Rebecca Winters Books In Order

Baldasseri Royals Books In Publication Order

  1. Reclaiming the Prince’s Heart (2021)
  2. Falling for the Baldasseri Prince (2022)

The Big Event Books In Publication Order

  1. Baby Included! (By:Mary Lyons) (1998)
  2. Baby in a Million (1998)
  3. Birthday Bride (By:Jessica Hart) (1998)
  4. Birthday Bride (By:Jessica Hart) (1998)

The Billionaire’s Club Books In Publication Order

  1. Return of Her Italian Duke (2017)
  2. Bound to Her Greek Billionaire (2017)
  3. Whisked Away by Her Sicilian Boss (2017)

The Brides of Bella Lucia Books In Publication Order

  1. Having The Frenchman’s Baby (2006)
  2. The Rebel Prince (By:Raye Morgan) (2006)
  3. The Rebel Prince (By:Raye Morgan) (2006)
  4. Crazy About the Boss (By:Teresa Southwick) (2006)
  5. Secrets Revealed (By:Linda Goodnight) (2010)

The Brides of Bella Rosa Books In Publication Order

  1. Beauty and the Reclusive Prince (By:Raye Morgan) (2010)
  2. Miracle for the Girl Next Door (2010)
  3. Passionate Chef, Ice Queen Boss (By:Jennie Adams) (2010)
  4. Executive (By:Barbara Hannay) (2010)
  5. The Bridesmaid’s Secret (By:Fiona Harper) (2010)

By The Year 2000 Books In Publication Order

  1. If He Could See Me Now (1999)
  2. My Babies and Me (By:Tara Taylor Quinn) (1999)
  3. The Wrong Bride (By:Judith Arnold) (1999)

The Codys: The First Family of Rodeo Books In Publication Order

  1. Dexter (By:Marin Thomas) (2010)
  2. Dusty (By:Cathy McDavid) (2010)
  3. Walker (2010)
  4. Jesse: Merry Christmas, Cowboy (By:Lynnette Kent) (2010)

Daddy Dude Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. The Wyoming Cowboy (2013)
  2. Home to Wyoming (2013)
  3. Her Wyoming Hero (2013)

Escape to Provence Books In Publication Order

  1. Falling for Her French Tycoon (2020)
  2. Falling for His Unlikely Cinderella (2020)

Fatherhood Books In Publication Order

  1. The Cowboy and the Bride (By:Marin Thomas) (2004)
  2. Daddy By Choice (By:Marin Thomas) (2005)
  3. The Mommy Wish (By:) (2005)
  4. Temporary Dad (By:Laura Marie Altom) (2005)
  5. Sugartown (By:Leandra Logan) (2006)
  6. Daddy Daycare (By:Laura Marie Altom) (2006)
  7. The Doctor’s Little Secret (By:Jacqueline Diamond) (2007)
  8. Dancing With Dalton (By:Laura Marie Altom) (2007)
  9. Daddy Protector (By:Jacqueline Diamond) (2007)
  10. The Family Plan (By:Cathy McDavid) (2008)
  11. Good Husband Material (By:Kara Lennox) (2008)
  12. An Unlikely Mommy (By:) (2008)
  13. Taking on Twins (By:Cathy McDavid) (2010)
  14. The Accidental Sheriff (By:Cathy McDavid) (2010)
  15. Single Dad Sheriff (By:Lisa Childs) (2010)
  16. The Accidental Sheriff (By:Cathy McDavid) (2010)
  17. Santa in a Stetson (2010)
  18. His Valentine Surprise (By:) (2011)
  19. Breakfast with Santa (By:) (2013)

The Gingerbread Girls Books In Publication Order

  1. Snowflakes and Silver Linings (By:Cara Colter) (2013)
  2. Marry Me Under the Mistletoe (2013)
  3. The Christmas Baby Surprise (By:Shirley Jump) (2013)

Greek Billionaires Books In Publication Order

  1. The Millionaire’s True Worth (2015)
  2. A Wedding for the Greek Tycoon (2015)

Hawkins Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Another Man’s Wife (2003)
  2. Home to Copper Mountain (2003)

To Have and To Hold Books In Publication Order

  1. Stand-In Bride (By:Lucy Gordon) (2001)
  2. Husband for a Year (2001)
  3. The Wedding Deal (By:Janelle Denison) (2001)
  4. The Wedding Deal (By:Janelle Denison) (2001)
  5. Part – Time Marriage (By:Jessica Steele) (2001)
  6. The Prodigal Wife (By:Susan Fox) (2002)
  7. Contract Bride (By:Susan Fox) (2003)
  8. Maybe Married (By:Leigh Michaels) (2003)
  9. Marriage Reunited (By:Jessica Hart) (2006)

