Percival Everett Books In Order

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Suder (1983)
  2. Walk Me to the Distance (1985)
  3. Cutting Lisa (1986)
  4. Zulus (1990)
  5. For Her Dark Skin (1990)
  6. God’s Country (1994)
  7. Watershed (1996)
  8. Frenzy (1996)
  9. Glyph (1999)
  10. Erasure (2001)
  11. Grand Canyon, Inc. (2001)
  12. American Desert (2004)
  13. A History of the African-American People (2004)
  14. Wounded (2005)
  15. The Water Cure (2007)
  16. I Am Not Sidney Poitier (2009)
  17. Assumption (2011)
  18. The Body of Martin Aguilera (2013)
  19. Percival Everett by Virgil Russell (2013)
  20. So Much Blue (2017)
  21. Telephone (2020)
  22. The Trees (2021)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. The Weather and Women Treat Me Fair (1987)
  2. Big Picture (1996)
  3. Damned if I Do (2004)
  4. re: f -gesture- (2005)
  5. Swimming Swimmers Swimming (2011)
  6. Half an Inch of Water (2015)
  7. Trout’s Lie (2015)
  8. Two Stories (2018)
  9. The Book of Training by Colonel Hap Thompson of Roanoke, Va, 1843 (2019)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. The One that Got Away (1992)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Parts of Brain (2015)

Akashic U.S. Presidents Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Jefferson Bible (2013)

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Percival Everett Books Overview

God’s Country

For the first time in paperback, Everett’s ‘comic and fierce’ novel of the Old West The unlikely narrator through this tale of misadventures is one Curt Marder: gambler, drinker, cheat, and would be womanizer. It’s 1871, and he’s lost his farm, his wife, and his dog to a band of marauding hooligans. Withnothing to live on but a desire to recover what is rightfully his, Marder is forced to enlist the help of the best tracker in the West: a black man named Bubba. ‘I loved this book. God’s Country is like no western I’ve ever read before: a wonderfully strange and darkly hilarious brew of Kafka and Garc a M rquez, of Twilight Zone and F Troop, with cameo appearances by Walt Whitman and George Custer thrown in for good measure. Percival Everett has written a terrific book, a Wild West road trip that challenges our assumptions about what human dignity really means.’ Bret Lott, author of Jewel: A Novel’An outrageously funny, alarmingly serious, highly enjoyable novel.’ Amanda Heller, The Boston Globe’This wild novel of the West is comic and fierce, turn by turn; it follows white and black and red men down their several paths through God’s Country, and the reader tracks them with a sense of shocked delight.’ Nicholas Delbanco, author of What Remains’Mr. Everett is successful combining heart with rage…
. The novel sears.’ David Bowman, The New York Times Book Review Percival Everett is the author of eleven novels including the recent Erasure, which won the inaugural Hurston/Wright Legacy Award for fiction. He lives with his wife on a small ranch and teaches at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.


On a windswept landscape somewhere north of Denver, Robert Hawks, a feisty and dangerously curious hydrologist, finds himself enmeshed in a fight over Native American treaty rights. What begins for Robert as a peaceful fishing interlude, ends in murder and the disclosure of government secrets. Why was the impossibly short Louise Yellow Calf hitching a ride on a snowy, deserted road following the discovery of two FBI agents murdered on the reservation? And what is the female FBI agent doing in Robert’s shower? As our reluctant hero fits together the pieces in the all too rapidly unfolding drama, connections emerge to his own family’s long standing civil rights battles battles that he has thus far managed to avoid. In Watershed, Percival Everett has created an original mystery that crackles with tension and sly wit. Robert Hawks is revealed as someone who has been indelibly defined by the history of our country’s racial relationships, and the one man uniquely qualified to take us with him through this complex and contested territory.


With this wildly inventive new novel, Percival Everett has created his unlikeliest hero to date. Mute by choice, and able to read complex philosophical treatises and compose passable short stories while still in the crib, baby Ralph does not consider himself a genius because he is unable to drive. Plenty of others, however, want a stake in this precocious child prodigy. Among the most fiendish are Dr. Steimmel, the psychiatrist to whom his bewildered parents first take him, and her assistant Boris; Dr. Davis and her illegal chimps; and not so sweet Nanna, the secret agent. All have plans for Ralph, and no one wants to share the poor infant who misses his mother and does not take kindly to his new role as ‘Defense Stealth Operative.’ Throughout the ensuing nation wide chase of which he is the center, Ralph ponders on the theories of literary form and comes to some surprising conclusions of his own that perhaps only a baby could dream up.A narrative to question narrative, a highly original analysis of analysis, Everett’s tour de farce prompts one to acknowledge that his is the true genius.


Percival Everett’s blistering satire about race and writing, available again in paperbackThelonious ‘Monk’ Ellison s writing career has bottomed out: his latest manuscript has been rejected by seventeen publishers, which stings all the more because his previous novels have been ‘critically acclaimed.’ He seethes on the sidelines of the literary establishment as he watches the meteoric success of We s Lives in Da Ghetto, a first novel by a woman who once visited ‘some relatives in Harlem for a couple of days.’ Meanwhile, Monk struggles with real family tragedies his aged mother is fast succumbing to Alzheimer s, and he still grapples with the reverberations of his father s suicide seven years before. In his rage and despair, Monk dashes off a novel meant to be an indictment of Juanita Mae Jenkins s bestseller. He doesn t intend for My Pafology to be published, let alone taken seriously, but it is under the pseudonym Stagg R. Leigh and soon it becomes the Next Big Thing. How Monk deals with the personal and professional fallout galvanizes this audacious, hysterical, and quietly devastating novel.

