Peter Bowen Books In Order

Gabriel Du Pre Books In Publication Order

  1. Coyote Wind (1994)
  2. Specimen Song (1995)
  3. Wolf, No Wolf (1996)
  4. Notches (1997)
  5. Thunder Horse (1998)
  6. Long Son (1999)
  7. The Stick Game (2000)
  8. Cruzatte and Maria (2001)
  9. Ash Child (2002)
  10. Badlands (2003)
  11. The Tumbler (2004)
  12. Stewball (2005)
  13. Nails (2006)
  14. Bitter Creek (2015)
  15. Solus (2018)

Yellowstone Kelly Books In Publication Order

  1. Gentleman and Scout (1987)
  2. Kelly Blue (1991)
  3. Imperial Kelly (1992)
  4. Kelly and the Three-Toed Horse (2001)

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Peter Bowen Books Overview

Coyote Wind

Cattle inspector and part time deputy Gabriel Du Pre, totally at home in the modern Montana frontier, investigates the history of a troubled family after discovering a skeleton at an desolate ranch, learning something about his own secrets in the process.

Specimen Song

Cattle inspector and part time deputy Gabriel Du Pre, totally at home in the modern Montana frontier, investigates the history of a troubled family after discovering a skeleton at an desolate ranch, learning something about his own secrets in the process.

Wolf, No Wolf

MysteryLarge Print EditionDu Pr has the soul of a poet, the eye of a wise man and the heart of a comic…
Mr. Bowen has taken the antihero of Hemingway and Hammett and brought him up to date. New York Times 1996 Spur Award Finalist for Best Western NovelDu Pr remembers when you could trade animal skins for merchandise at Sears & Roebuck. Now the wolves are gone from the mountains and outsiders want them back, but the trouble over wildlife is getting people killed. First, two activists die by sniper fire. Then four more lives are snuffed out as a brutal winter storm barrels down on a carnival of Feds, reporters and protesters. Du Pr knows one of his own people is behind the bloodletting and that in a rugged land, you dont quit hunting until youre dead…


The gruesome corpse of a young woman is found beside a long Montana highway called the Hi Line. Her jaw and teeth are missing, and she is impossible to identify. Full of anger and without a clue, Du Pre begins to hunt the countryside for her murderer. As more dismembered corpses all young women are discovered, the small ranching community goes into shock. Madelaine, Du Pre’s fierce and wise lover, makes him swear that he will do justice for the victims, whatever it takes. When Madelaine’s own daughter goes missing, Du Pre becomes desperate for a clue. He cannot decipher the mysterious messages the Hi Line Killer places in his murder scenes. Thinking like a hunter, Du Pre must imagine how a serial killer’s mind works and explore the troubling evidence that there might be two of them.

Thunder Horse

Toussaint, Montana isn’t easily rattled, but an earthquake uncovers an ancient burial ground and the well preserved bones of a primitive people. When an archeologist is found with a bullet in his back and a dinosaur tooth in his pocket, sometime sleuth Gabriel Du Pr steps in with the wisdom and vision of his M tis ancestors to uncover the answers. But while Indians, archeologists, and entrepreneurs battle for valuable land and the precious remains of a dinosaur, a predator more dangerous than the great T. Rex walks the Montana plains, hungry to strike again…

Long Son

In Toussaint, Montana, old family secrets, forgotten for more than one hundred years, come to light after a young woman and her land owning parents die under suspicious circumstances. When Larry Messmer, the brother and son of the victims, auctions off his parents’ ranch, Gabriel Du Pre discovers a string of unexplained deaths buried deep in the family’s past. Steeped in the rich traditions of Metis storytelling, Long Son is the sixth in this highly acclaimed series.

The Stick Game

With their exceptional characterizations, evocative setting, and smartly plotted mysteries, Peter Bowen’s Montana novels have always fascinated readers and critics alike. In The Stick Game, Bowen’s lyrical, spare writing carries us once again to a part of the country few of us know much about. The latest installment in this unique series finds amateur sleuth and cattle rancher Gabriel Du Pre uncovering the dirty secrets of an industrial gold mine and searching for a troubled teenage boy. At a trading fair in rural Montana, Du Pre and his longtime love Madelain run into Jeanne now worries about the disappearance of her sixteen year old son, Danny. Meanwhile, Du Pre befriends a musician from Fort Belknap Reservation who introduces him to disturbing parallels between the huge incidence of birth defects in the Indian population there and the activities of the persephone gold mine located near the reservation. With some reluctance, Du Pre agrees to look into both problems. But then Danny’s body is found in a well, and Du Pre discovers a link between the boy’s life and what goes on at Fort Belknap. Working with a doctor who’s long been concerned about Persephone’s practices, Du Pre dangerously confronts the indifference and recklessness of the industrial mine. Perfectly capturing the cadences of Metis life, Peter Bowen beautifully depicts the people and landscape of remote Montana.