Hitting Rocks Cowboys Books In Publication Order

  1. In a Cowboy’s Arms (2014)
  2. A Cowboy’s Heart (2014)
  3. The New Cowboy (2015)
  4. A Montana Cowboy (2015)

Holiday with a Billionaire Books In Publication Order

  1. Captivated by the Brooding Billionaire (2018)
  2. Falling for the Venetian Billionaire (2018)
  3. Wedding the Greek Billionaire (2018)

The Husband Fund Books In Publication Order

  1. To Catch a Groom (2004)
  2. To Win His Heart (2004)
  3. To Marry For Duty (2004)

Lone Star Lawmen Books In Publication Order

  1. The Texas Ranger’s Bride (2015)
  2. The Texas Ranger’s Nanny (2016)
  3. The Texas Ranger’s Family (2016)
  4. Her Texas Ranger Hero (2016)

Maitland Maternity Books In Publication Order

  1. The Toddler’s Tale (2000)
  2. Guarding Camille (By:Judy Christenberry) (2000)
  3. A Dad at Last (By:Marie Ferrarella) (2000)
  4. Dad by Choice (By:Marie Ferrarella) (2000)
  5. Cassidy’s Kids (By:Tara Taylor Quinn) (2000)
  6. Just for Christmas (By:Stella Bagwell) (2000)
  7. For the Sake of a Child (By:Stella Bagwell) (2000)
  8. Prescription (By:Jule McBride) (2000)
  9. Billion Dollar Bride (By:Muriel Jensen) (2001)
  10. Her Best Friend’s Baby (By:Vicki Lewis Thompson) (2001)
  11. The Inheritance (By:Marie Ferrarella) (2001)
  12. The McCallum Quintuplets (By:Kasey Michaels) (2002)
  13. The Inheritance / A Very Special Delivery (By:Myrna Mackenzie) (2005)

Mediterranean Dads Books In Publication Order

  1. The Italian Tycoon and the Nanny (2008)
  2. The Italian Playboy’s Secret Son (2008)
  3. Doorstep Twins (2010)
  4. Accidentally Pregnant! (2010)

Men of the Land Books In Publication Order

  1. The Badlands Bride (1996)

The Montanari Marriages Books In Publication Order

  1. The Billionaire’s Baby Swap (2016)
  2. The Billionaire Who Saw Her Beauty (2016)
  3. The Billionaire’s Prize (2017)

Nevada Men Books In Publication Order

  1. The Rancher and the Redhead (1993)
  2. The Mermaid Wife (1994)
  3. Bride of My Heart (1994)

Nine Months Later Books In Publication Order

  1. The Wrong Twin (1995)
  2. Laura’s Baby (1997)
  3. Deborah’s Son (1998)
  4. The Family Way (1999)

Once Upon a Kiss Books In Publication Order

  1. The Prince, The Lady & The Tower (By:Muriel Jensen) (1997)
  2. In Papa Bear’S Bed (By:Judy Christenberry) (1997)
  3. Beauty and the Brooding Boss (By:Barbara Wallace) (2011)
  4. Beauty and the Brooding Boss (By:Barbara Wallace) (2011)
  5. Her Desert Prince (2011)
  6. Not-So-Perfect Princess (By:Melissa McClone) (2011)
  7. The Princess Test (By:Shirley Jump) (2011)
  8. The Ballerina Bride (By:Fiona Harper) (2012)

Princes of Europe Books In Publication Order

  1. Expecting the Prince’s Baby (2014)
  2. Becoming the Prince’s Wife (2014)

The Princess Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. The Princess’s New Year Wedding (2019)
  2. The Prince’s Forbidden Bride (2019)
  3. How to Propose to a Princess (2019)

Sapphire Mountain Cowboys Books In Publication Order

  1. A Valentine for the Cowboy (2017)
  2. Made for the Rancher (2017)
  3. Cowboy Doctor (2017)
  4. Roping Her Christmas Cowboy (2017)

Sealed with a Kiss Books In Publication Order

  1. Dearest Love (By:Betty Neels) (1994)
  2. Angels Do Have Wings (By:Helen Brooks) (1994)
  3. Invitation to Love (By:Leigh Michaels) (1994)
  4. Wanted: Wife and Mother (By:Barbara McMahon) (1995)
  5. Legally Binding (By:Jessica Hart) (1995)
  6. P.S. I Love You (By:Valerie Parv) (1995)
  7. The Best for Last (By:Stephanie Howard) (1995)
  8. Return to Sender (1995)
  9. Undercover Lover (By:Heather Allison) (1995)

Secrets of a Billionaire Books In Publication Order

  1. The Greek’s Secret Heir (2021)
  2. Unmasking the Secret Prince (2021)

Strangers Books In Publication Order

  1. Strangers When We Meet (1997)

Taylor Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Until There Was You (1998)

