Rex Stout Books In Order

Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout Books In Publication Order

  1. Fer-de-Lance / Meet Nero Wolfe (1934)
  2. The League of Frightened Men (1935)
  3. The Rubber Band / To Kill Again (1936)
  4. The Red Box / Case of the Red Box (1937)
  5. Too Many Cooks (1938)
  6. Some Buried Caesar / The Red Bull (1939)
  7. Over My Dead Body (1940)
  8. Where There’s a Will (1940)
  9. Black Orchids (1942)
  10. Not Quite Dead Enough (1944)
  11. The Silent Speaker (1946)
  12. Too Many Women (1947)
  13. And Be a Villain / More Deaths Than One (1948)
  14. Trouble in Triplicate (1949)
  15. The Second Confession (1949)
  16. Even in the Best Families / In the Best Families (1950)
  17. Three Doors to Death / Door to Death (1950)
  18. Curtains for Three (1951)
  19. Murder by the Book (1951)
  20. Prisoner’s Base / Out She Goes (1952)
  21. Triple Jeopardy (1952)
  22. The Golden Spiders (1953)
  23. The Black Mountain (1954)
  24. Three Men Out (1954)
  25. Before Midnight (1955)
  26. Might as Well Be Dead (1956)
  27. Three Witnesses (1956)
  28. If Death Ever Slept (1957)
  29. Three for the Chair (1957)
  30. And Four to Go / Crime and Again (1958)
  31. Champagne for One (1958)
  32. Plot it Yourself / Murder in Style (1959)
  33. Three at Wolfe’s Door (1960)
  34. Too Many Clients (1960)
  35. The Final Deduction (1961)
  36. Homicide Trinity (1962)
  37. Gambit (1962)
  38. The Mother Hunt (1963)
  39. Trio for Blunt Instruments (1964)
  40. A Right to Die (1964)
  41. The Doorbell Rang (1965)
  42. Death of a Doxy (1966)
  43. The Father Hunt (1968)
  44. Death of a Dude (1969)
  45. Please Pass The Guilt (1973)
  46. A Family Affair (1975)
  47. Death Times Three (1985)

Nero Wolfe Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Bitter End (1997)
  2. Booby Trap (2013)
  3. Cordially Invited to Meet Death (2014)

Tecumseh Fox Books In Publication Order

  1. Double for Death (1939)
  2. Bad for Business (1940)
  3. The Broken Vase (1941)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Her Forbidden Knight (1913)
  2. Under the Andes (1914)
  3. A Prize for Princes (1914)
  4. The Great Legend (1916)
  5. How Like a God (1929)
  6. Seed on the Wind (1930)
  7. Golden Remedy (1931)
  8. Forest Fire (1933)
  9. The President Vanishes (1934)
  10. O Careless Love! (1935)
  11. The Hand in the Glove / Crime on Her Hands (1937)
  12. Mr. Cinderella (1939)
  13. The Mountain Cat Murders / The Mountain Cat (1939)
  14. Red Threads (1939)
  15. The Sound of Murder / Alphabet Hicks (1941)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Corsage (1977)
  2. Justice Ends At Home and Other Stories (1977)
  3. Target Practice (1997)
  4. An Officer and a Lady and Other Stories (2000)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Nero Wolfe Cookbook (1969)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories (1996)
  2. A Century of Great Suspense Stories (2001)

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Rex Stout Books Overview

Fer-de-Lance / Meet Nero Wolfe

This is Rex Stout’s first mystery novel, featuring the first appearance of Nero Wolfe, one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time. As any herpetologist knows, the fer de lance is among the most dreaded snakes on Earth. When someone makes a present of one to Wolfe, his assistant Archie Goodwin knows the large detective must be getting dangerously close to solving the murders of an immigrant and a college president. As for Wolfe, he’s busy playing snake charmer in a case with more twists than an anaconda.

