Rex Warner Books In Order


  1. The Wild Goose Chase (1937)
  2. The Professor (1938)
  3. The Aerodrome (1941)
  4. Why Was I Killed? (1943)
  5. Greeks and Trojans (1951)
  6. Young Caesar (1958)
  7. Imperial Caesar (1960)
  8. The Converts (1967)


  1. Poems and Contradictions (1945)


Non fiction

  1. Men and Gods (1950)
  2. Eternal Greece (1953)
  3. The Greek Philosophers (1958)
  4. Athens at War (1970)

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Rex Warner Books Overview

The Wild Goose Chase

A novel of wild eclecticism, a satirical allegory of capitalist Britain in the 1930s which includes a utopian vision of a new world. Radical Fiction Series.

The Aerodrome

First published in 1941, The Aerodrome is one of the few works of fiction in the twentieth century to understand the dangerous yet glamorous appeal of fascism and the less than satisfactory answer of traditional democracy and to transmute their deadly opposition into terms of enduring art. Mr. Warner brilliantly invents, on one side, a thoroughly degenerate Village representing fallen man, and on the other side a great Aerodrome dedicated to ruthless efficiency. The ideological struggle between the idealistic Air Vice Marshal and the hero narrator from the Village is portrayed with poetry, narrative speed, and great simplicity of language. It is a great symbolic novel of our time. ‘The value of The Aerodrome as literature becomes increasingly apparent at each rereading…
an intensely original work.’ Anthony Burgess. ‘A moral dialogue thrown into narrative form. It is humanity versus power, sprawling fife versus death dealing regimentation…
. A parable worth reading.’ New York Times. ‘The beauty of his prose, unsurpassed by any living English writer, has nothing to do with fine writing’ but springs from a sound moral core and from an intelligence with the keenest edge.’ C. Day Lewis.

Men and Gods

This outstanding collection brings together the novelist and scholar Rex Warner’s knack for spellbinding storytelling with Edward Gorey s inimitable talent as an illustrator in a memorable modern recounting of the most beloved myths of ancient Greece. Writing in a relaxed and winning colloquial style, Warner vividly recreates the classic stories of Jason and the Argonauts and Theseus and the Minotaur, among many others, while Gorey s quirky pen and ink sketches offer a visual interpretation of these great myths in the understated but brilliantly suggestive style that has gained him admirers throughout the world. These tales cover the range of Greek mythology, including the creation story of Deucalion and Pyrrha, the heroic adventures of Perseus, the fall of Icarus, Cupid and Psyche s tale of love, and the tragic history of Oedipus and Thebes. Men and Gods is an essential and delightful book with which to discover some of the key stories of world literature.

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