambitions of the sorcerer king, Novaris. Yet, although they were triumphant and the forces of the sorcerer king were scattered, Novaris himself was not to be found. Uncertain as to whether their foe was dead, the wizard sent forth the knight Evan Wytherling on a quest to seek the truth about Novaris, no matter how long it took. Still alive despite the great passage of time and the dark forces he has confronted during his fruitless search, Evan returns to the scene of the climactic battle and discovers that the truth may have been under his nose all this time. However, in ferreting out the secrets of Novaris”s disappearance, Evan uncovers the sorcerer king”s long dreamt plot of vengeance…
and the fact that not only is he key to them, but that the dead even dragons may not rest easy!

The Dragons of Outland

At the end of ‘Warcraft: The Sunwell Trilogy’, blue dragon Tyrygosa and human paladin Jorad Mace left the Ghostlands…
but on their way to Jorad’s destination, the two are drawn through a dark portal and into Outland, from which the Orcs and other species in the World of Warcraft originated. There, they find a group of dragons unlike any Tyri has seen…
Will they be able to control this strange, mutated army before it overtakes them?

The Janus Mask

With arms and sorcery, Baron Mandrol has ruled Medecia, displaying as proof of his ultimate control his collection of life like death masks of fallen rivals. Yet one mask more than any other contains some essence of the one it represents, that of the wizard Viktor Falsche, and when it is placed on the face of a hapless peasant, Viktor receives one last chance to gain his revenge against the monstrous baron and free Medecia. However, his time is limited, for the mask will soon deteriorate beyond saving…
and with its destruction will go the last of Viktor Falsche.

Beastmaster: Myth

A reimagining of the beloved epic fantasy of film and TV that centered around the sword wielding beastmaster battling evil in a primordial world.

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