The League of Frightened Men

From one of America’s best loved writers, this second mystery featuring eccentric detective Nero Wolfe and his able assistant, Archie Goodwin, is deemed ‘the most interesting psychological study…
and a treasure trove for a rich variety of Wolfean aphorism,’ according to Robert Goldsborough’s introduction to Bantam’s Crime Line edition. A group of Harvard alumni asks for Wolfe’s help when one of their former classmates Paul Chapin appears likely to murder them all. Chapin, now a brilliant novelist, was left crippled by these men through a college hazing prank. Wolfe’s insight and Archie’s tenacity are enough to outwit the killer. 6 cassettes.

The Rubber Band / To Kill Again

In all his years of detecting, the unflappable Nero Wolfe has never encountered an investigation as damnably messy as this one. For what began as a clean case of larceny quickly sank into a quagmire of blackmail and broken promises, international scandal and cold blooded murder. Now Wolfe and his assistant, Archie Goodwin must bridge eras and oceans to find the link between a Wild West lynching and a respected British peer. Only then can they save Wolfe’s beautiful young client and a hotly disputed stake of a cool million dollars.

The Red Box / Case of the Red Box

Nero Wolfe Must Solve a Murder That Strikes a Bit Too Close to Home! This mystery from one of America’s best loved writers features one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time Nero Wolfe. Wolfe is an orchid growing, gourmandizing, eccentric genius who solves this case with the able assistance of his legman, Archie Goodwin. Told from Archie’s viewpoint and with wry humor, a beautiful model’s untimely death from a chocolate candy leads to the supreme insult of Nero Wolfe’s career: another murder occurs in his own home. He must solve the case to save his pride. Presented unabridged on 7 CDs. Narrator Michael Prichard is a Los Angeles based actor who has recorded more than 350 audiobooks including novels by Clive Cussler and Tom Clancy. He recently was named one of Smart Money’s Top Ten Golden Voices.

Too Many Cooks

Originally published in 1938, this book follows the gourmand Nero Wolfe to a meeting of the greatest chefs in the world, where he is to be the honored dinner guest. This is a rare vacation for the corpulent sleuth until a four star killer serves up a side dish of murder. In order to solve the crime, Wolfe and Goodwin must deal with inept local law enforcement, recalcitrant witnesses, and Wolfe’s fervent desire to get back to his orchids and his specially constructed brown leather chair.

Some Buried Caesar / The Red Bull

What could make Nero Wolfe so determined to solve a crime that he would be willing to work entirely without fee or client? What would it take to put him, for the first time, at a loss for words? What would make him so angry about at case that he would refuse to speak to the police, even if he has to spend fifty one hours in jail as a result? Never before in the Nero Wolfe books has Rex Stout shown us the extremes to which the greatest detective in the world can be pushed, but never before has a bomb blown up in the old brownstone on West 35th Street, murdering someone right under Wolfe’s nose. When in October 1974 Pierre Ducos, one of Wolfe’s favorite waiters at Rusterman’s, Wolfe’s favorite restaurant, dies just down the hall from Archie’s Bedroom, Wolfe is understandably eager to find the perpetrator, but when that murder somehow becomes connected with tape recorders, Washington lawyers, and maybe even a conspiracy to obstruct justice, his fury becomes so intense that even Archie is puzzled. Not only is this a great chapter in the Nero Wolfe legend; A Family Affair is a splendid mystery novel that should capture many new fans and will delight and amaze the long standing admirers of Wolfe and Archie.

Over My Dead Body

When a Balkan beauty gets in trouble over some missing diamonds, whom else can she turn to but the world famous Nero Wolfe? Especially since she claims to be Wolfe’s long lost daughter! The stakes are suddenly raised when a student at this woman’s fencing school ends up dead after a pointed lesson. As Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie, thrust and parry into a tangle of documents, identities and international intrigue, another student body turns up, expertly skewered through the heart. Is Wolfe’s long lost daughter the black sheep of the family, a hot blooded mistress of murder?