Tiny Miracles Books In Publication Order

  1. Baby Out of the Blue (2013)
  2. Along Came Twins… (2013)
  3. The Greek’s Tiny Miracle (2013)

Twin Brides Books In Publication Order

  1. Bride Fit For A Prince (2002)
  2. Rush To The Altar (2003)

Twins Books In Publication Order

  1. Baby, Baby (By:Roz Denny Fox) (2000)
  2. The Unknown Sister (2000)
  3. Straight from the Heart (By:Linda Warren) (2001)
  4. The Wrong Woman (By:Linda Warren) (2003)
  5. For The Children (By:Tara Taylor Quinn) (2003)
  6. The Right Woman (By:Linda Warren) (2004)
  7. Be My Babies (By:Kathryn Shay) (2008)
  8. Twice the Chance (By:Darlene Gardner) (2011)

Undercover Heroes Books In Publication Order

  1. The SEAL’s Promise (2012)
  2. The Marshal’s Prize (2012)
  3. The Texas Ranger’s Reward (2012)

Undercovers Books In Publication Order

  1. Undercover Baby (1999)
  2. Undercover Bachelor (1999)
  3. Undercover Fiancee (1999)

Vineyards of Calanetti Books In Publication Order

  1. Return of the Italian Tycoon (By:Jennifer Faye) (2015)
  2. Reunited by a Baby Secret (By:Michelle Douglas) (2015)
  3. The Best Man & The Wedding Planner (By:Teresa Carpenter) (2015)
  4. His Princess of Convenience (2016)
  5. Saved by the CEO (By:Barbara Wallace) (2016)
  6. Saved By the CEO (By:Barbara Wallace) (2016)

Wind River Cowboys Books In Publication Order

  1. The Right Cowboy (2018)
  2. Stranded with the Rancher (2018)
  3. Home on the Ranch: Wyoming Sheriff (2019)
  4. Home on the Ranch: Wyoming Cowboy Ranger (2019)

Wyoming Country Legacy Books In Publication Order

  1. Her Unexpected Cowboy Match (By:Christyne Butler,Christine Wenger) (2020)
  2. A Sheriff’s Honor (By:Allison Leigh,Rachel Lee) (2020)
  3. The Rancher’s Secrets (By:Allison Leigh,Lynnette Kent) (2020)
  4. A Cowboy’s Redemption (With: Cathy McDavid) (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Loving Season (As: Rebecca Burton) (1979)
  2. To Love Again (As: Rebecca Burton) (1987)
  3. Fully Involved (1990)
  4. The Story Princess (1990)
  5. Rites of Love (1991)
  6. Blackie’s Woman (1991)
  7. Rescued Heart (1991)
  8. The Marriage Bracelet (1992)
  9. Both of Them (1992)
  10. Meant for Each Other (1992)
  11. For Better, For Worse (1993)
  12. Hero On The Loose (1993)
  13. A Man for All Time (1995)
  14. Not Without My Child (1996)
  15. Second-Best Wife (1996)
  16. Husband Potential (1999)
  17. The Billionaire and the Baby (2000)
  18. His Very Own Baby (2000)
  19. Brides and Grooms (2000)
  20. The Baby Discovery (2000)
  21. The Bridegroom’s Vow (2001)
  22. The Baby Dilemma (2002)
  23. A Prince for Christmas (2003)
  24. The Frenchman’s Bride (2004)
  25. Their New-Found Family (2005)
  26. Somebody’s Daughter (2005)
  27. The Daughter’s Return (2005)
  28. Father by Choice (2006)
  29. Meant-To-Be Marriage (2006)
  30. The Duke’s Baby (2007)
  31. The Vow (2008)
  32. Italian Groom, Princess Bride (2009)
  33. The Brooding Frenchman’s Proposal (2009)
  34. The Ranger’s Secret (2009)
  35. Her Italian Soldier (2011)
  36. Snowbound with Her Hero (2011)
  37. Lovers in Enemy Territory (2012)
  38. Scent of Betrayal (2012)
  39. The Count’s Christmas Baby (2012)
  40. A Marriage Made in Italy (2013)
  41. At the Chateau for Christmas (2014)
  42. Taming the French Tycoon (2014)
  43. The Renegade Billionaire (2015)
  44. The Magnate’s Holiday Proposal (2017)

