Peter Chambers Books In Order

Mark Preston Books In Order

  1. Murder is for Keeps (1961)
  2. The Big Goodbye (1962)
  3. Wreath for a Redhead (1962)
  4. Dames Can Be Deadly (1963)
  5. Down-beat Kill (1963)
  6. Lady, This is Murder (1963)
  7. Nobody Lives Forever (1964)
  8. This’ll Kill You (1964)
  9. Always Take the Big Ones (1965)
  10. You’re Better Off Dead (1965)
  11. Don’t Bother to Knock (1966)
  12. No Gold When You Go (1966)
  13. The Bad Die Young (1967)
  14. The Blonde Wore Black (1968)
  15. No Peace for the Wicked (1968)
  16. Speak Ill of the Dead (1968)
  17. They Call it Murder (1973)
  18. Somebody Has to Lose (1975)
  19. Lady, You’re Killing Me (1979)
  20. The Deader They Fall (1979)
  21. The Day of the Big Dollar (1979)
  22. The Beautiful Golden Frame (1980)
  23. The Deep Blue Cradle (1980)
  24. Nothing Personal (1980)
  25. A Long Time Dead (1981)
  26. The Lady Who Never Was (1981)
  27. Female – Handle with Care (1981)
  28. The Highly Explosive Case (1982)
  29. A Miniature Murder Mystery (1982)
  30. Jail Bait (1983)
  31. Dragons Can Be Dangerous (1983)
  32. Bomb Scare – Flight 147 (1984)
  33. The Moving Picture Writes (1984)
  34. The Vanishing Holes Murders (1985)
  35. The Hot Money Caper (1991)


  1. Killing Comes Easy (1958)
  2. Murder Forestalled (1960)
  3. The Pay-Grab Murders (1962)
  4. Blueprint for Larceny (1964)
  5. The Traitors (1964)
  6. Death on a Quiet Beach (1968)
  7. Revenge Incorporated (1970)
  8. Goldmine – London W.1 (1979)
  9. Alibi of Guilt (1980)
  10. The Nice Quiet Girl (1980)
  11. The Scarred Man (1980)
  12. Foolproof (1981)
  13. Suspicious (1981)
  14. The Inconvenient Corpse (1982)
  15. Murder Is Its Own Reward (1982)
  16. A Genteel Little Murder (1982)
  17. Nice Knight for Murder (1982)
  18. The Dracula Murders (1983)
  19. Cinderella Spy (1984)
  20. Enquiries Are Proceeding (1986)
  21. The Hunting of Mr Gloves (1986)
  22. The Day the Thames Caught Fire (1989)
  23. No Place for a Lady (1992)

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Peter Chambers Books Overview

Lady, This is Murder

Jeannie Benson had created a new persona for herself as Ruby in Monkton City. This involved seedy bars and drug abuse. Preston is a private investigator hired by her father. Amidst violence and vice he has to sort out the lies from the truth, whilst trying to keep himslf out of harm’s way.

Speak Ill of the Dead

Anthea Horan was a country girl who had left for the bright lights fourteen years earlier. Given the hopeless task of tracking her down, Mark Preston found himself on an involved and twisted trail. There were involved and twisted people, too, and then high priced lawyer Elmo Davis wanted to join the investigation.

Female – Handle with Care

The tawny haired bundle of dynamite that erupted into P.I. Mark Preston’s office called herself Abigail H. O’Hagan the First. The beauty was a lawyer in search of a trusted employee who had decamped with her wealthy father’s company payroll. But how was Preston to help someone who seemed to be able to handle everything including him?

Goldmine – London W.1

Edward Walton is released from prison, seeking revenge against the partner who had framed him and stolen his wife, while a man known as ”the major” proposes a risky scheme that promises vengeance and untold millions of dollars.


Bright young financial wizard Jeremy Newton has found the perfect way to make his fortune while he is still young but it involves access to insider information and a partner to carry out the criminal side of the scheme.

The Dracula Murders

The Festival of Horror Ball was a great success, with everyone dressed as vampires, werewolves and assorted monsters. The fun was interrupted by a spectral figure calling himself Nosferatu, who warned the merrymakers they were tampering with the unknown. People dismissed him as a crank, until a girl was found ritualistically murdered.

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