Where There’s a Will

This mystery from one of America’s best loved writers features Nero Wolfe, the arrogant, orchid loving, gourmandizing sleuth, and his invaluable legman, Archie Goodwin, who narrates with his usual wry wit. When the esteemed and wealthy Mr. Noel Hawthorne dies at the age of 49, his sisters are furious that he left his mistress seven million dollars and nothing for each of them but a piece of fruit! When the investigator discovers that Hawthorne’s death was not an accident, Nero and Archie stumble into what appears to be a legacy of murder. Complete and unabridged, this is the ninth Nero Wolfe mystery in the audio series, and it features Michael Prichard’s gripping and humorous performance. 6 cassettes.

Black Orchids

A remarkably rare black orchid at a flower show lures Nero Wolfe from his comfortable brownstone. But before the detective and his sidekick, Archie Goodwin, can stop and smell the roses, a diabolically daring murder puts a blight on the proceedings. The murderer to be weeded out is definitely not a garden variety killer. Wolfe must also throw his considerable weight into another thorny case, this one involving a rich society widow bedeviled by poison pen letters and a poisonous plot as black as Wolfe’s orchids with roots even more twisted. ‘Like the orchids he so avidly cultivates, Nero Wolfe is one of mystery writing’s most prized ornamentals.’ B O T Editorial Review Board

Not Quite Dead Enough

involving national security, Nero Wolfe must set the traps that will catch the pair of wily killers responsible. Reissue. NYT.

The Silent Speaker

When a powerful government official turns up dead, the great Nero Wolfe takes notice. On the edge of financial ruin, the orchid loving detective grudgingly accepts the case. Soon another victim is found, a stenographer’s tape disappears, and the dead man speaks after a fashion. As the business world clamors for a solution, Wolfe patiently lays a trap.

Too Many Women

Now on CD: A classic Nero Wolfe mystery, complete and unabridged! Archie, Nero Wolfe’s assistant, goes undercover to investigate a murder at a Wall Street firm. He is assigned an insider role in the stock department where he discovers a pleasurable fringe benefit: hundreds of women work there and they all seem interested in cooperating. The chief suspect is found murdered under circumstances identical to the first, but everyone’s alibi is airtight. So Archie and Wolfe decide to set a trap which woman will fall into it? Presented unabridged on 6 CDs.

And Be a Villain / More Deaths Than One

Radio talk show host Madeline Fraser’s fear of dead air becomes literal when a guest keels over after drinking a glass of her sponsor s beverage. Enter Nero Wolfe and his assistant, Archie. Nero lends his considerable sleuthing skills to the case but soon discovers that everyone connected to the case is lying about it. What’s more, the portly private eye soon learns that the secret worth lying about only hides another worth killing for. Michael Prichard s dramatic reading brings this vintage 1948 whodunit to life.

Trouble in Triplicate

Nero Wolfe investigates the murders of Dazy Perrit, an underworld kingpin, Ben Jensen, a well connected publisher, and Eugene R. Poor, an inventor of novelties. Reissue.

The Second Confession

When a millionaire businessman hires Nero Wolfe to investigate his daughter’s boyfriend, hoping to find that he s a member of the Communist Party, Wolfe suspects it’s nothing more than an overprotective father. But after a powerful gangland boss ‘advises’ him to drop the matter and machine gun fire rips into his beloved orchids Wolfe realizes it s much more than a father s overactive imagination. And when the boyfriend turns up dead, leaving Archie Goodwin as the prime suspect, Wolfe realizes he must act fast to prevent another murder his own.

Even in the Best Families / In the Best Families

The aging millionairess has a problem: where is her young playboy husband getting all his money? To help find the answer, Archie infiltrates a party at her palatial estate. But her late night murder ruins the festive mood…
and a letter bomb from a powerful crime boss makes Nero Wolfe do the unthinkable run for his life. Suddenly Archie finds himselfs on his own, trying to find a killer without the help of his old mentor. For to all appearances, Wolfe has vanished. The career of the world’s most famous detective has ended in cowardice and disgrace…
or has it?