Baby Boom Books In Publication Order

  1. Reform of the Rake (By:Catherine George) (1994)
  2. For Baby’s Sake (By:) (1996)
  3. Three Little Miracles (1996)
  4. First-Time Father (By:) (1996)
  5. His Brother’s Child (By:Lucy Gordon) (1997)
  6. McAllister’s Baby (By:) (1997)
  7. Found: One Father (By:Shannon Waverly) (1997)
  8. Baby in the Boardroom (By:) (1997)
  9. Santa’s Special Delivery (By:) (1997)
  10. A Wedding for Baby (By:Laura Marie Altom) (2009)
  11. The Baby Battle (By:Laura Marie Altom) (2010)
  12. The Baby Twins (By:Laura Marie Altom) (2010)
  13. Mail-Order Mother (By:) (2012)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Christmas Miracles (1996)
  2. Mothers of the Year (2000)

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Rebecca Winters Books Overview

Miracle for the Girl Next Door

Thrillseeker Valentino Casali has finally come home to Monta Correnti to face his past…
and his future?

Valentino is sure his childhood friend Clara Rossetti can help him forget his troubles. But she’s not the same carefree girl he knew. Valentino is determined to bring back her sunny smile and give her a summer to remember!

Clara’s knight in shining armor has arrived on a motorbike! She wants to forget her life-threatening illness, and if anyone can make miracles happen it’s Valentino!

Passionate Chef, Ice Queen Boss (By:Jennie Adams)

Scarlett’s back in Italy to turn her family’s troubled Rosa restaurant around and now she’s the boss of the man she loved and lost!The moment head chef Lorenzo Nesta hears the familiar clack of stiletto on stone floor, a shiver of anticipation runs up his spine. Seeing Scarlett’s Italian passion stifled inside a staid suit fills him with regret; it had been his actions years ago that had turned her soul to ice. What will happen when ice meets fire in the kitchen?

Executive (By:Barbara Hannay)

She’s single, successful…
and expecting double trouble!

Single and forty, Lizzie made the brave decision to have a baby–alone. A high-profile politician, she’s come to the Outback away from the prying media and the Bella Rosa family feuding.

Jack Lewis is the cattle station manager. A prim, pampered city girl in a designer suit is the last thing he needs.

Jack’s hotter than the Outback sun and Lizzie can’t help noticing! But he’s so not her type, and surely he isn’t ready for dad duty?

The Bridesmaid’s Secret (By:Fiona Harper)

The moment chic magazine editor Jackie arrives for her sister’s Italian wedding and sees her old boyfriend Romano, her groomed facade slips…

Romano Puccini’s spectacular palazzo is an idyllically romantic setting! But before Jackie Patterson can join in the frenzy of last-minute wedding preparations and don her exquisite bridesmaid dress, she must brave Romano’s heart-stopping effect on her.

And unburden the seventeen-year-old secret from that fateful, sultry Italian summer…

Dexter (By:Marin Thomas)

Josie Charles was back in town, and Dexter Cody desired her as much as ever. She was his twin brother’s girl, but it was hard to act honorable when all he wanted was to stake his claim on the woman and her boy. Sooner or later, his brother was going to step up and do the right thing. And when that time came, would Dexter be able to step aside and lose Josie all over again?No way was Josie losing her heart to the sexy as all getout rancher. The last thing the single mother needed was another Cody messing with her life. But her high school pal had sure grown into one fine looking cowboy. Caring. Hardworking. Responsible. Exactly the kind of man she’d want to be a father to her son. Which one is the right brother? Looks as if there’s going to be a showdown…

Jesse: Merry Christmas, Cowboy (By:Lynnette Kent)

First born son Jesse Cody is proud of his place in the close knit Cody family. But everything he’s worked for is on the line when he falls for Janie Hansen. The alluring former tomboy is the sister of his rival for World Champion Bull Rider a man who also happens to be the older brother he never knew he had. Janie has loved Jesse all her life. And one romantic week in December at the National Finals Rodeo tells her he returns the feeling and then some! She couldn’t ask for a better Christmas present than being the sexy cowboy’s wife. But the long buried secret threatening to divide the Codys forever could also tear apart their newfound romance. When the dust settles, can Jesse step up and prove he’s worthy of the Cody name and Janie’s love not just for the holidays, but forever?

Daddy By Choice (By:Marin Thomas)

Her horseboarding business may have gone belly up, but Amy Olsen isn’t a quitter. Even when handsome exrodeo rider Matt Cartwright shows up with three mares in tow, claiming he’s owed a lot of money. Then he makes her an offer she can t refuse…

Matt came to Amy’s Idaho farm to collect on a debt and be on his way. But his horsebreeding plans are taking a backseat to helping out the widow and her two young daughters. Matt’s never been able to resist a woman in distress, especially one who’s suddenly making him yearn for hearth and home.

All he came with was a promise and a dream. And when he starts falling for the trio of spirited females, darn if this roving cowboy doesn’t plan to make good on both!