Grand Canyon, Inc.

Tanner, call him Rhino Tanner, his friends do because they’re afraid of him. He’s a self made man who makes his living killing large game in Africa a dysfunctional Horatio Alger who sets his sights and ‘sites’ on the world’s greatest natural wonder: The Grand Canyon. But in doing so, Tanner unleashes forces that he cannot comprehend and cannot control: his idealistic son Niko, Native American holy men, Zen adepts and, yes, Mother Nature.

American Desert

art parable, part fantasy novel, part laugh out loud satire, American Desert is the story of Theodore Street, a college professor on the brink of committing suicide. When the decision is taken out of his hands he’s hit by a car and his head is severed from his body he must come to terms with himself. At his funeral, he sits up in his own coffin with the stitches that bind his head to his body clearly visible. Everyone is horrified by this resurrection. He becomes a source of fear and embarrassment to his daughter, and an object of derision and morbid curiosity to the press and the scientific communities, and is anointed as a sort of devil by an obscure religious cult. In the process, Theodore manages to reestablish his relationship with his estranged wife and family and to rediscover the value of his life. In this experimental, satirical, and bizarre novel, critically acclaimed author Percival Everett once again takes on the assumptions of a culture whose priorities have gone out of whack. He lampoons the press, religion, and academia while offering, ultimately, an existential meditation of what constitutes being alive.

A History of the African-American People

Everett and Kincaid present a fictitious & satirical chronicle of South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond’s desire to pen a history of African Americans his and his aides’ belief being that he has done as much, or more, than any American to shape that history. An epistolary novel, A History follows the letters of loose cannon Congressional office workers, insane interns at a large New York publishing house, and disturbed publishing executives, along with homicidal rival editors, kindly family friends, and an aspiring author named Septic. Strom Thurmond appears charming and open, mad and sure of his place in American history.


Time Out Chicago, Top 10 Book of 2005
Winner of the 2006 PEN USA Literary Award for Fiction New paperback edition available!
Training horses is dangerous a head to head confrontation with 1,000 pounds of muscle and little sense takes courage, but more important, patience and smarts. It is these same qualities that allow John and his uncle Gus to live in the beautiful high desert of Wyoming. A black horse trainer is a curiosity, at the very least, but a familiar curiosity in these parts. It is the brutal murder of a young gay man, however, that pushes this small community to the teetering edge of intolerance.
Highly praised for his storytelling and ability to address the toughest issues of our time with humor, grace, and originality, Percival Everett offers a brilliant novel that explores the alarming consequences of hatred in a divided America.

The Water Cure

I am guilty not because of my actions, to which I freely admit, but for my accession, admission, confession that I
executed these actions with not only deliberation and
premeditation but with zeal and paroxysm and purpose…
The true answer to your question is shorter than the lie.
Did you? I did.
This is a confession of a victim turned villain. When Ishmael Kidder’s eleven year old daughter is brutally murdered, it stands to reason that he must take revenge by any means necessary. The punishment is carried out without guilt, and with the usual equipment duct tape, rope, and superglue. But the tools of psychological torture prove to be the most devastating of all.
Percival Everett s most lacerating indictment to date, The Water Cure follows the gruesome reasoning and execution of revenge in a society that has lost a common moral ground, where rules are meaningless. A master storyteller, Everett draws upon disparate elements of Western philosophy, language theory, and military intelligence reports to create a terrifying story of loss, anger, and helplessness in our modern world. This is a timely and important novel that confronts the dark legacy of the Bush years and the state of America today.

I Am Not Sidney Poitier

An irresistible comic novel from the master storyteller Percival Everett, and an irreverent take on race, class, and identity in AmericaI was, in life, to be a gambler, a risk taker, a swashbuckler, a knight. I accepted, then and there, my place in the world. I was a fighter of windmills. I was a chaser of whales. I was Not Sidney Poitier. Not Sidney Poitier is an amiable young man in an absurd country. The sudden death of his mother orphans him at age eleven, leaving him with an unfortunate name, an uncanny resemblance to the famous actor, and, perhaps more fortunate, a staggering number of shares in the Turner Broadcasting Corporation. Percival Everett’s hilarious new novel follows Not Sidney s tumultuous life, as the social hierarchy scrambles to balance his skin color with his fabulous wealth. Maturing under the less than watchful eye of his adopted foster father, Ted Turner, Not gets arrested in rural Georgia for driving while black, sparks a dinnertable explosion at the home of his manipulative girlfriend, and sleuths a murder case in Smut Eye, Alabama, all while navigating the recurrent communication problem: What s your name? a kid would ask. Not Sidney, I would say. Okay, then what is it?

Damned if I Do

An exceptional new collection of short stories by Percival Everett, author of the highly praised and wickedly funny novel ErasurePeople are just naturally hopeful, a term my grandfather used to tell me was more than occasionally interchangeable with stupid.A cop, a cowboy, several fly fishermen, and a reluctant romance novelist inhabit these revealing and often hilarious stories. An old man ends up in a high speed car chase with the cops after stealing the car that blocks the garbage bin at his apartment building. A stranger gets a job at a sandwich shop and fixes everything in sight: a manual mustard dispenser, a mouthful of crooked teeth, thirty two parking tickets, and a sexual identity problem. Percival Everett is a master storyteller who ingeniously addresses issues of race and prejudice by simultaneously satirizing and celebrating the human condition.

The One that Got Away

In this zany book with a Wild West setting, three cowpokes chase and corral ‘ones.’

The Jefferson Bible

Award winning author Percival Everett measures how well Thomas Jefferson lived up to his own moral teachings as espoused in the ‘Jefferson Bible’ the full Bible is included in the volume.

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