Three Doors to Death / Door to Death

Three cases bring perplexing challenges to Nero Wolfe, as a man unsuccessfully attempts suicide just before he is killed, a murder victim’s family hides the identity of the killer, and a horticulturist discovers his girlfriend’s body. Reissue.

Curtains for Three

Three clever murderers challenge Nero Wolfe in cases involving lovers who want to make sure neither is a killer, a stable full of suspects in the search for a killer on horseback, and a murderer stalking Wolfe’s brownstone. Reissue.

Murder by the Book

Nero Wolfe, the epicurean detective, and his wry and irreverent legman, Archie, team up again to discover why a law office clerk has been murdered for the unlikely offense of submitting a manuscript for publication. With a cryptic quotation from the Bible and a list of names in the dead clerk’s pocket as the only clues, Wolfe and Archie take the murderous manuscript to task. ‘Odd and intriguing…
. Wolfe and Archie are both in top form.’ The New York Times

Prisoner’s Base / Out She Goes

Nero and Archie Must Find Who Is Murdering Wealthy Young Women Before the Tally Grows!

All the young lady had to do was stay alive and she’d inherit $8 million. When the cops find her strangled, Archie Goodwin Nero Wolfe’s wisecracking assistant feels responsible for her death. He hires Wolfe to investigate. When two other women die the same way, both Archie and Wolfe know that it’s time to find the key to this mystery.

Presented unabridged on 6 CDs.

Triple Jeopardy

Nero Wolfe applies his detection skills to crack the case of a poisoned health nut, the death of a policeman in a barber shop, and a comic killer who makes a joke out of murder. Reissue. NYT.

The Golden Spiders

It’s murder looking for the woman with the golden spider earrings, but nothing will stop Nero Wolfe, because the young lad who innocently enlisted his help to find her has been killed. His dying wish is that all of his money $4. 30 be used to retain Wolfe to find the woman, whom he thought was in danger. But as the detective and his assistant, Archie Goodwin, get deeper into the case, two more murders reveal a blackmail racket and a host of other illicit activities. August publication date. 6 cassettes.

The Black Mountain

That sheer genius, Nero Wolfe, has no peer when it comes to detection or to eccentricity. Dedicated to his prize winning orchids and gourmet meals, he is famous for conducting business from his cozy study. But now the cold blooded killing of his closest friend enrages him into leaving not only his home, but his country as well. Together with his confidential assistant, Archie Goodwin, Wolfe begins the most dangerous adventure of his career in an exotic land where his life will depend on a false passport, a knapsack filled with chocolate bars, and a razor sharp knife.

Three Men Out

Nero Wolfe and sidekick Archie Goodwin attempt to solve three puzzling cases of murder: in one, a person’s questions lead to his death; another finds a man killed in a soundproof office; and in the last, a baseball rookie is removed from the lineup through murder. Reissue.

Before Midnight

In this ingenious whodunit, a perfume company offers a million dollars for correctly identifying certain women in history who used cosmetics. When the advertising genius behind the campaign is murdered and the answers stolen, Nero Wolfe is called in to find both. Archie Goodwin tries bravely to keep Wolfe away from the irritating women involved and focused on the case. But with puzzling phone calls and conflicting instructions from the ad company, it’s anybody’s guess when or even if Wolfe will find the killer.

Might as Well Be Dead

This mystery from one of America’s best loved writers features one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time Nero Wolfe. An orchid growing, gourmandizing, demanding genius, Wolfe solves this case with the able assistance of his legman, Archie Goodwin, who narrates with his usual wry humor. Eleven years after his own thoughtlessness drove his son away from home, a businessman hires Nero Wolfe to track down the young man so that he can make amends. But soon the cops come calling. They want to know why Archie and Wolfe are interested the son is on trial for murder.