The Doctor’s Little Secret (By:Jacqueline Diamond)

Russ McKenzie knows they are so wrong for each other the first time he runs afoul of Rachel Byers and stares down the barrel of her gun. But when the town’s new doctor needs a temporary fianc e to gain custody of the daughter he’s kept secret for the past five years, he’s sure the shapely policewoman’s chutzpah will compensate for what she lacks in feminine wiles. As they become enmeshed in the dicey charade, however, he starts to fall for Rachel and her refreshingly frank ways. Pretty soon he’s wishing he had his own set of handcuffs, to guarantee that she stays where she belongs with his little girl, and of course with him!

Dancing With Dalton (By:Laura Marie Altom)

‘Next on the agenda,’ Alice Craigmoore said in her raspy, Southern drawl, ‘is this year’s Miss Hot Pepper pageant. Mona, as our reigning pageant chair, do you have a report?’

Dalton Montgomery took this as his cue to commence with a nap.

The private back room of Duffy’s Barbecue was famous for not only its fishing themed decor, but also its oak and leather chairs roomy enough to allow a guy to enjoy a man size meal without feeling sliced in half. In other words, it was easy to tune out of the bimonthly meeting’s most mind numbing portions.

The Family Plan (By:Cathy McDavid)

Is Love Enough To Keep Them Together?
When a fall from a horse ends her show riding career, Jolyn Sutherland comes home to Blue Ridge, Arizona, to heal and rebuild her life. But the onetime star performer has jumped from the frying pan into the fire…
smack in the middle of a brewing domestic storm that could sabotage her blossoming relationship with Chase Raintree, her first love.

Jolyn’s homecoming is a complication the vet and devoted single father doesn’t need. Especially with her family questioning whether Chase is the biological father of his eight year old daughter. Mandy is everything to Chase, and Jolyn could help him complete his little family. But now that family is in danger of being split apart. Chase won’t let anyone take his child away from him, even if it means losing his second chance with Jolyn…

Good Husband Material (By:Kara Lennox)

It starts when Natalie Briggs runs into her ex husband, Josh, at their high school reunion. A romantic dance leads to a kiss…
and a kiss to a blissful night of lovemaking. Then Natalie gets the shocking news. She’s finally going to have Josh’s child twenty five years better late than never! Her adopted daughter is excited about becoming a big sister. Josh’s teenage sons don’t know what to think. And her former mother in law is full of maternal advice…
before Natalie even gives birth! Starting a family was what Josh and Natalie always wanted. But when Natalie couldn’t conceive, their marriage unraveled. Now they’ve been given a miraculous second chance. Life has just gotten more complicated will the second time around be sweeter?

An Unlikely Mommy (By:)

Is Instant Motherhood In Her Future?
As Joyous, Tennessee’s only female mechanic, Ronnie Carter is more used to fixing carburetors than dressing for a date. So when Jason McDeere asks her out, she’s thrown into a panic! Not only is the handsome high school teacher Ronnie’s secret crush, he’s the single father of an adorable toddler…
who wants a mommy.

A tomboy in overalls isn’t the role model Jason had in mind for his young daughter. But the better he gets to know her, the more he’s convinced that Ronnie’s exactly what he’s looking for. He has no doubt she’d make the ideal mother for Emily. But is he the perfect family man…
for her?

Santa in a Stetson

Colton Brenner is perfectly content being a single dad to his teenage twins. And even if the Montana rancher were looking for that special someone, it wouldn’t be Kathryn McFarland. The fiercely devoted advocate is so busy fixing everyone else’s life, she can’t settle down.

Reuniting families is what Kathryn does. The poster child for missing children was once lost herself-until she found her loved ones. But Colt and his son and daughter are a family she doesn’t ever want to leave. Even when she finds out the terrible secret that prevents Colt from marrying….

Maybe it’s the way the sexy cowboy wears that Stetson. Or how incredible he is with his kids. All Kathryn knows is she’s ready to be Colt’s woman-if he’s ready to let go of the past and be her man.

His Valentine Surprise (By:)

When six-year-old Vicki Hathaway emails a request for a new mommy to the entire PTA mailing list, there’s no end of trouble for interim principal Shay Morgan. Then bigger trouble walks into her office in the form of Mark Hathaway. Instant attraction.

Mark hasn’t been called to the principal’s office since he was a kid. And he’s never seen a principal who looked like Shay! For Shay, mixing business and pleasure is a big no-no while she’s being evaluated for a permanent position. And it’s quite possible Mark will relocate to Colorado for his job in a few months.

It wouldn’t be fair for Mark to introduce a temporary mommy figure into Vicki’s life. But how can Mark and Shay deny the feelings growing between them? Could it be a little girl is about to get her valentine wish after all?