Cruzatte and Maria

In his eighth outing, Metis Indian fiddler, tracker, and amateur sleuth Gabriel Du Pre is called upon by his daughter Maria and her fiance to act as historical advisor for a documentary film about the Lewis & Clark expedition. Du Pre is the descendant of Pierre Cruzatte, one of the scouts who accompanied Lewis and Clark during their expedition, and has the relevant know how to authentically recreate props. When Du Pre arrives at the shooting site, located in a remote region of Montana along the Missouri River, he finds himself in a volatile situation: major trouble is brewing between the local community and the tourists and the film makers of the documentary who are descending upon the historical site with increased frequency. The hostility takes its toll on the film production: the star quits and someone has set fire to the props. Then two bodies, that of a photojournalist and his companion who were retracing Lewis & Clark’s route, are fished out of the Missouri shot to death. A disgruntled local? Or someone with even more insidious intentions? Meanwhile, Du Pre stumbles upon a secret cache left behind by the original Lewis & Clark expedition, containing Merriweather Clarks’ journals. Suddenly, the backwater locale is swarming with media, and tensions rise to a boiling point. Peter Bowen combines a thorough knowledge of our national history with local atmosphere and a slew of offbeat characters to create an infatuating read.

Ash Child

It’s dry season in Montana, and fires blazing west of Touissant have spread to the Wolf Mountains. M tis Indian fiddler, tracker, and reluctant sleuth Gabriel Du Pr suspects the fires have been intentionally set and are linked to the recent murder of Old Maddy Collins, an eccentric woman found in her living room, her head beaten in with a cast iron hatchet. Du Pr ‘s suspicions are heightened when two teenagers snooping around Maddy’s house turn up dead in the mountains, buried beneath ash and riddled with bullet wounds. With its sly wit and comic touches, combined with colorful characters and lyrical prose evocative of Montana, Peter Bowen’s Ash Child makes for an exceptionally rich and deeply satisfying novel.


A secretive millennial cult from California purchases a ranch on the outskirts of the Montana Badlands the eerily silent, dry, and windy dead zone and the Toussaint townsfolk are none too pleased. The cult members keep to themselves, but the suspicious circumstances under which they ve arrived have Gabriel Du Pr questioning their motives and seeking answers. He soon learns from a friend in the FBI that seven of the cult’s recently defected members were killed each shot to death but no arrests have been made. Then another shooting occurs at the perimeter of the ranch, and Du Pr finds himself blindly searching for a killer, an explanation for the murders, and the identity of the cult s elusive leader. With Badlands, his tenth novel in this acclaimed series, Peter Bowen has written his most timely and chilling novel to date: a story of faceless terror told in lyrical prose and steeped in the M tis tradition of storytelling.

The Tumbler

Gabriel Du Pr , the old M tis fiddler at the center of Peter Bowen’s atmospheric, engrossing series set in the dirty, dusty Montana that’s rarely featured in travel brochures, has a knack for finding trouble. Or rather, trouble has a knack for finding him. There’s a rumor going around that Du Pr and his old sorceror friend Benetsee have come across a parcel containing the lost journals of Lewis and Clark, and outsiders, drawn by the spirit of the legendary explorers, are beginning to invade Toussaint. Du Pr won’t say whether he’s got the journals or not, preferring his usual routine of cigarettes, a whiskey ditch or two and a few fiddling gigs up and down Montana’s highways to getting involved in this controversy. Benetsee isn’t talking, either, but when a journalist goes a little too far in trying to get the story of the lost journals, and the two men’s friends and family are put squarely in the face of danger, Du Pr doesn’t have much choice but to wade in and set things right. The Gabriel Du Pr mysteries have become required reading for fans of the vanishing West, and Peter Bowen’s storytelling talent continues to thrive in The Tumbler, a dazzling entry in what has become a classic series.


A vanful of praying, protesting fundamentalist Christians has arrived in Toussaint at about the time that Gabriel Du Pr’s precocious granddaughter Pallas returns from her studies in Washington, DC. A young soldier follows, just back from Iraq missing a leg, an eye, and his grip on reality. Du Pr suspects that he s going to have his hands full for the forseeable future. First, graffiti appears on the door of a local church, and then a cryptic phone call from a missing girl causes concern in town. When a confluence of these strange events and even stranger people threatens problems that even laid back Du Pr can t ignore, another quirky, compelling, and purely enjoyable mystery unfolds in Peter Bowen s Montana, a land trouble tends to visit often, with unpredictable but fiercely entertaining results.

Imperial Kelly

Luther ‘Yellowstone’ Kelly becomes mixed up in new wild adventures with Teddy Roosevelt and a young Winston Churchill as he joins the Roughriders at San Juan Hill in Cuba, finds his true love in the Philippines, and participates in the Boer War.

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