Three Witnesses

In three cases a millionaire who writes his own death warrant, a dog who becomes a killer’s worst enemy, and an answering service which refuses to talk about a murder Three Witnesses hold the solution for detective Rex Stout. Reissue.

If Death Ever Slept

The legendary Nero Wolfe is hired by a despicable millionaire named Otis Jarrell who is trying to prove that his daughter in law is an information leaking, double crossing snake. In spite of Wolfe’s reluctance, his assistant Archie brashly agrees to perform as Jarrell s personal secretary under an assumed identity to gather information about the possible misdeeds of said daughter in law. Everything turns serious when one of the detectives’ associates is found shot dead and the evidence points to Jarrell s own missing revolver.

Three for the Chair

A vast fortune in uranium, international diplomacy and intrigue, and a female detective become the focus of a trio of mysteries featuring epicurean sleuth Nero Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie Goodwin. Reissue.

And Four to Go / Crime and Again

Nero Wolfe must track down a killer who murders his victims only during holidays and who, so far, has left Wolfe with four puzzling cases to unravel. Reissue. NYT.

Champagne for One

Everyone who knew Faith Usher knew she always carried a bottle of poison around with her, so when she dies after drinking champagne, everyone from the police to her friends to the father of her child assumes she killed herself. Nero Wolfe’s ace assistant Archie Goodwin is the only one who insists it was a murder. As the portly detective investigates, all the people he talks to seem to be trying to get him to stop investigating, which of course only makes Wolfe all the more stubborn. The devilish question he has to answer is, How do you solve a murder when everyone connected to the victim swears it’s a suicide?

Plot it Yourself / Murder in Style

The New York literary world is terrorized by a rash of dead ringer plagiarism and murder. Nero Wolfe takes a novel approach to solving the case when he analyzes writing style to narrow the search for a suspect. While Nero tracks down nuances, legman Archie Goodwin busies himself cool looking ladies of letters. Most amazingly, the gourmand and orchid loving genius Wolfe swears off meat and beer until he solves the case! Presented unabridged starring Michael Prichard; on 5 CDs.

Three at Wolfe’s Door

Three murder cases place arrogant, gormandizing sleuth Archie Goodwin at an exclusive dinner party where arsenic is served, in a wandering cab with a dead lady driver, and at a rodeo championship. Reissue.

Too Many Clients

A bidding war for his services interrupts Nero Wolfe’s attempts to solve the case of the businessman who died in his love nest a case in which the police seem oddly uninterested. Reissue.

The Final Deduction

When the seemingly safe return of an abducted millionaire ends in his murder in his own home, Nero Wolfe sends Archie Goodwin to do his usual legwork, while Wolfe uncovers corruption and greed among Manhattan’s elite. Reissue. NYT.

Homicide Trinity

Nero Wolfe attempts to find the killer who murdered his victim with Wolfe’s own necktie, and he encounters a list of bizarre suspects, including a gun toting wife and a cop hating landlady. Reissue. NYT.


Miss Sarah Blount, better known as Sally, has come to Wolfe to plead for his help with her father’s case. Matthew Blount is charged with poisoning a man to death at the Gambit Club, and all evidence points to his guilt. Sally knows that her father is innocent, but doesn t trust his lawyer, who seems too interested in her mother. Despite the lack of cooperation by Matthew Blount or the lawyer, Wolfe takes the case, trumping the police with a list of four suspects. But when one of those suspects turns up dead, Wolfe is forced to retrench, so unnerved that he forgoes a fabulous lunch and ignores his treasured orchids. Sally s increasing interest in Wolfe is only one of many trials he faces in this witty, cleverly plotted tale.

Rex Stout s literary creation, Nero Wolfe, is one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time. And, as always, Archie s assistance as the perennial wise guy and legman complements Wolfe’s devotion to orchids, gourmet meals, and his specially constructed brown leather chair. Together, Archie and Wolfe make an entertaining odd couple.