Husband for a Year

Stefanie had been the ideal temporary wife to powerful Gabe Wainwright. Only, now that their one year contract was up, he found himself strangely reluctant to stop being her husband…
. Stefanie knew Gabe was a man of his word, and he’d stuck to the in name only deal to the letter. But how she wished he hadn’t! Still, maybe it wasn’t too late to negotiate a new wedding contract this time, forever!

To Catch a Groom

Greer and her sisters have inherited some money with a condition attached: they must use it to find husbands! They’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous so they spent it on a holiday to the Italian Riviera instead. The last thing Greer is expecting is To Catch a Groom but then she meets gorgeous Italian aristocrat Max di Varano…
Wonderfully unique every time, Rebecca Winters’ powerful stories will enthrall your senses and leave you on a romantic high.

To Win His Heart

Beautiful blonde heiress Olivia Duchess has made it clear that she’s attracted to Luc de Falcon. He’s attracted to her. Only he knows that his brother is infatuated with her. He could do the honorable thing and bow out. But if she has no interest in his brother, then Luc would be a fool to walk out on the love of a lifetime…
and the stunning heiress is determined To Win His Heart

To Marry For Duty

Piper Duchess feels as though she’s been left on the shelf her two sisters are happily married to gorgeous men. Piper, left in New York, feels her life is all work and absolutely no play! So she decides if you can’t beat them…
join them! So that’s Piper’s plan. She knows the man she wants to marry: honorable aristocrat Nic de Pastrana. And now it seems Nic needs her help. His family’s future depends on it…

The Toddler’s Tale

Max Jamison had been a good cop, and now he was a good P.I. Still, it shook him to be faced with what seemed to be a replay of his past a baby depending on him for rescue! And his only ally was ‘The Black Widow’, Chelsea Markum. Chelsea Markum, relentless reporter for the Tattle Today TV, knew a hot story when she saw one and a trapped toddler was it! Yet here she was with no camcorder, thanks to Max Jamison, and the strangest urge to help!In her wildest dreams, Chelsea wouldn’t have seen herself singing at the scene of a disaster, but if that’s what it took to comfort the child…
Neither would she ever have imagined teaming up with Max Jamison, or their falling in love…
. But she was beginning to believe the old saying that ‘truth is stranger than fiction’.

Guarding Camille (By:Judy Christenberry)

When pregnant Camille Eckart discovered her husband Vincent’s secret criminal life, she promptly divorced him. Now Vincent has tracked down Camille and her new baby boy. So what’s Secret Agent Jake Maitland to do but provide round the clock supervision?

A Dad at Last (By:Marie Ferrarella)

Loner Connor O’Hara had a family now. At least, he had a son. And a whole mess of Maitland relatives that he hadn’t even known were his close kin. And then there was sweet Lacy Clark, the mother of his child. Frankly, it was a lot for a guy to take in. But something in Connor’s heart told him he finally belonged.

The Italian Tycoon and the Nanny

A new daddy to his orphaned nephew, Massimo needs help. Bringing the baby’s beautiful aunt Julie Marchant to Italy as a nanny seems the perfect solution. Plucked from her quiet, suburban existence, Julie is a fish out of water in Massimo’s glamorous, wealthy world. But she’s thrilled to be part of her nephew’s life, even if it means being the hired help! More of a challenge is spending every day with Massimo, trying desperately to ignore her attraction to this brooding tycoon…

The Italian Playboy’s Secret Son

Cesar Villon de Falcon: the world’s finest racing car driver and Monaco’s most notorious playboy. But a terrifying crash has left him fighting for his life.

Sarah Priestley: the enchanting woman at his bedside, who has a secret she hopes will help revive him Cesar has a son!

The little boy who has his daddy’s eyes gives Cesar a new lease on life. But it is his convenient marriage to Sarah that has the potential to make this courageous man whole again…

Deborah’s Son

9 MONTHS LATERShe’s pregnant and she has to tell himDeborah Solomon is deeply in love with Ted Taylor, and he gave her every reason to believe he loved her, too. But he broke off their engagement for reasons she doesn’t understand, reasons he won’t explain. Now, hard as it is on her pride and her heart, she has to see him again. She has to tell him she’s pregnant with his son. And then what?

Beauty and the Brooding Boss (By:Barbara Wallace)

Working for reclusive author Alex Markoff sounded like Kelsey Albertelli’s dream job until she met her new boss. Alex might be movie star handsome, but his gruff grouchiness makes it clear that Kelsey is not exactly welcome. Kelsey’s a fighter and she refuses to tiptoe around a man who clearly needs looking after, even if he’s too stubborn to admit it! As cracks gradually appear in Alex’s forbidding exterior, for the first time Kelsey feels dangerously close to belonging. Can she hope for her own happy ever after ?