The Mother Hunt

This mystery from one of America’s best loved writers features one of the greatest fictional detectives of all time Nero Wolfe. Wolfe is an orchid growing, gourmandizing, demanding genius who solves most cases with the able assistance of his legman, Archie Goodwin. When a baby is abandoned on the doorstep of a young socialite widow, the woman thinks she knows the identity of the father: her deceased writer husband, the cad! But who is the mother? Reluctantly, Nero Wolfe accepts the case, and Archie identifies the first clue: unusual buttons on the baby’s overalls.

Trio for Blunt Instruments

If Nero Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie, would ever admit to an Achilles’ heel which they wouldn’t it would be a weakness for damsels in distress. In these three charming chillers the duo answer the call of helpless heroines with nothing to lose except their lives. First a beautiful young Aphrodite comes to Nero looking for a hero and the answer to the mystery of her father’s death…
. Then an old flame of Archie’s reignites with a plan that may corner him into a lifetime commitment behind bars…
. And finally a detective’s work is never done, as a hot tip leads the team into the sizzling center of a sexy scandal that could leave them cold dead cold.

A Right to Die

A client presents Wolfe with a difficult job: to find something unsavory about his son’s fiancee in order to stop their interracial marriage. The white girl’s record comes up clean but she comes up dead, with her black fiance accused. Nero and Archie set out to prove his innocence in this story of thwarted romance and murder.

The Doorbell Rang

Hired to help society widow Rachel Bruner foil bothersome Feds, Nero Wolfe and his able assistant Archie get in over their heads with highly trained G men who are adept at bugs, tails, and threats. Reissue. NYT.

Death of a Doxy

With a rich man footing the bills and a handsome lover on the side, Isabel Kerr was taken care of well. When someone takes care of her in a more final sense, her murder is pinned on a detective friend of Nero Wolfe’s. Agreeing to help clear his buddy’s name, Wolfe winds up entertaining a party of fools and lovers connected with the doxy’s death.

The Father Hunt

Twenty two year old Amy Denovo needs Nero Wolfe’s help. She is determined to learn the identity of her father, a secret her mother scrupulously guarded and took to her grave when struck by a hit and run driver. Now Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie, have just one clue to go on: a note from Amy’s mother and a box with over $250,000. Seems every month since Amy’s birth, her mother received $1,000 from an unknown source and saved it for Amy’s future. It’s easily enough for Amy to afford Wolfe’s services, and he grudgingly agrees. But as the weeks go by, Wolfe realizes this may be one of his most challenging cases ever. Someone doesn’t want Amy’s pedigree discovered, and that someone appears to wield great power. It isn’t long before Wolfe and Archie come to believe that Amy’s mother was murdered and that Amy could be next. Michael Prichard gives another of his masterful readings to this cleverly plotted tale.

Death of a Dude

Sedentary sleuth Nero Wolfe and his sidekick, Archie Goodwin, leave West Thirty fifth Street for a Montana dude ranch to clear an innocent man of a murder charge. Reissue.

Please Pass The Guilt

A bomb explodes in the desk drawer of a top TV executive. But was the death trap intended for him or for the man who opened the drawer? Each man had a host of enemies, so was it the ambitious business partner, the jealous wife, the office secretary, or the man with blood on his hands? Nero Wolfe finds himself up to his corpulent neck as he and Archie Goodwin sort their way through secrets, over the top ambition, and a long list of suspects to find the truth and the guilty party.

A Family Affair

Published only a month before Rex Stout’s death, this case is regarded as one of the author’s truest. When Nero Wolfe’s favorite waiter is murdered in an explosion just feet from him, the detective takes it as a personal affront and waives his trademark fee. As Wolfe and his sidekick Archie track down the culprit, a second murder is committed and Wolfe realizes that this case is A Family Affair.

Death Times Three

Murder strikes thrice in these three baffling mysteries of crime and detection. First, Stout’s great detective, Nero Wolfe, develops an appetite for the sweet taste of revenge when someone slips something most foul into his lunch. Then, a couturier’s beautiful sister uses Archie Goodwin, Wolfe’s man about town, as her ready made alibi and maybe fall guy unless Wolfe can spot the loose ends in a nearly seamless crime. Finally, Wolfe has a run in with the law after a mysterious old woman leaves a package at the detective’s West Thirty fifth Street brownstone that pits him against a cunning criminal and the U.S. government. ‘Nero Wolfe…
part of our folklore.’ New York Times

Double for Death

Tecumseh Fox thinks that he is seeing double when financier Ridley Thorpe is shot twice, two gorgeous suspects appear, two very good motives are revealed, and two murder weapons surface. Reissue.

Bad for Business

When the elderly head of the Tingley Titbits catering service meets a sudden end, a beautiful young detective becomes the main suspect, until Tecumseh Fox arrives on the scene to sort out the ingredients in the case. Reissue.

The Broken Vase

Investigating a murder at Carnegie Hall, Tecumseh Fox tries to understand how the killing is linked to a stolen Ming vase, an accompanyist who plays the wrong notes, and a jealous sister. Reissue.

Her Forbidden Knight

The loyal legions of Nero Wolfe fans as well as the fans of his many erudite sidekicks and companions will find continued enthusiasm for this exciting title in the long running detective series. It also features a bonus story, ‘Out of the Line,’ never before published. New York’s swanky Lamartine Hotel is the setting for this spunky tale of an attractive telegrapher and the precarious situation she finds herself placed at the center of by overeager suitors possibly corruptors. Luckily, the innocent Lila Williams, coveted by a member of an unlikely group of ‘knights’ finds herself swept off her feet and into protection and rescue, or is that destruction?

Under the Andes

This is the Audiobook CASSETTE Library Edition in vinyl case. ”Under the Andes” is an intriguing precursor to Rex Stout’s scores of marvelous Nero Wolfe mysteries. Desiree Le Mire ran into the cave, anxious to explore, tempted by the legends of Inca gold. Harry Lamar and his brother Paul had no choice but to follow. After all, they could not let the beautiful dancer enter the black depths alone. Others lived there, however, protecting the gold of their ancestors, others now misshapen after generations of living underground. That was why no one who entered the cave ever emerged into daylight. But no one who had entered was as beautiful as Desiree or as determined as the Lamars.

A Prize for Princes

Aline’s philosophy was simple: if a man could help her, advance her position in some way, then she allowed him the pleasure of calling on her. She was careful never to step beyond the bounds of what was thought decent but hinting that if she got her way in certain matters, then he would get his, although of course he never did.

However, Aline’s ambitions went beyond that of money and social advancement what she really craved was power and influence. She had set her sights on the highest prize of all in the small Balkan country of Marisi and no one was going to stand in her way. If they could not be charmed then Aline had no qualms in dispensing with them in a less pleasant fashion.

But this time she had gone too far, and someone a person unaffected by her beauty, was going to stop her, whatever the cost.

The Great Legend

The setting is Troy, it’s the ninth year of the siege. The Trojan warrior Idaeus, a self professed agnostic and sceptic, falls victim to his emotions. His affairs of the heart with Helen of Troy and Hecamed leave him at a decided disadvantage, for the women Idaeus pursues reason to manipulate him. The deftly drawn classical characters in this engaging tale play out a battle not only between ancient Troy and Greece, but also between reason and passion, between reason and emotion.