Beauty and the Brooding Boss (By:Barbara Wallace)

Working for reclusive author Alex Markoff sounded like Kelsey Albertelli’s dream job until she met her new boss. Alex might be movie star handsome, but his gruff grouchiness makes it clear that Kelsey is not exactly welcome. Kelsey’s a fighter and she refuses to tiptoe around a man who clearly needs looking after, even if he’s too stubborn to admit it! As cracks gradually appear in Alex’s forbidding exterior, for the first time Kelsey feels dangerously close to belonging. Can she hope for her own happy ever after ?

Her Desert Prince

Visiting the beautiful Nafud desert is a chance for Lauren Viret to lay her grandmother’s spirit and secrets to rest. But caught up in a sandstorm, Lauren is rescued by a handsome stranger….

Prince Rashad believes the stunning American he saved is hiding something-he must keep her close! What he doesn’t expect is to fall under Lauren’s captivating spell…. Yet as the enchanting nights in Arabia reveal the truth, could a future for Lauren and her prince ever be more than just a mirage?

Dearest Love (By:Betty Neels)

An Offer She Couldn’t Refuse? ‘I wish to marry for the wrong reasons. I am not in love with you…
‘ Titus Taverner was a busy and successful medical man who lacked a wife. Arabella had applied for the job of caretaker at his consulting rooms, but was happy to accept this new position Titus was offering until she complicated matter by falling in love with him…

Invitation to Love (By:Leigh Michaels)

Dillon Archer had already ruined Heidi Cameron’s father’s business and played a part in his early death. Now he seems set on wrecking the rest of Heidi’s life the bed & breakfast business which is all she and her mother salvaged from the wreckage and acquiring Heidi herself, just for good measure! Leigh Michaels is the author of more than 90 books, including 80 contemporary romance novels. She also writes single title historical romance set in Regency England. Her website is www. leighmichaels. com

For The Children (By:Tara Taylor Quinn)

A USA Today Bestselling Author Valerie is a juvenile court judge, spending her days helping troubled kids including her own twin boys. Through her sons she meets Kirk Chandler, who’s dedicated himself to helping the children in his Phoenix community. Valerie discovers that she and Kirk share more than a commitment to protecting children…
Available only in Romance 8 & 12.

Be My Babies (By:Kathryn Shay)

A small town called Fairview is Lily Wakefield’s last stop there’s nowhere left to go. Maybe here she can finally stop running and start a new life. Which just might include Simon McCarthy, the newspaperman and single father who’s starting to make her believe in love again. Just as she and Simon start becoming a real family that includes her baby twins and his daughter, Lily’s past catches up with her. And that past could rob her of her chance at happiness.

The SEAL’s Promise

Private Investigator Chaz Roylance lives by a code of honor: always be the protector, always tell the truth and never get involved with a client. But from the moment he meets Lacey Pomeroy, the former navy SEAL knows he’s in deep. With death threats aimed at her and her three year old daughter, Lacey needs the P.I.’s protection not romance. Faking a whirlwind engagement to draw the stalker out only confuses their arrangement. How can Chaz resist such an intriguing woman and the red haired angel who calls him her hero? Together, Chaz and Lacey set out to unmask the threat. But when an identity’s revealed, will their pretend family become real or will the fantasy be torn apart?

Undercover Baby

Diana Rawlins has turned up at the hospital with amnesia and a baby in her arms. She cares about only one thing: the baby that her husband Cal knows can’t possible be hers. But he’ll move heaven and earth to ensure that his new family can stay together.

Undercover Bachelor

Whitney Lawrence is sure that Hank Smith, the French teacher, has seduced her teenage sister and left her pregnant, so she sets a trap for him. But Hank Smith is really Gerard Roch, private investigator and he’s very alarmed to find himself attracted to Whitney.

Undercover Fiancee

Rand Dumbarton had proposed to Annabelle Forrester, but their courtship had ended when he tried to make her give up her job as a private eye. So she is shocked when he turns up a year later as a client who needs her to pose as his bride.

The Bridegroom’s Vow

Dimitrios Pandakis has vowed that, unlike his older brother, he will neverbe trapped into marriage. And this millionaire businessman has been so true to his word that he has yet to take a woman to bed! But now his new secretary is testing his resolve. Alexandra Hamilton has somehow worked her way under his skin. And he knows only one thing will satisfy him marriage!

The Baby Dilemma

Philippe and Kellie Didier have been blissfully married for just a month when a revelation blows their world apart. A woman Philippe once knew, before he met Kellie, claims he is the father of her child. What’s more, the innocent baby now needs a home…
. Kellie is left with a dilemma. Can she take in this newborn boy even when he might not be her husband’s? And can their marriage recover from this shocking discovery? Kellie is counting on it because she’s just found out she’s pregnant herself!

The Frenchman’s Bride

The Frenchman’s Bride is a story of forbidden love that takes place in Paris, France, and the wine country of France in the Bordeaux area. It’s the story of Vincent Rolland, millionaire vintner, and Hallie Linn She’s from Belair, California Their worlds are so different they would never have met under any circumstances. Only fate could have brought them together in an impossible love.

The Duke’s Baby

The French duke’s contract bride! Lance Malbois, Duc du Lac: a hardened military man with a scar that crosses his cheek and reaches right to his heart. But all he wants is to hold a child in his arms and be called ‘Daddy.’ Andrea Fallon: pregnant, widowed, and alone, she’s determined to give her baby the father and family she never had. The perfect solution: a marriage of convenience…

The Vow

I’ve loved you more than any man has ever loved a woman. If I get out of this alive, I vow never to let a day or night go by without telling you that. When his plane goes down in a Montana blizzard, pilot Nick Marsden is stranded with little more than notepaper, a pen and his memories. As he struggles to stay alive, he recalls the past in barely legible letters to his wife, Stefanie. Nick’s always believed that actions speak louder than words. But now words are all he has. It all comes back: their tumultuous high school courtship, the disapproval of family and friends, a separation that almost undid them. And their marriage with its many blessings and a loss for which Nick has always blamed himself. Now he must fight the odds again to return to Stefanie. And there are three words he has to say to her when he does…

Italian Groom, Princess Bride

Princess Regina Vittorio must soon leave her beloved kingdom of Castelmare and become queen of another realm. Gina has devoted her life to royal duty, but as the day of her arranged wedding approaches, she wants just one moment with the man she loves .

Royal gardener Dizo Fornese has watched Princess Regina blossom like the roses he tends at the palace. He knows she is untouchable, but he has one chance to risk all and claim his princess bride!

The Brooding Frenchman’s Proposal

Since Laura arrived at his family’s ch teau, Raoul Laroche hasn’t taken his eyes off the golden haired beauty. But he thinks she’s just another gold digger, out to snare the Laroche family fortune.

The minute she steps off the boat, breathes the balmy sea air and feels the warm sun on her back, Laura Aldridge knows this trip to France is a brand new beginning. Though that’s before she catches the gaze of a brooding Frenchman .

The Ranger’s Secret

Assistant Head Ranger Chase Jarvis isn’t the man everyone thinks he is. But he’s forced out of hiding when he rescues an injured passenger from a downed helicopter. She’s Annie Bower, the woman he once loved. And she’s harboring a secret of her own .

It’s like seeing a ghost. Annie can’t believe the man she knew as Robert is alive and here in Yosemite National Park. He says he wants to get to know his family. Is she ready to give him a second chance?

Finding Annie again was a one in a million shot. Finding out he has a daughter is a miracle. Now all Chase wants is to make sure they’re all safe. Can Annie forgive him for his necessary deception that kept her out of danger but also kept them apart?

A Wedding for Baby (By:Laura Marie Altom)

It’s been six months since Gabby Craig’s boyfriend left her high and dry and pregnant. But she can’t get away from his eccentric though well meaning family! And now Dane Bocelli handsome, responsible Judge Dane Bocelli has offered to be her Lamaze partner.

Dane knows it’s taboo to fall in love with his kid brother’s girlfriend. And he does his best to keep her at arm’s length, even though that’s a bit difficult as her birth coach. But when Gabby is put on bed rest, he does the only honorable thing. He moves in.

Are Gabby’s hormones in overdrive or is she losing her heart to the brother of her baby’s daddy? The more she gets to know this upright, irresistible man, the more she’s certain that Dane is exactly the father her baby needs.

The Baby Battle (By:Laura Marie Altom)

Successful oilman Tag O’Malley is shocked and overjoyed when he hears the news. He’s a father! But the child comes with strings attached…
namely, the baby’s mother. A complete stranger!Olivia Marshall was planning to raise her baby on her own. Now, thanks to a mistake at the lab, she’s about to meet her child’s father. What else can a desperate single mom do but run? Yet she can’t hide forever, and now the handsome, take charge widower insists on getting to know mother and child…
by having them move in with him. That’s when the battle really begins to heat up!

Mothers of the Year

In Mommy for Rent by Lori Handeland, a Rent a Mommy job for the Mother’s Day picnic turns into the real thing. In Along Came a Daughter by Rebecca Winters, a daughter goes to work for her dream mom…
and then has to wait for her dad to fall in love. In Baby Steps by Anna DeStefano, it takes a troubled little boy to help a woman take baby steps toward a loving future with her husband.

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