The Hand in the Glove / Crime on Her Hands

Wealthy industrialist P. L. Storrs has never approved of lady detectives, and he normally would not have made an exception of Theodolina ‘Dol’ Bonner. But faced with a very delicate problem and surprisingly impressed, he hires her instantly. It seems that Storrs bird witted wife has fallen under the spell of a smooth talking religious charlatan, and now Storrs wants Dol to get the goods on him. But when the gorgeous gumshoe arrives at Storrs picturesque country estate, Birchhaven, to meet the scoundrel, she finds more than she bargained for namely, the corpse of her client and a garden party teeming with suspects! This witty whodunit, brought dramatically to life by noted reader Judith West, was first published in 1937.

Red Threads

Investigating the bludgeoning murder of Val Carew, killed near the tomb of his late wife, also dead under suspicious circumstances, Inspector Cramer finds a single clue in a red thread found in the victim’s hand. Reissue.

Target Practice

Target Practice‘ brings together for the first time the complete short fiction that Rex Stout wrote for the popular ‘All Story Magazine’, the famous journal which published the cream of his early writings. Including ‘Secrets’, the first crime fiction Stout wrote, and ‘Justice Ends at Home’, with a detective team foreshadowing Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin, these 17 stories stand among the master’s best.

An Officer and a Lady and Other Stories

The sexes battle, the head feuds with emotions it cannot control, and crime extorts and strikes and kills but does not pay in this collection of stories by Rex Stout at the outset of his celebrated career in mystery and suspense. Again and again in these tales taken from the pages of the pulps that first published him, Stout proves himself a master of the sudden reversal and unexpected revelation as he probes the thwarted heart and criminal mind.

The Nero Wolfe Cookbook

Nero Wolfe Receipes, with lots of pictures of New York in the 1930’s through 1950’s

The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories

Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Murders in the Rue Morgue’ launched the detective story in 1841. The genre began as a highbrow form of entertainment, a puzzle to be solved by a rational sifting of clues. In Britain, the stories became decidedly upper crust: the crime often committed in a world of manor homes and formal gardens, the blood on the Persian carpet usually blue. But from the beginning, American writers worked important changes on Poe’s basic formula, especially in use of language and locale. In The Oxford Book of American Detective Stories, Tony Hillerman and Rosemary Herbert bring together thirty three tales that illuminate both the evolution of crime fiction in the United States and America’s unique contribution to this highly popular genre. From elegant ‘locked room’ mysteries, to the hard boiled realism of the ’30s and ’40s, to the great range of styles seen today, this superb collection includes the finest crime writers, including Erle Stanley Gardner, Raymond Chandler, Ross Macdonald, Rex Stout, Ellery Queen, Ed McBain, Sue Grafton, and Hillerman, a best selling crime writer himself. And we sample a wide variety of styles, from tales with a strongly regional flavor, to hard edged pulp fiction, to stories with a feminist perspective. Throughout, the editors provide highly knowledgeable introductions to each piece, written from the perspective of fellow writers and reflecting a life long interest not to say love of this quintessentially American genre. Hillerman and Herbert bring us a gold mine of glorious stories that can be read for sheer pleasure, but that also illuminate how the crime story evolved from the drawing room to the back alley, and how it came to explore every corner of our nation and every facet of our lives.

A Century of Great Suspense Stories

New York Times bestselling author Jeffery Deaver’s enviable task? Choose the best mystery/horror detective stories from a century of work by the world’s most celebrated writers. The result is a triumph, featuring masterpieces of suspense by: Robert Bernard Robert Bloch Lawrence Block Anthony Boucher Frederic Brown James M. Cain Max Allan Collins Jeffery Deaver Stanley Ellin Harlan Ellison Erle Stanley Gardner Ed Gorman Anna Katharine Green Jeremiah Healy Patricia Highsmith Reginald Hill Tony Hillerman Evan Hunter Stephen King John Lutz John D. MacDonald Ross MacDonald Michael Malone Steve Martini Sharyn McCrumb Margaret Millar Marcia Muller Sara Paretsky Bill Pronzini Ellery Queen Ruth Rendell Lisa Scottoline Georges Simenon Mickey Spillane Rex Stout Janwillem van de Wetering Donald E. Westlake

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